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  1. Yeah the TE you are probably thinking of is Dallas Clark
  2. 12 team ppr Team 1 Gets: Drew Brees, Latavius Murray, Chris Thompson, Cole Beasley, Antonio Brown, Taylor Gabriel, Jimmy Graham, 2019 2nd, 2019 4th Team 2 Gets: Carson Wentz, Phillip Lindsay, Tyler Boyd, Tim Patrick, Cordarrelle Patterson, Vernon Davis, Matt Bryant Team 1 Gets: Marvin Jones, 2019 4th Team 3 Gets: Chris Thompson, 2019 2nd Team 1 Gets: Duke Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Julio Jones Team 4 Gets: Geronimo Allison, DJ Chark, 2019 1st (Mid), 2019 1st (Mid) Team 1 Roster now: QB: Luck, Brees HB: Hunt, Bell, Murray, D Johnson, Allen WR: Brown, J Jones, M Jones, D Thomas, Fitzgerald, Gabriel (Yes the cupboard was bare before these trades) TE: Howard, Cook, Graham, Reed
  3. Take it before he comes to his senses.
  4. If this helps I traded Allen and 1.06 for 1.03 (Cmac). Most agree I overpaid but I don't really think that's far off of true value. Imo it's buyer beware on Allen who has had 1 good season in 4. He was injured as a senior and has been injured a lot in the league. His offense has an aging qb and many mouths to feed including a top 10 pick WR.
  5. While I agree and would take DJ, I'm not sure everyone is taking into account getting a potential franchise qb (MT) in a superflex. A lot of people here also seem to be very high on Mixon, comparing him to Bell and DJ. Like I said I'd still take DJ but I can see why a trade like this might go down, especially if the rebuilding team didn't have a lot of other pieces to move.
  6. Maybe in a hypothetical situation Allen has a higher value, but good luck trading him straight up for 1.01 (or even 1.03). Look at it objectively: he has one good year and 3 injury shortened years. He's got an old qb and lots of mouths to feed there with a top 10 pick receiver (who I would have had to take at 1.06). I drafted him and stuck by him but I like Mccaffrey much better for my team. I know it's not the consensus but I don't regret either of my trades at all.
  7. You guys must be a lot higher on CJ Anderson and Keenan Allen than I am.
  8. Made a couple of trades this week to improve my rb situation in 12 team ppr league. My receiver depth is still good with Green, Baldwin, Pryor, Parker. Gave: Keenan Allen, 1.06 (Mike Williams) Got: 1.03 (Christian McCaffrey) Gave: CJ Anderson, 3.03 (otc), 2018 1st (mine so hopefully late) Got: DeMarco Murray, 5.03
  9. Must be all about staying close to home and trying for a ring. Pretty early for him to agree for so little money.
  10. I think this helps Eli's value but hurts the value of OBJ, Shepherd, and Marshall who could have been option 1 on another team.
  11. Marshall is signing with the Giants Marshall and Giants agree to two-year deal
  12. Two trades between the same two teams in 12-team ppr league Team A gives Adrian Peterson, 2018 2nd, 2018 3rd Team B gives 2017 5.02, 2018 1st Team A gives Terrence West, Christine Michael, Brandon Marshall, 2017 3.01 Team B gives CJ Anderson, TJ Yeldon
  13. How has nobody mentioned Sean Taylor yet? Freak athlete in the priime of his career, died in the middle of the season...
  14. I hope so. I took him at 3 over Lacy and Ball and I'm thrilled about it. I also got Gio at 1