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  1. It's rare that I agree with Jon but on this I do. The governor forced the GOP's hand with his EO pushing the voting date into June but that was not his sole intention. He made a decision that would have benefited the health and safety of EVERYONE in that State. I believe he based his decision on that alone. It was the right thing to do. Its a terrible shame partisan politics ultimately won out and not what's best for all Americans in that State. I wish all of those who choose to vote today the very best, regardless of their party affiliation.
  2. At this point in DJT's tenure I think everything he says is a lie until it's proven to be otherwise truthful. Proof of a truthful statement on twitter or a press briefing or wherever, can come in many forms and I do look for it. Mostly though, I find valid proof of his lying. Repeatedly.
  3. Again, you are wrong here. What you are claiming didn't actually happen. The holdup has been the senate and its GOP majority. And yes, voters will remember the way the GOP tried to siphon off 500 billion of taxpayer money into a corporate slush fund with zero oversight. Any holdup that occured is because of that little snafu.
  4. If you know when the truth is told or not by DJT you don't need to be concerned with media outlets you don't trust.
  5. False. He hasn't done anything but tell lies. In addition, the Dems didn't hold up a great bill by the GOP, they stopped a crap bill from being passed. I'm glad they did. I do not want Trump and Mnuchin having carte blanche with 500 billion dollars of taxpayer money with zero oversight. You shouldn't either.
  6. So in reality its not sensationalism at all and it's very serious.
  7. Have you self quarantined or are you still going about your pre-coronavirus normal daily life?
  8. Voted no. @TripItUp If you somehow, hopefully not, contracted Covid-19 would you continue to place blame on the so called sensationalism by "left-leaning" media?
  9. This just blows monkey chunks.
  10. Seriously, I'd like to know why you two insist on making this a partisan outcry when its undeniably clear, from reading the article, that this fairly large outcry/statement from former DOJ officials that served under Republican AND Democratic administrations is wholly a bi-partisan effort to make absolutely clear that AG Barr is doing bad crap and tarnishing the DOJ. One more serious question for both of you. Did you not read the article and just decide to post your own propaganda? Because that's exactly how your posts appear to me. You both appear, to me, from numerous posts that I've read that you're both unwilling to even give one tiny millimeter of consideration to differing views and actually see if your theories are honest and reputable.
  11. This entire post is pure bunk. None of these statements are true. I won't bother countering it because every time you post these baseless claims someone else does counter them, you ignore it and repeat (again) the lies and propaganda you've been fed. But hey, you go on believing crap that reinforces your preconceived notions.
  12. IN Didn't do a head count so if you have enough kids that's great! If you need me for any reason I'll be available to jump in. Bass, you should have my email from participating in IBL. PM me if you need it again.
  13. So what. No big deal. The Judge ruled against the defense. Too late to cry about it now. I hope Judge Amy Berman Jackson throws the federal sentencing guidelines book at Roger Stone. She absolutely should make an example out of him and this farce coming from the AG and DJT.
  14. BS. Those with first hand knowledge ignored subpeonas.
  15. So, what's the deal here? If you're under the jurisdiction of the AG you have to comply? I call bs. This guy doesn't get to run roughshod over anything he wants. This is why someone was asking for whistleblowers within the Dept of Justice to step forward toot sweet.