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  1. Why can't he be like Lesean McCoy?
  2. I'm not as think as you drunk I am
  3. Mark used Adelson to secure $750MM in public funds, then tried to backdoor him and got squeezed. If he thought Goldman Sachs would be his fallback when Adelson does TONS of business with them, he's a moron. Maybe there is another play here with an alternative Vegas investor. The Fertitadas perhaps? If not, and Mark is standing around with his pants down, then this whole thing was fumbled very very badly.
  4. NFL screwed them out of the LA option. Let's hope they don't screw them out of the Vegas option. Viva Los Raiders!
  5. I don't entirely disagree, however, Mixon's case was not domestic violence. The chick was a random N-word shouting barfly who pushed and slapped him before she got KTFO'd. It's not like he has a history of beating up his girl or wife, but still I could see how they'd avoid him altogether. Too bad. Dude's got stud potential. Bring on Perine then.
  6. I'd take Samaje Perine in rd 3 or even rd 2, or his teammate Joe Mixon (who MD would prolly veto due to the racist chick punchout video). Either of those two would be tremendous cheap replacements/upgrades for Lat as the powerback in this offense. Mixon is like Laveon Bell and Perine is like Jamaal Lewis.
  7. Gimme Wade Phillips, Dontarie Poe and a 3-4 D next year. PLEASE!!!
  8. Blah blah blah. We have Reggie McKenzie drafting and $50 MM in cap space next year. All you have is a smelly shirt.
  9. Check out Levine Trollollo over here. Go eat a snickers, buddeh. A king size brown one
  10. Someone's gonna get a steal in rd 3 or 4. This guy is the closest thing to Leveon and Davey Johnson in this draft. His long neck would look good in silver and black.
  11. He'll fall 2-3 rounds for this, tops. Ghost of Tyfreak Hill will be roaming the war rooms this year.
  12. Lol, meant Joe. Was a combo of Kenny Mixon DL, Kenny Dixon RB, Joe Mixon RB and too many Sierra Nevada Torpedos last night. Didn't know Joe Mixon wasn't going pro. This RB class isn't as strong as I once thought.
  13. Kenny Mixon, after Reggie McKenzie steals him in rd 4 to replace Latavius.
  14. I liked the Giants shirt better. You were rumble before and humble after, back then.
  15. McGloin looked good as a rookie with an absolutely dog#### OL, Rashad Jennings at RB and a WR corps of Denarius Targaryan, Rod Streater and Andre Holmes. He's now got two more NFL years under his belt and is in position to win playoff games and earn Brock Oxweiler money this offseason. I remain hopeful as long as Mario Edwards and Khalil Mack stay healthy.