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  1. I trip walking a couple times a week over things in my house that I know are there. All it would take is one slip and it is over for this guy on the rock. Just crazy.
  2. Yep, my common pleco keeps getting bigger and bigger. If i don't clean that tank every 5-7 days, it gets messy. Didn't think i would get a 60 gallon tank for one fish. As I mentioned in another thread, the odd thing is she is best friends with our little kitty. We set up a bar stool next the tank and she comes out and sits there right with him and then swims back and forth. I think she believes he is a fish and our kitty doesn't know what she is .
  3. I am behind watching this, but that Mandy match looked like a botched ending. Just seemed out of sync there...
  4. Love our Prime, but found out our account was hacked and we had 4 different monthly memberships charged to our account over 30 days. Luckily my wife caught it because there were apparently some other charges they tried that Amazon kicked back. Apparently this happens often because they were like no problem we will just refund all the charges back to your account.
  5. Hang in there, Ray. We are pulling for you and your big guy. I don't mean to be a Debbie-Downer. At the top of this page, I wrote about our 4 month old boy Alford and his diagnosis of FIP. Two days after my post, he had a series of seizures and we lost him. Well, we have been sitting around on pins and needles because we have his brother and FIP tends to be contagious. Autry is this amazing, little kitty. He just is a love bug and freely shares a cuddle with anyone. He can sit, give his paw, beg and we are working on fetch. He never really was shown how to be a cat, so he kind of gets everything wrong. When he gets excited, especially when it is time to eat or play, his tail becomes huge--like a little pine tree. This is something you usually see when a cat is scared or mad. His best friend in the world is our huge pleco fish. It is like a Disney flick with these two. She is alone in her big 60 gallon tank and I believe she thinks he is another fish and I think he believes she is some kind of cat. These two are inseparable. She is nocturnal, but when she sees him (we put a bar stool up next to the tank), she comes and sits right in front of him no matter what time it is. She swims back and forth in front of him and he talks and chirps to her. Just insane how much both of them are so excited to see one another. Our guy has been having just one bout of diarrhea like every 3 days or so. We have tried to switch up food, but it still persists. We know he is underweight, but we weren't sure if it was just his breed or if he is just a little kitty. We took him to the vet today. He weighs 3 pounds (despite eating us out of house and home) and he should be closer to 8 pounds. The vet is very concerned about him. We ran tests and they have eliminated some things. We have to bring a poop sample in Monday and I am just praying they tell us he has a parasite/worm that we can get rid of. If that test comes back negative, then he gets more blood work and x-rays and things are probably going to be bad. They say liver or kidney failure could be the obvious culprit. The 1000 pound elephant in the room is if the x-rays show fluid anywhere, it could mean he too has FIP and it just hasn't advanced to the terminal level yet. The family is just reeling here. This just can't happen again....
  6. Watched this last night with my wife. Just amazed at this. I mean, this was a full on commit--he couldn't just stop half way up and say I quit. The one thing they didn't show is how does he get down.
  7. Yeah I am in the 40ish range, but I only drink Coors Light so that probably equates to probably around 20 or so real drinks.
  8. I loved John Waite’s Change maybe because the video was played so much.
  9. These Raw backstage soap opera vignettes are just cringeworthy
  10. I had a friend who just couldn't handle drinking. He would get sloppy drunk and then go to depressed mode or extremely happy mode. One night he called me and asked if I could meet him at Red Robin. We sat at the bar and he told me he had had enough. He said he was going to kill himself and that he just bought a shotgun, which was in his car. Well I spend the better part of an hour drinking with him excusing myself every few minutes to go call anyone I could find in our group of friends to come help me. Red Robin kicks us out because he is so wasted. We get to the parking lot and I am trying to stall for time. I am doing all I can to keep him with me and just as I am pretty much out of hope, a mall security guard, who is just going on shift, walks by his car and I say, "Sir, my friend has a gun and I need help." Then at the same moment, my friend's brother shows up. You could tell the security guard wanted none of this and just let my friend go with his brother. The funny part is he told me he needed me to take the gun. So we take a gun from one drunk guy to give to another drunk guy really wasn't a good application of logic on his part I must say. His family filed an involuntary commitment case and he went to detox for a bit and then a treatment facility. When he came out, he said he felt ostracized by our group of friends because we all played pool and drank. No matter how much we told him it was okay, we didn't judge him, and to just come with us, he just felt weird being around us. Well he found NA beer and it really helped him get over that. We would play poker or go fishing and he would bring his N/A and he said it made him feel like one of the guys. So I can really see how this would help alcoholics.
