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  1. I understand what you are saying. I do think the wide receivers for the Dolphins are more talented than they get credit for. Stills and Wilson are good players. Grant has his place in the offense based on his big play ability. Parker has talent but I am less confident that he reaches his potential. I think Wilson will have a big year if healthy and Stills will get targets. Drake if used properly should be third in line at worst. Even if all the stars align and Preston steals Parker’s spot I am not sure it amounts to anything to get excited about. He was a UDFA and played at a small school. I read his forty was over 4.6 and in his highlights he doesn’t appear to separate against small school competition. Just not sure he is more than a Devin Funchess type player. I like his height and length and he appears to play the ball well in the air, just not sure there is much more to him. Your posts have me keeping an eye on him though.
  2. Absolutely, and you could say that for any young/unproven prospect. He is sitting on the waiver of my 12 team league (18 man rosters) so I will be keeping an eye on him.
  3. I think if Hardman hits...him and Hill will co-exist just fine. Doubt Watkins will be around for another contract unless he stays healthy and shows he can be a consistent difference maker. Even then it would be tough to pay him unless you let Hill go....which won’t happen unless there is another incident IMO.
  4. As far as big plays I think Robinson offers more than Conley ever did. If Hardman hits the ground running this offense could be more dangerous than last season somehow.
  5. I wanted him but he went a pick before me. Good buy low time if you like him.
  6. More useful to the Chiefs than fantasy. Someone they can use on kick returns and ease into the offense at his own pace. If he becomes a quick study it will be interesting to see the creativity coming out of this offense. Robinson replaces a boring Conley and has big play ability. This offense has a chance to be special once again this year.
  7. Love: his arm strength Like: his apparent desire to get better Dislike: his footwork and lazy mechanics If the “like” continues and resolves the “dislike” he has some elite skills that could translate into some FF success. Also has good mobility when he desires.
  8. I hope that for all my lotto tickets as well, but he has a ways to go. He didn’t seem to have great separation skills in the highlights I watched. He did seem to have good ball skills however. Could see him taking Parker’s spot if things work out, just not sure it leads to anything to get excited about.
  9. 2020 1st....what am I missing here? Wilson and Stills are talented and should garner the majority of targets. Drake will be targeted. If Williams makes the team....and surpasses Parker he could get some action. But a lot of “ifs” for an UDFA to overcome.
  10. That is what we don’t really know yet and is the main factor in Andrews production this year. Hurst has draft capital on his side and was hurt most of last year. Could have a triple threat match at TE if he proves to be a talent as well.
  11. I find this guy to be interesting. For a rookie TE he was a beast at times last year. Not sure this offense can really support a number one anything but Baltimore has a very, very young talented offense. Athletic phenom at QB, speedster WR in Brown, possession plus WR in Boykins, healthy stable of RBs, and perhaps the most loaded TE group in the league. That is where is gets a little tricky. They signed TE Boyle to a healthy contract and he will probably play the most snaps at the position due to his strong blocking. Former 1st Rounder TE Hurst is back and healthy so it will be interesting to see how the snaps are distributed between the three. Andrews seems like he has the talent to become a real threat at the position but will have a tough time separating himself too much with as much talent as they have a position.
  12. Very special knee ligaments in that one. Getting to watch and root for him over his career was kind of like was kind of like winning the Super Bowl for a Lion’s fan.
  13. What did they lose from their line from last season?
  14. Starting to warm on him from a dynasty perspective. I like how he appears to be really working on his craft....which already separates him from DGB.