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  1. Question... I am traveling with my 65 year old father, my 40 year old sister and her husband. Should we ask people to move so all 4 of us can sit together? I mean we are a family traveling
  2. At least it wasn't a couple that had aisle and window the didn't want to switch and tried to talk to each other during the flight
  3. belljr

    Keto II

    Guys Miller lite has 3.2 grams of carbs. Ultra is 2.6 If I know I'm going to be out a couple Miller lites are fine
  4. I never thought of Otis as a selfie guy...
  5. Cheers Cheers Nigh Court Seinfeld Cheers
  6. They are moving to tapered spacers. Still restrictions on the engine but a little more precise
  7. belljr

    PGA Tour Thread: 2019 Season Begins

    Anyone want to buy a putter
  8. belljr

    PGA Tour Thread: 2019 Season Begins

    Back off I'm asking her to marry me