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  1. Just came to say I prefer Italian
  2. Nope. When charging I feel it a little but overall no
  3. They need to update the new scoring system too!@#!@#!#!@
  4. There is definitely a rule to getting $100 limit - they stated that on the show
  5. Aren't Gen X responsible for participation trophies?!#?!?#!?#@!?#@?! I actually have no issue with a participation trophy until age 7 or 8. After that you earn them
  6. There's a podcast?
  7. It wasn't even 4 full states. It was like all of georgia, part of florida, all of south carolina and a part of Alabama And I think they said $100 limit per day. So you couldn't even get the $500 in one day. I think they gave them something like 48 hours notice they were selected so people could get their stuff in order, then they were then randomly given the YOU ARE ON THE RUN NOW!!!! 1 hour head start. How these people didn't already have go bags ready is mind bottling
  8. Make him run suicides
  9. Anyone else check this out? It's got Walter Goggins as one of the leads. Basic premise is about a Seal Team member captured. Has been only one episode. I enjoyed the premiere
  10. Does the old one still have problems? Just curious