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  1. Yeah, I don't believe you. Good calculated guess though. Now, really, what color is the sky on your world? Bet it's orange.
  2. All of it. All of it is highly concerning. But, there are a lot of folks who just don't care.
  3. Again, facts elude you. The proposal would give felons who have served their time and have been released the right to vote again. Restoring the same voting rights they had prior to being incarcerated, where that right was taken away. Jailed felons won't ever be permitted to vote. It's part of the punishment of being removed from society. HTH.
  4. Not gonna do the "reality staring us in the face," huh? Ignoring it are we? Vulgar pigs are not clean.
  5. @MemphisFoundary any chance you could help me out?
  6. Prior to providing the schedule maker that has 157 possibilities, there was an Old School Java Script schedule maker here. '06, '07, '08 time frame I believe. That schedule maker was perfect for my league. Previously I had contacted Keith Overton several years ago to get it placed back into the tools library. Then, it disappeared again. I used to have a saved link on my laptop but when that took a dump so did that link. Poof. I would like to request that it be added back again, or at the least be provided a link to get back to it. If any subscribers know of the link address I would be appreciative. Thanx
  7. So says Adam Sandler. BTW, that really is a pretty decent movie, Netflix standards and all. Lie. You do like DJT though huh
  8. Thank you for your response Simon. I know you & I clashed a couple years ago when working on beta testing these apps but, please, I hope you know it wasn't personal at all. I love what you kids have done with it!!!! I don't think I ever imagined it could be as good as it is right now in 2019. As you already are aware, I'm a DD Classic old head. What I want out of the new DD is what I could/can get out of the Classic version. I know, I'm stubborn and old and struggle with change..........but, willing to learn and grow. Oh sweet baby jeebus, you talk a good game as to why DD Classic should NEVER, EVER GO AWAY!!!! Hey Joe, please promise you'll always have the DD Classic available every year. Simple request. Keeps me happy.
  9. I'm seeing QB Taysom Hill, Nawlins, with a ranking of 163, an ADP of 69, ranked between L. Jackson & D. Carr. None of his projections should place him there. Is his ADP correct? What gives? eta: nevermind, just ran a projections update and he slotted in between Tannehill and Lock with no ADP. Cool. I'm enjoying toying around with this again this year. Even still, I prefer the DD Classic for many of the reasons mentioned above. I'm not a tech guy so I keep wondering why the need to stray away from the windows based format of Classic. Another way to pose this would be, why can't the new Dominator be set up with a format that I can open and close information windows at will? Thanks again Simon and team. Great work. I like this years version much better than past versions. Kudos to all.