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  1. You don't understand. I'm late when I snooze. I don't set it early. I set it when I should get up and still snooze
  2. I'd learn the Crane kick. If done right no can defend
  3. You do any of the specific drills they recommend with it? Or just basic tee work dr @tommyGunZ Seen this before but was afraid to pull the trigger
  4. So pandemic states are on their own A couple broken windows and it's full federal military
  5. So where are we on the new report that it was not antifa
  6. Dan ####### Rather Is Antifa part of Obamagate? Just trying to keep up.
  7. Seems relevant
  8. Lol
  9. Floud brother spoke out and told looters to stop acting like clowns
  10. I can't believe this is the US I'm watching regular news and they are covering all the protests