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  1. Derwin James just made first team ALL PRO as a rookie. Instead of taking James (twice), Grudone took a 6'9" tackle with bad college tape and worse knees and smoke stack Marty Bryant. His justification? ... The Raiders took Obi won Melikowbie the year before. Side note: Gru cut Obi a couple months later. Good times.
  2. LawFitz


    It's Tyreek the Freak
  3. I'm okay with beating the Broncos and losing Bosa as a result. I'm (still) not okay with trading a generational talent for a late first round pick, plus a trade up of spots from an early 2nd to a late 1st in two years. Phillip Buchanon and Tyler Brayton. Chucky should've known better. ####### Raiders.
  4. 1. Art Shell 2.0 2. Jon Gruden 2.0 3. Hue Jackson 2.0
  5. Burkhead going to steal some touches, perhaps G/L touches. And if Michel fumbles again, it could get ugly in here. Thinking of moving on with Josh Adams and Gus the Bus for ROS as my RB2BC and sitting Sony until the NE committee shakes.
  6. Carr has never been good when pressured, dated back to college. It's why he (rightfully) fell in the draft. The Raiders, and really all of football, were duped by Carr's 2016 season where he played behind the best pass blocking OL in the league. The OL has fallen apart since, and so has he.
  7. Not enough blame is being cast on Gruden. This is a ####### #### show. McKenzie's biggest weakness by far has not been in player selection, but coach selection. Gruden probably wasn't his call, but it'll still become the third strike against him. Why do teams like the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Ravens, etc. do well year after year? Is it because they draft the best players? That's part of it. But the bigger part is that they develop their talent and coach them well. Raiders haven't had anything like that since Chucky I (the non-senile version). But even that may have been some sort of weird mirage with Al's last stage of coherence balancing out Chucky's lack of ability to select and develop young players. Raider fans have been in the desert since the mid 80s. We're going on almost 40 years here and there is no end in sight. The draft picks and cap space would be promising for the franchises that know how to use them. This one doesn't. I'm expecting way more pain over the next decade. Prove me wrong. Please.
  8. Never thought it could get worse than Al's Jamarcus Shell years. Not sure what the future holds, but this year is worse. Makes me sick. You do not trade a Khalil Mack. #### your first round.
  9. Unless Dak has regressed to complete bum status (like Carr) I'm optimistic for Coop's resurgence in Dallas. 1. Jerruh will want to be proven right. 2. Their existing WRs suck other than Beasley who plays a very complimentary role. 3. They have an all-world running game. It's really the perfect recipe. And I blame a good part of Coop's dropsies on Carr's laser beam throws. All of his WRs have had drop issues since he's come to Oakland. Lack of consistent touch on the ball is just one of Carr's many Jeff George qualities. Maybe Coop is a bum. Or maybe Oakland is just toxic. Or both. We'll see.
  10. You're probably right, but they could use help on D and I remember hearing somewhere that they were hot on Joseph's tail during his NFL draft. Hoping they see that the Raiders have grossly miscast this guy as a SS, when clearly he's a FS. And IMO would be a solid one on the right team. At this point, Bell would be addition by subtraction, even if they got nothing for him, given what's transpired and especially with Conner's play. Joseph is a bonus.
  11. How about trading Karl Joseph for Laveon Bell? That's a move I can get behind now that Beastmode is down.
  12. LawFitz

    Le'Veon Bell

    I think I read somewhere at some point that the Steelers were interested in drafting Karl Joseph when he came out. He's been a disappointment in Oakland, but that's been as much about misuse as a SS, rather than his natural FS position, as anything related to him personally as a player. I think the kid's got untapped talent. Perhaps a Joseph for Bell deal would make sense, now that Marshawn is down and out. Raiders have the ability to pay Bell if he can show them he fits Gruden's system during the 2nd half of this season. What's the Steelers' current need for a FS or slot corner? Joseph could plug right in at either.
  13. LawFitz

    Derek Carr...Lost in the shuffle? Big 4?

    Carr has better arm talent but Gannon at his peak was better in every other way as a QB. Literally every other attribute other than arm talent. And even Carr's accuracy has become suspect of late, so all he might have left over Gannon is just arm strength. You know who else had lots of arm strength, YPA, INTs and L's? Jeff George.