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  1. What is your take Flap? Who is the hot pickup here....McBride or Gentry?
  2. Starting to think I am delusional as well though....can't stop looking in this stupid thread. The big contributor to that is how he lead me to a championship during his one good year and I am genuinely rooting for him. I hope he announces he is never going to play again so I don't have to sift through the garbage to find any real news in this thread.
  3. Life is not all about the mighty dollar. The kid appears intelligent, creative, and athletically gifted. If he controls his addiction I have confidence he will find some purpose to be successful in some way, shape, or form.
  4. Britt being out helps Cleveland IMO. I think Hogan has a good day against a hurt Houston defense while he tries to play catchup against Watson.
  5. There he is....on the training table...sweet
  6. Where is Diggs?
  7. Diggs down?
  8. Flame is flickering.... The only remaining question is if Otis is as good at being Soulfly as Soulfly is.
  9. it when I own all of the buy low guys! Watkins heading to stay low category soon.
  10. What shocks me even more is Pittsburgh apparent lack of planning when Ben is done/injured.
  11. What are you thinking....reinstatement by end of day today?
  12. At this point I am not sure. That organization cannot seem to put it together.
  13. I doubt what he posted has an credibility.
  14. An extra kicker