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  1. Great...NOT......I was trying to catch up but now I'm not going thru 20 pages of mis-matched posts due to a merge. Should have left it be. Oh well, can't please everybody.....I'll catch up over the weekend.....or not
  2. Take the rock, paper and scissors and go home. You lost sucker.
  3. Idiocy Reigns Supreme.....IRS, for short ....that's my new fantasy team works
  4. He doesn't know what he means, obviously.
  5. Whatever, the planet is "xxx" years old, it'll survive this round of climate change, always has, always will. Humans? Not so much.
  6. When I cast my vote for a president, I vote for what's best for the country as a whole, NOT for what's personally best for me and my wallet. It's literally the difference btw Republicans and Democrats. One side is selfish, the other is not. I prefer to be not selfish. To each his/her own though.
  7. Outright corruption and cowtowing to Russian interests in plain sight. Wake the hell up America.
  8. Ha....this admin and all its incompetent crony appointees are so far out of their depth......just lies, lies and more lies. They so want to make someone pay for bringing their corruption light they're willing to do anything at all. Time to oust these corrupt traitors.
  9. You'd think more people would be upset about the actual effing president getting caught in multiple lies daily...wouldn't you?
  10. Glad to see you're still with us....I'm sure it wasn't easy kicking the habit.
  11. So freakin happy I didn't even bother with a write up. I just knew this squad was crap. Wk.1 - Eliminated: Ruffrodys 111.60, Immunity: Crippler 199.25 Best of luck to the rest of you kids, I'm out and not lookin back. Rody