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  1. Watching some Nascar and they are interviewing the rookies. They look barely older than my daughter...... Oof
  2. Big fan of the blonde cosplay chick and the judge
  3. My family doctor would do it on my yearly check up. I was bummed when they stopped. I always scheduled with the cute lady doc. Smaller fingers
  4. I say this with all seriousness. I definitely relate to Oats. I have 2 good weeks, 2 meh over and over. I know fad diets are bad BUT I think I had a breakthrough. Im the same weight as my weigh in a month ago but I figured out I'm 100% addicted to food, especially junk food. I don't drink regularly but Tuesday night my wife made an innocent comment and it clicked. I don't think I have emotional issue driving it but who knows, I'm a pretty happy go lucky person. Anyway, Tuesday we are watching TV and I grabbed a snack. 10 minutes later, grab a snack, 30 minutes later another. Before bed another. I rarely feel full. So I'm grabbing another snack, and wife goes did you have dinner tonight? I'm like yeah why? She says you've had like 6 snacks tonight. I stopped dead in my tracks and said really? She's like yeah all confused. I had no idea I was doing it. I'd literally grab a snack and keep going My mind was blown, I am an addict taking hits and not realizing it. I think I'm focused now, finally. Not going to weigh myself to March 1. I have a bad habit weighing myself twice a day. Keep going!!!
  5. Knife - PB on both slices of bread. Lick Knife clean Use for Jelly jar
  6. normally only once in the morning.... If I get home from work and am going out somewhere I'll bursh again. On a normal day it is usually once in the morning