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  1. Drop RB K. Dixon BAL, Add RB A. Blue HOU
  2. TMQB: Philadelphia PHI, Carolina CAR RB: Johnson David ARI, Hunt Kareem KC, Kamara Alvin NO, Barkley Saquan NYG WR: Hopkins DeAndre HOU, Green AJ CIN, Hill Tyreek KC, Thomas Michael NO, Thielen Adam MIN TE: Burton Trey CHI, Rudolph Kyle MIN FLEX: Gurley Todd PAR PK: Zuerlien Greg LAR, Elliott Jake PHI DEF: Eagles PHI, Chargers LAC
  3. Lies. False. Alternate facts.....which are in fact, LIES. No. There is not.
  4. These paragraphs give me pause that you are being truthful: Three years ago, Nike chairman Phil Knight stood before the National Press Club and told the world he was so tired of labor-rights groups criticizing the athletic shoe company he founded that he was going to personally make sure conditions improved at Nike factories around the world. The report by the Global Exchange cited six promises Knight made during a May 12, 1998 speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.:
  5. Is this an article from 2001?.......17 years ago....????
  6. DJT: "The previous administration didn't stop me from conspiring with Russia(ns,) so now I must drain the swamp of these incompetent fools!"
  7. Too late for me, can't do a 2 hour clock simultaneously with work obligations. Good luck all.
  8. Prove he has donated his presidential paycheck to any charity and I'll give him kudos. Fair enough?
  9. If he ACTUALLY has done that then, yes, kudos to him. Got any legitimate proof he's ACTUALLY done it? Because just because he said he would doesn't mean he did. You know, 9.5 lies per day and all.....
  10. Wrong. I will give him kudos. When he ACTUALLY deserves it.
  11. Whoop-de-effing-doo. Had DJT refused those things the backlash from both parties would have been swift and damning. He made an easy decision and in no way deserves any kudos or applause for doing the right thing. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me to learn in the future that he really didn't want to authorize these small tokens of gratification from our country for McCain's service but in fact had to be convinced it was in his best interest to do so.
  12. Well no chit.....that's exactly what will happen. Their fears are grounded in reality.
  13. No, he is not. In fact, he is currently the Great Divider and forcing that wedge deeper. Name one great thing he has accomplished. Nothing fake....something real. There are none. Fake accomplishments. Absolutely disgusting that the current sitting "president" has such thin skin that he spends 75% of each day complaining that he's portrayed negatively in the free press.....mostly by truthfully reporting his own words and actions. I have some hope. Some. You are a fool if you think that he is actually doing anything you claim with this post. But hey, librul tears, amirite?
  14. I apologize, had really rough night at work Sunday. I'll pre-draft as often as possible here on out.