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  1. Always have been. It's why they've stonewalled everything at every turn. She is disgusting. Maybe not actually in the White House..... but,.....Yes, get them all to enter willingly into the country and then arrest them all. We have plenty of good reasons to. Of course not. Transparency-101 for the gullible. Arrest them too.
  2. Ruffrodys at fantasysharks.
  3. In again.....gonna win it this year!!!! Was in 6 and Bastard Love Child (8) last year. Will go anywhere needed.
  4. Fail. There are absolutely zero smokin' hot chicks on the first page of that link.
  5. "Many people say..." "...a lot of people are saying.." DJTspeak101. Your handle spelled backwards: "Anayet." I bet you're a Russian sympathizer. Or a bot.
  6. I don't think it matters one iota. A false claim is a lie. A repeated lie doesn't make it any less of a lie. They all count. DJT's a blowhard.
  7. Is this not Dave Bakers team? Staff, or former staff here at FBG? Maybe I'm mistaken.....
  8. The message and facts are unimportant. How dare the U.N. shed any light on our own poverty situation!!! How dare they use funds that we contributed to!!! They better pull this crap with other countries too!!! Otherwise I'mma gonna lose my chit!!!
  9. Highly disapprove. I'm angry we elected this buffoon and extremely disheartened that there are people who actually approve of his petty childishness. He's an embarrassment every day....on a worldwide scale. Sad.
  10. Anxious for this to get started.....ahhh, patience grass-smoker...
  11. Sterling "Duchess" Archer already has them all. Archer's "go to" colors. Proof he has them all.
  12. Exactly. Right this very minute they're claiming immigration laws are being broken by human beings fleeing oppression and asking for asylum, which is legal. This administration is charging people with crimes or turning them away for attempting to legally enter the country. Let's not forget heartlessly separating families (for the sole purpose of intimidating other possible future immigrants) with no plan on how to reunite them later - basically losing human beings. They are so scared of people that are different. Frightened beyond reason.