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  1. I was not rooting for either team. Watch the replay. It wasn't helmet to helmet...nor was that the call. But, hey don't let actual facts get in the way of your narrative. . Like I said, officials didn't decide this game - Patriots destroyed the Steelers, no question. But the officiating in this game was terrible, inconsistent and, at times, simply confounding (like the Brady QB sneak that might have been a fumble - when even the announcers had no idea what the officials were basing their decision off of...granted, one of the announcers was Simms, so he is usually clueless...) Just saying I watched less football this season than last. Officiating was a big reason why. Tonight did nothing to reverse that trend for me.
  2. First off, the Patriots are out playing the Steelers. Pittsburgh defense is playing very undisciplined football. That said, the officiating has been awful. Haven't watched as much football this year as usual, but these officials are reminding me why. The "defenseless receiver" call on 3rd and long....well let's just put it this way, my 11 year old asked "what did he do?" I said "Tackled him...he just tackled him....apparently that's not allowed anymore."
  3. I don't care what the situation. Deangelo for Dez is a terrible offer. The exact kind that belongs in this thread. No way. Ever. Should you trade Dez for Deangelo. Yeah, see - that's kinda my point. Many of the people in this thread think that too. Context doesn't matter....except it does. In every situation.
  4. And here we go. Yes, in a complete vacuum, Dez >>>>>>> DWilliams in dyno. But what if the team that has Dez also has OBJr., Antonio Brown and Fitz? And what if they can only start 2 WRs and no flex? The problem with this thread is that the "insulted" party posts their side, often rationalizing their stance and often leaves out huge chunks of details that would make the trade at least make some sense. There is no context whatsoever. The issue in this thread is that we are often trying to judge based an absolute dynasty value (i.e. in the proverbial vacuum) - however, all trades take place within the context of a league, with certain starting lineup requirements and involve teams with varying goals, ideologies, strengths, weaknesses, future draft picks, etc. Judging trades in a seasonal league is much easier - in dynasty, I don't think it's nearly as clear cut as many in this thread seem to think it is. And, as is typical, you left out the follow up and focused only on the initial offer. Diggs for DWill? Hardly "insulting" - and, as was said, probably shouldn't even be in this thread.
  5. This is total BS. The Cowboys look almost normal, while the Jags looked like giant mustard bottles. Wow - the NFL aint playing favorites or anything. Good gravy.
  6. Does not belong in this thread. It's a far worse off than many that have been posted so far. Are you saying you would trade a first round start up value like Dez for a 31 year old RB - that's playing very well right now but will go back to being a backup next year? Some one looking to move Williams has to set his sights much lower. Maybe if he just posted the Diggs offer you could make that claim, but even then it would still at least qualify as a bad offer This is the type of problem I have with this thread. If the team being offered DWill was in "win now" mode and was very deep at WR (and depending on how many WRs they start) - then it's not unreasonable at all. DWill will make many teams into Champions this season. He is arguably a solid RB1 the rest of the way (his last start being the outlier, imho) that most people either had stashed or snagged off the waiver wire. Will he go back to being a backup next year? Absolutely. But the check still cashes and championship banners fly forever. Frankly, I love playing in dynasty leagues with owners who will sell this year's title to try to assure they're in position to win one next year. The goal is to win. Now, if possible. Next year aint guaranteed to anyone. Just ask any of the owners who drafted/own L. Bell, J. Charles, A. Foster, S. Smiff, K. Allen, etc. Many of these "horrible" trades only look bad in a vacuum. Often the complainers posting don't list rosters, starting lineups, standings, etc.
  7. Good Lord. I didn't see the game...thank God. Those are simply putrid. If the NFL said I had to wear this I'd just...well, this:
  8. As a Bears fan, i actively root against 2 teams. The Packers - honestly because I was pretty much born with that. Second is the Patriots. That one was learned - basically because the team is a bunch of damn cheaters and their fans take every opportunity to be annoying and try to convince people that Brady is the GOAT. Solid work up in here.
  9. Snagged him dynasty. (D.Thomas owner to boot) There is a reason Elway snagged him in the second round. I trust that more than anything else I've read/seen.
  10. For those saying student debt is too ####### hoo. My nephew has a job lined up out of college and he'll be making damn near what I do. except I have 20+ years experience and a Masters in my field. Yes, he's in a different field, but he'll have no problem paying off his loans. None. Education costs have gone up - and so have the salaries of the graduates.
  11. Okay - so in summary, 72% of FBGs are misguided on this topic, which has now been resolved. Can mod simply mark this one as "Solved", please? Good work everybody. Someone please cut off the lights before you leave. TIA.