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  1. :applause: I assume you were talking about the baby goat...
  2. Basic math, reading and writing is not grooming for college... It's why schools have different tracks
  3. This happened to us, wife put an old cosmetic mirror on the floor in a spare bedroom to put with a bunch of donations. Smelled burning wood, the sun was bouncing off it onto the end table
  4. how does it work with verizon? Does it have to be on a Verizon product?
  5. does she like to hug...if you know what I mean. You know, the big, bad bear hug? Well, sometimes she can be a little too warm and cozy. So here's the idea, just lay back and relax as I run my hands over your chest, your shoulders, over your're a big boy, don't worry! I don't mind! I'll take care of you! I'll get my hands on your ####...and you can feel my hands running all over it. Yeah, you like this! Oh god! Yes! Oh yes! This is fantastic. Your wife doesn't like this, she's always complaining about how she can't do it! And I'm so glad she can't do it any more, she can't control herself when it comes to your ####! This is amazing! Do you want to feel me do it better? You better ####### do. Oh #### yes! Oh god! You're so hard already. Just keep doing that. Oh
  6. Firefighters did eventually show up, but only to fight the fire on the neighboring property, whose owner had paid the fee. Story: 'No pay, no spray' case: Firefighters 'threatened' "They put water out on the fence line out here. They never said nothing to me. Never acknowledged. They stood out here and watched it burn," Cranick said.
  7. I'll dig it up but they did come and contain the fire from spreading to a paid home
  8. Some towns have a Fire Service fee. Someone chose to opt out of the Fire Service fee saying they felt it was unnecessary. Then their house caught on fire and then proceeded to burn down because since they didn't pay the fee they get no fire trucks. I think then they tried to sue
  9. We were planning on getting it no matter what since last time we did not... I was talking to the lady out front about can we just buy a wand , how to pick etc and she said "you should really come in for the show, its starting now" - so she takes my daughter and puts her to the side. SOmeother kid is picked for the crowd show, as we are walkng out she taps my daughter on the shoulder and tells her to go back in. So it was cool having the whole room to ourselves. We got off easy I think compared to other wand prices
  10. GET OFF MY LAWN!@#!@ I can't keep up with all the services I need to just watch old shows and new stuff anymore....I'm just going to buy dvds
  11. Let me know when you man up and go to the dingle
  12. So like I said been up and down, just got back from vacation and started to work out with daughter who is running high school winter track (she is a freshman and never ran track before)... Day 1 - ran half mile and 5 - 100 yard sprints... Jesus I'm out of shape
  13. its just been a running gag that hes been walking around with big gulps... i dont think they ever actually address it but could be mistaken
  15. I'll keep watching, but I can't stand Debs. Never have
  16. Me and him apparently were on the same ride in universal at the same time... *May be an embellishment