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  1. So you answered your own question
  2. Bought a dozen to see if the hype is worth it
  3. The guy I coach my daughters team with played baseball at F&M...... of course that was 20 years ago so I'm not sure how much he can help. ANything specifc you want to know?
  4. You can get an appetizer or dessert but not both
  5. Detachable for under carriage work
  6. I could watch Todd pop-n-lock all day
  7. I'll watch any action movie
  8. Watched warcraft in chunks over the weekend. No nothing about the game (well outside of what it is) it was bad but the Magic keeper guy was terrible. I think he was trying to be mysterious and came off corny
  9. Now don't be mistaken - I won't remember EVERY yardage - and if I put up a stinker of a round I may forget a few shots - BUT I'll remember the REAL BAD ONES lol