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  1. Bracie has been on my ignore list and I didn't remember why. It is apparent now.
  2. Summer tires are horrible in the snow. I have a Grand Cherokee SRT that came with summer tires and after white knuckling driving in the snow swapped them out for all-season. Much better.
  3. More on the coaching staff. He stayed back to block to take advantage of last years TB defense and no adjustments were made.
  4. I agree completely, however I am not sure how well AB is protected under the CBA and the Players’ Union.
  5. Burfict looks like a 50 year old guy out there
  6. He was ranked as a mid-20's RB this year. it is all a crapshoot after the top 15 or so.
  7. Anarchy, IIRC he was cut just before noon EST and signed 5 hours later. I don't believe in the collusion angle btw.
  8. I never went to CFA but Popeyes chicken sandwich is pretty darn good.
  9. I will miss Captain Andrew Luck most of all on twitter.
  10. I agree with the criticisms, but the arrival up north really was satisfying and deep.
  11. I gave this show a lot of room for error due to the lead actor appearing in one of my favorite movies over the past decade. (The Raid) Overall I think it was way below average but will be in for the next season.
  12. Very sorry to hear. RIP Jack
  13. Been a while since I have been up there, but I do remember having good meals at Cafe Rustica (Italian) and Lisa G's (pub food). The restaurant in the Whiteface Lodge was good too.
  14. 25 minute stressful drive? Looks like I want to move to Portland.