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  1. Lol feels light to me but a sturdy light...unsure
  2. Pming instead
  3. I don't have that. Not sure if it's because I'm on 7.1 or the new assistant Thanks. The feed stuff is new to me. I've never used it. Figure I'll try it out. I always disabled Google now.
  4. How do I add traffic back into the feed. I added my address, put driving for transportation down etc.
  5. Yes about the notifications. But I think I found an option for those. My problem now is I can't find the 2 options I turned off to turn them back on to try something lol
  6. That's how this is but I turned it off. However I had to turn on the feeds to get weather to work on the home screen. I just never liked it. I always felt I would change setting and notifications to be off. Then I would end up with stuff in my feed again and get notified. . I am pretty "basic" and plain with how I like my phone. One thing I don't like is the inability to customize the app drawer. I'm used to putting folders in the app drawer. For example I put all Amazon apps in a folder. I can make folders on the home screens but I don't like a lot of clutter. I'm an app drawer guy ?
  7. I suppose you are right. I'll have to spend more time with it, I suppose.
  8. Dropped the phone last night while dragging and infield. Landed on tractor. No damage that I can tell whew
  9. Ok after spending more time I'm really starting to dig the phone however I'm not thrilled with all the big brother stuff that Google has that it's sort of like apple has . I gotta turn on a bunch of stuff like the cards and feeds to get a couple of the options that I want but overall I don't like the feeds. and my other complaint is the os feels a little unstable as in options I select ed sometimes work and not work if that makes sense
  10. Ok did side by side compare of both phones and the pixel Xl on this forum for whatever reason is a touch smaller I guess that extra screen does make a difference lol
  11. There is a virtual home button. So far pretty close to the same for me....I think
  12. Some updates for apps just installed. Much better. Weather is better now. Among other tweaks. Now if I can just figure out how to get the Google app off the home
  13. Dynastyguys still going?
  14. Ok. How did the text end up 2 sizes. The text to the right of battery is perfect