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  1. King of the Jungle

    Saints vs Bucs - Week 14

    Had to start Godwin. He has 10 targets and 1 catch. Inaccuracy or drops on these?
  2. King of the Jungle

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    He definitely ended up in the best spot possible for him personally IMO. It will be interesting what happens after this season. Hopefully he can continue to keep the peace and start dominating on the field again.
  3. King of the Jungle

    Daurice Fountain 2018 dynasty - 4th rounder sleeper special

    Do you think there is anything to see here or is it just a necessity depth move by the Colts to activate him?
  4. King of the Jungle

    Daurice Fountain 2018 dynasty - 4th rounder sleeper special

    Wonder why it took so long, excited to see what he can do.
  5. King of the Jungle

    Titans 2018

    One of the harder teams to figure out in the NFL.
  6. King of the Jungle


    His arm and throwing ability is much better than Tebow’s. 2.0 out of those choices.
  7. King of the Jungle


    Ware is no slouch. Love that trade for you.
  8. King of the Jungle

    Dante Pettis WR San Francisco 49ers

    Had a nice game last week and he seems to finally getting healthy again. Not sure what is going on with Goodwin but he may be a surprise producer down the stretch and I really like him going into next year.
  9. King of the Jungle

    Offseason Dynasty Rankings - Zyphros

    Lazy post on my part. I have never owned him and looking back I am surprised by how effective he has been. I still would have him in tier 3 ranked 7th. Even last year he had 5 games under 200 yards passing and only 7 over 250. I prefer my QBs to be more consistent through the air in FF but that may just be me.
  10. King of the Jungle

    Offseason Dynasty Rankings - Zyphros

    Thank you for the work, love the rankings. Below are the adjustments I would make. I never understood the year-after-year love for Russell Wilson by the FF world. He is a great NFL QB but I don’t see the FF love (currently ranked 14th overall in points in my league). I think Mahomes should be in a tier on his own. Tier 6 & 7 are challenging to rank as you are deciding between production or youth and upside. I was close to putting Trubisky up another tier but need a little more convincing. Tier1 - (1) Patrick Mahomes Tier2 - (2) Andrew Luck, (3) Carson Wentz, (4) Deshaun Watson, (5) Jared Goff Tier3 - (6) Cam Newton, (7) Russell Wilson Tier 4 - (8) Aaron Rodgers, (9) Drew Brees (DND), (10) Baker Mayfield, (11) Matt Ryan, (12) Jimmy Garoppolo, (13) Kirk Cousins Tier 5 - (14) Mitch Trubisky (15) Ben Roethlisberger (DND) Tier6 - (16) Matthew Stafford, (17) Tom Brady (DND), (18) Philip Rivers, (19) Sam Darnold, (20) Marcus Mariotta, (21) Lamar Jackson, (22) Dak Prescott, (23) Josh Rosen Tier 7 - (24) Teddy Bridgewater, (25) Derek Carr, (26) Josh Allen, (27) Andy Dalton Tier 8 - (28) Joe Flacco, (29) Jacoby Brissett, (30) Jameis Winston (DND)
  11. King of the Jungle

    Dynasty & Redraft: RB Derrick Henry, Titans

    He has the physical makeup of a beast. However he plays like a back who weighs 180 lbs from what I have seen. Am I missing something?
  12. Thing is long term in the NFL is really not that long (2-4 years). Windows close fast and props to the Bears for making the aggressive move and believing in their team. Initially I thought it was the wrong play but I have been proven wrong. This team is competing right now. Even though they are not the favorite to win the Super Bowl they are a top 3-4 team in the NFC so they have a shot to get there. They have talent on both sides of the ball and are betting on their young QB improving. So far they are right.
  13. King of the Jungle

    Tyreek Hill

    Not only is he the fastest guy on the field but he is running great routes and showing excellent hands. His strength for his size is unusual as well. Truly a unique specimen. That sideline grab where he was able to hang on with the threat of being clobbered and the contact being made was special.
  14. King of the Jungle

    Tyreek Hill

    Having him and Mahomes in my dynasty league has made it nearly unfair. Currently undefeated and hoping everyone can stay healthy for a once in a lifetime finish.
  15. King of the Jungle

    Andrew Luck..... Love fest inside....

    Simply incredible. At one point I convinced myself the guy would never play again....and certainly if he did he would not be as effective...what a great story. Would love to see him sneak into the playoffs....right now that team is playing good football all the way around.