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  1. Buy in Dyno...cry in redraft
  2. He is on waiver in my league. 12 teamer....1 QB
  3. Thank you for identifying the outlier.
  4. I don't see to many RBs who remain in the starting role with under 4 ypc. Certainly not the most telling stat but far from useless.
  5. Agreed. Over the last couple years I really have found myself enjoying college football much more. I was thinking the other day which two NFL teams playing each other would truly create a must watch game. I could not think of one matchup that I would be excited enough to clear my schedule for. I used to wish there was more parity in the NFL. Now I want to go back to 3-4 dominate teams so at least you can look forward to some particular matchups. You never know who the hell is going to show up in today's watered down game. I don't know how the game became so sloppy, boring, and energy-less but coming from someone who in the past would miss his own wedding to watch Sunday football....I can barely get through a half these days. Give me the college game all day least there is some energy and life in that sport. I will add that without FF and the 18 year league with the same guys.....I doubt I would watch at all. FF stands for NFL life support.
  6. I am actually doing just that. Based on my history you should probably do the opposite.
  7. Looked like the whole Steeler defense had Ajayi on their FF squad.
  8. Looking to grab Kessler in dynasty....playing well and Coleman still out.
  9. I wouldn't bet on it....just saying if he does I think he gets another shot.
  10. I heard rumors but missed if it was official. I am not Soulflying this guy but I think he gets one more shot if he comes out looking "clean and changed."
  11. I think you are discounting how desperate most of the league is. If he comes out of rehab a "changed man" someone will give him another chance. Especially if the story remains that he entered rehab on his own without additional incidence.
  12. Getting past Goodell is his only real obstacle if he chooses to come back. Of course until he shoots himself in the foot again.
  13. Why not? Cheap contract with minimal guaranteed + major talent = another chance. The league is so watered down with parity that someone would be happy to take the chance.
  14. He reminds me of Josh Gordon....just seems smooth on the field.
  15. Murray free agent next season?