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  1. Ok, minor story it is then. Unsurprising though as this type of behaviour is well within these two individuals wheelhouse. eta: the clarification is appreciated
  2. I get that it may be seen as disrespectful. Although, today's ceremony was by invitation only and if they were not invited then this isn't a story.
  3. The actual legality of the action (it's legal) is the exact same whether it be done in early January or late September.
  4. RUFFRODYS: TQB - KC, TB RB - McCaffrey, Barkley, Chubb, Conner WR - Hill, J.Jones, Godwin, A.J.Brown, Golladay TE - Ebron, Howard FLEX - M. Andrews PK - Tucker, Elliott TDST - 49ers, Ravens
  5. Barr would never have been confirmed in any previous administration. As soon as the GOP realized they somehow were handed the executive branch they dropped all pretenses and threw democracy to the wind. Rule of law be damned.
  6. Keeper league, 7 players, any position, any number per position. Team Bonkers keeps 2 QB's.....then proceeds to draft 3 more in the first 5 rounds. This, after watching a team start the year with 4 QB's last year, hoping a few would be trade bait, only to never trade any and just drop them when necessary for attempted roster fixes at other positions. This years guy didn't get the memo I guess.
  7. Sure, no problem, cause I was holding up the draft for hours every time I was up.
  8. Exactly.....nothing.......just like these past four years. Well, lie repeatedly. He accomplishes that multiple times a day.
  9. Nobody deserves to be shot 7 times in the back in front of his kids for disobeying police. I am 100% sure there were other options available to subdue this horrible black man that refused to listen to white cops.
  10. @Anarchy99 HellToupee has not been to the site in over a day and a half. He's on the clock for pick 6.13. He's the main culprit to holding up this draft. Don't want to be the one who complains but, guess I have to be.
  11. Ok, we disagree. Here's what I see. I see more attempts at having fair and cordial discussions from those who oppose DJT (in various threads.) I see very little to minimal efforts to do the same by those who support him. Mostly I see stupid emojis and complaining about echo chambers and crying about not having safe spaces by those same supporters of DJT. I'll see myself out. I'm not interested in ruining their safe space. Carry on.
  12. Adonis wasn't taking shots and mocking safe spaces. He was stating facts.