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  1. ^^^Yep, and Mayock has continued the Reggie model with the contracts he's doled out. With the exception of AB, all the new big contracts are essentially 1-2 yr deals with annual team-controlled options for years 2-4. The cap flexibility of these new deals is another facet that will make the Khalil trade hard to grade for years to come. I still hate it, but it certainly opened up the roster for a number of new (and potentially very significant) additions, some of whom we might not see for another 1-3 years, given the way the 2019 big $$$ Raider free agents could easily be replaced down the line.
  2. Agreed. But Martin is the closest Raider RB in form and function to Jacobs. That and since Gruden seems eager to prove everyone wrong and himself right that Martin isn't washed up have me thinking Warren or Washington (or both) won't make the final 53. You wrote Martin, but pretty sure given the overall context you meant Warren. What Warren brings that RichWash don't is pure unadulterated POWER. The two mighty mites aren't even close in that regard.
  3. Bad Oline, yes. But Kingsbury, Murray and the rookie WRs could be massive upgrades on offense. Or they could flop completely in line with your take. Right now, I'm leaning the former.
  4. I can tolerate lack of long speed in an RB, but I agree about, and am concerned over Jacobs seeming lack of elite NFL burst. That said, you don't require elite burst if you have high-end vision, wiggle, weight, hands and a coach that drafted you rd 1 + the hunger of a homeless kid background. I predict he'll be fantasy (and NFL) solid for as long as his body holds up, which admittedly is a separate and legitimate concern all by itself.
  5. Gordon + Harry Fitz + Edelman (in the slot) = best starting WR corps in 2019 NFL. Put that it your plizzo for a hot minute. Then ask yourself, what does that make Tomunga Brady in 2019?
  6. Waller may blow up, but it won't be because of Jared Cook's 2018 production. Cook wasn't competing with Brown Town and The Gazelle for looks. And Hunter Renfrow and Josh Jake were still in college. Mouths be hungry, yo.
  7. Thanks, this is good perspective to counter the other list. However, even in this better (best?) case the only one of those names to prove he can be a feature NFL RB is Gordon, though Penny's story is still unfolding. ETA: And ironically enough, Gordon has the same knee issue Gurley has! 🤔
  8. Thx. Here's some interesting takes from that poster: So was: Jhurell Pressley (2014) Devon Johnson (2014) Ty Johnson (2016) Teriyon Gipson (2016) Timothy McVey (2016) Khalil Tate (2017) Malcolm Perry (2017) Greg McCrae (2018) Kennedy Brooks (2018) Reggie Corbin (2018) Travis Etienne (2018) 8+ YPC != NFL Ability But, but, but 8+ YPC!!! I still defer to and respect McVay's judgement about Henderson's prospects, but when I watch him I see a somewhat faster version of DeAndre Washington. If you don't know who that it is, don't worry, you shouldn't. Let's see if McVay can make something here. It certainly wouldn't shock me, but I think the odds favor COP usage. And nothing's changed with respect to Gurley. We all knew his knee is problematic. The real question is whether or not Henderson can be a capable feature-back replacement or just a COP. I'm still thinking it'll be the latter, except perhaps for short bursts of his career arc. This thread alone will make it super interesting!
  9. This is definitely part of it. But the other part is that the NFL hates the Raiders. Similar to the penalties. Much of that is self imposed; but some of it is because the refs are simply human, and most humans I've met who are football fans have extreme feelings about the Raiders at one end or the other.
  10. Man, a Kyler/DJ combo could be absolute fantasy gold this year. It could also be a total train wreck, but I'm starting to lean heavily towards gold.
  11. Aw man, I wanna see Jacoby Ford vs Tyreek the Frizzeak. Damn you, Frizzeak!
  12. In fairness, I wouldn't refer to a subjectively-created predictive model as 'facts'. From what I can tell, the model places heavy emphasis on YPC adjusted for total # of carries (seemingly without adjusting for defensive competition), playing time %, and weight-adjusted 40 times. These are all already noted 'short-comings' of Jacobs, with at least reasonable rationalizations for each that have been thoroughly discussed upthread. That said, thanks for posting it. 'Twas and interesting read, and something I'll keep an eye on going forward. Looks like the model only likes Dalvin Henderson this year. Here's another major miss from 2016:
  13. You had me until this. Any stat that ranks Kamara worst out of 50 has to be garbage. I do admit the first list does look concerning though.
  14. You could be right. Sarcasm sometimes more difficult to detect than others, but I took his Larry Fitz comp at face value - probably because my assessments of Henderson have all been forthright, other than the whole name switching thing. Side note, Harry Fitzgerald is a great nickname for N'Keal Harry, who I think is an extremely similar WR. Try not to get mad at me if I call N'Keal that in the Harry thread. 😁
  15. Eh, like with my posts, I sensed actual commentary in between the silly.