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  1. 12 Team PPR 1 QB 2 RB 2-3 WR 1-2 TE Team One - David Johnson & Dez Bryant + 2017 1st & 2nd round picks Team Two - Ryan Matthews, Brandon Cooks, & Sammy Watkins
  2. anyone have the link for the papal addresses or tubbas paypal address?
  3. 11:45 prhof 1st Smurf 2nd Parmcat 3rd Pay parmcat: Catshirt Bob Pay Smurf: Tecumseh13 phatdawg70 Pay prhof14: FBGthorn chet71 FC42Titled charvik MakrerelLord shuke my paypal address is prhof14@ gmail . com
  4. I am for sure - even if we can get 4 or 5 to play $10 or $20
  5. are we going to play some poker today?
  6. Sent 10 to Mack from me, and 10 to prhof to cover Uni. DOH. I should have read the whole thread. I sent $10 to prhof before reading that Slayton covered me. My bad. Love being able to play these games, but nights when we have a bunch of tournaments settling up the next day is a cluster####! Wish there was an easier way to do this. If I need to send it back just let me know where to send it
  7. Tubba70 and prhof14 chop the 10:30 can someone confirm the payout structure on that one?