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  1. I mean it is a "slam dunk" isn't it? Why hasn't this happened yet?
  2. I voted Trump--I say go for it. Let's get those hearings started tomorrow.
  3. Exactly!! One of major causes of house fires is dryers and built up lint (something like 2,900 fires a year are cause by this.) I never take that risk with my dryer. As far as the washer, I know there is the paranoia of the water line breaking, but I do not leave it running because I don't want my clothes stuck in there all wet. The dish washer I really don't care about. We have smart appliances so I can view their status when I am out, so that also buys piece of mind, but I don't think my dryer would send me an update saying "I am on fire!!" Our home alarm system would, I guess.
  4. Knowing the background info on his family, that is where I believe this is coming from. I believe they purposefully sent it to you to avoid him accidentally seeing it. Now, the question is why? Three possibilities: --Revenge against him for something he may have done to them. Maybe he has slighted one of them somehow and they are attempting to get back at him by damaging your opinion of him. This would entail them hoping you would open the letter. --Maybe they don't like your sister, so they are hoping to plant the seeds of his infidelity, so she leaves him and is gone from their family. --A complete left-field suggestion--She mailed the letter and is playing a practical joke on you. I say you just sit down with her and say I got something in the mail. I opened it without even looking at the address label (I do this all the time) and after you read it, you realized it was addressed to her. Be lighthearted and say you believe that this is probably a chain letter or someone's idea of a terrible practical joke, but you wanted her to see it. Her reaction will tell you all you need to know. Getting rid of this letter is something that will haunt you if her husband is actually cheating on her or abusive. At worst, she takes the letter and shows it to him and they have a discussion where he proclaims his innocence. At best, they both laugh it off and spend their time, like us here, figuring out who sent it. Don't play games and try and mail it again. The older I get, I realize lies beget lies.
  5. But he is doing his best for A$AP Rocky---so he has that going for him.
  6. Exactly--again (as I pointed out in another thread) typical FBGs follow and care about this stuff--the vast and I mean VAST majority of this country doesn't care. The economy is doing well. There are plentiful jobs. The average citizen has 600 channels to choose from and are concerned about which Bachelor is going to be kicked off. People are spending money and shopping. Every restaurant around me is packed every night and everyone has their faces in their phones. Sure there are issues that some are passionate about (healthcare, student loans, immigration, etc), but that will be addressed in the elections--not through political theater. Here is the other issue, I used to hate the MSM, but now I realize they have a done a great job trying to guarantee Trump another four years. I mean from the moment this guy announced his run--they have criticized (some very deservedly) every facet of him. His hair, his skin color, his voice, his hands, his clothes, his walk, his past. his speech. CNN I swear has a quota of hit pieces they must keep on their front page every day. The average citizen has lost the ability to be outraged because we have been told so many times THIS IS IT!! THIS IS THE SMOKING GUN THAT TAKES HIM DOWN!! Then what happens?? Nothing and the media moves on to the next outrage that we are supposed to finally care about.The American people are tired and numb from this. And now we are talking impeachment? Some of the posters on here are unclear on obstruction and we want the average person to "get it"? This will end up being another political sideshow that will go nowhere--result in nothing except voter apathy for the Democrats. I will make my own prediction because politicians are so easy to figure out. Dems will waste more time talking about this and do nothing. Dems, if they nominate Biden, will win the WH (anyone else and it gets interesting) and then spend the next two years making it their life's goal to get Trump prosecuted. This endeavor results in none of their promises they made their voters coming true during those two years. Meanwhile the economy corrects itself and we find ourselves on the cusp of another recession. Then the Republicans run the narrative for the next election on how the Dems tanked the economy. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Well, lets be honest here, if your question is "Did Trump lower black unemployment to its lowest level ever," then the answer is- yes. 6.0 (it actually fell to 5.9 at one point) is the lowest number ever I believe. Now if the question is, "Who had the largest impact on the black unemployment rate," then the answer is President Obama. Just being technical there.
  8. I will offer a different position. Impeachment does nothing for anyone but those looking to advance a political agenda. It turns a completely unlikable guy into a victim (this has been said before). Trump is seeing, if you believe polls, an uptick in popularity. The economy is still humming along. He plays the victim card like no one else. Impeachment proceedings just further that narrative and bring his prior voters, who may have been exhausted with his antics and may have stayed home, to come out and vote just to show those Democrats.. It will be a complete political circus and just a symbolic vote. The Dems simply do not have the votes to make this stick and the effort and diversion it creates plays right into his hands. If you want him to pay, you vote him out and go after him with, what so many of you believe, will be a slam dunk indictment when he is a citizen. Why waste time now with this complete clown show? The Dems need a turnout to win this election.They need to control the narrative, bring in the independents and advance their positions---political theater will not get you there. So many of you need to just step back and look at what the average voter thinks and not what the politically informed FBG thinks. Trump would love nothing more than let you take your eyes off the prize right now before the election and make this about him vs actual issues, which is what the voters care about. This election should be a slam dunk for the Dems. It is an uncontested layup. Show up and take out the most (IMO) unlikable president ever and then get your pound of flesh later, but I am guessing they will take the Trump bait and lose countless votes in the process. Today was a bad day for Dems. Mueller was bad--I mean epic badness there. Even when the Dems tried to throw him a softball question or two--he struggled. I felt really bad for him. This guy served his country. He has a brilliant legal mind, but what went down today was not fair to him at all.
  9. Then why are you in here defending/making excuses for her. Just curious.....
  10. we buy our "numbers" in the local lottery each week. $2 a week. I mean why not?
