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  1. But you can't quit keep coming back for more suspension and this will all be over.
  2. Although old and dangerous behind the wheel....I am excited to have Anquan Boldin on the Lion's. Probably not the best but he will be a huge asset to Detroit this year.
  3. Zak had perfect pockets to throw from in preseason. Real bullets start to fly soon. Dallas is in trouble.
  4. same boat
  5. Great list and thank you for your work. Surprised to still see Justin Blackmon making the cut.
  6. Would rather keep AR15 and Wilson if competitor.
  7. Stefan Diggs type performance this year? What kind of upside does this kid have in this offense?
  8. So you think he is the starter for the entire year barring injury?
  9. Good plus the right volume equals great FF production.
  10. Why is Gordon a shoe-in to be a starter? This is a guy who has been proven to be unreliable and has not played in a LONG time. The new regime has no ties to him. They have however witnessed Pryor working his rear off to succeed at a position change. They also have witnessed Pryor make two HUGE plays in a small portion of game action. I wouldn't assume anything about Gordon being given anything. The new regime has also hand picked several guys in the draft that I am sure they would like to develop.
  11. I liked him coming into the season but am cooling big time now. With Pryor, Coleman, Gordon, and Barnbridge I am not sure where he will fit in this passing game. Originally I thought he would spend a lot of time in the slot but their pass catchers seem adequate from the WR position. I think Crowell gets the bulk of carries so it may take an injury to become more FF relevant. He may still take on the bulk of third down work however I do not see him surpassing last years numbers without an injury to Crowell.
  12. Because of playing time?
  13. It is preseason. When the real bullets fly even Hue won't be able to mask all of his issues. He panics when the pocket collapses and has trouble with his progressions. Hue will have to be a genius with play calling to cover these problems.
  14. Both looked like the first read however. Still have concerns once defenses are not vanilla.
  15. I agree....not sure what the negative is with him. You may not love his talent but he succeeded in a worse situation the last two years. He may be the top ten back with the least question marks at this point.