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  1. When the snake kills him, I think FBG should auction off his member number with the monies going to the Tulsa Humane Society. I just wanted to be the first to suggest this.
  2. We stayed for 5 days/6 nights at Wilderness lodge in December 2006. We got the Passes to the parks, the food package, Airfare and transportation all for under $3,000. Might want to look into using a travel agent next time to get the best deals available. What drove it up this last time at Disneyland was the food bill. 3 character meals, Rainforest Cafe, ESPNzone (my bar tab), etc. All of the Grand California's eating options were of course high. I think our travel package was reasonable--just shopping and food were high.I just want to make sure when we go we are not saying, "Well, it would be nice to experience that, but we better not," that is why I was toying with the $10,000 number--it better not be any higher.
  3. So what do you all think is the "right' amount of days to stay in Disneyworld. If you want to do all the parks justice and then maybe do MGM/Universal also? We took our 8 and 3 year old this last summer to Disneyland--it was our 8 year old's 3rd time there. We stayed 3 days-4 nights and that felt just right to see pretty much everything in Disneyland we wanted to see and was right at our 3 year old's limit. But even at that time frame we dropped close to $5,000. So assuming staying at the Wilderness lodge and then maybe moving to another Disney property mid week just to break things up, are we talking 7 days?? 10 days?? Of course this means eating on property for all meals, are we thinking $10,000?? $15,000? We don't want to deal with renting a car BTW. We are thinking about waiting a couple years until our 3 year old is closer to 5-6 age range, so she doesn't have to miss some of the big people rides and yes, we are the types that want to be IN the Disney experience 24/7.
  4. good god manAnd the only thing that stopped the stampede was that someone brought a cart in and couldn't quite drive over the fallen old lady.
  5. People waited in line all night to get a Harry Potter book that was readily available EVERYWHERE, so why wouldn't people wait in line to save some $$$.For me to have to wait in line overnight, I would have to be guaranteed the tv I want and it better be free.But to each their own, I guess.
  6. The first answer he gave, about her being the stall, didn't really seem rehearsed. But i also believe either his wife or daughter was still within earshot, so he wasn't completing the details for me. Sure seemed like he knew exactly what I was talking about though.As for whether or not I really pushed him. I didn't roll over, and I was assertive. I'm not sure yelling or acting 'tougher' would've gotten me any further.Okay, you're pretty much done here. Absent talking to Steve's wife, you're not gonna get any more info than you already have. I suggest you have a heart to heart with your wife, ask her if she still loves you, find out if she's still committed to the marriage, and if you're confident you're both on the same page in that regard, get on with your lives, focus on your family, hang with different friends, and watch the drinking. Just to echo, this is the correct answer.Going back to Steve, George, etc to attempt to find additional answers that probably do not exist just makes you look like a loon. Take the above advice and move on with your family.
  7. I admit that it has been a great story, but somewhere on the internet there are a group of inerds laughing at us all. It reminds me of our jihad to adam people were not happy with us in the end.
  8. Please feel free to elaborate.Seriously.Hmmmm, well, let's see. Since the OP says they are all always joking, I'm thinking the four of them were all making some raunchy jokes on the way to the restroom. Steve gets a bit bold with his remarks because they are drunk and he's decided to push the envelope.They get there and he makes some kind of joke like, "You need some help?" or some such nonsense. He follows her in there, despite a giggling protest. He says something flattering and she likes it. He drunkenly decides he might as well push the envelope some more and kisses her. She give only mild resistance, if any, so he kisses her again longer. While he's at it, he reaches inside her shirt for a quick feel and then pushes for her to lift the shirt for a quick look. She pulls up the shirt and he pulls down the front of her bra for a nice long look-see and some stroking of the boobage.He kisses her again and decides, since she's already let him kiss her and feel her up, she goes for a quick feel of her own. They finally realize, through a drunken haze, that it's been awhile and the others might start to wonder where they are and come looking for them. So they decide to get back quickly. She lets the shirt drop over her exposed breasts and they walk briskly back to camp.I'm out.....
  9. Man, if we don't get a drunken, late night update from the OP I will feel empty and betrayed by all of this.
  10. Since you have no proof of anything, I would handle it by bringing up the camping trip and talking about how much fun you had and so forth. Then casually say, "You know you and Steve were gone quite a bit and George said you two were in the same stall together and then came back with your bra almost off. is there anything I should know?" I wouldn't raise the issue of what she said before about having a crush on him or anything, just keep it matter of factly and see what her reaction is. Don't turn a molehill into a mountain without more to go on.
