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  1. A buddy of mine bought a house down there, I don't know where in costa rica. They would go surfing a few times a year. Every time they do, they would get pulled over and "threatened" jail, then a "deal" was worked out for $20. They had all there bathing suits stolen off the porch too 🤣
  2. i absolutely hate tvs over the fire place
  3. Be sure to have your gringo tax ready if you get pulled over
  4. Long article on how Swedes were more likely to conform to the restrictions sweden did put in place (gathering limits) and many stayed home Pretty decent read Culture of Comformity
  5. Biden will listen to scientists!!! Is the weirdest put down I may have ever heard. Yet people think we shouldn't listen to them. No I'm not a liberal democrat
  6. Nothing personal to any NFC East fans but I'm hoping Dallas loses this game. I really want a 6-10 type battle for the division......
  7. I have a serious question that will sound trolly but it's not. I've rarely watched any debates or follow politics. In fact I literally just registered to vote and I'm almost 50. Have these debates/rallies/Town Halls always been so " jerry springery", or is this a Trump phenomenon?
  8. Yeah I didn't say lockdown, I think they are going to implement stricter restrictions (i.e lower the 50 person gatherings etc) The big thing to me is we could do it this way if people were all on board like most of sweden's citizens from what I've read. Instead we fight over not wearing freaking masks and insist on having thousands of people congregate
  9. Newsweek reporting Sweden will impose it's current restrictions for up to another year and may look into even bigger restrictions ...fwiw
  10. I don't know if these meet your specs but I have 2 of these.
  11. Just wanted to update quickly. Fall season is almost over and my daughter is back to her old self for the most part. She did have one bad weekend but overall much improved. Batting close to .500 with 2 homers, one a grand slam
  12. I spent decent money to have a nice basement setup. I'd say I'm a high mid tier system, spent money on a screen and it's been worth it. Sure it's not exactly the same but I get it cranking just fine i enjoy movies a lot, not necessarily the theater
  13. City In China Tests 10 Million People After 13 COVID-19 Cases Are Found This would never happen here