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  1. I still continue to believe that BB views Lewis as his playoffs weapon to help win his next championship. Yes he will use sporadically throughout the reg season when he needs him to win a game or prove a point (like he did to Gillislee). But ideally he's going to continue to limit him by design IMO.
  2. The fact that Shalom Luani hasn't even been sprinkled on on defense this season, after looking like an absolute baller throughout camp and preseason has me shaking my head.
  3. Del Rio gotta go. Dude is a bum in sheep's clothing
  4. I have a saying in Fantasy Football: 'Ear to the ground. Hand on the wire.' This thread epitomizes it. Cheers to @SameSongNDance P.S. Can we get some JuJu Smith action in here? How possible is it he takes over for Martavis as Ben's #2?
  5. Wish he's sit a week or three and let it fully heal. Groin falls into the list of dreadeds, along with turf toe, hamstring. Injuries players often try to play through when they would be much better off letting them heal and coming back 100% in a week or two (or three).
  6. You knew a shake up was coming after last week. Will be interesting to see how it settles. There is opportunity here for JJSS to make waves.
  7. Plenty of time
  8. Picked him up and started him in one league last week w/Kamara on bye. He looked great, but I won't trust my eyes until I see him against a more legit defense than Dallas sans Shawn Lee. Wouldn't be surprised to see him take over or flop. He wouldn't be the first undersized RB to be (semi) featured. Most recent example I can recall is Justin Forsett a few years ago on the Ravens. Forsett was more developed as a full grown man that year than Jones is now, but was smaller, slower and on a less impressive offense and yet still made waves. Jamaal Charles was a third round pick because he was too small. Not saying he's Jamaal Charles, but he could easily be way better than Forsett.
  9. I like Alshon's future schedule, especially compared to his recent past. Also like Wentz and Eagles OL. Assuming he stays healthy, he could be much better as this year progresses. He's always been a tad slow, but he's a huge target and has mitts for hands.
  10. Good luck finding it now in the Youtube rabbit hole, but late this preseason I was doing yardwork listening to YT and in my feed came an interview with Tim Brown. They talked various Raider topics and Amari came up. Tim was very complimentary of Cooper and said the reason for his fall off his first two seasons was the he was playing seriously banged up to end both years. The hosts stopped him and asked if Cooper's healthy now. Tim hesitated and then gave a very unconvincing yes to the question. It stood out to me as ominous. All season long Amari has been limited in practice with a mysterious knee issue. I suspect this goes back to last season. If I recall he had some nagging injuries in college as well. Dude doesn't seem right physically, and it's clearly affecting him mentally. Really starting to feel like a lost season for Cooper and the Raiders.
  11. The Steelers sorely need an arm shot. Martavis is a headcase. Scooped JuJu and will be tomorrow.
  12. Martavis questionable for tomorrow. AB in Jalen jail. JuJu time?
  13. Trade for AP. PLEASE! :Kamaro owner:
  14. Chris Carson :I think: