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  1. Short storm but there are telephone poles and trees down everywhere Power out for about 4 hours now
  2. you can try wirless hdmi... ymmv
  3. the kid in the front is this kid
  4. do you have directv reciever? eta: What do you use for tv now?
  5. I've owned every one. IT was a Xbox Gold free game ... Haven't dove in this version though. Search for Magnolia course - its Augusta
  6. Back to back 84 has me wanting to quit again lol I felt great yesterday and hit maybe 2 good shots. Not an exaggeration
  7. Right door in Right door out You left door in and out people make for awkward times at the convenience store in the morning
  8. I hate myself - I'm Otis Lite. I lose 20-25 pounds at the start of the year and then put 15 back on. By the time I get to end of the year I'm the same as I started. I just need to finish this off and keep this 30 pounds off. I get motivated for 4-6 weeks then go off the rails just because of time. 5:30 to 8:30 are some long day s and then I dont feel like doing anything when off
  9. I said just buy a new car. Not sure how that wasn't clear....
  10. I'd just buy a car that has Android auto or apple play So much easier