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  1. Win or lose, every Charger game seems to come down to the last play this year.
  2. Chargers are not the kind of team to go 99 yards in the final seconds to win a game.
  3. They actually have a high-quality defense. They also have a really good stable of running backs to lean on. But neither of those things matter here. Herbert got a surprise start in his first-ever game against the defending champs and looked more impressive than Tyrod ever has in his ten-year career. Parking the better, younger player behind the veteran makes no sense when you saw what the rookie brought to the table.
  4. If only Herbert hadn't thrown that terrible INT....
  5. If #70 has another holding call, Wilford Brimley might have an aneurysm.
  6. That play gave me John Elway flashbacks.
  7. Chargers have eaten more than eight minutes off the clock on this possession. If they get ANY points, that's a successful drive.
  8. Jones really had no way of knowing that Herbert had already released that ball. Seems ticky-tack.
  9. Did you see that DB pull up before he hit Herbert head-on? That's awesome.
  10. The lengths that Red Zone will go to to avoid giving us a look-in at this game is ridiculous. Cowboys highlights, Bears highlights, injury rundowns, replays of plays we just saw live in the other two games, examinations of penalty calls in the other games....
  11. ... and one who wasn't even expecting to play today (unless he poisoned Tyrod).
  12. Terrible decision.... he could have kept that himself and trotted to an easy first down. Instead, threw it across his body into triple-coverage???