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  1. Pretty sure hustling over there with an umbrella would have dropped her panties.
  2. O'woo hundred approaching
  3. Since this thread is being monitored. I have an issue that has been bugging me since the upgrade. If I am in the forums. Now I go to the top to click HOME ARTICLES COMMUNITY CONTESTS ... etc toolbar. When you hover over the item (NEWS for example) You then can't see the pop up of all the link to click. It's blocked out by Forum Search/Activity/Browse Header. I have to go to FBG home to use the main toolbar
  4. Just to update. For thanks to Domenic for taking the time with me. It appears to be a firewall issue with my work. It works from home and mobile just fine. Sorry about that. However, I never had problems with the work firewall before
  5. So far so good for me!!!
  6. Ask her if she needs her walls power washed...
  7. Thanks! My first issue is it only brought in the first of the three leagues that I have listed
  8. Reading that woman's write t up on the go fundme page gutted me
  9. NRJ: Do you need a dictionary? Her: NRJ: Look at this definition :flex:
  10. Since you are here, why won't my leagues sync on Chrome browser on PC?
  11. 30 minutes now and can't log out Syncing... No leagues found: but we are syncing your account right now - if you have any, they'll appear here soon!
  12. How do you link a league? I still can't do it EDIT:So I do it on my phone but on PC with Chrome it jsut says syncing and does nothing. This stinks. I loved the old version - this new Window 10 based format is awful
  13. This. I purchased before my draft. Had no idea it changed...awful
  14. I like how they all won't mess with Singeltary