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  1. Where? I must have missed it.....
  2. No, that actually is what a fascist would and did say.
  3. What else is there left to do?
  4. The timing of, or quickness of, this twit post is........different.
  5. Aw, DJT wants everyone to K.I.S.S. and give him money for his wall. You see, he doesn't understand the nuances of government, let alone declaring a national emergency. He needs things to be explained to him in the simplest of terms because that's all he understands. He wants congress to look at it in these same simplistic terms.
  6. I check out the local ABC affiliate out of Philly in the morning for weather reports if I need to get a storm update. Never watch MSNBC, CNN or FOX. I get the majority of my political news from you good folks in here who provide links to various news outlets, and the rest I read on apps (AP, Rueters, BBC.)
  7. I do but, I've not been wearing blinders for 2+ years.
  8. Placeholder. I'll take care of my self evaluation tonight or this weekend. Sorry gents, been busy. Plus, not fond of my squad. It's so-so.
  9. It's not. But hey, gotta be nice to every rotten apple. Thems the rules sonny.
  10. So, you can't see the difference. No surprise. Sexual orientation: the gender you are attracted to. Gender identity: the gender you feel you are. Not the same. Anyone can twist and convolute whatever "facts" they like but, it just proves intolerance.