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  1. Not the best separator, but dude has well above avg - dare I even say, potentially elite - my ball skills/mentality, combined with above avg size/strength. And he's now three for three in impact games where he was given impact targets, even against the vaunted Ravens. Watch his fight in his final season college highlights. This isn't new or random. There are some highlights from his Lions preseason showing similar plays. Combine the above with his ROS schedule and it's time to wake up the snorers. If you already have him, congrats... If you don't have him and need WR help, go 'buy high' right now. I suspect his price will still be discounted this week due to a. his unsexy name b. his unsexy draft pedigree c. concerns about flukiness d. concerns about job security e. your rival owners not being aware of his ROS schedule. I'm fairly convinced at this point that all of a-d aren't valid reasons to discount this guy any longer. As for e., if he has a schedule-blind owner in your league... Look at mah man's upcoming games - drool worthy: NYG x2, Dal x2 (incl. wk 16), Cle, Sea, GB, NO, Ari (wk 15) Phi should be scoring lots o'points in all these games, including four games against the bottom 3 teams this season in (0.5 PPR) WR scoring against; and only Ari a top-ten D (6th) in defending WR scoring this season.
  2. No reason? Injury history down? 4 TD breakout by beastly rookie teammate down? DJ may bounce back and take over the Pitt WR1 once and for all... But there are several very legit reasons to think he won't.
  3. As the resident Mapletron truther, I approve of this message. SOD 2020, for fantasy and NFL.
  4. Main threat to Fulgham's role is Jeffrey. They are essentially the same player, except one is old, beat down and has been paid already, while the other is young, healthy and has a belly growl that I can hear from my couch when I watch him play.
  5. Every Clayplay in NFL so far: #EarToTheGround #HandOnTheWire
  6. Perhaps he got ahead of himself, but the Bills were 4-0, with a two-win divisional lead heading into this game; maybe McDermott went the conservative route and tried to protect Moss from re-aggravating the dreaded, so that he's fully available to them for the stretch run later in the year. I know the thought would've crossed my mind. That's the rosy scenario, at least.
  7. I'd counter this is true only when you don't have a breakout (or in this case multiple breakouts) by the substitute player. Countless examples over the years, but look no further than Herbert/Taylor this season.
  8. I can't and honestly don't care to try to prove it... But as a Beckham owner that year, who picked him up right after his first game upon return from (hammy?) injury early on... I remember distinctly the same pump the brakes dialogue. That said, the same is true for the other 95% of breakout candidates since and before then, who turned into nothing even remotely close to ODB/OBJ. That said, pump your brakes all you want, but if you have even remote facimiles of me in your league, you will need to make a monster bid tonight if you want to secure this dude. Fortunately for me, I only had to spend $5 FAAB... Three weeks ago. (I'd spend 40-50%+ on him tonight if I wasn't already all 'tron'd up. Easy. Probably more, if I am totally honest with myself. But as with drafts/auctions - and life in general - in FAAB I am a go getta, not a value shopper. )
  9. I really think so, yes. We'll see about ROS in a rookie, covid-infested year; but this kid has it all in spades to become a superstar.
  10. Not a Stillers fan, but am an admirer. I'd bet they find a franchise QB or at least semi-franchise QB replacement for Ben, when the time comes, sooner than most orgs.
  11. Health/durability is a lot less a matter of luck than most here care to believe. Some guys take better care of their bodies/nutrition. Others know how to subtly dodge the biggest hits. Some are very good at body control/balance and don't fall quite as hard. Others are just made of genetic steel. And the most durable have some combo of all of the above. Don't get me wrong, there is obviously some luck involved too. But not nearly close to all. Best indicator, I would guess is past history, but then you still have the Frank Gores who bust up multiple times early, then become utter tanks later. Without having some regression analytics to lean this into, I'd suspect Frank would prove to be the rare exception to a general rule that past history is the best single indicator of injury proclivity. If true, that doesn't bode well for your man-crush turned turnip.
  12. Simply the stages of grief for those who thought they stole the Pitt/Ben WR1 in round five; and also from those who thought they stole from those who thought they drafted the Pitt/Ben WR1 in round five by drafting the actual Pitt/Ben WR1 in round 12. All the while, the real thieves were the Steelers themselves who drafted the true Ben WR1 in round 2 of the NFL draft.
  13. These violent delights... All five week 5 Mapletron TDs:
  14. Reminds me of Michael Thomas. Not saying he'll put up MT stats this year. Or ever. But that's whose game I see similarities to in his catch reel from this past weekend.