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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood. Citarella was a mess over the weekend.
  2. Just received a notification that someone "who passed through" Nassau County is being tested for the virus.
  3. Maurile, would you mind pinning this thread? Thanks
  4. he was good his 4th and 5th years. Different era and Schottenheimer
  5. not one of the best games in prime time this year but one i may have enjoyed the most. no rooting interest in either team
  6. Not singling you out, but when I see comments like this, I envision the guy typing it with a beer on the table and a mouthful of pringles.
  7. I appreciate Faust and Frankman's posts, but I do think that a little discretion on game day would help. On a Sunday night when a topical player is being discussed, it does get buried by 30 topics on the first page about a roto blurb and sometimes gets lost in the mix.
  8. It was a shocking win for Jets fans so I may have remembered too fondly
  9. No you are right. Conflated the raiders with cowboys added with some DIPA's my bad
  10. Looked for a bloodbath gif and in my search found this:
  11. Neutral here. Both teams played well and down your 1A/B WR and Cook, Cousins did well.