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  1. Courtjester

    Any Trading Cards guys? (Sports, etc)

    I have a large collection that spans two rooms in the basement of my house. It spans all sports and non sports and has probably three hundred figurines. I also have cases of unopened product as well. Like a a lot of people, the collector bug bit me in the late 80’s. I have had the incredible fortune to buy out the stock of two different closing pawn stores. Further my wife’s best friend’s dad owned a pretty large card store and he had a stroke and passed on. His sons picked through some of the really top end stuff, but they gave me the rest of the store’s inventory for free. This filled up an entire long-bed pickup truck and the extended cab TWICE. This was years ago and I still haven’t taken the time to go through everything. There are obviously boxes of commons but then you would find a box of solid older autos. I still collect, but the price on new packs is prohibitive. I primarily focus on winning Broncos box breaks. I collect the hot Bronco rookies and hope to get lucky and land a special veteran insert this way. I got a 1/1 Cortland Sutton Auto in one of the last breaks I was in.
  2. I think the Dems should have jumped at Trump's proposal yesterday. Let's break it down--the wall isn't going to be built anywhere near to what Trump is proposing and even if started with this money, it isn't even a drop of what is needed to build a massive idea like this. You control the future purse strings, so seems like a no-brainer there. The protections offered for the Dreamers would basically make sure they would be in this country indefinitely because i think it is safe to assume (unless the Dems completely screw this up) they will retake the WH in 2020. The Democrats get to say to the government workers, "Hey we have your back--look what we did." Further, they get to say how important homeland security is to them and that is why they made the deal. The bottom line, yeah Trump gets to crow about making a deal, but the Democrats come out looking better in the above scenario. I think on the flip side by denying it, the Dems run the real risk of Trump stealing the narrative on this and they come out looking equally petty. I mean, if you are a Dreamer how do you feel today? You were given an opportunity to not have to look over your shoulder anymore and the party you support just said no, to score political points. I know..I know people will come back and say Trump caused them to be this way, but looking at it in a narrow scope, this problem could have been solved with a simple yes by the Democrats. I think Trump was counting on them to say no, and I think he would have literally pooped his pants had they gone along with it. If it is true what some of the polls show that a majority blame Trump for this shutdown, it will be interesting to see if there is movement in those polls as far as blame. Some of the headlines I am seeing in the media are reading Trump extends Dreamers a deal in exchange for the wall funding. That's pretty favorable press for him compared to what he normally gets and it allows a subtle shift on the blame for this shutdown. Again people will still blame Trump, but does that start to become people blame both equally?
  3. Courtjester

    What are your Hobbies?

    My dad was a great man. He passed away 3 years ago just shy of my parent's 60th anniversary. They raised 5 great kids, but their entire lives revolved around their kids. My parents didn't go out at night. They didn't have hobbies--we were their hobbies. I see that now that my dad is gone and my mom is alone--she doesn't know what to do with herself. She is 84 and spends her days watching FoxNews or whatever show and that is it. She calls and tells me how bored she is, but she doesn't know HOW to do anything else other than to be a wife and parent. I feel myself becoming (heck, I am) the same person. I basically starting dating my wife after high school and we have been together over the past 30 years. I have things I want to do, but I feel guilty when I do them--I always have. Most of the time when I do try this--like say a video game, I will have a daughter there magically joining me. We have one girl in college and another in high school--both high achievers, popular and tops of their class--but they love to be around us. Heck, I have talked to both on the phone as I have typed this. My wife and I never go out at night without them. I mean we manage usually two or three date days a year only because we pre-plan it, but the kicker is, we both feel guilty for it--like we are being bad parents for not making them part of it. So hobbies? I love to collect sports cards. I have two huge rooms dedicated to them, but we have to pay for my daughter's college and our other daughter's extra curricular activities, so this hobby takes a back seat to all that monetarily. I love to game (we have three PS4's and one Xbox One), but as I mentioned above. this is a challenge as I feel guilty about leaving my wife and kids and going off and just doing this. I have more sealed, unplayed games than I care to admit 😌/. I am here way too much because my profession accommodates it. I am going to be able to retire here in four years at 53--so I hope this will be a turning point for me. I have a 69 Mustang I have had since I was four years old (1973 my dad got it), so I really want to make that a retirement project., but I worry because I have had type one diabetes since I was seven. I take four shots a day and I know my life expectancy is diminished to lower than the normal person. Will I actually get to do this? It is a quandary--I know I am a great dad. I try to be a good husband and maybe that is good enough for a life? So maybe that is my hobby.
  4. Should be a good read--I have found myself listening to Abbey Road this past week and just love some of the tracks on there.
  5. Courtjester

