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  1. 1 minute ago, Battersbox said:

    I'm in agreement that personal responsibility is a huge component that isn't spoken of enough. But are you saying that Swedes are just far more responsible than Brits, for example? Are you saying that despite measures taken by various Federal gov'tments, the results would be the same regardless? If the U.K. and Sweden exactly flipped their approach to the other's, the infections and deaths would be virtually the same as they are now? 

    Long article on how Swedes were more likely to conform to the restrictions sweden did put in place (gathering limits) and many stayed home

    Pretty decent read

    Culture of Comformity

  2. 21 minutes ago, Battersbox said:

    Speaking to Newsweek, Dr. Anders Tegnell, the chief state epidemiologist at Sweden's public health agency who is behind the country's anti-lockdown strategy, said: "It [the latest measures] is not a lockdown but some extra recommendations might be communicated locally when a need from the regional authorities is communicated."


    That doesn't read like they think they fouled up. 

    Yeah I didn't say lockdown, I think they are going to implement stricter restrictions (i.e lower the 50 person gatherings etc)

    The big thing to me is we could do it this way if people were all on board like most of sweden's citizens from what I've read.

    Instead we fight over not wearing freaking masks and insist on having thousands of people congregate 

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  3. 3 minutes ago, brewer said:

    Bell gets paid regardless of if he plays or not, right? Why assume he would sign and play for league minimum?

    I don't remember all the details. I think he still get 3 mill but cutting him cleared a bunch of cap space. Not 100% sure