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  1. For us dummies... Why do you need a lawyer to get services at school?
  2. I havent understood a thing in this thread
  3. Aren't all auto loans underwater ?
  4. I didnt get a hug banner for all the hugs i got
  5. if he looks like drew brees All bets are off
  6. 2017 - Help Me WOO my Girlfriends Sister
  7. YOu BLEW IT totally different meaning now Im so glad my advice worked
  8. Wait ..... So the penis has penetrated the ######..... if you know what I mean
  9. Poor Skunk now has a concussion.
  10. Jim McKay --- WWoS/Olympics
  11. Ill never forget Mel Allen ...i know him from TWIB
  12. Harry Kalas - MLB/NFL Films John Facenda - NFL Films
  13. Physically impossible to at my job. Has it's plusses and minuses
  14. Hint: I don't really care