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  1. May I please be replaced. Have a great draft footballguys!
  2. It was a fun ride watching the wheels come off and arriving in a smoking wreck week 8.
  3. An interesting strategy to shoot for the top by taking risk early. I certainly think owners need to draft with the win in mind. That's Waldman size risk there.
  4. Pictus Cat 7.02 Palmer, Carson ARI QB 9 8.15 Mariota, Marcus TEN QB 4 Compared Bradford and Mariota. No points for on your back 3 & out. 1.02 Charles, Jamaal KCC RB 9 5.02 Bernard, Giovani CIN RB 7 14.15 Jackson, Steven FA* RB 18.15 Williams, Ryan DAL RB 6 A stud, a regular score, and two flyers. 2.15 Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR 5 3.02 Hilton, T.Y. IND WR 10 4.15 Tate, Golden DET WR 9 10.15 Quick, Brian STL WR 6 11.02 Randle, Rueben NYG WR 11 16.15 Sanu, Mohamed CIN WR 7 Should fill the 3 wr slots weekly 6.15 Seferian-Jenkins, Austin TBB TE 6 9.02 Allen, Dwayne IND TE 10 15.02 Green, Ladarius SDC TE 10 No stud, but a score every week. 12.15 Vinatieri, Adam IND PK 10 13.02 Broncos, Denver DEN Def 7 17.02 Colts, Indianapolis IND Def 10 A good week to week ensemble, with few upside guys.
  5. 6. Predraft so you can skip 1-5I guess some people approach these differently....if everybody just slaps out predraft lists I think we all lose a little... so I am one of the worst pre drafters.....I often change my mind at the last minute....winning against some of the guys here in free league actually means a little more than some money leagues.....I feel I owe it to the other 15 guys to bring my A game with each pick....cranking out massive predraft lists defeats the purpose of why we even do these IMO....you can go crank out mock drafts on dozens of sites if all you want to do is throw a handful of darts at a board each pick and see how you end up....Agreed. Which is why I rarely predraft, and preferably only 2-3 picks out or the last three picks. I draft relatively fast for an 8 hour clock because I check every 1-3 hours and update my thinking on my next pick.
  6. 6. Predraft so you can skip 1-5
  7. The turk has been pm'd
  8. Green, Ladarius
  9. Broncos DST
  10. Vinateri
  11. Crabs love is interesting. What about his situation or ability has changed? Anything else?
  12. During times of transition, inefficiency is to be expected. Just a matter of time before we all have the same expectations...though we currently have owners with preferences and changing expectations...since mfl tracking began.
  13. Randle Pm'd next
  14. Quick
  15. I'm not sure what happens if I don'the put in enough players for predraft, but I only predraft a few picks out and only 8f I know I'made going to be busy. You deserve a reasonably calculated pick designed to win a bb survivor league based on these scoring rules.