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  1. i'm hovering between 193 and 197. Ultimately I'd like to get to 179 but I'm not actively trying currently
  2. Why am I explaining this. You're not his only customer and I'm sure he's not keeping track of your bagging habits. And who the #### buys loose cans
  3. Sorry when I say playing up I didn't mean age. I meant level. Softball is divided into A, B,C, rec A is top tier. We jumped from C to B were are like B- C+ type team. Play well and lose, ay against teams that are way better. We play up age based 1 tourney
  4. he was touting about how he'll need to ask for a raise in 6 months, how to beat a drug test and lasted 6 DAYS!!!! Eta: that will be My last post, gl.
  5. walhberg was good in Deepwater Horizon
  6. its the main reason we played up this year. We were crushing it, our 2.5 year record is 85-33-3. We are 29 - 12 this year in the spring. We are only about 4 games over 500 for the division up (B). SOme of those wins were lower level.
  7. My PC takes forever to boot now
  8. I'm upper??? SWEET LOOK AT ME.... I LOVE THIS BILL