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  1. Do you have a heater? The only negative of my screen is that it doesn't get as warm as an exposed pool. I'm looking into heaters, but there is quite a bit to consider. It would be nice to swim 9-10 months out of the year.
  2. Oh you're one of those "golf doesn't count as a sport" guys.
  3. This is fake news. You have your 2016 candidates mixed up. Hillary was the one who praised Robert Byrd. Trump is the President of ALL AMERICANS!
  4. If you wanted gender reassignment surgery, and didn't want to pay for it, just enlist!
  5. This is a short lived policy that has only been around since 2016 anyways. Mattis reviewed it, and deemed it unnecessary for a lean and efficient military. Trump took his advice. This doesn't mean Trump hates transgender people. He just doesn't want the tax payers paying for the burdensome cost. Trump is a big supporter of the entire LGBT community as are many of his followers.
  6. For every 10 biker friends I gain I lose 1 FFA buddy.
  7. He's not overweight. It's difficult for someone who participates in athletics as often as he does to be that overweight.
  8. This was in the news yesterday. I suppose it came out of the Mattis review.