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  1. If Stafford is healthy than I would rather trade Slay. I don’t think we will truly appreciate Stafford until he is gone. I wonder how long it will take to find another decent QB for this organization...
  2. Houston QB P.J. Walker is fun to watch. Lightning quick release, can throw off platform, and has wheels. Showing well and probably the favorite to be the leagues best player.
  3. I agree. I think under the right offense he can be an asset with his field stretching skills. If he ends up as a number one on a team I don’t think it will go well. Either way I wouldn’t want to be the team paying him what he ends up with.
  4. He needs to take a break from talking out anyone...for awhile.
  5. Your absolutely right, "proven stud" is too friendly. I do like JuJu but the QB hurdles were too much for him to surpass this last year. I like the fact that he out produced AB the year before but he still has much to prove. If I knew Big Ben would be healthy for the next 2-3 years and return to form I would easily take him. I think this has more to do with me not really liking this class as much. But again I think the best strategy is to continue to wait and let that pick gain value as we get closer to the draft.
  6. Never a fan of drafting for need over talent. If the right RB ends up in a plus situation than that is the guy I would want but he will most likely go 1.01. At 1.03 I am just not as excited about this RB group as others are and would rather take the young proven stud in JuJu.
  7. He could be a good fit in your town (fandom town anyway).
  8. And it is really too bad for those guys as running back has really become a thankless position. But from a business/financial perspective it just doesn't make good sense. The other factor in TEN is the fanbase. As a business with ticketholders you do need to be conscious of your fans to some degree. Not sure what the climate is on Henry in regards to Titan fans but I am sure after seeing his production on the field this season they would like him in uniform. And maybe both sides can come to a reasonable contract that appeases everyone. Maybe some market setting performance escalators to provide the opportunity to get more money is the starting point for these guys. Otherwise eventually everyone will just be done paying this position because it just never seems to work out.
  9. He has been phenomenal over the last 21 regular season games. If the Titans have the answer of what the difference was (compared to before this stretch) I would understand them paying him (not agree but understand). As a GM I just don't see how you set the bar with a running back contract these days. They have a solid surrounding cast and this is a decent draft to find an RB.
  10. Majority I would assume take the pick by far. If PPR I think I would at least ponder. Last year you couldn’t pay a high enough price to get JuJu from his owner. There is risk involved (will Pitt have a QB?). I will say I would take JuJu over any receiver in this draft. I will also say after all the hype of this draft, I am not impressed with the top level talent (through my very amateur eyes) .On paper today I would probably take JuJu over the 1.3, but I am in the minority there most likely and I am a fan of proven production. I would advise you on trying to get more from him or waiting until closer to or after the draft (depending on when you draft) to maximize the value of your pick. The perceived value of the 1.3 will only increase from here on out as you get the rookie fever crowd heating up. By draft day people think every first round pick is guaranteed to be an elite level player (history has proven this is hardly the case but people will continue to chase the new shiny toy) and it is a great time to trade for a proven producer at that point. Good luck.
  11. Not good enough for people? Maybe your taking yourself too seriously. Doesn’t sound like you think he sucks based on your response. There is a huge gap between being great and sucking. Thank you for clarifying your statement.
  12. Hard to take you seriously with statements like this. I don't see anything in his game that would make me think he will be terrible. He may or may not ever reach elite but his characteristics have the makings of a guy who can be a productive football player.
  13. I don't disagree, they should stick with Haskins at this point and take Young. But it is the Redskins so who knows.
  14. I don’t know much about this guy. His highlights seem to put him at QB a lot and seems like a jack-of-all-trades. Is he more polished than say Cordarrelle Patterson was coming out?