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  1. Pop leaves Saturday. Like his 40th year
  2. Why have other places too with that doesn't mean I don't mind going to Chick-fil-A once or twice a month
  3. First - Crystal Cruz :hi: Second - that male anchor is a doofus - he climbed up the hill with broken bones - ---- his delivery kills me
  4. who is paying 10 bucks a chickfila? Spicy chicken sanwich fries drink 6.74 yummmm
  5. I think so - XRP is the one we are messing with. OH NO MY SECRET IS OUT
  6. not yet. But what I want to get is not on Coinbase. So I read an FAQ that basically goes like this Open Coinbase account - Setup authentication with Authy app Then I need to either opne a wallet for XRP on gatehub, biitrex Open account at Changelly Buy BTC on coinbase open my ripple wallet Open Changelly Give that my Ripple Wallet address Go to coinbase hit send seems like a lot can go wrong
  7. I like to think I'm a pretty smart fella. I understand the idea behind this. I still don't for the life of me understand how to get the thing I want to buy. I load into coinabse but I need to transfer to changelly to buy what I want and then open up a wallet elswhere to transfer what I bought?
  8. I'm not looking to earn millions and millions of dollars. I have a couple hundred bucks I'm willing to drop in. A couple guys at work just started and doing the same but we're all noobs. So I can just signup in coin base to get started? Use the APP?
  9. So as a total noob - is there a "guide" Sign up for an exchange (Coinbase) Deposit funds Buy ecurrency Store in a wallet? Online offline? Cash out?
  10. What's the best exchange to sign uo
  11. Did Tyrion meet hot pie ....if you know what I mean
  12. I'm sure that stadium will be used more than falcons games