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  1. 2 fluid oz at a time..... if you know what i mean
  2. Acorn - Hickory Nut - DAMN IT
  3. Last Resort - There's a ####ty BWW and Hooters like 10 minutes from Historic Williamsburg, I dont know of actual good local places....
  4. Down by the hickory tree Thats where she showed it to me It was hairy and black, had a big crack and look like a jungle to me. So i took out my hairy banana Stuck it in the crack. I gave her some cream She gave me a scream So I took my banana back.
  5. Well I do have a Ring..... so yes? And where do your kids go trick or treating? No strangers houses?
  6. Ok but its going to take me awhile to hammer through the door Saw it coming and still made me laugh
  7. God I wish this would happen. I refuse to pay the $1400 they want to cut it down
  8. Nah,. gianmarco would have already been buried under the new house
  9. Lol... You know these aren't just random strangers right
  10. Thought I updated. Drove in. Just fine - only hit traffic near the battery tunnel. Had a great visit. The memorial and museum are very "good". Hit statue of liberty, and one WTC observation deck. Even subwayed up to Empire State building. Overall good weekend. Pretty much just hung in the area
  11. We plan on going to west point 11/16
  12. My wife does this and it DRIVES ME INSANE and to top it off - I'm NOT EVEN ON FACEBOOK. So she wishes me happy birthday on her facebook page.... WHY!@#?!@?!@#?