  11. Yeah, this wouldn't work with my family My teenage daughters believe staying in a 3 star hotel is camping
  12. I admit I recorded the show and FF through a lot of it. Poor Flair it looked like he had a wardrobe malfunction and was stuck holding up his pants
  13. Not at Walmart. We put our order in the night before. We pick our time frame--which is an hour time span. We get an email the next morning telling us if there were any items missing and that the order is ready. We reply on the app we are on the way. When we get in the parking lot, it prompts us to tell them what spot we are in and boom, food is brought out. We have done it dozens of times and it always has been smooth, plus it is free to use.
  14. The Media is helping Trump's reelection efforts immensely. Every time they interview THE SQUAD or AOC makes some random statement and they feature it front and center on their sites, it just gives Trump ammo and drives Moderates away. Pelosi is doing all she can trying to keep these four from being the face of the party because she knows it hurts 2020, but these ladies haven't met a camera they didn't like and they are making her job impossible. Right now CNN has a headline with the word Squad in it. They really believe this is a winning strategy.
  15. Just finished picking up groceries at Walmart---I love their order ahead and pick up service. Walmart prices without Walmart people is what I say. Plus it is amazing how much fluff we would end up buying when we physically went in the store. Then it is Pokemon time with my daughter. Followed by grilling and beer drinking tonight and the start of a nine day stay-cation. Life is good!!
  16. This one was hit or miss for my wife and I. The first two stories really were meh.....but the last story and the end were well done.
  17. Watched this last night with the family.It had its moments I must say. The acting was pretty bad, but it was pretty creepy. My biggest complaint is it felt like a shot for shot rip-off of Grave Encounters. which is a movie we really liked.
  18. I don't think it will do amazing. I mean the original SJ was unique in that it had the blending of animation and real life (ala Who Framed Roger Rabbit). That was something that brought viewers in even if you were not basketball fans. Now we know SJ2 will be a CGI-fest. Heck tampon commercials have CGI in them--so this is not something new that will wow people. The first SJ franchise brought in 6 BILLION in revenue. When SJ came out it was at the height of a player driven NBA. They were celebrating their 50th anniversary. You had Jordan, Barkley, Shaq, a young Kobe. You had the Bulls trying to make history. This was an exciting time for the NBA. Now, the NBA is exciting for another reason--player movement. Don't get we wrong, I am a big NBA fan, so this year is going to be great to watch, but back then everyone could identify Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Dennis Rodman and Magic. How many current NBA stars could the average, non-NBA diehard person identify picture wise, outside of LBJ, Curry, maybe Harden (because of the beard)? There just isn't that non-fan attraction to this movie. Here is biggest thing. MJ vs LBJ. MJ embraced the Looney Toons role. He was charismatic and easily the most identifiable athlete in history. He was funny and could pull off self-deprecating and do comedy. People liked MJ. Lebron is different. He is an amazing player, but he is not likable. IMO he takes himself way too seriously. Sure he is extremely popular but no where near MJ level. I just think this is a big mistake for LBJ to try this. It smells of him following in the footsteps of MJ and he can't. There is only one MJ.
  19. I have 6: Mantine Whiscash Onix Lapras Vaporeon Jynx I have always been a big IV watcher and would scan anything that I caught that appraised as amazing. I have 640 guys in my Dex and every one of them has a number and letter next to their name. With the addition of Shadow Pokemons in this latest update, I am going to have to expand my storage, but I haven't seen one yet. Last weekend the Entei raid was insane here. There were 2500-3000 people gathered downtown around the museum playing. I caught 2 shiny ones. The Mudkip event is this weekend. We have a very active Pokemon community here.
  20. This movie is going to stink. A Lebron vanity project as he continues to try and follow in MJ's footsteps isn't going to be good at all.
  21. I have lived in Colorado Springs--now Fountain all my life. My wife and I are the rare natives. We love it here, but I have to tell you the last couple years have really tested our patience. First of all--traffic. I am a very fast driver, but in the past 3-4 years something has happened where I am now the slow guy on the road. The growth of the city has brought so many new people in from other places and all of them seem to need to go 20-30 over the speed limit at all times. My wife is a careful, slow driver and not a day goes by she isn't getting honked at. Last year was a record year for people being killed on our roads and we are set to match/pass it this year. Marijuana---yeah, I know everyone is all Wow it is legal--how exciting. The moment it became legal, the number of homeless people in our town exploded 10 fold. You can't go downtown anymore. Every corner has a peddler on it. Crime has gone way up. Illegal grow houses are everywhere.I had one two houses up from me and we are in a nice neighborhood. Weather--last summer our house was destroyed by hail. I mean baseball-softball sized monsters. We had to spend 40 days in a hotel while our house was rebuilt. This year we haven't had them that big, but the last storm broke out all the window effects and sunroof on my Tahoe. My wife's car is like someone took a small hammer to every inch of it. We had zero car payments last year. We now have two. We have been told this is a ten year cycle and we are now in year three. We are not going to replace cars every year. Our house has doubled, almost tripled, in value and we have a nice sum built up in equity. I am turning 50 in two days and plan to retire in 3 years. My wife can retire in seven. We have one daughter in college and one a sophomore in HS. When we retire we are seriously thinking about selling and moving somewhere quiet like Idaho or even Wyoming. We live in a world of Amazon where anything can be delivered via a simple keystroke. I won't miss all this nonsense.
  22. My wife wanted so badly to believe this movie, but she loves the Dybbux box stories and movies, so I will give her a pass.