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  1. My daughter plays. It's awesome
  2. College Softball super regionals are on!!!! Second to hockey tonight obviously
  3. I've put off redoing my deck, my front stoop and my birck moldings. I just dont' feel like doing the work and don't know any contractors
  4. Meh - Silicone is the rich mans duct tape
  5. This was me. I'm slowly turning into the guy I hate....... Also a 2 ton car jack works wonders
  6. for serious get this Make sure it's food grade
  7. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW!#@!@#!@!@#@#!#@!#@!
  8. If something is leaking it's not going to kill you. It will just stop getting cold eventually
  9. They're not going to move your junk
  10. Dunno. My buddy has had it for 5 years and raves about it. His money was up front for conversion. Now it's easy peasy. But shouldn't hijack shrug
  11. Convert to salt water. Easy maintenance
  12. Jason Bourne - this one felt a little off for me. Not sure why. Not enough action too much "over the top" Just can't put my finger on it. I enjoyed it but not as much as the others