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  1. Posted this in jeopardy thread...Ken's final bet didn't matter. James was going to go all in, and win if he was right no matter what. That said, that correction doesnt change the general point of your post.
  2. Unless I'm missing something, Ken's bet didn't matter. James was going to go all in, and win if he was right no matter what.
  3. Closing the loop on this if anyone cares. Went with them, process went fine. Happy with new mortgage.
  4. New to streaming services. Am I blind, or is there no way to download content through a web browser on a notebook computer? I see a download button on my phone, but nothing on my laptop (PC). Edit: NM, found my answer: How do downloads work? You can download movies and TV shows from Disney+ on up to 10 mobile devices. Downloads are supported on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Android tablets (including Amazon Fire tablets). They are not available on laptops.
  5. Anyone ever use BNC National Bank? Getting one of my better offers from them via internet...I think from a Zillow form I filled out.
  6. Ahhh-yep. move down the table to my actual current amount owed and the split lines up with my current payments. So another way to look at it paying extra you are moving forward in time in the loan schedule, getting to the end of the table quicker. Thanks! (and thanks, Juxtatarot!)
  7. This might be a dumb question....but if you pay extra monthly on your mortgage, does it impact the mix of Principle/Interest? We've been paying extra each month, and now that I look at my current statement... I'm paying less interest each month in my current payments than what is indicated by an amortization schedule based on my original loan. I want to look at my amortization schedule on my current loan and compare to a re-fi scenario to help decide if I should re-fi.
  8. Does this have any sort of location/access restrictions? Meaning, does it work for me at home if the college student is in another state hundreds of miles away?
  9. got a 2020 1st for EACH of those picks? plus 3rds? That's robbery. Those are good trades even without a potential stacked upcoming class.
  10. No players involved but maybe still of interest... 12 teams... Team A gets #2/2019, 3rd/2020, 25% of 2019 waiver cash budget Team B gets #20/2019, 1st/2020 (virtual lock to be top 8)
  11. A fair point. But assuming that potential change in value of the 2019 1st between now and the beginning of the season is being factored in by generally knowledgeable owners.... The #1 to me is hard call if you are RB starved. No, Jacobs is not Saquon, Elliot, Gurley, etc...but is he better than a random 2020 1st? Even if you are not RB starved, he still has value. at #2 the argument for the 2020 1st gets even easier....but not sure if its a no brainer. Also in all of this is the cost of waiting another year. I go back and forth on this in my head...hence the post/question.
  12. Starting to catch 2020 rookie fever..... What's the highest/best 2019 1st you think is equivalent to a random 2020 first round pick? In other words, how late would you have to be picking in the 2019 first round in order to trade it straight up for a random 2020 first? At this point, I'm thinking it could be as high as #2...but curious what others think.