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  1. Cause it's 16GB and no extra storage
  2. Played only 7 times this year. My Index is up to a 7.4 hit the ball well for the most part but when it goes south it goes south quick. Played a private course last week and hit the ball like ####. If I didn't putt lights out it would have been ugly. I somehow scrambled to a 82 but that was all putting
  3. No this was a regular movie theater.
  4. My first fingerbang and makeout session was when I was 14 in a movie theater (Rocky IV)... I have a daughter
  5. Straight out of Compton is my gym/yard work album. I don't know how accurate the movie was but I liked it. Either I didn't know or I forgot the solo albums were from "falling outs" and not just doing it. I didn't realize Cube wrote a lot of that either. Forget how good his solo was Didn't realize Easy had that big of a part in NWA
  6. Bs. The people from PR all do it
  7. Or the people that clap at the end of movies
  8. I'm not saying the console is bad. I'm just saying you can play on phone/tablet with a controller - PLUS I have ROMS not being offered. It makes great AIRPLANE kill time on the phone. I've had these for probably 10 years, so I just feel like it's late. Like I said I'll probably get it.
  9. Inflating their giant heads
  10. limited time
  11. I use NES-FC Lite Click on my profile - About Me Tab My dropbox is there ENJOY!!!
  12. FTR - I like this and will probably get one but like mentioned, I currently play thes from time to time. Feels like this is 5 years too late
  13. Get something like this - this one was $19 You can even pair a PS4 controllers to your phone
  14. Um - I use my Xbox controller on my PC and my bluetooth controller on my tablet/phone