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  1. There is a new My Fantasy League Import on the Apps menu of This one has you log in first, and then shows you all of your leagues. Also keep in mind that the My Fantasy League import only works for leagues hosted by If your league is hosted by one of the other sites Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, etc. you will have to manually enter your information. It goes pretty quick though. Just click File – Setup and walk through the setup pages. When you are done, click File – Save As… and give it a name associated with your league, so you only have to enter your league info once.
  2. You can pull any league into the Lineup Dominator this year, whether it was drafted with DD Classic, DD '16, or neither. 1. Your teams need to be synced with MyFBG first. See this article: Getting the most out of a Footballguys Subscription 2. In the LD, open your league, or create a new one with File, New and stepping through the File, Setup pages. 3. Click File, Import MyFBG Rosters. 4. Login. 5. Select Your League. 6. Make sure the Team Names match up. 7. Click Import Rosters. If you get a Control Array error, make sure that you set the correct Number Of Teams on the File, Setup page before importing the MyFBG rosters. The Import only imports rosters, you will need to set your scoring in the LD on the File, Setup pages. You can use File, Save As... to save different leagues, and File, Open to switch between leagues.
  3. The VBD Spreadsheet App doesn't work in Open Office, because Open Office doesn't support VBA macros. I would look at the Draft Dominator for Mac instead. It is available on the Tools tab of the main page of
  4. If you are in windows you need to enable macros. As soon as you open the spreadsheet, there should be a yellow tool bar with a Enable Macros button on it. If you are using a Mac, the Mac doesn't handle VBA macros.
  5. The DD uses the new and improved Auction calculations. See the Help menu and the Auction Pricing article for more info.
  6. It only took me three days to find this post:Expert Rankings by Islander Maybe we need to ask Maurile Tremblay or ping Islander... Joel My first year using PD... Anyone have any advice on weighting the four left...Dodds, Wood, Henry, and Trembley? Your really can't go wrong with any of the four. My advice is to read as many articles / faceoffs / spotlights / training reports as you can from each one and see which ones you like the best and then weight them accordingly. If you are still not sure, 25% across the board works pretty good too.
  7. Click Tools - Macros - Security, and make sure the Macros are enabled.The other option is to use the Draft Dominator to generate your custom cheatsheets. It doesn't not require MS Excel.
  8. Yeah, open the league file with notepad and remove all the player lines in the Draft Summary, Team Data and Keeper areas.
  9. The DD shows one decimal place, so that you can decide between two players with 108 points for example. Instead of showing 108 for both players, it might be 108.7 for one and 108.2 for another...
  10. Do a Google search for "Runtime error 339 MSINET.OCX". It comes up with several fixes for this problem. When you find one that works, let us know which one.
  11. Seems strange... but RB=1, WR=3, TE=0, Flex =1 with RB and WR Flexed boxes checked. DB=2, DL=2, LB=2, IDP Flex=2, with DB, DL, and LB Flexed boxes checked.
  12. Fill out the rosters so that when you add them up they equal the number of rounds that you draft. I usually start by adding 1 to the QB, TE, PK and DEF starters, and then split the rest between RB and WR.
  13. I would enter RB=3, WR=3, TE=1, and Flex = 0 in this case for your real draft.For mocking, you might want to enter RB=2, WR=2, TE=1, and Flex = 2 so that the other teams mix it up a bit.
  14. I'd start by checking all the Flexed boxes... and setting Flex = 2. Then peek at the VBD Baseline tab, and look at the "Starters" column of Maurile's Auction Method. See if any of the "Starters" for each position is greater than the starting requirements + 1. For example, if the "Starters" column for QBs was 2, you are ok. If the "Starters" column for QB is 2.5... then you need to apply that 0.5 to one or more of the other positions. After you make a note of what the numbers should be... go back to the Setup General tab and enter your starters manually. Like 2.0 for QB, etc. And then set the Flex starters to 0.
  15. The way you have it should work. Typically I like to bring my rosters spots down to what people normally carry on their teams. If you step through the DD by clicking the Move Player button over and over... does it look ok?