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  1. KateLynns story was true (and better) than Brents, by 1,000,0000 %
  2. Ronnie was speechless. That tells you all you need to know. LOL
  3. New pup Riley Rose Daughter wanted a “bigger dog” she could call her own. We have a wonderful little puggle that’s old and slow now, according to my daughter. Riley is a kind of a rare breed. She’s a Treeing Tennessee Brindle. We did get her from Tennessee. Exceptionally smart. She was pretty much potty trained at 4 months. She should get to around 50-60 pounds. She is such a sweet, smart fun dog.
  4. I wouldn’t fret it. We stink. Doubt we’ll score a point TBH. Good win tonight against the Malaise and Blow.