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  1. I have one of’ll probably want to go with a separate phono preamp rather than a built in if indeed your received has one, but it’s from the 80’s so probably does. I went with a Project tube box S2 preamp, it can handle any cartridge upgrade you may go to. Speaking of cartridge upgrade, the ortofon red is decent, you can upgrade to a blue by just switching out the stylus. I swapped the red for a bronze and am pleased with the sound i get
  2. We started playing this in 1971...junior high free for all
  3. This is funny...for 3 years been reading on here all these posters with “inside sources” about Trump going down and how involved with Russia etc. and now it starts from the other side laughable at all the folks who either are clueless or are just fanning the flames
  4. Are you my opponent? I go into tonight’s game up 4 chance of getting a win and bam both out
  5. Devante Parker vs jets or Z Pascal vs steelers .5 PPR also Gore vs Washington or Walton vs Jets thanks!
  6. Pretty sure you should probably quit the league and start a one man league...but don’t be a ##### or you’ll have to kick yourself out 😂
  7. Dang....I was expecting Trump to do a spit take with his toast today. Guess we’re still friends huh?
  8. He’s one of the top performers/artists of the past 30 years and you didn’t expect a musical.....
  9. Interesting too, in the report that was used for this story...from the SSA.GOV Their projection is based on an assumption that undocumented workers earn the same as legal workers, and their undocumented figures also include people who had a work visa but have stayed past its expiration.
  10. I’d sure like a link to this....12 billion is a pretty insanely high number when you’re talking menial labor making minimum wages and much of that is under the table cash wages