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  1. Go Ben. this guy pulled off consecutive epic TCs. Loved the reactions to the ones that thought they were running the show. Ben is in my Top 5 favorite players. Hate all the others. They are a miserable bunch.
  2. Other than casting the smokeshow that was Jo Ann Harris, I guess I would tend to agree...
  3. probably why they are having it in Cleveland this year.
  4. Too bad Ben Orr didn’t live long enough to see this day
  5. Good depth signing
  6. Brady time. Quick 2 minute TD-scoring drive for Pats coming up here.
  7. Cutlers lost interest in this game
  8. Comeback starting
  9. Can someone please throw the last shovel full of dirt on this ref
  10. More fine work by this stellar reffing crew
  11. Collinsworth just said basically the path to Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl run goes through Martavis Bryant. ####### genius
  12. Al mailing it in.
  13. Maybe Bennett was just trying to take a knee
  14. WTF is this zebra doing????????