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  1. This---gorillas and primates in general are terrifying. When you see the results of people getting attacked by chimps, holy cow, there is nothing left of them and I can imagine it would be that times ten for a gorilla.
  2. Our two year old boy, who has overcome a lot already in his short life, has stomatitis. He was diagnosed about six months ago and they pulled a couple teeth then.He unfortunately was born with extra teeth. We took him in this week and he will have 4-6 more taken this week. They said if we took him to the kitty dentist, they would probably recommend all teeth go, but our vet (who has a cat who has gone through this) says she can't recommend taking healthy teeth out just for the sake of taking teeth out. She flat out said he will lose all his teeth ultimately, but he can live a normal life without them. Just sucks....he is such a happy, bouncy cat and to have him deal with this stinks.
  3. Yeah, after my post, I HAD to go to the card store. Now mind you, I had the perfect excuse (as a 50 year old T1 diabetic I don't get to go anywhere these days--my wife treats me like the Bubble boy), so as luck would have it, I spilled some soda this morning and ruined 4 of my daughter's Pokemon cards--they were commons. She is 15 and this is way beyond cool for her to be collecting this, but I think she keeps doing it so as to have something fun for us to do together. Plus (pre-covid) it was an excuse for me to take her to the thrift shops a lot and that is what she lives for--kid was seriously born 6 decades too late. She loves vintage anything, especially clothes, and I get to look for old video games. But back to the story--I really played it up to my wife how I ruined four of her cards and we NEEDED to replace them: thus--trip to the card store. Wife bought it, but reminded me she was planning on taking me for Father's Day, so keep it in check. Zero new football other than overpriced Prizm. She got 6 Pokemon packs. I got two Becketts--(I remember when they were 3.99) and three hockey packs==$73.00. She got a very nice rare hit. I got a Red Wing Rookie Jersey swatch card out of the 19-20 UD Trilogy pack---$17 a pack for three cards BTW. Kind of a slap in the face as an Av's fan--but fun was had by all. Now, I am going to find a box break for this weekend--I don't do baseball--even though I have an absolute ton of it in my collection, but I am going to be part of a break come hell or high water in something. I may do racing if I have to.
  4. Tim here is the deal---you tell your family what the house is worth. Give them high value and low value. Tell them you would will be happy to take the low ball offer you have received, but you are taking the cut as if it sold at high value and since they are so inpatient, they get the cut of the low ball offer. Sounds like you are doing all the legwork, so you make the call. If they want the money so bad, they can take the scraps that are left and you get paid for your efforts. Win/win
  5. As you can see in my earlier posts in this thread, I love collecting and busting packs.That being said, I wish there was a magical sort fairy out there to get my cards in order---that is the part of the hobby I struggle with. I had to move around about 75% of my boxes (that took over an hour) so I could put in another shelving unit because things were out of hand. I had a new laptop delivered yesterday and I am going to use it only for inventory on my collection. I am dying to open some new football product. I am not a big fan of the college stuff (Hit, Sage, etc) that comes out post-draft, but I have bought a few boxes just to get Broncos rookies, Prizm is absolutely on fire, but there is no way I am paying that much for that product. I am amazed Score or some other product isn't out yet. I am guessing it has to do with the unavailabilty of images of Rookies/FA in their current NFL team's uniforms. To fill the void, I have been buying Upper Deck Hockey, which in its own right, is quiet pricey, especially being an Av's fan. The Makar RC and inserts drive all hockey products through the roof this year. Now I have the urge to go to a card store.....
  6. You do you, man,. if some people want to build an underground bunker and hide out, let them. If some people horde wheat pennies, let them. I would just remind you that posters were in this thread in January and talked about some of the steps they took and were laughed at and some posters were helped. There literally were three pages of hippo jokes. I remember when the words "social distancing" were used in this thread for the first time and the level of ridicule that poster received was amazing My chest freezer is full. My dry and canned goods are stocked. We aren't hording paper products--we just make a point to order one paper product each week--one week is two boxes of Puffs, the next a six pack of TP, the next six paper towel rolls. Still no disinfecting wipes can be found anywhere. We have probably three grand in cash sitting around (I know not FBG stacks), but we may need that because there is talk of furloughs at my job. Bought an extra propane tank. I am shorting the refills on my prescriptions as much as I can. Meaning--I refill my insulin and diabetic supplies the day my insurance allows--so at 21 days. I get them and then fill again at 21 days. I have eight bottles of insulin stored up. Six boxes of blood strips and four boxes of needles. I get one box a month of needles covered by insurance and then I pay cash for a second at another pharmacy. When you try and buy two--watch out!! You are looked at as a junkie. I wish I could buy a case somewhere. I admit a few months ago, I looked at a generator and I have to tell you this was prompted by my memory of reading the One Second After series of books. The lead person in the story has a type one diabetic, teenage daughter and the struggle she endures when the power goes out and the lack of the ability to refrigerate insulin hit really close to home. Portable generators are not realistic and for our size of house, the cost of a full home generator is prohibitive--considering he power went out for about an hour all of last year. I don't own a gun. I am not canning my own food or starting a garden. Just would rather be ready--than reactive for what it is worth.
  7. i agree completely. It is a historical blueprint of a pandemic. We are just blowing off the lessons learned from that time thinking if we do the same things, we will get a different result.
  8. I don't know about that. She was going to be made an example of no matter what--she was doing some time. This sentence IMO actually reflects how shaky the prosecutor's case was. Remember when this case was first revealed, every press outlet was running with the 10 or 20 years she was looking at? At the end of the day, it all goes away in a whisper with her doing a sentence at probably some minimum level facility for maybe 45 days. When she is released, she will make a mint off doing the talk show rounds and the inevitable book deal. I wonder who will play her in the Lifetime movie?
  9. The whole thing is a cluster you know what. Let me see if I understand this, you can't get the virus by surface contact. The virus isn't airborne , so you can't get it that way. Conclusion: 100k Americans have died because they were spit on is where we are at now? No one knows anything about this virus--period. They are just throwing stuff against the wall and hoping to be the one agency/doctor that was right when this thing is studied and understood 5-10 years from now. Just frustrating....
  10. I am thinking just gravity. I am guessing these are just Hot Wheel cars. I still have most of my Hot Wheel cars packed away somewhere. Man, I collected so many of these in the 70's....
  11. And your post has what to do about wrestling?
  12. 5. two 55 inch Sony HDTVs--one in the game room-one in the main room. One of them will soon be upgraded to a 75 inch An older 60 inch downstairs in the basement two 48 inch Samsung HDTV's upstairs
  13. I have not seen it yet, but I have seen that trailer before.. It is so weird because I told my wife this has a Goodnight Mommy feel to it. Sure enough it is the same director. The reviews are pretty mixed with a lot of them saying it is boring and wanting to be too much like Hereditary. It also is one of those critics like more than the audience type movies--so i tend to stay away.
  14. I had a really fun night. Like I said earlier, first week we could bet with DK/FD in Colorado on sports. I ended the night UP---$3.00. I threw cash around like a drunken sailor, so it really could have ended up badly. Not sure the wife is amused with these new developments.
  15. The lack of the crowd really makes you realize how brutal this sport is. The sound of those blows are sickening.