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  1. FD?
  2. #2 didn't get any touches last week
  3. Waldman is very critical of Drake and did not rank him very high.
  4. White for Ajayi?.....I wonder why
  5. I agree.....doesn't look like he is finishing runs either. I am bummed I did not sell high on him at this point.
  6. I own him in a dynasty league and tried trading him all week with no luck. Starting to get the feeling like Miami knew something.
  7. Miller looks hesitant and appears to lack explosiveness.
  8. They kept him fresh.
  9. Maybe that is why Miami limited his carries.
  10. Don't sell the Shark Pool short, this is the Detroit Lion's we are talking about. I think he will be given a decent amount of touches unless he fumbles early. Coach is playing for his job and having Washington provide a spark is a good calculated risk IMO. But again this is Detroit we are talking about.
  11. I understand the patience...just don't like the hitch in his giddy.
  12. I agree...that is just the Luck/Gordon dynasty owner in me talking
  13. Time for the Chargers or Colts to trade for this guy. Chargers because they proved that they can still compete with their injuries and the Colts because they are void of talent and need to stop wasting a great young QBs career.
  14. Gruden made a comment on MNF that White looked slow in practice. Maybe that is him adjusting...or maybe the injury is still impacting him in some way.
  15. He looks like he is galloping when he runs. Disappointing start.