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  1. Apparently my endorsement was a curse.
  2. Uncanny drop and poor choice by coach. I think because it happened after the pass was incomplete that it would not have been a first down for MIN either way.
  3. Really impressed with how Iowa QB Nate Stanley throws the ball (arm strength and accuracy). Definitely has an NFL arm. Playing real well against MIN.
  4. Allen allows them to run their offense and keep everything on time if that makes sense. He executes the play at hand and keeps their playmakers involved. It just feels like an NFL offense instead of waiting for Cam to make a play with his legs to keep the drive alive or watching him struggle with the timing of the offense.
  5. Good list. I could see valid points for any order. Many of their QBs are up in the air and Kirk may be on the most solid ground there. If gun to head: Kenny Golladay. Seems like the one most capable of being a WR1. This is assuming Stafford continues to QB the Lions. Chris Godwin. Great player but gets the benefit of having Big Mike take the top corners. QB a concern going forward but is a good security blanket for a young signal caller. DJ Moore. Love him as a player, just not sure he will ever get fed WR1 target amounts. (Edit...he has 10 and 11 targets last two games). Also unsure what the QB situation is going forward. Christian Kirk. Love the pairing with Murray and showed his upside last week. I just don’t have a good feel for what he is yet. Doesn’t feel like a WR1 but definitely has his place. DJ Chark. Has had some great weeks and some quiet weeks. New to the production scene so may have caught some defenses by surprise. Least confident based on his short resume.
  6. Hanging onto him as a lotto ticket right now. One of the more talented backups and if Hyde misses time I think he becomes an instant top 10 RB.
  7. Like your return... a lot. Not sure what the other owner is seeing there.
  8. I prefer Brown over Sutton....would never have paid a prime first for that return.
  9. SF obviously missing Kittle....not sure why Pettis is not getting more run though.
  10. AJ Brown surprisingly without one target so far.