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  1. That put him at 16th
  2. Piñeiro is the first player of Nicaraguan descent to play in the NFL. Before the Bears’ October 2019 game against the Oakland Raiders in London, Piñeiro received a glass sculpture as a gift from Nicaragua’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. So um can we get that back?
  3. Is he Spanish or Italian? Need to adjust my jokes accordingly
  4. As long as I get a 80 yard fg from Zeurline I'm good
  5. I don't have a dog in the fight just providing info. I think New England is just good
  6. Goff sucks... Good thing they only paid 100m
  7. Remember when the raiders trade Mack and it was the end of Oakland
  8. The year before that the Redskins won the east at 9-7