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  1. Thanks for your guys replies but now that I think about it isn't the whole process a little contradictory. First off I'm sure many people like myself used the PD and weighted experts to do their draft. In other words we wanted to spread the risk and not depend on one or two people. Now we are starting to pick starters and we only have basically Dodd's numbers to rely on in the LD. Think of this for example although I am using made up numbers. 4 of the experts really like Oakland's defense so they each projected 220 pts. Dodds think they stink and projected 120 pts. giving them a total of 1000 pts divided by 5 equals 200 pts. With 200 pts this puts Oaklands defense say in the top 3 so I drafted them very high. Now out comes the LD and since Dodds thinks they will only score 120 pts he has them ranked in the bottom 3 and should never see the playing field. In some instances this is actually happening as in the Tatum Bell case I mentioned in the above post. Now I am thinking did I make a big mistake in drafting Oakland so high. According to Dodds I did. I might also think I had a great draft but when I look at the LD it sucks according to Dodds. I think you see where I am going with this and would very much like to hear your thoughts. Maybe ALL 5 of the experts should be required to do projections for the LD if we are depending on their numbers to do our draft. Let me also say I have been using the LD the past 3 years with Dodds projections only and for the most part they have been pretty good for me. Maybe I just got lucky.
  2. Actually I was comparing Dodds/Henry to the 20% guys. My DD is now showing the weighted numbers but giving Bell 18 pts just seems unrealistic. Where do the web pages numbers come from? I would guess Dodds. That's why Bell only has 10 pts there. Since I've been using the 20% guys for my drafts, I'll give their #'s a little more consideration than just Dodds/Henry. Make sense? Just curious, would you start Bell over Cadillac or Benson? I've got the same problem with Dallas and Oakland. Dodds doesn't like Oakland but the 20% guys do. Do you know when the LD comes out will the 20% guys be doing weekly projections or is Dodds the only option? TIA
  3. GoBears84 I would really appreciate a response to this. My leagues can start 1QB 1RB 2WR 1Te 1 Def and 1 flex RB or WR. Also get 1 pt. per PPR. 6pts for td except for QB. This morning I manually used the custom cheat sheet for my league based on Dodds/Norton Projections to get my pts. scored this week by position for trying to set up my starters. After doing this I thought I was pretty well set on my starters. After reading your post, I went into the DD and set my Game By Game to week one at 1.0 and the rest at 0. Now since I have been using the PD for all my drafts with each expert being weighted at 20% each, I imported their projections into the DD and am coming up with very different numbers for the weekly totals. In most cases (I got 5 teams) it is telling me to start 1RB's and 3 WR's. The biggest difference I see for a player is Dodds/Norton have Tatum Bell for 12.1 pts. (vs. Oakland) and now the DD has him for 18.5 which is about 6 pts. higher than Cadalic and Benson. Even more confusing is when I click on his player web page from the DD I see: 15 rushes 62 yds. .03 TD 2 Rec. 15yds. 0.1TD 10FPT!!!!!!!! This looks about right for my scoring system. Please tell me what I am doing wrong or what projections to believe. Are the Dodds/Henry projections the best we have for now or can I even use the weight projections from the PD to get my numbers. TIA