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  1. You didn’t build that 🤣
  2. I read that as he was possibly an advisor to someone? You read it as he killed a bunch of people...who knows what he advised, but I don’t think anyone has it that he killed a bunch of people or sent out his fanatical followers. Maybe I have to learn how to read into things better
  3. Ugh...wasted 10 minutes on this thread looking for the Kournikova pics
  4. That’s right...REPORT what credible sources tell them. STOP adding your own personal take on the story and shut up
  5. My wife and I watch Empire and we are definitely “MAGA type” people...whatever that is. Please don’t bother to try and define “MAGA type” for me, just saying there’s at least a few of us out there
  6. My wife and I have had this conversation a few times, she likes that “refund” and all my life I claim a high amount of dependents (10) and then always owe a couple thousand at tax time. I like having my money now and in my mind making Uncle Sam wait until midnight on April 15 for my money is sweet
  7. First throw was waaay off, I’ll give him credit for getting it right on the second throw
  8. It doesn’t....but I see that he’s a husky mix, that explains a bit for me. I have a husky and when we lived in Illinois my property was out in the country, she’s run away a few times, gone for a week and found probably 10 miles or so from home
  9. Dang...did you find out how he ended up on a uninhabited island? Owners dump him? Awesome job saving him!