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  1. The only time I don't post a score is if my area is it's off time and I travel somewhere that still allows posted scores and I play on a whim with rented clubs
  2. Shouldn't have watched in one sitting. Really like it, got a little lost at one point but I think I was dozing out. Will need to rewatch!!!
  3. I know I mentioned here or in the softball thread about my daughter fall from grace hitting wise. She was a really good hitter, then this summer, struggled all of a sudden. Like strikeout 40% of the time. I decided to take her to a hitting coach just to get another look. That was a bout a month ago. Last weekend she came out hot and no strikeouts and hit great. This past weekend back to her issues. I mean she's hitting the ball better but struckout 45% of her ABs. The bright spot is her first ever grand slam 🤣
  4. And why we're at it... The nerve of George Gray using Johnny Olson's "Come on down" on the Price is right
  5. No they could have had the balls to go for a play. Not play not to lose