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  1. I had the antibody test done on Tuesday at a Northwell Health facility in Eastern Long Island. Zero out of pocket and results back yesterday. Negative antibodies or at least below the threshold. Northwell is using the Abbott Architect test.
  2. Yep. Decided to let it thaw in fridge until Wednesday or Thursday and smoke then.
  3. Thanks. I do have sous vide and may go that way or wait until after the weekend.
  4. Lol. Worried it might be too big to fit in smoker.
  5. I just had a 20 pound bone-in pork shoulder delivered from Snake River Farms. It arrived frozen and I just put in fridge to thaw. Any idea on how long thawing process will take? The plan is to smoke it over the weekend. TIA
  6. Thanks to this thread, I did the Great Eight from Snake River Farms and they were great. Another order will be delivered on Friday with the Prime Steak Sesh (10 Prime Bone-in Ribeyes), Waygu ground beef and a pork shoulder. Going to smoke the pork shoulder this weekend.
  7. Welcome to the neighborhood. Citarella was a mess over the weekend.
  8. Just received a notification that someone "who passed through" Nassau County is being tested for the virus.
  9. Maurile, would you mind pinning this thread? Thanks