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  1. Now losing snaps and targets to Wilson. Too many target options in the big D.
  2. I think Patricia’s no pressure defense that is geared to stop the run should work well again this week.
  3. Hopefully Xavier Jones doesn’t steal thunder and make it harder for Akers to get a share when healthy.
  4. In 15 games he has 4 multi-TD performances. Is it time to buy this guy before he becomes a staple top ten receiver or is this just some strange anomaly that will regress?
  5. Tough draw against Slay...not terrible on the stat line. Better games will come.
  6. I sold low prior to week one for CEH, Akers, Gibson.
  7. For sure...him and CEH head the list as well. CEH past the first test.
  8. Ceedee Lamb. I am the idiot who drafted him at 1.01 in dynasty. (Couldn’t trade down)