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  1. Up against D. Watson, 2 rushing TD's and 2 Passing TD's. Still got a shot. He started Gurley and didn't swap out for CJ whom he picked up.
  2. Me too, and I started J Jackson for Gordon....Happy
  3. So glad I drafted this guy, 4.01 after drafting M. Gordon, K. Hunt, T Y Hilton.
  4. Need Dallas Defense to outscore their kicker tomorrow night, up by 3.
  5. Don't know if I have the guts to start him. My other starters are Hilton and Godwin, would any body sit Godwin for Smith?
  6. I was just offered Fitz and J. Thomas for Graham and Karlos Williams, thinking of taking it.
  7. Will the criminals be suspended from their job without pay for a few weeks?Maybe a state senator will visit them, hug them, and make sure they're ok. Unbelievable, give him a hug? Geez
  8. Dude, this is an argument for gun control. No
  9. tim, private citizens are not going to run background checks regardless of the law. i have a gun and i am asking 500 dollars for it. you have 500 and want the gun. sold. case closedThere will be some like you who will choose to break the law. I don't think this will apply to the majority. Remember, polling suggests that 75% of gun-owners, as well as a strong majority of NRA members, support universal background checks. Based on those numbers, I think most will obey the law, whatever it i need to run a background check on my uncle who i am selling a .25-06 to or just people who i dont knowEveryone. Even if you give the gun to your daughter as a gift. Any transfer of a firearm requires a background check. You want to transfer a gun, you call an 800 number, give the name and Social Security number of the new owner, pay a small fee, and clear the name. If the new owner is a felon or mentally ill, you will be informed that the transfer is illegal.It's really pretty simple, actually. There is no rational reason that I can see to be opposed. There is one irrational reason- that you are afraid the government will have knowledge of what weapons you own. Exactly!
  10. This from the guy who admits to being armed with a gun every time he answers the doorbell. Me too, so what?
  11. I frigging dropped Wilson last week to add Bell. Good move on my part heh? Oh well..
  12. I guess it's more because they survived than anything else. I am still unclear on Call's underlying motivation for the way he treated Maggie. It was arbitrary and cruel although it makes his personality in LD more understandable. Also these books were significantly more violent than Lonesome Dove. By orders of magnitude. The tortures the Indians employ and the general misogyny were painted in vivid detail and plausibility. I found that to be very uncomfortable, even gratuitous, at times. In contrast to what I said about the decent entertainment value of the violence in The Hunger Games (post 4590) the violence in these books were far more difficult to read simply because they have a basis in reality unlike The Hunger Games. If you're a fan of the series, they are worth a read but don't expect to recapture the magic of Lonesome Dove. I still haven't read Streets of Laredo but I'll get to it at some point soon. Streets is as grim as the others. I'm with you as both are so bleak, they're hard to read. The writing itself is great, but damn I winced a bunch reading 'em. I originally read them in the order published, then did a reread a few years ago in chronological (for the story) order. Man oh man, McMurtry must have either been going through some crazy stuff he needed to bleed out or he's just a seriously messed up dude.Also agree that they don't match up to Dove but, then again, no other novel does either. The more I read (& I ain't hard to please), the more I'm convinced it's the Great American Novel. I got to meet him. I spent about 15 mins talking with him. He comes across as a cranky old man. He has a rep of being an ###. Others that have had any interaction with him were surprised I lasted as long as I did.I just read "Empire of the Summer Moon", it is a good read and tells of the rise and fall of the Comanche Nation. It tells the story from the Fort Parker raid, captive Cynthia Parker and how her half-breed son Quanah Parker rose to prominence. A good look at the Texas Oklahoma Indian wars. There is some mention of the Texas Rangers and Charles Goodnight.