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  1. Most all the large chain theaters are showing the fight. Tickets are $20 each as an alternative
  2. Hoping State stays at a #6 or #7 seed. Maybe it’ll work in their favor
  3. What’s the feeling on NYMT? Guy my dad knows has been investing in this for years, even before the crash because of the dividend it offers. He’s done and continues to do very well with it.
  4. Nice permanent herp sore on ‘ol Gennaro Colombo’s upper lip in episode 3. Episode 3 cranked the intensity up a notch or two.
  5. Fixed He’s also had numerous bad crashes in his career. Comes a time to hang it up and seems no better time than the present, given the last 12 hours.
  6. Was thinking this same thing right after I heard he had survived. Hopefully he does retire. He’s been successful. He has two little girls that need a daddy now.