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  1. 25 minute stressful drive? Looks like I want to move to Portland.
  2. Morgan scored in the semifinal against England.
  3. Is any of your water fed by galvanized pipes? If so, a house unoccupied that long could lead to some of the pipes to become clogged.
  4. Found this after googling
  5. Never heard of it but my guess is a private label for Fortunoff Source stores.
  6. So happy I am working from home today.
  7. The first comment on the video has me rolling. "When a guy steps out of a chopper with a leopard jumpsuit you know #### just got real..."
  8. Love Tate's and lived right by their bakery for about 15 years.
  9. 52,311th Most Common Surname in the World Approximately 9,909 people bear this surname MOST PREVALENT IN: United States HIGHEST DENSITY IN: Ireland