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  1. ^^^Stats don't tell the story. Murray has been dinged every year of his career going back to his college days. He runs too upright and his lateral movement is pretty much non-existent.
  2. ^^^I see what you see. Lots of hype but mostly just sketchy production from the D and OL. Carr still struggles when pressured. BUT, it is preseason. Not inspired, but not panicking. Yet.
  3. ^^^Unquestioned, three-down, you say? We'll see.
  4. Tyler Lockett by a mile. Coach speak about him being #2 notwithstanding, he's clearly been the #3 WR this preseason, as he was all of last year.
  5. Where has our supposedly improved edge rush been this preseason? Hoping the underwhelming D has been a product of vanilla schemes. Irvin, Calhoun, Cowser have been non-existent so far.
  6. Luvin the rookie RBs. JRich looks more fluid than DWash in his motion. He definitely plays quicker/faster than he timed. Liking both of them better than stiff Lat.
  7. Washington and Richard are going to crimp Lat Murray's touches this year, especially in terms of receptions.
  8. Be a go getta and a value shopper during the draft. When they zig, you zag. Ear to the ground, hand on the wire. Roster spots are gold. A stud in the hand is worth more than three bums in the bush. Never take any of this too serious. Friendships are worth more than championships.
  9. Cory James was an animal on Friday night. Heeney better not be out long or he may not have the same job when he returns.
  10. ^^^ Not useless!!!
  11. What makes you say that? DWash 5'8" 204 lb - JRich 5'8" 207 lb -
  12. I was high on DeAndre Washington post draft and pre camp, but I haven't heard a peep about him since training camp began, while I read blurbs like the following about Richard almost daily...
  13. This guy struggles to separate and doesn't have the soft hands necessary to absorb ARod fastballs. I was high on him going into last season and watched him flat out suck last year. Maybe that changes this year, but I doubt it.
  14. There's an old saying in Tennessee