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  1. Fat Rob got catches
  2. Would be curious to hear your thoughts, EBF, about this guy vs. Elijah Hood, another fast 230lb 7th rounder, drafted this year to be a backup on an elite offense (Oak).
  3. Eff that dog beater. Sketchy updates to the Conley situation. Lawyer now saying they had a consensual sex act. Assume that means a chicken job. Hopefully zero evidence on her hoo hoo or this pick could be completely #####ed. 6-8 weeks before we hear whether the police will come after him, so at least two months of distraction and anxiety, best case. Here is some thought food regarding Cuningham vs. Lee:
  4. Luv that Reggie loaded up on 7th rounders this year. Think about all the UDFAs he's hit on over the years. The 7th rdrs are essentially his top UDFA calls for this year. Keep an eye out for the RB and DT as those were deep positions this yr and both sound like great scheme fits. Hood already saying some beautiful things about playing behind Beast Mode.
  5. Really hope this guy falls to the Raiders in Rd 3 tonight:
  6. The value pick for this draft would be Cam Robinson if he falls to 24. Plenty of similar talents at DT/CB/S to be had later, but no other OTs of this caliber. He can come in and start right away on the right side, and provide 5 years of relatively cheap high-end OT play. Or trade down a few picks to a QB hungry team looking to jump the Texans. More I think about it, the less I see Reggie taking an ILB in rd 1.
  7. Pats signed Gillislee. If Marshawn wants to play on Oakland, he's going to have to give a hometown discount.
  8. Evil Empire strikes again. Fantastic offseason. smdh
  9. It's a deep RB class and Perine is going to fall IMO as a result. His tape from last year isn't a good as prior years so scouts may be questioning his tread (even tho he split time with Mixon). Imagine Lynch/Perine as power RBs to go with RichWash and Carr's passing game. Offense would be unstoppable.
  10. Patterson is an excellent gunner. Taiwan is no lock this year.
  11. Yeah, I still think hidden turf toe hindered Spence and us last year.
  12. IMHO, the best defense picks Reggie can make in this draft would be Samaje Perine in rd 3 and Marshawn Lynch in rd 7.
  13. Yeah, I still believe he'll fall to the 2nd half of round 1 (or even later). I see a one-dimensional power back with excellent burst, but questions remain about his system fit, passion, and durability. Should be interesting.
  14. Seattle lost all leverage over Lynch when they signed Lacy. No way they carry Marshawn's salary now. Still they might try to make things difficult/delayed until just before camp opens, unless Reggie surrenders a conditional 7th rounder (probably conditioned on Lynch's playtime and/or stats).