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  1. 21 minutes ago, The General said:

    My favorite stocking cap (Super Bowl 48) just fell out of my jacket pocket and into the john.

    Key information: it is my favorite and lucky toque not replaceable! The incident did not occur on my home court - was a work toilet, it was a fresh bowl, bathrooms are very, very clean. 

    Is it auto throw away?

    What say you?

    Pick it up.

    Wrap it in paper towle

    Wash it.


  2. Thanks @krista4  been thinking about trying "something" - I've lost weight on WW before.  I know I could probably do the same thing with MFP etc but I had success with WW before... even calcualting the stuff myself.  1 free month and digital only seems like it may be "Worth it" to try.

    I put in my normal morning drink and it was 10 points...HOLY CRAP 

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  3. On 12/4/2019 at 9:16 AM, Copeman said:

    I am starting to like getting up early on the weekends, as opposed to sleeping in. I'm talking 6-6:30ish.  The house is quiet, I can relax in my house in peace for a couple hours.  I also like going to bed early (10-10:30ish).

    Honestly, i don't think my body and its aches would let me sleep any longer, I have just grown accustomed to it.  But it's not too bad being up early on the weekends.

    If I happen to have a "lazy" weekend which is rare. I'm usually up around 6-6:30 - i'll grab a cup of coffee flip on tv and end up napping around 9 :)

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  4. 2 minutes ago, McGarnicle said:

    Something horrible happened to her on a bike, so that’s why she’s terrified to ride the thing. She didn’t want to hurt her husband’s feelings so she just sucked it up. Soon she became addicted to that adrenaline rush of facing her fears, and other high-risk activities followed. The pills, the random hookups with strangers...but always, the Peloton was there waiting for her afterward. 

    Second act is a bit fuzzy but I’m thinking she definitely ends up shooting the husband. Maybe the daughter grows up to be a Peloton instructor.

    Pretty sure she caught gonorrhea from the bike seat

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