    It Was 50 Years Ago Today

    Never saw them live, but my brother probably took me 3-4 times when I was around 9-10 years old to see The Song Remains the Same at the midnight movies. Loved Jimmy Page...
  6. Courtjester

    Masked Singer

    No you did it right. I was the one being the rebel.
  7. Courtjester

    Masked Singer

    This is my opinion about this show from the other thread about tv
  8. Courtjester

    Is Samsung Testing My Intestinal Mettle?

    Hate my Samsung fridge--there is a plastic bearing in there that has gone out at least two or three times. I can't wait til the whole thing dies and I can replace it with a good fridge.
  9. Okay, I am going to post in this thread about a new tv show that is possibly the worst...I mean absolutely the worst show made. I am talking about The Masked Singer. My wife was so excited for whatever reason to watch this steaming pile and so I said okay, I will bite. For those unfamiliar with this show. there are 12 stars/celebrities that dress in these really stupid costumes that hide their face with six of them matched up against one another each week in a singing contest and the crappiest one of them is sent home each week and (gasp) unmasked. Four of the worst possible judges comment as they sing and offer such gems as “Is it Justin Timberlake? I think it is Lady Gaga. NO, it is Celine Dion.” Their comments make this show so bad it is unbelievable. They either offered lots of $$ or free meth to the studio audience because every time they cut to them, it is amazing—just amazing how excited they are to hear these losers sing. Here is the ultimate insult, the so called celebs are B maybe C actors and singers with some football players sprinkled in. The person voted off this week was Chong from Cheech and Chong and yet the judges wondered if it was JT or (yes this was actually said) President Obama. i know the guy from Sharknado is probably one of them as well as Donny Osmond. I have no words how this got made for US tv. I understand it was big in Korea but they had actual stars on their show.
  10. Courtjester

    Parenting teen boy problem. Please advise.

    I will chime in with my .02. I think you have done the right thing with the computer, but you need to give it a time frame so he understands the action vs consequence. Open ended punishments don’t teach kids IMO. My rationale is you have to have a next level punishment for him in case his messes up again. I learned this from our first daughter—we would go scorched earth on her when she screwed up, but the problem was, when she did it again, we had no way to escalate the next punishment. She would just hand me her phone and go “I know. I know.” Always leave yourself a next level so he can see how actions have consequences—so maybe this first round it is four weeks without a computer. Next time eight weeks. i don’t know if you can talk to his employer ahead of time, but if you could, maybe see if she would agree to keep him on a probationary term. As was pointed out, being fired will impact his future big time and while as an adult, that is a natural consequence of stealing, putting a teenager behind the eight ball this early on may not be in his best interest. Also maybe have her stress that she debated calling the cops—maybe that will trigger a whole higher level of fear in him. Having to go back and earn trust is a bigger lesson here than just being fired and not having to face her on a daily basis. Again just my opinion.
  11. My daughter had to fill a semester with a class at college—so she has a Game of Thrones Class. She had to buy the first couple books including the prequel book or whatever and a graphic novel. Plus they suggested she watch the first three seasons. Now my daughter has never had any interest in this at all. First day of class was Monday and she said it was like going to a Comic-con. Guys kept coming up to her asking what her favorite part of the book was or what episode was the best. She said she was In hell as it was a 6-1 ratio of guys to girls. I am just laughing my butt off. She did take my advice (since there is a lot of group work involved) and I told her to find the most enthusiastic fan of the lot and make him her partner. This is really going to be fun to hear the updates.
  12. Courtjester

