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  1. You seem to be the one taking it most seriously.
  2. NEVER go to Costco the day before Thanksgiving. You'd think I'd know that by now.
  3. Cyberquad. Nothing on a production schedule that I've seen
  4. Lowchen Never heard of a Lowchen? You’re probably not alone. This breed was nearly extinct by the 19th century and can cost you up to $8,000. Think we have a winner
  5. 100% this. All the hypo-allergenic dog breeds suck out loud.
  6. Should be president right now. Unfortunately, the sound of his voice is an over the counter sleep aid.
  7. I feel like some of us warned you against marriage
  8. This was a first for me. Hit up a supercharger near my office over lunch. As I was walking away from the car, I noticed 45 minutes to complete charge. Less than usual. Odd. But OK, whatever. Got to the lunch spot and had a push notification along the lines of "high traffic supercharger. Max charge reduced to 80%. Can be overridden in app or control panel." I assume that's just changed while plugged into that supercharger for that period pf time and then it reverts, but something to maybe keep an eye on.