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  1. Whatever it is, it won't get done. For various reasons (that I'm not inclined to posit on at this time.)
  2. I don't believe anyone is trying to make it a big deal. It just is, to many people apparently.
  3. I have to admit I'm not as fully knowledgeable about various party platforms and ideologies as most posters in the PSF but, I just dont see the Democrats "utilizing racial politics" to put "white males at a disadvantage."
  4. Perspective. (Taught in Art class, should be part of History curriculum.)
  5. Really intelligent and insightful boss ya got there.
  6. If you truly have sympathy for any person (human being of any color/race/nationality) suffering needless tragedy then you'd accept immigrants as worthy of our country's welcoming arms. But, this discussion is for the other thread you might have thought you were in when posting that. Thing is though, I don't believe you were mistaken about the thread. You seem to place a huge importance on the specific nationality of those you feel sympathy for. Claiming birthright children (who are Americans from birth) somehow contribute more than citizens whose parents are Americans to making other Americans suffer needless tragedies is really twisted. I don't understand why you: (1) continue to post untrue talking points, refuse to back it up, (b) insist the folks who dsagree or challenge your points do the research themselves, (3) ignore the many posts refuting/debunking your claims with actual research you asked for and refused to do yourself. I hope you are learning that your tunnel vision view of the world around you isn't all there is to see and enjoy on this beautiful planet. I hope. The "legal" birthright citizenry children, if they remain in the U.S. instead of returning to their parents country of origin, as "legal" Americans eventually do pay taxes. As noted upthread, DJT has used this inalienable right granted by our constitution to profit very lucratively. I would think the percentage of births that fall under birthright citizen status are actually paid for by the parents (or other familial relation,) although I have no actual proof of that. Apologies. I disagree with your "dont really contribute to society" viewpoint. I can't fathom how you came to that view and I won't venture to guess either. Personally, I feel everyone contributes to society in one way or another. Just that some contributions aren't as welcome as others. But, I don't think you can truly quantify your viewpoint so I'll just reiterate that I disagree wholeheartedly and emphatically that "the majority" of birthright citizens "really don't contribute to society." I'm pretty sure most do. (Again, apologies, no actual proof.)
  7. Ruffrodys05

    Megyn Kelly

    I'm sure all of your buddies will get it. Haha, you funny.
  8. Ruffrodys05

    The migrant caravan

    So, I'm correct. Flingin flase equivalencies. Got it.
  9. Ruffrodys05

    The migrant caravan

    I dont believe those supposed videos exist but, I don't need to prove your point of contention. You do. I'm not looking for something you claim to be true. It's up to you. Otherwise I'll just continue to believe you're a blowhard trying to muddy the truth with false equivalencies.
  10. Ruffrodys05

    Blacks Support Trump

    Rasmussen. Gold in them thar hills, boys. Am I right?
  11. Ruffrodys05

    The migrant caravan

    So link them if you want to make a valid point. Stop blustering and bring it.
  12. Who cares. He was wrong.
  13. So, this lie by a president (minimal deficit increase) is more egregious than the other lie by a president (keep your doctor,) right? Am i correct in this assessment? Because that's how it appears to me.
  14. Ruffrodys05

    Tracking Trump's Lies

    Pretty yuge effing pile of lies that must be completely invisible to the GOP. I do not lie when I say that I wish I had some kind of an invisibility spell I could cast on my witchy wife......just one person, not an entire political party. Edit: clarification; I'd like to be invisible to her on occassion, not that I want her to be invisible, she's gorgeous.
  15. Hasn't kept a single promise. Except to be all racisty all the time.