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Well that’s kind of where I was going. I mean the two most hardcore moments of that match were Seth has a shovel and not only swings it so slowly a turtle could have gotten out of the way plus he missed by a mile and the whole sliding of the steel structure and the camera angle hid the fact Dean wasn’t even sitting there anymore. It just is so sanitized. I don’t need Cactus Jack level carnage, but come on—some prop out of the ordinary—some risky move to set it apart from every other match is needed to sell it
  13. Courtjester

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Watched last night for the first time in forever because I will probably be reupping the Network for the RR/ Mania push. i wasn’t impressed. The Seth/Dean match was so uninspiring. I mean I don’t need hardcore stuff, but come on, there wasn’t a moment in the match that was even remotely violent. And didn’t the table slam happen during the commercial break? I remember the days of guys fighting in the bathrooms or out in the street, but in a “falls count anywhere” match and you end with a pin in the ring 🤬 Elias is still singing. Brock is still doing nothing. Jinderl is still doing his old tired routine. It was just boring.
  14. Courtjester

    Pokemon Go

    Just got a new office and it is right above a stop and near three more plus the street in front is constantly full of mons. I am not going to be very efficient I am guessing. Got the Kricketot evolution, Monferno and Grotle just today—plus evolved a great IV Abomasnow
  15. Courtjester

    Cat talk/advice - all meow, all the time

    I had wrote about how we lost our 20 year old Russian Blue earlier this year. This loss was devastating to my family. I mean, this cat meant the world to my wife and two daughters. My wife said there is no way we are getting another cat and she was firm about it. Months after his passing, she would still break down in tears when she came across pictures of him. Our lives changed completely in June when our house was destroyed by hail. We lost so much and spent most of the summer in a hotel (which I guess, was a blessing that our boy had passed because he wouldn't have survived being boarded or whatever we would have had to do with him). Flash forward, we get back in our house and it was almost seven months since his passing. My daughters (19 and 14) were both missing having cats in the house and so was I. My wife was still very emotional and hesitant. but I began taking her to the Humane Society and had her visit with cats and kittens just to try and heal a bit. She relented in October after I showed her pictures of two little brothers that were part of a terrible hording situation. These guys needed us and we took Alford and Autry into our house when they were 10 weeks old. The laughter was back in our house. We began pouring ourselves into these guys and it was just amazing to have them. Autry is the adventurous one and doesn't easily give love (except to me). You have to work at it with this guy. Alford is polydactyl--so it looks like he has thumbs on his front paws. The "kitten with mittens" is beyond sweet and loving. If there is a lap-his little three pounds are in it. My kids were looking forward to Christmas surprisingly not because of gifts they were getting, but how the little five month old monsters were going to play in the wrapping paper and how they would respond to this huge cat tower we bought them. However, the day did not go as we planned. We began to notice that Alford had zero interest in the paper or the tower. He literally just went to the couch and fell asleep. Over the course of the past few days, this pattern continued. He would actively eat, drink and poop, but would immediately want to go to sleep. Three days ago we noticed the bloating starting. We took him to the vet yesterday and although the final test results aren't in, the vet says she is sure he has FIP--Feline infectious peritonitis. It is 100% fatal. She told us we should just take him home and make him feel comfortable as the end will come pretty quick. The problem is, it is contagious and there is a chance Autry has it as well, but just hasn't manifested the symptoms yet. She didn't recommend us separating them because they have been together their whole life--so he either has it or he doesn't at this point. I am typing this with a little two and 1/2 pound kitty in my lap that I know his end is coming and I am powerless to help. His brother is in the chair next to me and every little twitch or long period of sleep he has, I immediately fear the worse. My daughters are coping as best as they can talking to their friends on social media.. My wife is back to being a mess and I can't help but feel responsible for making her revisit this pain all over again. I just can't believe how unfair this is.