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  1. Brendan F. Quinn ✔ @BFQuinn The official unofficial B10 media poll is back and Michigan State is on top. All that, plus a history lesson, here: link 10:04 AM - Oct 17, 2017 MSU is a unanimous selection as first place, and Miles is a unanimous pick as Big 10 POY. Jaren Jackson nearly unanimous as newcomer of the year (27/28 votes). Sounds about right, going to be a fun year.
  2. As always..hate Logano. worst driver in NASCAR
  3. Good god..shut up Collinsworth
  4. Al is too cool for school
  5. #### Al Michaels. #######
  6. great backfield
  7. JFC. This ####### Giants team has a black cloud over it and its rubbing off on the broncos now. ####.
  8. MSU defense hot garbage in the 2nd half. JFC. Survive and Advance.
  9. Wrong Chase ...Elliott Well...I guess it could be both. Kid has worked his tail off to get into contention for this Championship. 24
  10. Go Chase
  11. @Anarchy99 got the discs today. Thanks so much!!
  12. “ Icarus” about the Russian Olympic doping scandal. Wild. Great documentary
  13. The Beguiled (1971) Film Classic. Clint Eastwood pre-Dirty Harry. Jo Ann Harris-what a little sexpot. I can definitely see why Clint kept her around for a few years after that film. 8/10
  14. Random hot chick in an orange tube top tossing a football. Go Broncos.