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  1. The Scott Rickie Bryson group first tee shirts were brutal
  2. Sorry I was making a sex joke
  3. Stiffing his 3rd hole is definitely vintage Tiger
  4. So has it been confirmed it was an accident I haven't been following
  5. My OG pixel did have battery issues but after about 2.5 years. It would only get about 3-4 hours on a charge. But I agree with you. Love them. The funny part, the only reason I ended up with a pixel was after the note 7 explosion issues lol
  6. I for one will not post my local anecdotes or personal experiences any longer.
  7. Could someone more up to date with chromebooks let me know if this is decent I want/need a 2-in-1 and prefer it can run apps. My wifes we got is a samsung and its ok.
  8. And the fact Taron Egerton ended up playing Elton John is a bonus
  9. As previously stated, I didn't think I'll catch it. I'm not stressed out, Was just "angry" at lack of courtesy and "unneeded risk" . It was merely the lack of common courtesy to sip on her ice coffee while the store listened to her phone call with her mask down, in an area where up until this point I didn't see one person not wear one, that was all The jump to conclusions mat is ready to go
  10. Yeah it really really depends on the agency/organization and department and title. I've always been in core comp. Other guys just converted from GS to modified core comp a couple years ago
  11. Boy this escalated quickly Just relaying a story where I almost got mad And we went off the rails
  12. She wears a mask if in the dugout and can't be more than 6 ft away but typically she will stay 10ft away Yes and I would if it wasn't mandatory Hitting she doesn't anymore. That's the closest riak And I made her stay in the car
  13. That's how they traced it back And I probably went too far
  14. Well I wear a mask at practice. She social distance at practice She uses hand sanitizer after every inning So don't lecture me on caring
  15. I wasn't actually mad at the incident but since you decided to drop in
  16. In serial fiction, the term "reboot" signifies a new start to an established fictional universe, work, or series that discards continuity to re-create its characters, plotlines and backstory from the beginning. ... A reboot that retains a certain degree of continuity from previous works is known as a "soft reboot".
  17. Not in the middle of a small store with people standing around. It was just typical selfish behavior You couldn't wait the 2 minutes to go outside to talk and drink And you guys apparently don't read "I almost wanted to rage"
  18. Did I say it was an anti masker? "Ran into my first "non masker" and it made me more angry than someone who doesn't want to wear a mask."