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  1. I have little doubt people will go on cruises again and companies will profit from cruising again. Will it be these companies and the people who are currently shareholders? :shurg:
  2. Does it? I thought CCL had a secondary offering coming up. No?
  3. I, too, owned it for about 5 minutes. Happy to see it doing well, though. It's not the things I sold too early or too late that bother me, for some reason. Sure, it would have been great to get out of CYDY at $10.00 or to still be owning this. Or SE. It's the decisions not to buy something that bother me. And maybe they weren't wrong. I know I put my money somewhere else when I looked at and decided not to grab MSFT at $45-$50 back in like 2015. And maybe that worked out OK after all. But it annoys me that I made the decision not to buy it. Or when I looked at LULU in '17 and after an earnings pop said, "Nah, $70 is too expensive. I'll wait for it to pull back." Dumb###.
  4. Hoping we start seeing these things more places than those ridiculous electric scooters.
  5. (Really poor time to use ETHE like that, btw. But it's BnB)
  6. If you're holding for/through the playoffs, sure. If you're trading them 12 times between now and the end of their next two against the Rams and Chiefs, maybe not so much. And if EOY is your measuring stick, AMZN is still the Steelers. No, they might not win the SB, but they're not going to take an ETHE on your lawn either.