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  1. Kumerow, MVS, Allison, ESB all jaggy jags. Maybe MVS might eventually carve into more, but definitely has not yet. Lazard may ultimately prove just as jaggy, but unlike the rest of that motley crew, he actually showed a glimpse of being more than a JAG. Granted it was one quarter against a D who didn't even know his name, but still 5 targets and ~15 fantasy points in that one quarter, combined with mad love from the walking HOFer QB, a brand new coaching staff, and a complete disaster between health and performance across the remainder of the WR room. Did anyone else notice the look Rodgers gave the sideline after the TD to Lizard King? It looked like a huge 'I ####### told you so' scowl at someone. Makes me think that night wasn't the first time ARod lobbied to get Lazard on the field.
  2. Rest up AK41, and come back ready to rock the stretch.
  3. If you have a replacement level K/TE/QB/WR4-5/RB4-5, I'd drop that player for Lizard King now and figure it out later this week when you have more time to digest the situation fully. The radar isn't up yet, but all it'll take is one Matthew Berry(ish) podcast segment this week to snipe your chance.
  4. Show me some evidence of this. Shouting it doesn't make it true.
  5. Agreed. Eh, there's enough smoke here even before this season's meltdown to make me highly question this dude's character. He's very full of himself, and will now have to live up to the pressure of major draft and salary capital having gone his way. In L.A. no less. This town doesn't do these types favors when/if the team struggles. No one is comparing them to the bottom feeder teams here. The better ask is whether the other top teams in the league would take such a risk. I doubt many would, all of it considered. Still doesn't make it a bad move. Time will tell on that part. There's scenarios where all of this can somehow fit.
  6. Also really loved this part: Humble on the rumble. Finds the positive, for himself and also for others. I hope he smashes, not just to help my fantasy teams, but b/c I love seeing good dudes make it big.
  7. It's a great question. Sometimes it's a matter of players being gamers, rather than practice superstars. Sometimes it's a matter of tenure. Sometimes it's a matter of lacking specific traits to fit the offense, as it stood prior to the breakout (e.g. - high-end speed opposite Adams). Often/usually it's simply because the backup isn't very good. I'm seeing enough circumstantial evidence here to warrant risking big FAAB on the kid. Could it go craps? For sure. But if the talent can even come close to matching the opportunity and motivation, we could have an Aaron Rodgers ROS red-zone threat at minimum, or potentially a league changer at your WR3 (or Flex) in the sky-pie scenario (i.e. dare I say, Colston's rookie year PPG numbers).
  8. Punt returner, eh? This is a kid who has now been rejected by the NFL three times (cut twice) and went undrafted in front of his entire circle of friends and family, despite being led to believe otherwise by the pre-draft process. This is one very hungry hippo. And he may have just cut to the front of the Aaron Rodgers buffet.
  9. This right here. All day. These trades are misunderstood by so many. It's not just the draft picks, it's the opportunity cost of the salary. If the Rams don't win the Superbowl this year or next, this deal essentially becomes a selfish malcontent superstar CB for two (cap-friendly) 1st round rookies + Fowler + Kupp. Still worth it? Perhaps, IF Ramsey gets back to narrow. But that compensation is more accurate, at least from the Rams side, than just Ramsey for two 1sts. All the above said, Snead and McVay are a couple of savants. They will find a way to find gems late in drafts and free agency. Though I am starting to seriously question their genius after the Goof deal. Yuck to that buck.
  10. Rodgers best Lions game Q4 throws, including several to Lazard: Packers beat on Rodgers/Lizard King relationship: Lizard King college highlights: :Ear to the ground. Hand on the wire:
  11. Reminds me of Marcus Colston. Haven't comp'd measurables or anything other than eye testing the highlights, so salt grain, but still. Even if he can be a homeless Colston, ARod is starving right now for a homeless Colston.
  12. How is there no dedicated thread about this dude after he went 4/5/65/1 in a single qtr, during a primetime comeback, while the rest of his WR competition on a 5-1 team with a still slingling HOF QB is either bummy or turf toed? Sharkpool, you are slippin'. Absolute must grab IMO, if he's still available for you this morning.
  13. Hope you guys grabbed Lazard last night as insurance. Severe turf toe is king dreaded.