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  1. Yep - similar to our evaluations. We already have a list of "parents" that are trouble. We also know to not to try to kids for their parents being ######s.
  2. We definitely have kids that are less "talent wise" than some other kids but they all have great attitudes and want to learn.
  3. I love our travel softball. We have tryouts in August. Then we do league play with 2 tournaments in Sept and October. Shut it down until January. Meet once a week for 8 weeks in Jan and Feb. Startup again late March with league play starting April ending beginning of June. And about 5 tournaments sprinkled in. We added 2 tourneys this year just because we qualified for the USSSA regionals. So this year was extended longer than normal. I've seen the good things about travel and the definite stuff Commish is mentioning. We remember they are still only 10 and make it fun
  4. How bad is his attitude and performance and age?
  5. Stop hitting Driver. No schtick Stick with your 3 wood for now
  6. I FORGOT THIS CAME ONE :rushestoondemand: