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  1. um that's Danny Trejo
  2. So attended a friend of a friend party once. They are both doctors but aren't super lavish with their house/lifestyle etc. Actually, I had no idea they both were doctors honestly. Anyway. There was ~ 50 of us. About 15-20 kids and 20-30 adults. Anyway they had 2 people working - one on the grill making food and another on cleanup and serving drinks etc. At first I was like "this is weird/pretentious" (since I've never been witness to this). But he and his wife hung out the entire night. Sure they checked on a couple things here and there but they were able to enjoy the party without having to man the grill the entire time. I will definitely think about it if I plan on having a bunch of people over for a cookout/party.
  3. Maybe I'm weird but if I were this guy you would never hear a word from me
  4. ### #### IT. The Grandpa sotry GOT ME... My daughter is named after my grandfather and it KILLS me she and he never got to meet. He would have loved watching her play softball DAMN YOU Capella!#@!#! Good Luck buddy
  5. @AcerFC Top o the morning to ya
  6. THIS and Daydreams - ithink thats the one in the big wharehouse
  7. :crickets: I'm starting to side with your parents more.
  8. 1 - 1000
  9. Frosted Jelly :mindblown:
  10. I thought the last episode was the best one. Elizabeth Banks was hilarious