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  1. Depth is nice to have and RB's tend to get banged up. Hang onto your riches!
  2. Dobbins starting to creep up where he should be.
  3. The dad's description was a little odd but probably nothing...or something.... "He was trying to move a trailer or something -- move his furniture or something -- and the trailer just kind of pinned him against a car or a wall or something," Henry Ruggs Jr. told the newspaper. "He's pretty much OK, I'm about to go out there and see him in a little bit. It was just like a little open wound on his leg, a little incision. Like something had stuck him right there on his thigh a little bit."
  4. I agree about Laviska. If he can prove to stay healthy he has a skill set set that has a lot of upside.
  5. Tough trading for that guy even in a win now situation. A lot of horses in that stable and nowhere to go but down with Ingram. Better to target in a package.
  6. Great points. I do feel like Jackson will have to run less at some point. My theory with carries is the majority of teams split carries. I am not sure CEH or Taylor garner much more of the share. I think Indy has a plan for third downs (Hynes, Mack was a solid receiver coming into the league and barely caught the ball) and I have no idea what CEH is walking into. Not scared of Williams, Washington, Thompson....but they are all kind of the same back. I know some people will argue the skill set of CEH and I have been one of them. But at the heart of it I don’t think he has a ton of power and certainly doesn’t have the long speed. He is a great route runner, has awesome vision, and great lateral agility. I just question his ability to have enough power to get through contact at the next level. My eyes when watching what I would consider the top three backs (CEH, Dobbins, Taylor) tell me that Dobbins has the best combination of skill and landing spot to have the most success. I was on the CEH bandwagon for a long time but something just didn’t feel right. Dobbins looks to me like the guy that could put it all together. Rookie drafts and NFL drafts say otherwise but with my amateur eye I like the total picture best with Dobbins. Waldman was pretty high on Dobbins as well and I fought that as long as I could, but the more I watch of him the more I like. Time will tell and maybe CEH becomes what Hunt could have been...or Taylor becomes Indy’s version of Chubb. In a silly hobby like this though it is more fun to trust your gut.
  7. This is your platform and you have the right post what you want on it. Inevitably some will like it, some will not, and some will be neutral. We are all human and with that comes emotion, feeling, and opinion. Sometimes events or situations are so impactful that they inspire us to express those feelings outside of the “boundaries” in which they are normally held. There will never be universal acceptance of anything so I encourage you to do what you inspire to do.
  8. Starting to feel this guy is my 1.01. He seems like the most complete back of the top tier when looking at all aspects. Speed to corner, long speed, good cuts and vision, not as powerful as Taylor but runs aggressively, shows good ability to extend arms and make catches (although not perfect in this area). Pass pro could be better but seems to be a worker so not concerned. I have been debating between Taylor and CEH at the top spot but have now opened my eyes and think it is Dobbins. May have to be a little more patient but love the organization and idea that he will be teamed up with Jackson for 4 years. When asked who he models his game after he said McCaffrey even though OH St. didn’t throw to their RBs as much as he would have liked. When asked what separates him from the other backs he said leadership. Like the attitude and the skill set has less question marks than Taylor, CEH, and Swift from my amateur eyeballs. Looking forward to seeing how these guys shake out in 3-4 years as I have many of them graded so closely.
  9. Why in the world would you be trying to delete all of your posts?
  10. That is exactly it. We have had the same guys in the league forever (20 years, three owner changes) and there is not a ton of picks traded outside of myself. It has worked out real well for me but I would not agree to it myself (if offered to me), so I understand your feeling on it.
  11. Thanks, but a lot of luck. I do a lot of option trades (Where I have the option to swap first rounders for a future year) with poor teams and it has worked out well. This was one was a trade I made last year and I just lucked out. Well sort of....outside of the countless hours I debated who to pick 😁
  12. I like your side, but tend to favor receivers. I think Drake has a chance for a good year this year but I will take Scary Terry’s career in dynasty over him.