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  1. Problem is he is in the right situation. Also entering his 5th year versus DGB entering his 2nd.
  2. I am trying not to get too excited about his kid....but I am having a hard time with that. I have a weird feeling he is going to go nuts this year.
  3. ASJ might not be at his low point. I would always be happy to give two 1st rounders for a guy who I believe is a stud. We hope those rookie picks turn into studs but few do...give me a more proven commodity every single time.
  4. I wouldn't be so sure. They invested in the backfield heavily and when Rawls was in it was status quo. What makes their passing game so effective is the ability to run....I don't see deviating from that successful formula.
  5. Exactly. To have the leeway of missing multiple tests tells you a lot about these guys who end up suspended. Their priority is the hippy lettuce and that will probably not change.
  6. Duke or David?
  7. Brandon Marshall personally meeting with Ryan Fitzpatrick in Chicago tells me all I need to know about having confidence in Geno Smith this season.
  8. The only condition is that he comes back the same week Tom Brady does to face New England. That is the only way the NFL could make that game interesting.
  9. will be interesting to see how this ends. Find it fascinating when people continue to deny responsibility of their actions. Hope he proves me wrong.
  10. Can't wait to his excuses!
  11. I understand that strategy....I just don't agree with it. We heard the same thing last year from Mularkey and when DGB finally found the field he was their most productive wide receiver after not playing for a year. I will roll the dice on him becoming a WR1 versus getting excited about a WR3.
  12. Might be longer before Bryant is back.
  13. First off it is Floyd we are talking about. And yes I think DGB has the tools to be a force. Now I am not saying there is a high percentage tied to him reaching that level however give me that guy all day long over the guy who I think has plateaued at the 6 level.
  14. I understand that side of the arguement....however I just never play that way. I would rather trade a proven 6 for a guy who could be a 10 in most cases. I understand that the 10 can drop to 0 (as can any player) but I am not interested in building my team with 6s.
  15. Brutal for Steeler fans.