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  1. Not suggesting anyone here likes the idea of Tyrod as the starter, and I still don't think he was an awful QB in Buffalo, but I'm starting to think that heading into 2020 pinning all hopes on TT is a dumber and dumber idea. In almost every year previous to this, acquiring an upgrade at the QB was nearly impossible. Teams are rarely interested in parting with them, even at a king's ransom. That's why teams without them are forced to gamble at the top of the first round by drafting one and crossing their fingers. A team like the Chargers would be forced into a situation like this (not that they were exactly forced this time around), and they might be stuck with a "bridge" guy like Tyrod and hope for the best. This year clearly isn't like that though. Although early-pick QBs are still a crapshoot, at least most of them are ready or nearly ready to start as rookies. We've seen a ridiculous number of QBs become UFAs or RFAs - some as grizzled veterans (Brees, Brady) and guys in their prime (Dak, Winston, Tannehill, Bridgewater). Lots of teams look like they are interested in trading their starters away too (Newton, Carr, Stafford, Dalton). The Chargers don't need to head into 2020 relying on Tyrod to have the best year of his career. There is seemingly a goldmine of better options (including bringing back Rivers) out there.
  2. Hot new rumor is the Chargers will trade a first and some other high pick (1st to 3rd rounder likely) to the Lions for Stafford. Realizing that nearly everyone hates just about every option out there for the Chargers at QB, I'll be bold and ask what you guys think.
  3. I don't think he's awful either. He actually has a better career winning percentage than Eli Manning. He doesn't throw INTs, but he does have a propensity for taking the sack. He's hardly Nathan Peterman.
  4. I think I'd be VERY surprised if they did that. I think the only way that happens if there is just no market for him, and the Chargers get him at a discounted rate.
  5. This is all very well-reasoned, but have you taken into consideration where ICON211 ranks this on his list of things he doesn't care about?
  6. What? No meltdown regarding the Anthony Lynn extension? And only seven pages of comments for an entire season. This fanbase seems to have lost its passion.
  7. I get what you're saying and don't completely disagree, but how do we rationalize the fact that last year they were tied for the best record in the conference?
  8. I love Fouts, but I wouldn't even give him the MVP trophy for the Chargers that year. Extrapolate Wes Chandler's season over 16 games and you get 118 catches for 2,062 yards and 18 TDs. Those would be stellar numbers today. In the early 80's, that was jawdropping.
  9. I don't think there is much argument that putting up big passing numbers in today's game is much easier and much more common than it was in the 80's. Of the top ten in career passing yards, only three had careers that didn't intersect with Rivers'.
  10. Fouts for me also, but I think it's pretty close.
  11. Remarkably different than the movie titled "Bad Doctors" that I watched online.
  12. So with the news that the Chargers are "moving on" from Rivers. What would you like to see happen? Bring in a FA (Brady, Brees, Tannehill, Prescott, Winston, Bridgewater, Mariota) Trade for someone who might be available (Cam, Fitzpatrick) Trade up for Burrows or Tagliavia Draft Herbert or Love Trade down or draft late for Fromm, Eason, Hurts... Stand pat with Tyrod and Stick Some other alternative?
  13. I actually read an article recently that answered this. The mechanisms get eroded and break from the frequent exposure to human urine. No joke.
  14. When you're having sex with three supermodels and the least beautiful one whispers in your ear, "Save it for me."
  15. No sightings since 2018? That makes me sad. Not suicidal or anything, just sad.