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  1. Nothing is life is for sure. And none of us has stepped foot in the Doomba. Ease off the gas, and let's see. Vegas is prouder than you credit, I think. And LA and Oak are a lot closer than KC and Mia. The single biggest determinant of home field advantage will be whether the home field believes in the home team.
  2. You're comparing the Superbowl to regular season Raider games. Maybe year 1 in the Doomba will have some very VERY moderate comparability. Don't sweat it after that (or even next year) if Grudock gonna Grudock. Notice how Gru is back in black, as we make your comp. RIP Al, but young Gru > K.Mack. Cheers, bruvinskis
  3. Pay attention to the athletes who are paying attention and getting plenty of Zinc (and Zn ionophores) + Vitamin D. Bless all of them, regardless. And, you. Get some Sun. Kiss your babes #NilltoBill
  4. 65k PSLs gone hot. Yeah, I get it... shateload of those are to the casinos. But here's the true.. If the Raiders are good, Raider fans will grossly outnumber and overwhelm any opposing. Never going to be Arrowhead, but that shouldn't be the comp. The comp should be the next best alternative (Oakland, Carson, blah blah). Raiders are WAY better off in the Death Roomba with Grudock than anytime I can remember as a 30+ yr fan. Apologies to the OG Oakland peepers and bored 40whiner saucers. Cheers tho, always ... to ALL of you. Take your Zinc, get some Sun, break the Vid. Remember to kiss your babes and your wives. And just say nill to the Gates Bill
  5. That twitter clip of Arnette's 40 very clearly shows at least .11 added to this time before he starts his break. If he times at 4.45 instead of 4.56 does anyone at all question taking him at 19? Probably not. God bless Mike Mayock.
  6. And Amik! Do not sleep on the Honey Badger 2.0!!
  7. Bowden was drafted to play backup RB and OW. Ruggs and Edwards were drafted to play Z and X, respectively. Ty Willy likely to stick around for 2020 as starting X, until Edwards time.
  8. Any analysis of the Mack trade that doesn't factor on the salary cap ramifications is worth far less than the two rolls of toilet paper I have left in my cabinet.
  9. Their plan is to beat KC by containing/outscoring, rather than stopping. It might not be the best plan, but at least it's a plan. Woot.
  10. Mayock - Ruggs, Edwards, Agholor compliment one another
  11. Mayock - "Bigger picture for John and I ... How to we get more dynamic? ... We were in 2-3 TEs more than anyone in the league ... We're more dynamic, not only on offense, but ... Ruggs is a kick returner and Bowden is a punt returner; and we're really excited about that also."
  12. Mayock - "I got tempted a couple times at moving up (to the 2nd round) ... John and I talked about being patient ... Wanted to make those back-to-back picks (in the 3rd)."
  13. Mayock - "We think Bryan Edwards is an outstanding X ... He's that big, physical, tough, fast WR on the opposite side ... He can win 1-on-1 ... loved his production in the SEC ... "Big picture is we wanted to get more dynamic on offense ... at the skill positions ... that really was the plan."
  14. Per Mayock - Tanner Muse: day 1 core special teamer, 20-25 snaps. Drafted to play MLB/WLB. "One of the smartest, most intuitive players in this draft"