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  1. I would have loved it even more except he did the same jokes with Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee that I literally just watched
  2. There are League settings now that allow for offensive points against defense instead of total points against team defense
  3. :sigh: my team is falling apart.... typical me to be honest. Get this far and always crash and burn
  4. stupid playoffs
  5. My bank hasn't - granted i haven't been in there in about a year And what did you use before swipe transactions to take large sums of cash out of your checking?
  6. Btw does anyone else feel the show is too dark? And I mean literally too dark....I have a pretty snazzy home video system but this show is always hard too see ####
  7. Lol thx. That's way more than I needed. I remembered most of it even the flashback of them hiring allsafe. I just wasn't sure why he said he was her father was important but now I feel dumb for not realizing why
  8. Always have replacement sheer pins on the ready rookie mistake
  9. The same as a savings withdrawal slip but from your checking account. If you need to take out more than ATM limit for a lot of cash you need a slip
  10. LeVeon Bell and Big Al are in the game
  11. 3 TEs rolling into the playoffs All hurt and no pickups Rudolph Brate Cook
  12. Seriously - I need some help here I forget names here - why was that guy being Angelas father have any bearing on this? Is he still fighting with the "dark army"? Who gave the order for the black guy to kill on the Chinese guys and why? Did Elliot try to reverse everything with the kyes? Who do he send it too? Do we know the guy at the end? I feel like I didn't watch it and I was paying attention!!!!
  13. Can I get a reacp I'm lost
  14. I always hated that they didn't have checking withdrawal slips out to fill out. I hated being the guy that had to do it at the teller