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  1. Not my point to argue over how many years Jay Cutler will be alive. I just think at this stage a couple million to play a backup role is not a bad gig. Not sure his ego will agree however.
  2. I don't know. Making a couple million for sitting on the sidelines is a nice retirement package. He does still have to live another 50 years. With his personality I can't imagine what else he would do.
  3. Pittsburgh should bring him on to backup Ben.
  4. Pretty light for 1.1.
  5. Considering Mixon may not be drafted at all and Davis is probably going to go in the first round.....I would lean towards Davis regardless of need.
  6. Same guy that came to mind when I watched him play. Probably does not have the same timed speed but similar playmaking ability.
  7. Good points and I agree that he would be great addition. But unless a QB is the target you rarely see decent compensation for someone north of 30. With that being said if I was in need of a tackle I would be happy to pay a 2nd for Joe Thomas.
  8. They will be lucky to get a 3rd rounder for him IMO.
  9. Funny thing about rankings is that they rarely turn out to be accurate. I like that they are not the standard.
  10. Love the write up...great contribution. Also love the Detroit piece. Barnett would be a great pick at that spot and I think Wright could be one of the best FA bargains on the market. As far a Reiff goes it will depend on the asking price. Any secondary help will be welcomed with open arms. We need some athleticism at the LB spot something fierce and that will have to be a priority.
  11. Saw the same thing prior to his last "comeback." Odds are against him for sure.
  12. If he makes it back and stays clean that shows dedication. I think that dedication will carryover to the football field as well. I thought it was amazing how fluid he looked in preseason. This kid is an amazing athlete and if sober he will find his way on the field. Big IF though....
  13. What round do you go....2nd...3rd?
  14. I like the Cousins side by quite a bit. I can see Cam slowing down his ground tds as age/wear continues. Cousins is not shabby and Hill with returns has big upside.
  15. I would say the opposite. Picks are gambles in themselves. We have seen what Keenan is capable of. Phil loves to throw to Keenan and that won't stop. I would buy Keenan all day at that price.