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  1. I think Tomlin is a great Monday to Saturday coach. He needs to work on his Sundays
  2. He was actually DC before coming to the Steelers
  3. So we're back to Fast & Furious!!!!
  4. So Hip Hop is feminine?
  5. is Hip Hop rhythmic?
  6. might be 12 somewhere in that area - my scrren width is like 110"
  7. 10ftish I don't have a ton of space Thats why I don't think I need them tilted TBH.
  8. i reran everything as you suggested after I tilted my speakers. The results were almost exactly identical to my prior run
  9. This would suck. For a week or something we give a month or so. So you have to know if you want to take a random Wednesday or Friday off 8 months from now? STOOPID
  10. In honor of this thread - I watched F&F8 again last night while tweaking my sound system. So stick your sorries in a sack
  11. He doesn't have a fence, just the screen room
  12. Interesting. I've always run based on the manual. 1 at ear level spot 1 the main seat. Then to the left and right at ear level. The other 3 same thing but 5 feet closer.
  13. 6. I just tilted them a little. I guess ill rerun later
  14. If I tow in my speakers I don't need to rerun Audyssey do I?
  15. It is a little bit but not enough I don't have enough room there. In reality if I place it on the stand there's only 2 foot area where you can't see the bottom of the screen by about a half an inch so 90% of the people probably wouldn't care but I do LOL