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  1. Do they make cases for the switch that you put in like a phone
  2. Had one and decided to wait. Probably a mistake
  3. Only reason I watch that movie
  4. That looks awesome. I would totally have my daughter try that
  5. Ah ok. I must have misunderstood a post. I still don't get why the area doesn't do 9th , JV , varsity Instead of 9th, 10th, varsity But it is what it is at this point
  6. I don't think there are too many teams but in the OPS example he says They have 7th and 8th graders playing on the freshman team. A 10th grade team? Is this 9th and 10th graders? And a varsity. They don't have enough kids to field the teams they have unless it's supposed to be 9th grad and under 10th grade and under. Can freshman play varsity if they are studs? The way it was explained seemed like they didn't have enough kids to play the lower levels but too many to play the higher levels. I just didn't understand the makeup of the area schools. So in essence freshman team isn't a freshman team and the 10th grade team is a JV team that doesn't allow Juniors
  7. SOP in todays world. We were hit. I paid my deductible. Got the car fixed in a few days. 3 weeks later received a check for the deductible
  8. After playing some co-op with the @Bucky86 man last night I realized I may never finish Ghost Recon I checked and I still have 17 "main" guys to complete and they consist of 3-5 missiosn each. OUCH, Although @Bucky did get a zippy completion after I wiped out the base for him
  9. My daughter is way better than I give her credit for. I don't tell her this but i'm like " i think she could be better" but the other coaches are always like are you nuts She's great. Anyway, Its awful the path now. I'm on our softball board - while my kid is on the travel team - our rec program is a shambles because kids are leaving for "club" teams that have no business being on said "club" team but it's a money grab. We've been lucky so far with our parents. The one bad seed that "quit" is the president he didn't like our direction becasue it was "too serious" - we have great fun but we do push the kids in a good way. We treat it like a true club team but with town kids. Luckily for us there is a legitimate club team that wants us - so next year I think half of us are thinking of leaving. This has our board all up in arms because they think club OMG OMG it's a ripoff - they have no business going there - you won't get scholarships blah blah blah - it's for the elite We're like they are 11-13 year olds - we're not worried about that. We just want them to have the best chance to succeed. We have 5 or 6 kids that should be playing up a level - they have the potential to be really good (in general) Not I'm playing for ALABAMA next year good. But they think it's still the 90s and early 2000's. While we don't agree with the way the club teams and youth sports are organized you have to play the hand your dealt. You're either in or out. If you want to be out that's fine. It's not your thing. You rather have a more relaxed atmoshpere. I totally get it. But those same people then blast the people that are "in". We are not crazy parents, luckily. And have only encountered a handful of the "crazies". We just want our kids that have that potential to have the best oppurtunities tl;dr - youth sports organizations suck, still have to paly the hand you are dealt. some clubs are money grabs somne are legit
  10. no - that why I'm convfused by it. I grew up like you did. freshman - jv - varsity - eventually due to numbers we went just jv - varsity. We would have a couple juniors playing jv. But those kids usually weren't close to varsity level and eventually would be cut all together. Depending on the numbers and years
  11. I enjoyed neighbors 2 more than Mike and dave. I was disappoint in Anna Kendrick
  12. Lawrence fishburne was I think 8 years older than Cuba gooding Jr in Boyz n the hood
  13. Bang the coaches wife? Too soon?
  14. Sad but GL to you all. Seems like that area is just setup weird imo but that's a discussion for another day