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  1. My 14 year old daughter doesn't want anything for Christmas....not sure of the next move
  2. Pretty sure he's self conscious about clapping now
  3. Somebody tell Jalen he's down 17... I used to like him
  4. I usually like when teams try something unique uniform wise. I don't like the bears unis The white shirts don't go
  5. i bought this one similar to Brony
  6. I sleep dick up. Is one of the greatest lines ever uttered in a movie/show
  7. At Wheeler excuse... unless I'm wrong his wife is from a part of NJ thats way closer to NY than Philly EDIT: DOH - he turned down White Sox not Mets - CARRY ON
  8. Pick it up. Wrap it in paper towle Wash it.
  9. are you guys using those foam rollers or these when you say rolling?
  10. Yep I bailed a bit back - it just "lost" me
  11. And Monica had the same name for him I'm not going to binge until its over
  12. Thanks @krista4 been thinking about trying "something" - I've lost weight on WW before. I know I could probably do the same thing with MFP etc but I had success with WW before... even calcualting the stuff myself. 1 free month and digital only seems like it may be "Worth it" to try. I put in my normal morning drink and it was 10 points...HOLY CRAP
  13. If I happen to have a "lazy" weekend which is rare. I'm usually up around 6-6:30 - i'll grab a cup of coffee flip on tv and end up napping around 9
  14. Pretty sure she caught gonorrhea from the bike seat