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  1. "Overall, Santa Claus gifted the Silver and Black a projected third round player in the seventh round."
  2. ^^^ I'm thinking the plan is to save the money and let Gabe turn into a 3rd or 4th round supplemental pick for Reg in 2018. It only makes sense if 7th rd Vadal lives up to the hype.
  3. Gawd dammit, Aldon! You dumb ####.
  4. ^^^ 1. 2013 draft was collectively the worst in the last couple decades in terms of how the players have panned out in the NFL. 2. Show me even one GM in NFL history with a 100% NFL draft success rate. Reggie's done way more than enough to offset the ghosts of the 2013 draft. Heck, Amerson was a 2nd round pick in that draft and he's now ours, so there's your Hayden offset right there, by itself.
  5. Not too long, did read. Phenomenal deal for both sides. In total it's 5 years/ $38MM (since it's a 4-yr extension of his current 1 yr remaining deal) and the last $1MM per year only kicks in if he's a first-ballot pro bowler, with the ability to cut him without cap consequence after any individual year (barring injury). Reggie is operating at the very forefront of cap/contract management in the 2016 NFL. And he is an excellent talent evaluator. We went from one of the two or three worst GMs on these two merits in Al's last days to one of the two or three best. That dramatic turnaround has trickled down and we're just starting to see the roster bear fruit. Good times, Raider Nation. NOW SIGN THE MAN TO AN EXTENSION BEFORE SOME OTHER OWNER WITH DEEP POCKETS DECIDES TO DO SO!!!!!!!
  6. Holy ####, Reggie is the man. Next big contract extension needs to be his own.
  7. In 0.5 ppr he finished 11th. 5 of 16 weeks he scored more than 15 pts, including two weeks with over 20. The rest of the time he was a middling RB2/3. The main reason he finished so high in the final rankings is because of the historically high amount of injuries to RBs last year.
  8. You have a reading comprehension issue, dude.
  9. Talent wise, he reminds me of a rich man's Justin Forsett and a poor man's Ray Rice. Gio comp seems about right. Health permitting, I forsee a 3rd down and COP role behind Murray this year. But Murray is fairly brittle so opportunity for a much bigger role could emerge at some point in the season. Next offseason, I see the Raiders letting Murray walk and drafting one of the deep 2017 class of RBs in the first three rounds. Samaje Perine would be a nice thunder to Washington's lightning.
  10. Las Vegas pulling the ol' bait and switch on us. #### these guys. I hope they work out a deal to join the Rams in Inglewood after the Chargers bow out.
  12. Dude, we're having a discussion about Latavius Murray's prospects this year. I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with me, nor does it upset me when they don't. Not trying to change your mind, just discussing my views on the matter, which happen to mostly contrast yours. You've made a lot of polarizing comments. You should expect responses, especially after you call posters gullible and not to be taken serious.
  13. ^^^Not a DWash owner. I don't play dynasty. But I formulate my redraft plans early. Hence why value matters. It actually always matters because even after the season starts, as there are trade considerations. Your stance on that front is full of context and it's completely wrong. As is your stance about not being able to assess the talents and skills of incoming rookies. Lat will get a chance to do great things in this offense this year, given the OL, QB and defense. But from everything I've analyzed as a Raiders homer, I predict Washington will steal a great deal of Lat's PPR value early and that Lat won't keep it up even if he starts hot out of the gate (which I think he will do, actually) because of his running style and historical propensity for injury. Most of the posters here questioning Lat's value are projecting Washington as a threat to Lat's 3rd down touches, not his role as a starter, at least not to start this season. You're reaching for more strawmen.
  14. ^^^ In 0.5 PPR with return yards scoring at 50% the rate of receiving yards, Baldwin scored 230 points last year to Lockett's 201. And that was with Baldwin scoring 14 TDs and Lockett being eased in as a rookie, whereas this year he's already been announced as the starter ahead of Kearse. Meanwhile, Baldwin's current 10-team PPR ADP is 5.9, while Lockett's is 9.5.
  15. Wheelsup, You're making a number of odd arguments in this thread. - We can't/shouldn't judge incoming rookies' skills/talents - Value is unimportant - A decent week 16 trumps a season of mostly inconsistent RB2/RB3 level production And now you're ranting about how Washington won't/can't become the starter. Who said he would??? He doesn't have to in order to severely limit Lat's stats, especially if you account for Lat's injury risk/history. Look up the definition of a strawman argument because that's all you're doing with your last post.