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  1. We were absolutely warned. Take this bs spin to the PSF.
  2. This is my favorite of theirs as well. It seems off to do this thing without including Radiohead, but the years just didn't fall right for me. From 97 to 00 they were always on.
  3. Age 25 album Relationship Of Command - At The Drive In Was way into this at the time. Inspired countless bands (including my own) to jump around like insane people on stage. Every up and coming band wanted to be them.
  4. Age 25 song The Official Ironmen Rally Song - Guided By Voices My favorite song. Most would say it's not even the best GBV tune. I have no idea why it hits me the way it does, but it gets me everytime. I'd been into GBV for a while, but they were my favorite band at this point.
  5. Those little bottles of Eagle Rare are adorable.
  6. 20 year album Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits Volume II Dylan became a staple around this time. I was going to take highway 61, but others have been taking greatest hits so I thought I'd take this. Some cool previously unreleased stuff, live stuff. Maybe my favorite collection of songs ever. I still play it all the time.
  7. Age 20 song: Neil Young - Down By The River Went back and got really into classic rock after high school. Listened to a ton of Neil at the time. Went this dive bar a lot that would let us drink. This was one of the longest songs on the jukebox so we always played it. The solos, the riffs, the licks. Sweet bassline too. Still one of my favorite songs.
  8. 15 year old album Fugazi - 13 Songs Okay, not really an album, but whatever. If Metallica defined the first part of my adolescence, Fugazi owned the rest. Played this record incessantly. Saw them a bunch. Wore my "This Is Not A Fugazi T-Shirt" until it disintegrated. Half the reason I picked up the bass was to learn "Waiting Room". Not my favorite band anymore, but I've never liked a band as much as I liked Fugazi in high school. I still play it quite a bit. Sounds really good tonight.
  9. 15 year old song: Metallica - Harvester Of Sorrow My interest in Metallica peaked around 13 or 14 but I had to include something by them in this whole thing. First band I was really into. I still liked them enough to see them at 15 (or maybe 16) on the Black Album tour. Had a blast. Hard to pick a favorite tune so just went with something from my favorite album. First album I bought. Pretty fun revisiting this stuff.
  10. Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill (age 10 album) Listened to this constantly as a kid. Could take some hair metal here but I went back and listened to the Poison and Cinderella albums that year and I really only remember the hits. I can still recite almost every single lyric on Licensed to Ill though.
  11. Steppenwolf run Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild (age 10) This is the first song I can remember being really "into". My mom had the Easy Rider soundtrack and I would grab the keys and sneak out to the car to rock out to it. Can't remember if it was an 8-track or cassette. Anyway, this was my first jam. Still a sweet tune, but I don't return to it much.
  12. Vince Guaraldi - A Charlie Brown Christmas "Skating" is a banger. Those Charlie Brown specials were a big deal back in the day. This intro to the specials got me so pumped up.
  13. I know I wrote something up about that Okkervil River show. I guess I posted something over at the hoof and then didn't end up posting anything over here. I remember our singer went to the Reds game before the show and got super ripped. Puking in the bathroom before the show ripped. He pulled it together, though. Fun show from what I recall. I remember them being nice guys.