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  1. Sticking with Hillman until I see the team report today, only then will I consider alternatives. See a lot of "if's" associated with Anderson, that doesn't give me a warm fuzzy, regardless of Hillman's history. He's been given another shot and was the first rb to actually produce some decent touches. I'm also guessing the people who have picked up Anderson 1) did not own Ball and have other options for RB, 2) Own Ball and was able to snag a decent backup and not been hit with injuries. I'm speaking for all Ball owners w/o a reliable option for their RB1. Hillman is our best option atm. Another observation is that Anderson couldn't outright replace Ball when he had a chance to shine prior to the bye, even with pass blocking taken out of the equation. I can see Anderson has all the physical tools to start in the NFL, there's a reason why he hasn't thus far....
  2. O-Line play has been abysmal league-wide, but I don't see Hoodie finding a solution for that travesty that he's putting in front of Brady this year. W/O that extra time in the pocket, Brady's production is going to still be in the cellars and I don't want to count on garbage time or weak D's for Gronk's production.
  3. Facts..... 1. He doesn't look good (insert any metric you want to, the only thing he has going for him atm is that he's big) 2. He isn't explosive or dynamic as he was previously. He's not "making" plays happen, he's just hoping he's targeted and ball placement is on point. 3. There are no viable threat options to spread out the field to keep defenders from climbing on him like he was a one of the Kardashian girls.... 4. Brady has lost a step and can't make the throws consistently (sorry, it's true) 5 He's a "must start" by his history only, He really shouldn't be on the field at all, but Hoodie has no other options. 6. Chicks dig my avatar, and they can't resist my "magic rabbit"....
  4. Does it really matter what his snap count is if there isn't any other legit threat while he's on the field and he's being doubled covered and can't get separation? Gronk will have some great games later on, but now he isn't producing and we're 1/3 into the season and some people don't have the luxury of waiting him out.....
  5. From Rotoworld