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  1. Ruffrodys05

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Hamberders dude, hamberders. Get it right.
  2. Ruffrodys05

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Our "president" is a piece crap.
  3. Ruffrodys05

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Little media attention because it's all lies. "...companies coming back to the U.S. in BIG numbers...."? What companies? What big numbers? Prove it you effing liar!! Lies, lies, lies......nothing but lies. So sick of this moron. Big baby wants a wall? NO. Big baby can suck on his blanky.
  4. Ruffrodys05

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Honestly, I think we see a stock market rebound if DJT is impeached.
  5. Ruffrodys05

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    DJT: "It's not easy being a moron, and I should know, I'm the best moron evah."
  6. Ruffrodys05

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Which is it moron? We have a wall that's working, or we don't and we need one? Effing moron. Bet he says today that there's a national emergency and he's gonna build it anyway.
  7. Ruffrodys05

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Every day he proves he's a moron. Tillerson was spot-on. Oh, and by the way, I don't think Tillerson's going to go uncharged with crimes in this spectacle. Two words: Cambridge Analytical.
  8. No question marks so, I'm assuming this is a statement of fact.
  9. Maybe, possibly. But, that isn't the plan of the American people.
  10. At this point in time that is the fiasco of this "presidency," I'm relatively sure that those who haven't taken off the blinders yet do not actually want to learn and know the truth.
  11. Quite clearly, to anyone with a crumb of a brain, the only one (side, individual, whatever) being non-negotiable is DJT. Blinders folks, take 'em the #### off.
  12. Ruffrodys05

    Do walls work?

    I would say the answer to the thread title is that it varies depending on the purpose of the wall(s) in question.
  13. The issue is, as I hear it, those damn brown people keep coming into America looking for a better life (don't know where they could have gotten that idea,) and the racists really, really don't want them to. Simple as that.
  14. Sorta doubt it because Obama hadn't yet ascended to the presidency.
  15. Ruffrodys05

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Fence, schmence, Wall, schmall. Whatever. Our idiot in charge has no effing clue. Pathetic is what our representatives have become. Yes, moreso than they ever were. That Russian money through the NRA must really be something.