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  1. It'll be like when Da Guru ran over those rabbits and ran in here to ask us what to do next
  2. this
  3. Bb >>>> sb
  4. She looks like a Penelope or a Sarah
  5. I call it now. She brings over Rum Cake.
  6. How do you want your schedule to play out? You could either a) manually create a schedule b) pick a schedule based on divisions and just play it out. Basically you have divisions for "show"
  7. Must add for any serious BBQ with a lady
  8. Fur burgers!@!@!
  9. My wife and I said the same thing.We had our phones for 3 years. And I wasn't going to get a new one just because. The free watch and memory card were some ok incentives. Anyway that being said my phone worked just fine but after we both upgraded - its a huge difference to me. My internet and 4g connectivity is way better. I know it shouldn't be but i get reception at my desk i didn't before. I just put a new battery in my note 3 and it's still nowhere as good as the new phone. Phone calls are super clear. The video is amazing. And it's just faster. yes I agree it's wasted money and I could have got buy just fine with the old one. But things are definitely notcieable
  10. Nathans Hot Dogs are horrible
  11. Fill up a kids pool with baby oil.
  12. If that chick is real, I'd lose my #### also
  13. Apparently you can still get a refund for NMS no matter how long you have played
  14. Madden - Love it so far. But seriously the CPU block 50% of my FG attempts. Anyone else?