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  1. I'd be surprised if they were to get a 1st rounder for Rosen. I'd also be surprised to see them not take Kyler anyway. A stingy old man once bought a bag of onions thinking they were oranges. A short while later a young boy saw this man sitting on the side of the road sniffling and sobbing as he bit heartily into an onion. The boy asked the man why he was eating a raw onion. The man responded, "because I spent good money on them." Moral of the story: Josh Rosen's an onion.
  2. Oldest trick is to trade 2-3 lower tier players for 1 higher tier guy. Then use the open roster spots to replenish via waivers. It took like 15 years for my leagues to fully figure that one out. And even now, it still sometimes happens when dudes get desperate midseason.
  3. It's also loaded with WRs. If they overpaid for Nelson, ugh. I'd MUCH rather have Andy Isabella, who can actually catch the ball. What a concept.
  4. Why more teams don't game this, I'll never understand. It's not that complicated. Avoid free agency, compile picks, use pick-swap trades to gather vet talent that FITS YOUR SYSTEM, let said vets walk after they perform, gather more comp picks, reduce, reuse, recycle. Or be one of the marks and sign one of these vets to a record breaking deal at buy high prices.
  5. I'd like to see what this guy can do playing for someone other than the 2013-2018 Browns/Jets.
  6. Please, Gruyock, sign the Crow "The 26-year-old back has started 51 games in five seasons with the Browns and Jets. He has 3803 career rushing yards and 27 touchdowns. He has averaged 4.3 yards per carry in his career including a career high 4.8 yards per carry last season."
  7. Who is the crooked neck putting on the lapel pins for the press conferences? WTH
  8. I'd watch the #### outta that Hard knocks
  9. $11 MM per for Ty Williams when Leveon went for $13 MM. Hmm. Not liking how that reads. How about spending that money on D? Gruyock is paying the upside price for each of these big ticket free agents. That usually doesn't bode well. Hopefully they each have a yr 3 out like Trent. $21 MM next season for that dude, cash and cap. Whoa
  10. FTR, based on Kirwan's and earlier reports, I think the Jets gave him a too good to refuse offer. But b/c they are the Jets, he's trying a last ditch effort to get the Ravens, Raiders or some other dark horse to come close, or at least up their bids significantly. For all the talk about this guy being only about money, I sense he may be willing to forego a good amount of cash to play with a team more to his liking. I think his issue with Pittsburgh was as much about principles and respect as much as it was about straight dollars and sense. Let's see how this plays out. Won't be surprised to see him take 10-20% less than what the Jets are offering to play for Chucky and AB or with LJax instead.
  11. And the pedal begins its slow backward motion, on queue.
  12. I have no idea if Verderame is credible, but he claims to be an NFL reporter for Fansided, FWIW (perhaps nothing). He details those figures for the Jets offer, but says Bell is closing in on a deal with Oakland. The two concepts aren't mutually exclusive. Like you with the Jets, I'd be shook if the Raiders paid him that much or anything close. We'll find out soon enough.
  13. Matt Verderameā€Verified account @MattVerderame FollowFollow @MattVerderame More According to multiple sources, Le'Veon Bell could end up making between $17-20 million annually from the #Jets, should he sign there. It's believed the deal would be at least a four-year deal with as much as $60 million guaranteed.
  14. So the Bills get John Brown and Cole Beasley for the same money Antonio Brown received.