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  1. 3-13 here we come......maybe we can find a way to lose one of the Jets or Mia game and get 2-14.....
  2. Man, taking a bath today.....but I still have two cases of beer. Atlanta and the Eagles cost me big time.
  3. Shaq Barrett +0.5 sacks--this one is $$ Cle/Wash under 45 Jets +11.5 NYG +3 ATL/Phil ML J Smith Ten anytime TD
  4. I buy every system, but I am thinking about waiting a few months. I prefer PS over Xbox, but there was nothing in the launch titles that really made me HAVE to have this system right now. The same holds true for the Xbox--some interesting release titles, but nothing I was gushing over. I think I will spend my money upgrading several tv's over Christmas and then drop money on the systems in March or April. Who knows, I may get caught up in the hype....
  5. My daughter is coming home from college two weeks from now for the first time since Christmas to stay for a weekend. She has driven down two times previously, but she has just hung out on the porch. We are taking a chance (I am like every high risk box you can check) but she quit her job at Sam’s and has been attending college remotely so we are feeling better about her risk of exposure. My other daughter has been meeting her friends in the park and one outside patio dining situation, but no one other than us has been in the house. I wish there was a better way, but I want to stay alive.
  6. The scene I love is when Dennis Dun (also from Big Trouble in Little China) is trapped in the room next to the rest of the group and he starts just breaking through the drywall. I often thought about if I were ever trapped in a room with zombies waiting outside the door, this is exactly what I would do.
  7. I am betting the under and the Kamara anytime TD. I need to recover after all the bets from this weekend.
  8. Great shot by AD!! Credit where credit is due. I am just hoping this was THAT game where Denver can build off of and make a run now. I was worried LA was going to dominate, but tonight showed they are vulnerable.
  9. You know Bolles is saying Whew, someone else can take the heat off me.....
  10. Is this season over yet? This is going to be a lost year as a Bronco fan.
  11. I have two free $50 bets I have to use tomorrow and I am still wondering what would be the best picks to stick them on. GB and KC seems to be the obvious ones I am guess