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  1. Not to muddy the waters, but no mention of situational, like prison. Or non-sexual, like Benny Hill. What determines the strength of sexual desire? The politics of marriage and insurance have too much infuence. Insurance is not the purpose of marriage. Marriage, sex, and love are very different things. Insurance should be actuarial. Then there is procreation and raising children issues. Lots of factors and agendas affecting answers to each issue. Money and greed often are the underlying motivators. Not a lot of love and willing sacrifice.
  2. ***Chicago for Charity League Champion***


  3. Just so you know, these jerseys violate NFL copyright and might be siezed by customs. Just putting that out there. ETA: You may be surprised who might be using your money.
  4. I once called Bass. He was drinking beer on a boat.

  5. Good Parents help a lot of problems, Bio, Adopto, and Foster.

    Equal educational opportunities and environment too.

    Well, back to mock drafting.

  6. Thank you Twilight and Bass & Brew for your work. JP and Bass, thank you for the rules. Looks like your clearing the way and laying down the law early.
  7. I think he is done. Not that that means much. But that is how I will draft. Which might mean a little if more drafters feel that way.