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  1. Seems like every year we get at least one player slipping in the shower or breaking and elbow diving for an iPhone. I suspect most (or all) of these accounts are BS stories used to hide an embarrassing and/or damning real incident.
  2. SD getting 6 pts on the road next week against a Denver team they just beat up at home, who is having some major OLine issues. Straight up odds not out yet, but I'm guessing they'll be around +220. If Denver wins tonight, I'll take SD straight up next week at those odds.
  3. In one league I have 5/15 drafted players remaining. (5-1, #1 in points); In another league I have 6/16 drafted players remaining (3-3, #2 in points). Ear to the ground, hand on the wire.
  4. Guy looked like a carbon copy of Crabtree last night. Amazing how different he looks this year. What happened to the stone hands?!?
  5. Next time share the wealth, yo! Lol No harm here. No way I was gonna start Jackson sight unseen. I do wish we could've seen more of him. Thought he looked good on his second run (other than the busted hand portion of it).
  6. Did you say this before the game?
  7. With both RBs active, I'm out on Ty tonight. This is his game log for this year. Look at what he's done in prior weeks when they had healthy RBs and he didn't get 13 looks out of the backfield. 10 of his 12 target passes were as an RB last week. WK OPP REC YDS TD PTS 1 @Jax 0 0 0 0.7 2 @Min 0 0 0 1.1 3 Det 0 0 0 1.1 4 BYE - - - - 5 NYG 0 0 0 1.3 6 Dal 10 98 0 16.6
  8. This plus his measurables and highlight reel have me very curious to watch him play tonight. Dude has to be hungry and looking to eat. I learned long ago not to write off undrafted players who get opportunity on good teams. The key is the last part of that sentence. It's a double positive - not only do these players get put in a position to perform with good surrounding talent, but they also are the sleeper picks of good GMs, making them more likely to be diamonds than the undrafted players on crap teams. Go DXJ, GO!
  9. He fumbled on a between the tackles rush to end the game. That said, I still might start him tonight at my WR3 spot (if Davis, Adams and Abbrederis are all out).
  10. I picked up Don ahead of Knile but then broke down and dropped my backup D to roster Knile as well. I'm of the same opine as JFS171, that Knile is a better athlete than RB. If RB whisperer Andy Reid could not make this guy efficient, then it's probably a stretch to expect McCarthy to do so. That said, Don is a complete unknown and could utterly suck, opening the door for Knile to get the volume he needs to be a decent RB2. It's worth waiting and seeing for a week or two if rosters allow IMO.
  11. He lost a fumble on his last carry, if that counts for anything.
  12. I have a similar feeling about tonight, but I'm nervous that Don Jackson is going to steal the show. Thinking about Ty over Baldwin (@AZ), but am leaning against it as of now.
  13. From @steelwind - Okay I just want to chime in and give my insight. I was in the car listening to Rob Demovsky on Sirius XM Fantasy Football Next Level Fantasy show. Of course rotoworld will take quotes out of context. What I heard Rob Demovsky say is that he doesn't really know since Knile was just signed and Don Jackson is still on the practice squad predicated by "I guess Ty Montgomery will get the majority of the RB reps". There was a smirk in his voice and he sort of chuckled. He never said per sources. Now I don't know what this means for those who are Ty Montgomery owners but I just wanted to sprinkle in some actual facts knowing how Rotoworld's updates can sometimes be deceiving. If you are a Sirius XM subscriber you can listen to this conversation again on Mike Clay's Next Level Fantasy show on the Fantasy Sports station. Edited 2 hours ago by steelwind
  14. Latest reports are Jackson is going to start and get featured tonight, which, if true would give him the first crack at taking this job. Maybe he flops. Or maybe he runs with it and relegates Davis and Ty to backup duty. He seems to have the tools to be a 3 down RB in this offense, assuming he can pass block (huge assumption). FTR - in one league where I could use RB help, I've rostered Jax and Knile, but will start neither tonight. In my other league where I have Arod, I snagged Ty and am contemplating starting him over Baldwin (@AZ) and (hamstrung) Pryor at WR3. Need to hear more reports that he's going to get extensive looks before I decide.