  11. Blizzard coming---I am hoping for the best!!!
  12. I'm so down for this if any one else wants to.Dang, $100 will get 30 pills of the generic kind.I am a diabetic and I actually have a prescription for it but my insurance doesn't cover it. 5 pills=$75.00 of the good 20 mg stuff. Plus my doctor gives me samples whenever I request them.Alcohol severly kills the effectiveness of this stuff and there are some side effects. I fall into the category of the group that gets a bright red, flushed face. Last weekend, the wife and I had fun, but my face was on fire for 3 days because of this pill.
  13. I got my 20,000 and have been having alot of fun playing SF. My K/D ratio was beyond poor anyway, but I have just been abusing it lately because I have gotten hooked on that auto-shotgun on the Kark maps. I love running into the MEC area and just unloading on then, but of course if you can get 4 kills you are doing good before you need to reload which usually results in a few quick deaths. I am working on my expert stuff now. Ss I said before, I am never going to get the heli/airplane medals. I have tried getting on mostly empty boards and just attempting to fly with the mouse---yeah right. I need to go buy a joystick.
  14. Playoff games down? Eh, I woulda been in also, but had to work on some websites I manage.Since I had 2 little ones--this was 3:30 to 7:30 am and then times during the day when the youngest was sleeping and my wife was here.
  15. I think I have played about 8 hours hand hurts.
  16. I finally got my Golden Scimitar last night and I am 1,500 away from my promotion at 20,000 (don't laugh). I am at a point where I am far away from most of the next level of badges/medal at this point. I still need basic Copter and Plane badges and I have no idea how I am ever going to get them. I installed Special Forces today--talk about a whole another world.
  17. I will be on sometime tonight. I need less than 2 hours USMC time for my medal. Funny story (you probably all won't think so) but I was playing early this morning at Kark and someone posts, "Wow, did you see who just entered the battle?" And this is followed by a bunch of people getting all giddy because Viox (who I have no idea who he/she is) is playing with us. Apparently he is the #2 ranked BF2 player. I just wanted to find him so I could kill him with a claymore or something. He left quickly.
  18. you just have to be quicker then them. It sucks, but its that simple. Grenades are another option, but that just makes you even slower. I only played support on bf2 for 15 hours to get the silver badge, and i can tell you that those guns are basically easy mode. If you cant rack up kills with the PKM, you need to go back to doom or duke nukem.Im assuming you are using the first medic unlockm the L85. Im not that familiar with that gun. The only thing i know is that it has alot of kick. Your best bet is probably to use more cover and work on your skills. Against the support guy, you are outgunned at any range, which sucks. and O yeah, for some ####### reason, my lag on 2142 is still totally unplayable. It has to be something with my internet. i think i may try moving my computer to the living room and playing with a hard connection to the router(playing on wireless right now.) Wireless just aint getting it done.Thanks for the advice.I had the most hillarious team kill last night. I was on top of one of the larger buildings in Kark sniping people, when I was killed and fell over the edge. As I am falling, I land on a guy from my team below and kill him.He punished me for it. Last night was fun because you could tell alot of people got the game for Christmas and there were a ton of noobs running around. Tonight should be good hunting as well.
  19. I got my 200th hour yesteday!! Getting close to the my 2 honors for 100 hrs with MEC/USMC. Sorry to keep asking these Noob questions, but I keep looking for advice on how to play better. I play medic or Spec Op most of the time and I am sick of being killed by Support guys. You see them run around a corner, you open up on them and it sure seems like I hit them 20 times, but yet they drop and shoot or worse yet, the dreaded spin and drop thing and sometimes kill me with one shot. I know the obvious is just to avoid them but when you are playing medic and up at the front reviving your team, you always run into them. BTW I am using the medic unlock gun.
  20. Apply for commander in a big map like Dragon Valley or Fushe Pass and sit it a jeep while commandingi just spent a round on Wake joy riding around the Airfield. Lots of fun trying to avoid tank fire.I know I am still way behind you all, as you can tell by my noob questions. I did get it though on one of the big maps. I just drove around in a jeep and then I parked it for a bit. Of course after 2-3 minutes the mods were flying over me in a heli wondering what I was doing.I also got my veteran knife yesterday not even using a board. There is something really wrong with me that I could go 6 kills 20 deaths and if 3 of those kills were knifes, I would be happy.With the snow day yesterday, I played 9 hours.
  21. A simple BF2 question--can someone give me advice on how to get the Basic Transport award? I mean 10 minutes in a transport moving troops?? I guess I could find a BIG map and just drive around and avoid troops or I could just go park somewhere away from the action, but that seems kind of like padding to me. Thoughts??
  22. We would kill them.We would send me running out front like a little girl, which would draw their fire. I could them be revived and I am sure I could rinse and repeat this routine for the entire game.If that didn't work, I am an excellent explosive finder. I am sure I could find any hidden mine or explosive with my feet.