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  1. Has anyone here attend culinary school?
  2. Note: rookie's that are drafted are not the actual player, but the pick (i.e. the first one is 1.01, second is 1.02, etc). I'll write up more about my thoughts on this draft and how I did once I get time when its completed.I had pick 1.01What was the Trent Richardson trade?Spiller and Decker. Then a couple of meaningless draft pick swaps in favor of the Richardson side.
  3. Almost done.
  4. IMHO, he will be the biggest surprise in the NFL for most people. My crush on him is not too much lower than my crush for Watkins.You had/have a crush on Spiller too if I remember correctly. Maybe it's a Clemson thing You are correct but it's not a Spiller crush so much as it is his talent, attitude, work and potential and it's not a Clemson thing. It's me watching Player A to evaluate his talent and as I watch more games on Player A, Player B consistently catches my eye and so I begin evaluate player B to see if there is something there or not. And in Clemson's case at least this year and last I've carefully watched four players. I do watch more teams than others but it's nearly always based on their recruiting class with-in a certain time frame and in some cases how their players have translated in the NFL in years past. Tex Just teasing Tex, but since we're on Clemson and I don't get to watch a ton. I'd love to hear your breakdown of Hopkins(probably only saw 3 of his games) and Tahj Boyd.No worries, I didn't take your comment the wrong way. Some people may have thought the same thing so I do want to make that clear just in case someone thinks I'm a homer. Truth is I graduated from Texas Tech and the only person I ever argued about from Tech is Crabby.Hopkins often gets over looked larger because people tend to watch games with tunnel vision and I say that because last year everyone (including myself) was gushing over Watkins because of what he was accomplishing as a true freshman but man, Hopkins caught my attention and did so rather quickly. I don't know what his combine numbers are going to be but I don't give the combine that much more value over game play simply because some players just turn "it" on when it's game time. Some players have "it" when it comes to the combine and some don't, they only have that mental switch when they are on the field, the lights are on, the fans are screaming, the camera is rolling and the ball is hiked. So their "Mental Switch" only comes on when it's game time and so I completely understand that aspect of certain players. This game is both mental and physical but we often focus more on the physical, i.e. size, weight, height, speed which are all important but only part of the player. Hopkins had 191yds against IIRC #9 LSU and Watkins was injured....think about that for a second. He broke Watkins' single season receiving record from last year, hhmmm....think about that. If you loved Watkins last year, with the same coach, same qb, same system how can you not love what Hopkins has done and not just this year but over his career. He has run the route tree with precision, which is very important to the growth of any WR at the NFL level. He runs hard....very hard, as does Watkins so it's not always easy to bring him down and he can elusive and in the open field he can forget about it, good luck catching him unless his tired and I still wish luck on the pursuing defense. I originally planned to put out videos on draft eligible players like I did last year but some of the comments I was getting was just plain ridicules and I just didn't feel like hearing it this year. Some people are down on the 2013 draft, I actually like what I'm seeing. Hope I answered your question, Tex Hope you reconsider, but I realize it's a lot of work. There will always be idiots who make crazy comments. But your videos were greatly appreciated by the vast majority of us.I concur
  5. In October I gave Donald Brown,Julio Jones and a 2013 3rd rd for Lee, Dez and a 2013 1st rd which ended up 1.10.At the time Brown was still starting and the owner had soured on Dez. He was in win mode and I was in rebuild mode. I did move Dez a week or two later for Randle and Daniel Thomas... Not real happy with that one.I'm probably one of the bigger fans of Lee!
  6. This is the year to try to acquire later 1st rd picks for below average value.
  7. I think fantasy owners get too caught up in "is he the starter". I just want Spiller to get 17-20 touches a game and I'll be just fine as a Spiller owner. Really don't care when they come during the game. Gailey would be an absolute fool not to have Spiller on the field often.
  8. Monday night I made the following trade...offered to me. Sent: Charles,Crabtree and Lance Moore Got: Spiller,Jennings and 2013 1strd... probably 6-10 with slight chance at top 5.
  9. Stewart has the ability to be really special at the next level. I think with an excellent combine/pro-day he will solidify his place in the first round. I also agree with you that he may be 1b when it comes to talent between he and McFadden. It's my belief that McFadden will need to go to the right system to reach his potential where Stewart could go to just about any system and reach his.My top 51a. McFadden1b. Stewart3. F. Jones4. Mendenhall5. Slaton