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  1. The Lineup Dominator comes out between the first and second week of the regular season. The first week is a short week, and it takes the staff a little time to switch gears from preseason to inseason content. In the meantime, consult the Weekly Cheatsheet listed under week 1 content. There is also a MyFBG (from the Tools menu of, where you can enter your team and track it all year.
  2. When you do a Get New Weekly Projections, be sure to check the Actual Data for weeks already played checkbox. The error is showing up, because if this box isn't checked, it uses the Actual Data for weeks already played file from last year, which doesn't have the KR yards in it. If you don't want to update or see the data for weeks already played, go to your C:\FBG\LineupDominator forlder and delete all of the Week_nn_Actual.csv files, where nn is the week number.
  3. I will look into it. How deep does your draft go? In a 12 team league, each team could draft 10 WRs, and you would still have some left over.
  4. The Best Value window is mostly for redraft leagues. For auctions, you want to concentrate on the Player Pool window with the auction amounts and the Team Stats window that shows how much money has been spent and how much money is left for each team. On the Articles page, there are a couple of good Auction Strategy articles. I would uses those as a guide and the DD to more or less just track your draft, and give you an idea of how much to bid for individual players.
  5. I've got a ticket into Bob Henry to fix the Depth Charts data. When he fixes it the error will go away. As near as I can tell all of the Depth Chart data came in okay. So for now, just ignore the error message.
  6. I tried it here, and as you mentioned the Draft Status window does bring up the picks in the correct order, if you have the Pick Order and Keepers set correctly for each round. This is the important part, because it will keep the draft in order. On the Draft Board, the two players in the same round, do bounce around as the draft is in progress, because the DD has to stick those players somewhere... it just doesn't know where until the draft gets past that round.
  7. Do all teams eventually end up with the same number of players after the draft is over? If so, in the 3rd round example, I would enter one of the keepers for the 3rd round, and one for the 10 round. Likewise for the team with two 14 round keepers, set one of the keepers for round 14, and the other keeper for the round in which this team doesn't draft in. If you right click on a Keeper, you can move him back to the player pool from the popup menu. Then just add him back with the modified round and pick.
  8. Currently the draft order needs to be known before entering your keepers. I would have the keepers written out on a piece of paper, and then when you find out the order, set the team names, and then enter the keepers quickly. The other option is to enter the keepers as they come up in the draft.
  9. The Web guys are still in the process of creating a web page for it, in the meantime you can download it from here if you are a subscriber:
  10. If you are using the Windows DD, then you want to be using Maurile's Auction Baseline on the File - Setup - VBD Baseline tab. If you are using the Mac DD, then it uses the Maurile's Auction Baseline by default.
  11. It is a statistical curve fit that Dodds derived back when the first VBD Spreadsheet app was released that models the players worth in fantasy value.
  12. Okay. Thanks for the heads up on this.
  13. The DD opens the DC.raw file internally, so it doesn't matter which file windows says is associated with it. I think the problem is, is that your Depth Chart window is minimized somewhere, most like the lower left hand corner. To get it back, in the DD, click Windows - Default View. This will put all the windows back to their default window sizes.
  14. bandarbush, Most likely, you are going to be using a RB for the RB/WR flex and a WR for the WR/TE flex. I would try entering the starters as QB=1, RB=2, WR=3, TE=1, D/ST=1, K=1, and Flex=0, and see how it looks. If you really want to use flex, I would enter it something like: QB=1, RB=1, WR=3, TE=1, and Flex=1, with the RB, WR, and TE flexed boxes checked.
  15. To delete all of the Player Notes in one shot: Close the DD. Go to your documents\FBG\DraftDominator folder and rename or delete the PlayerNotes.csv file. Start the DD back up.