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  1. I think fantasy owners get too caught up in "is he the starter". I just want Spiller to get 17-20 touches a game and I'll be just fine as a Spiller owner. Really don't care when they come during the game. Gailey would be an absolute fool not to have Spiller on the field often.
  2. Monday night I made the following trade...offered to me. Sent: Charles,Crabtree and Lance Moore Got: Spiller,Jennings and 2013 1strd... probably 6-10 with slight chance at top 5.
  3. Stewart has the ability to be really special at the next level. I think with an excellent combine/pro-day he will solidify his place in the first round. I also agree with you that he may be 1b when it comes to talent between he and McFadden. It's my belief that McFadden will need to go to the right system to reach his potential where Stewart could go to just about any system and reach his.My top 51a. McFadden1b. Stewart3. F. Jones4. Mendenhall5. Slaton