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  1. You can pull any league into the Lineup Dominator this year, whether it was drafted with DD Classic, DD '16, or neither. 1. Your teams need to be synced with MyFBG first. See this article: Getting the most out of a Footballguys Subscription 2. In the LD, open your league, or create a new one with File, New and stepping through the File, Setup pages. 3. Click File, Import MyFBG Rosters. 4. Login. 5. Select Your League. 6. Make sure the Team Names match up. 7. Click Import Rosters. If you get a Control Array error, make sure that you set the correct Number Of Teams on the File, Setup page before importing the MyFBG rosters. The Import only imports rosters, you will need to set your scoring in the LD on the File, Setup pages. You can use File, Save As... to save different leagues, and File, Open to switch between leagues.
  2. The Lineup Dominator comes out between the first and second week of the regular season. The first week is a short week, and it takes the staff a little time to switch gears from preseason to inseason content. In the meantime, consult the Weekly Cheatsheet listed under week 1 content. There is also a MyFBG (from the Tools menu of, where you can enter your team and track it all year.
  3. When you do a Get New Weekly Projections, be sure to check the Actual Data for weeks already played checkbox. The error is showing up, because if this box isn't checked, it uses the Actual Data for weeks already played file from last year, which doesn't have the KR yards in it. If you don't want to update or see the data for weeks already played, go to your C:\FBG\LineupDominator forlder and delete all of the Week_nn_Actual.csv files, where nn is the week number.
  4. I thought the team strengths did only show future values... but it does appear to be showing all. A quick fix, is to set the schedule for the weeks played to "None" on the File - Setup - Schedule tab.
  5. The VBD Spreadsheet App doesn't work in Open Office, because Open Office doesn't support VBA macros. I would look at the Draft Dominator for Mac instead. It is available on the Tools tab of the main page of
  6. If you are in windows you need to enable macros. As soon as you open the spreadsheet, there should be a yellow tool bar with a Enable Macros button on it. If you are using a Mac, the Mac doesn't handle VBA macros.
  7. The DD uses the new and improved Auction calculations. See the Help menu and the Auction Pricing article for more info.
  8. It only took me three days to find this post:Expert Rankings by Islander Maybe we need to ask Maurile Tremblay or ping Islander... Joel My first year using PD... Anyone have any advice on weighting the four left...Dodds, Wood, Henry, and Trembley? Your really can't go wrong with any of the four. My advice is to read as many articles / faceoffs / spotlights / training reports as you can from each one and see which ones you like the best and then weight them accordingly. If you are still not sure, 25% across the board works pretty good too.
  9. Click Tools - Macros - Security, and make sure the Macros are enabled.The other option is to use the Draft Dominator to generate your custom cheatsheets. It doesn't not require MS Excel.
  10. Yeah, open the league file with notepad and remove all the player lines in the Draft Summary, Team Data and Keeper areas.
  11. You can open up the projfordd-weekly.php and the projfordd-forward.php files in notepad and change the position from LB to DE... but the next time you do a Get Latest Projections it will put him back to a LB. Another way is to state your case to John Norton (Norton at I know that they switched Suggs position a couple of times earlier in the year.
  12. Yeah, make sure you download the LD this week to get the schedule patch.
  13. Instead of hiding the cells you don't want to print... you could highlight the cells you do want to print, and then click File - Print Area - Set Print Area. For example: highlight the part of the draft board with players filled in, click File - Print Area - Set Print Area, then do a print preview, and just the draft board will show up.
  14. The DD shows one decimal place, so that you can decide between two players with 108 points for example. Instead of showing 108 for both players, it might be 108.7 for one and 108.2 for another...
  15. Do a Google search for "Runtime error 339 MSINET.OCX". It comes up with several fixes for this problem. When you find one that works, let us know which one.