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  1. I watched several ASU games this season and during most of them (home and away) the announcers said Harry was the close to unanimous best WR in CFB. Apparently that isn't the case?
  2. How do we know Wentz is elite though? He had one MVP caliber season, just like Derek Carr did. They both were below average this year.
  3. Colts/Chargers/Bears/Cowboys Chargers/Chiefs/Saints/Bears Chargers/Saints Chargers
  4. 13.55 points from Chris carson so another team wins their match and retains the division lead. Gonna be really close methinks. I'm in the playoffs if he can do it, and out by tiebreaker if he can't.
  5. I'd like to see it changed to ALL plays you must finish the play with control of the ball. It's total BS that just because the ball crosses the plane and you fumble .01 seconds later, it's a touchdown, That same play happens literally anywhere else on the field and it's a clear fumble.
  6. SO happy to be unable to hear Goodell over the boos. Deserves every ounce of it
  7. And the Houston field claims another ACL. When is the league going to make them fix that crap?
  8. Great. That leaves 95 (of the same exact people currently working) every weekend calling the games.
  9. Anybody know of any access/promotional code to book a room at Tahiti All-Suite. Stayed there last year and it was perfect. 2 miles from all the major stuff. 24 hour pool, kitchenette in every room. Awesome place, just want it to be cheaper.
  10. Honestly I thought The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia was one of the best horror films I've seen in a very long time. Never saw the first, but it's not related. Definitely worth checking out.
  11. Just nabbed him for L. Bell and Nicks. Neither was going to sniff my starting roster the rest of the way. Feel good about it, even if he misses a week or two due to setback.
  12. Just got through my first month on the tmobile prepaid $30 dollar plan with unlimited text/web (5gb high-speed, their counter is wrong. I used ~15gb. It counted only 2gb against me) and 100 min. Absolutely perfect for what I want/need. So glad to be away from Sprint. My data speeds are literally 30x faster than anything I ever had with Sprints. I get 10mbps with tmobile on HSPA+ where the fastest I ever got was 300kbs with Sprints. And I cut my bill in less than half. Plus I love my Nexus 4.