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  1. @Scoresman Ahrens has been hurt off and on all season. But he is a real good defender and can shoot the three pretty consistently. He is also a leader on the court. His replacements would be a combination of Gabe Brown, little used but talented freshman and/or Thomas Kithier, freshman who plays solid defense but doesn’t pose a threat at the three like Kyle does. He does play a tough inside game. A bit foul prone. Ahrens averages 4.7, and Brown and Kithier average around 2 a game. Kithier is a much better defender than Brown and rebounds better than Brown. Brown typically plays outside and Kithier is more of a banger inside. Both are capable fill ins. It will be a big blow not to have Kyle out there because of his experience but State has played a lot of games without him this season, team has been racked with injuries to their front line players all season, but this team doesn’t quit. It all revolves around Winston. He is a great team leader and floor general. I like their chances up to the Elite 8. If Duke is there going to be tough, but they can matchup very well with everyone else in the East.
  2. After the top 4 one seeds were determined literally back in December to me it’s like the committee mailed in the rest. Very few intriguing matches.