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  1. Yep. I'm fully aware. We posted about this in this thread before. They are just a little offset
  2. lol it goes with these
  3. Yup - been reading all that thanks!#!@ Wish I bought a 9 channel receiver now!!! I'm happy - I won a little money on the Super Bowl so I was going to upgrade my front height speakers and ended up down a rabbit hole I think I'm still going to replace them with these to match the rest of my system. I have all 5.1 primes now. I might not notice a difference - I might - who knows. But for now I'll probably mount them in the same place or just put them on top of my current. Thanks2@#
  4. Drop ceiling - yes putting the speakers in ceiling would be a pain in the ###. However - you say if I move the atmos to side high would be preferred. I can definitely mount one to the side midway to the right - the left might take some creativity. Thanks
  5. So @Andy Dufresne @Hawks64 and anyone else i have a couple, probably dumb, questions. Now that I have the X2500 set up here is my question for you. I have a relatively "small room" The way I'm setup now the viewing area is 15ft x 24ft, However the viewing portion is along the 15ft portion with the couch on one wall, my projector screen hanging on the other wall. So 4 speaker surround is out. What I decided to do last year was do front High. This just gives you and idea - my sub, right, right high Here are my questions. The X2500H is 7 channels. 1) So I'm still limited to my 7 speakers ? 2) Should I replace the front highs with atmos capable speakers? 3) If I do replace them - should I get speakers that sit on my fronts or hang in the same spot? I spent so mu time running the wire to the highs last year I'd hate to have to redo all lol TIA
  6. Maybe - but I dont "recognize" or relate to many things people have posted in here I posted this as a "joke" earlier But I dont have something like this happening
  7. what? Yes? - I'm not walking around like a zombie if thats what you are asking. I recognize at some level my brain his doing this but on a regular basis I'm not having internal discussion with myself.
  8. No I'll look at the 2 tvs - take in all the information - then myself tells myself which one i should buy. I'm guessing I'm having that internal discussion but I am not "having a conversation with myself internally".... And I am one to talk out loud occasionally if I'm figuring out something very complicated at work.
  9. im not talking about that. People have stated originally that they hear "their own voice" when having internal dialogue.... you seem to be saying you have an internal dialogue "without hearing yourself" - I realize a random VOICE you dont recognize its not what we are saying. But if you personally are having an inner monologue you are saying you "just see the words" but you are still having a "conversation"?
  10. well things have changed since the OP then.... However, i never have full sentences with myself (that I know of). I can force myself to do it, but if I'm hungry and go to the cabinet - I'll look around then decide. I'm sure its happening but I'm not going "hmm cookies look good but ther are only a few left, maybe ill have chips, or pretzels, i'll leave the cookies for the kids" I'll go to the cabinet and decide its CHIPS!!! There might be a brief thought or 2 that pops into my head (oh leave for kids) - but its almost like "I'm being told to leave it for the kids"
  11. So lets say you are at the store and are buying a TV for example. You are by yourself. There are 2 TVS next to each other. DO you have a "inner dialgoue" debating which tv to buy? i.e "this tv has and extra hdmi, this tv has better color" etc?
  12. So now its not a "voice" And again I dont "have an inner dialogue" that i realize is happening
  13. I replaced my deck 2 maybe 3 years ago. Some boards were rotting, etc. I made the decision to go Trex. I was against the cost at first but man its been awesome. I cleaned it last spring with a mop and a little water cleaner mixed. Took like 15 minutes... I dont miss the pressure wash restain dance every 3-6 years....
  14. Lol just tried the spicy sandwich Tuesday. Pros: much meatier, tasty spice Cons: too flaky too much breading Overall very good. Only thing I like at Popeyes
  15. And to add I can sit here and force myself to have an inner discussion, but it's still "silent" I can consciously "talk to myself" but it's not my normal/natural day to day
  16. Seems like people are changing the "voice" thing Many people have stated they hear there own voice when reading etc. Even posted a joke clip that everyone agreed with. Now people are changing into inner dialogue. If I go to the fridge I don't have an inner debate on what to eat, I'm sure my brain is having it but I just decide. If I think of something I said earlier there is no voice. The words just pop into my head. If I'm deciding between 2 things to buy I'm not internally have conscious discussions of +/- to which to buy. I know it happens but it "just happens"
  17. People have stated they hear their own voice... I may think ####stick but ####stick just pops into my brain
  18. @ChiefD consider this my formal application for the Shovel Buddy Studs group
  19. as some of you might have noticed I haven't really run in a while my schedule's been crazy the last few weeks so I have been getting out for my butt walks but also after I ran those four miles my knee hurt bad for a good two to three weeks I feel pretty good now but the weather's kind of s***** and I don't really want to run in s***** weather so I got that going for me
  20. I'm pretty sure I started the thread for people to buy this or not
  21. hey bro if you may or may not know that if you show up to the cabin there's no guarantee you come back from the cabin
  22. Where are we on rakes, chainsaws, axes and other yard tools... Or are we just posting digging instruments?
  23. ftr - i have a small pick axe TWSS
  24. Not if you own a snow blower@#@!# And its time for me to post my shovel collection tonight!@#!@ Question - do pick axes count?