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  1. I used to teach a class in high school that focused on a lot of the things that he said were missing from his education. It taught self-discovery, time management, career exploration, how to succeed in the workplace, and how to relate and get along with others. I also taught them how to balance a budget, write a business letter and resume, how to fill out a job application. Our textbooks were practical guides like 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens and How to Win Friends and Influence People. You know what? Most of the students hated it because it wasn't math, science, language arts, social studies, or another class they traditionally associated with school. Eventually, the class got replaced by one that helped students pass their end-of-course test in English. I've long espoused the idea that public education after 7th or 8th grade should be optional, and I truly believe that "keeping the kids off the street" is/was a motivator for mandatory high school. Think how much more effectively and efficiently high schools could be run if the only ones there were ones who wanted to be there. Think how much more those kids would get out of it. Think how much more motivated they would be to get the most out of it once the burden of "forced to be there" was removed.
  2. Is this the same one? If so, 18 hours left.
  3. So the implication here is that Chili con Carne should literally be translated as "a dish made with chili peppers and meat... with meat"? It's nice that the Chili Appreciation Society International weighed in, but it appears they are outvoted by a strong majority of chili-preparers.
  4. I'm no expert, but it's possible that police codes aren't universal. 311 could mean indecent exposure one place and child pornography another?
  5. I am hardly an expert, but doesn't the name Chili Con Carne itself suggest that meat is the variable and not beans? When I googled chili con carne recipes, nine out of the top ten results had beans in them. I'm sure you're correct that the dish probably doesn't need them, but they do seem to be a common ingredient.
  6. As an independent, if there was a candidate I really liked who didn't win the nomination, I would be more likely to vote for the ticket that did carry that person. It wouldn't be the only thing I would take into consideration, but it would certainly have some weight. If I was one of these people who feels certain that my party is the correct one and the other party is the wrong one, it wouldn't influence me in the slightest.
  7. He's been mentioned a few times, but I have to throw my support to Harrison Ford. He's not the best actor, and he's not very versatile, but no actor has more iconic roles than Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, Richard Kimble, and Rick Deckard.
  8. You should have lobbied for "Dick Fan."
  9. For years I've claimed to be a well-known Furley alias, but the only time I've ever had an alias of my own is when I was kind enough to bring some levity to a tragic situation and got a 999-day ban with no prior warnings.
  10. Michael Jackson John McCain Carla Gugino Rebecca DeMornay Lea Michelle (Glee hottie) Richard Attenborough Ingrid Bergman Noah Syndergard
  11. I agree. He's an underutilized talent.