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  1. empty your pm, tia

  2. I'm in if that's ok to ensure a spot in one of the quarters.
  3. These were the boys in one of the quarters games last year for whatever that is worth: 1) PaulPogo 2) EastCoastBias 3) Husker 4) Jag_Player 5) BassNBrew 6) Culdeus 7) Hooter 8) 8ebok24
  4. I'd love to hear your experience with FPs when you get back since we'll be going soon and I'm one of those anal ones that likes to plan the whole day out. Regardless, have fun!
  5. This looks like the dollar pool. Are you running a quarters one?
  6. I'm sure this might be a stupid question. Can you only have one "character" at a time and if not, how many character slots are there? I like experimenting with various combinations before settling on something.
  7. Probably. I did note that Lindin's kid continues to do some messed up stuff throughout the entire show, so there is the capability. But like I said, very long shot.I was just messing with ya. Anything is possible as this show degenerates.
  8. Did the two boys go with them? Did we ever see them camping? I am suspicious of the boys and the aunt or friend trying to cover it up.What have you seen that would possibly make the boys suspicious? Come on.Wetting the bed and the friend covering it up. One of the boys kills a bug with force at the foot of his sister's grave. What was the purpose of that...Will daddy catch the "bad guy"? Just suspicious, long shot, but would make for a dramatic ending.Not sure if serious.Just a theory to increase discussion since I am late to the party. Actually my wife (lawyer) brought it up. I told her no way until the grave scene. She has started to lose interest as well though, because there is no way the mayor would be able to make a commercial with Richmond's ties to a murderer before an arrest was made. She said to let her know. Before that scene I was with the the group saying Jasper's dad with ties to the mob and the mayor.My wife (teacher) thinks suspicions about the boys are absurd.
  9. Online? I just tried the code and it says not found.edit: oops, beat me.
  10. Thanks for the thoughts guys. I'll check out the Venetian. Oddly (at least in my perception), Bellagio seems to have comparatively cheaper rates. Hmmp.
  11. OK, guys. Wife floored me with a "we should go to Vegas" e-mail yesterday. This won't be my normal guy trip so I'm looking for recommendations on a hotel. Has to be on the Strip. I'd like to impress her a bit without too severely damaging my craps bankroll. This will likely be a midweek trip in the next couple of months. Wynn, Bellagio, TheHotel, Venetian? I'm lost here. We don't do anything above Bally's with the boys.