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  1. Agree with this. Actually started to fast forward through some scenes to get to the end faster.
  2. Once I saw the thread title, I expected it to go that way. The fact that it didn’t at least shows nuance isn’t dead.
  3. Just ordered the Woodwind with sear box. My Traeger died last summer and still haven't replaced it. Any woodwind owners have any accessories you recommend? I ordered the cover and shelf.
  4. Are the tires all-season? If not, I believe you should have them swapped on. I have a Grand Cherokee SRT that had the performance tires and it is terrible in snow conditions. Swapped them out for all-season and now it is great in the snow. Of course since I swapped them, we had hardly any snow here in NY.
  5. Catching this tonight. Theater was sold out of 3d so first Marvel film I am going to see in 2d.
  6. Bartaco in Portchester is close by and on the water.
  7. Serious eats is my number one as well. Chef John on YouTube and Alton Brown have money recipes as well.
  8. Fed policy and tech innovation are behind this. Trickle down and centrist policies since then as well. Wall Street allowing Bezos to kill retail didn’t help and letting the waltons do it before as the rationale is not the appropriate answer.
  9. Not sure how this is political since this wealth concentration has been progressing through multiple administrations. Federal Reserve policy probably has more to do with it than anything.