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  1. I agree with this.. My wife and I were watching it, but I found myself actually drifting off during the last episode or so. This one kind of brought us back and hit the gas.
  2. I don't know the headline on CNN tonight was already targeting him link It is amazing how CNN posts something in a big headline and then when you check back 20 minutes later it is watered down . The headline earlier was really derogatory towards Bernie, but now it has magically become a little more passive.
  3. Exactly to act like one side OWNS this is just beyond belief. Okay--Foxsnews--totally in the tank for the GOP--we all can agree on that. MSNBC--Baghdad Bob for the Dems CNN--so many believe this is the MSM at its finest and a trusted source, but yet is there a day there isn't at least 15 attack pieces on Trump on their front page? Of course, right now they are going after Sanders, but you get the point. I fell down a youtube hole today and I was hit with a dozen Bloomberg commercials trashing Trump. There is so much disinformation spread by both sides every election. The best answer/post in this thread was the one who just suggested you vote and you encourage others to vote and that is how you counter disinformation.
  4. So this is where we are at? I was wondering what the next "outrage du jour" was going to be.
  5. I am too. I know the Nugs have just been bit by the injury bug right now, but I was concerned going into this year, that expectations were too high for this team. I think they need to go after Holiday after this trade. If Miami is indeed going after Iggy, then that will take them out of the Holiday sweepstakes, so maybe that favors Denver.
  6. So if any Dems vote to not convict are they heroes because they are voting how they feel or are people going to make excuses why they did what they did? I mean if Mitt is going down in history as a hero, then why should these brave Dems as well?
  7. Wow, Nancy why? This is shaping up to be a very bad week for the Dems.....
  8. I saw the one Post Malone/Bud Light spot but the one I saw on You Tube is very funny Link
  9. This is where things would get interesting. I see how much toilet paper this family of four goes through in a week and I am not sure how I could ever be prepared for an emergency. We would need like a room full of tp to fully survive any disaster.
  10. I ate at McDonalds this week. I love to get two Sausage McMuffin with eggs and two breakfast burritos. I can get two days of breakfast for $8.00. Some days I have to eat on the run and this hits the spot. We use their app and get some pretty good deals. I have a bogo Quarter Pounder deal on there right now that we will probably use next weekend. My 15 year old loves their nuggets. So dinner for three for under $15.00 and I don't have to cook works for me. I mean it is nice to have a little treat on a Friday night after a long week.
  11. I will disagree a bit (but I have stepped away from watching RAW/SD for awhile). They have more talent than ever on the roster, they just don't know what to do with them. They are almost too stacked with talent. We have talked about this many times here---the problem is the PPV schedule. They don't have the luxury of doing a "slow burn" story-line like before--everything is immediate gratification and they have to book PPV quality matches each week to get ratings. Now I am not advocating a return to the old days of squash matches, but it is hard to get excited for a PPV match you have just seen last week on RAW..
  12. I can agree with what Djack is saying. You have all these characters that WWE cultivates and these guys work their butts off all year long and their only moment in the sun is a squash 10 second match to a part-timer like Brock? We got it 5 years ago--Brock is a monster, he is unbeatable, he is a giant--this message is so done--it is overkill. It was just a waste of time and talent there. It didn't sit right with me and judging by the crowd reaction, it didn't sit well for them. The ONLY thing that saved this event was Edge---(and some of the NXT girls )
  13. Well, it was an event....would have rather had some Blue Meanie or Tugboat entries vs Brock doing his nonsense.