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  1. Sign Derrick Henry (to a Reggie/Mayock special - big $$$, little guaranteed) and unleash the Henry/Jacobs combo on the league. Upgrades both Carr and the Defense instantly!
  2. From what I've been hearing/reading, Vegas locals have already embraced the team. And as others have already suggested, there will be Raider fans from across the world flying in for games in LV, whereas most of them wouldn't have even considered a trip to Oakland (or even L.A. - at the Coliseum). The key to the home field advantage will the be competitiveness of the team. If they rock, so too will the fans. If they don't, then they will see a stadium half (or more) filled with opposing colors, rather than half or more empty. Either way, miggitty Mark makes the cash he needs to fund this operation. Finally.
  3. Like most QBs, Carr gets flustered badly when the offense loses rhythm, especially when protections go wrong. He's athletic, but not mobile and doesn't sense pressure well. That said, give him a clean pocket and some decent offensive weapons and he's proven to be a well-above average QB, especially in late-game clutch moments. I think Matt Stafford is his closest comp, which is solid, but like many have been signaling here, doesn't exactly inspire Superbowl confidence. I also think if a Mayock-endorsed elite QB prospect were to fall to them - as in a true game changer like Mahomes, Watson, Jackson - then I'm all for upgrading the position with a premium pick. But barring that type of player, Carr is already an above-avg NFL starter who is now seasoned and a well-liked leader. Zero need to draft someone who is only likely to be the same type of player at best. I have faith in Mayock's ability to discern who is a true upgrade and who is not. And with that said, there is nothing that should stop them from swinging every year on a 3-7th round developmental QB that could serve as a backup at first, and future potential starter if luck breaks this way. Using fantasy points as a proxy, here are the top QBs in the league this year, aside from the three uber-elites mentioned above... Wilson - 3rd rounder (also an uber elite) Prescott - 4th rounder Allen/Rodgers/Murray - 1st rounders Cousins - 4th rounder Winston - 1st rounder Brady - 6th rounder Wentz/Ryan - 1st rounders Grop - 2nd rounder It's harder to find an elite QB out of the first round, but not impossible. Stack the roster with more depth and take a mid-late shot at a QB prospect every year until Derek either matures into a truly elite QB; or you find the haystack needle to replace him. Plus, drafting a potential replacement QB late doesn't inject emotional poison into Carr and the rest of the roster, should the new guy (likely) not work out.
  4. Ugh, the groin. The third member of the dreaded triumvirate (along with turf toe and hammy)!
  5. From what I saw last night, this team is going nowhere with Rudolph. It's a damn shame because I think their defense has elevated itself to NFL top 3, following the addition of magic Minkah. Hodges looks like a career backup to me, but I didn't watch him closely enough to have a good take, TBH. My concern for the Steelers is that Big Ben was already talking retirement the last few years and now has a major throwing elbow injury, at what, 38 yrs old? Finding capable starting NFL QBs isn't easy. I'd like to see this team steal one (pun!) so that the prime of this defense isn't wasted. Maybe Kaep could be that guy. Why not kick the tires and then move into the offseason with a potential asset, or a complete restart at the position (assuming Ben is done)?
  6. Next two games will be very telling about this team. Good teams step up their game and find a way to beat other good teams in the fourth quarter. They also come out and stomp bad teams. We saw the Raiders do the prior the last two weeks. Now let's see if they can also do the latter.
  7. I knew Rudolph the red nose was not good. Had no idea he is this not good. Sorry, Stiller frens. I am sure you will find a promising rookie QB next draft.
  8. I did say perhaps. That said, he didn't need to jump to bat that ball down. It came right to him. Actually looks like he didn't even need to jump to catch it. Bad team play regardless of the injury, though. Karl should know better as a vet. And not comparable to Joyner blowing out his knee while playing proper coverage duties for the above reasons.
  9. It was a dumb (and/or selfish) play to catch that ball. It was 4th down and a long throw. Cost them 30+ yds in field position and perhaps he wouldn't have gotten hurt if he'd just batted it down, like he was supposed to in that situation.
  10. So many of us, me being one of the loudest, hated on the Khalil Mack trade. And now here we are in a position where it seems like the first of the two 1st round picks received (Jacobs) is by himself more impactful/valuable to this team overall - offense and defense, because he keeps chains moving and our D rested - than walking-HOFer Mack ever was. Not to mention also, as effectively part of the trade, getting man-mountain Brown, plus another first rounder (potentially top-ten) this year, and tons of cap flexibility going forward, including the ability to move on from Brown should he unlikely falter, plus an additional ~$5 MM per annum cap space beyond Jacobs + Browns' salaries. Assuming all remain healthy and productive, it's very conceivable at this point that... - Jacob's impact > Mack's impact - Jacobs + Brown (w/cap protection) >>>> Mack - Jacobs + Brown (w/cap protection) + top-ten 2020 Mayock pick is potentially >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mack Crazy. I know.
  11. Was real nervous when Jacobs scored at the end leaving just over a minute and 3 TOs for Rivers to drive for a FG to tie. Became even moreso when Caledon turned that into a FG to win. (Side note: Gru should've allowed another ~20 sec to run before calling the TO just before Jacobs TD.) Raiders of years past would've gone into a prevent shell and allowed three straight underneath passes to a guy like Rivers. But Maxx and Cle and Co. aren't the Raiders of old. They refused to be denied last night. Freaking awesome.
  12. Was he a full participant last week? If not, then nothing to get stirred over. OTOH, if he was full last week... (Pretty sure he wasn't, but too lazy to check.)
  13. If Trent Brown can get consistently healthy, he is worth every penny. RT, LT doesn't matter. Dude is a monster. And he's proving so even with dealing with nagging injuries pretty much all season. Imagine what he'd look like if healthy. Biggest key to this season, aside from Jacobs was Miller. He's not as good as Derwin James overall, but plays a way WAY more valuable position. Even assuming James is a perennial all pro, if Miller plays like this for the rest of his career, I wouldn't swap them. And this is coming from someone who was very critical of that pick at the time and most of last season. Miller is playing near (or dare I say at) Pro Bowl level this year. As a LT on a rookie deal blocking for a re-ascending franchise QB, that is beyond valuable when it comes to roster construction. Tomorrow night will be a real test for the Raider OL. Let's see how they do against a division rival with bookend beasts on primetime TV. They did great on opening night vs. the Donkies, but tomorrow has a very different feel. This game could literally determine a playoff berth when all said and done.