  11. The way they should have worked this is have 4-5 people be out there on the island, back at camp do a tribe swap and just as everyone is looking around at who their new tribe mates are, have the 5 outsiders come walking down the beach and be a third tribe. The reaction would be priceless. They would have to do a couple weeks where two tribes went to tribal just so the game didn't stretch out too far.
  12. T-Pain has an amazing voice. My daughter showed me this awhile ago Link
  13. We have a 19 year old daughter in her second year of college as a bio major. She is technically a Senior at this point, but with the way the labs she needs fall out, she has to go the full four years to get her degree. I am going to be 60k in debt when she gets out, but she will have a bio major and a chem/math minor. She has already been approached for internships, which she hopes will lead to a chunk of her masters getting paid for. All through high school she was the overachiever--top of her class, president of everything type kid. Our other daughter is 14 and in high school. She just announced she is going to enter the medical program they offer there--it is a series of accelerated AP math/science classes that gets them a chunk of college credit. She is also an overachiever and is doing things her older sister never did as far as getting honors and awards at an even younger age. She wants to go to med school and I can't even tell you how scary the prospect of having to help her pay for that is. She won't admit it, but she is driven to be better than her sister--I know it. I say these things not to brag (well a little ), but I believe I failed my kids on some level. We have always encouraged them to do their very best (my wife is a little more persistent in this). We are definitely not helicopter or alpha type parents that scream and push them. Frankly we serve as more of the brake for these girls--who always want to be pushing the gas pedal. I know I have always said to them ""You do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do in life." My 19 year old never slept in high school and my other daughter already is going some nights without sleep just due to volume of homework they are given. Where I hurt is my 19 year old was just recently placed on anxiety meds and my 14 year old, I can see, will soon be going down this path. I just see what this "drive to be the best" is doing to them and I don't know how to make it stop. We let our daughter stay home this morning for the first three periods because she was exhausted from homework the last two nights. She needed sleep. As it is, she will be at the school all Saturday for drama practice. Ironically as I write this, my wife texted me and because we let her stay home, she missed turning in a paper and her A is now a D. My girl will now be regretting trading sleep for turning that paper in I can already see it. I mean, the competition among female teenagers for college admissions is brutal. I keep telling her it doesn't matter where you get your undergrad--get in, get out with as little debt as you can and go from there, but she has her heart set on Stanford. I know this isn't realistic, but I can't crush her dreams. Her clique she runs with is all these little, teenage girls who spend their days worrying about who is what class rank.. They are freshmen---that is insane. I am proud of my girls, but I am sad for them...I just hate that feeling....
  14. I have been "detained" twice, but luckily both times I didn't get charged..... My life really could have turned out differently.
  15. My daughter's high school sent us an email about this yesterday. It really is a catch 22 because if the school doesn't say anything about it and a kid gets hurt, then parents will be up in arms. On the other hand, my daughter came home today and told us that a lot of the kids are getting involved in this and it is all they are talking about. So the email basically just drew attention to this thing and now the kids ARE going to do it.
  16. The press are the ones trying to turn the Westbrook thing into something. It doesn't matter. The Nugs handled their business and got a little separation from OKC
  17. Unless LE has airtight evidence in these girls being victims of trafficking and Kraft being aware of this, then it sounds like he is more than likely going to get offered a Diversion type program where he will pay a fine and do community service and the case gets dismissed. That is standard for first time offenders with zero criminal history. He may not even have to make a court appearance as a lot of low level misdemeanor pleas are handled through your attorney. Of course since this is being portrayed as this major sex trafficking bust, the public perception will be that he got off easy as he is a rich white guy. When in fact, it sounds like it is standard operating procedure in a lot of states. I don’t pretend to know all the details of the case, but a few things jump out against the LE. You are so concerned about these girls being used and abused, but you continue to film them having to perform day after day rather than arresting prior to the act? That just seems a little unsettling. The second thing was the made up traffic stop on Kraft just to obtain his identity through his driver license. I don’t think Kraft will push these issues as he just wants it to go away, but just things I see that are odd.
  18. I ate a tube of Thin Mints and had a six pack of Coors Light. I despise these shows and will hate myself in the morning, but sitting with my 14 year old daughter watching this was a ton of fun.
  19. His stand up specials on Netflix are awesome...
  20. Just watched that last night finally and Gaga just blew my family away in that movie. Her voice is just off the hook.
  21. My family recycles everything we can. Our recycle roll-away is full every week, while our garbage roll-away is practically empty--maybe two bags. Some suggestions: Eliminate junk mail including political mailings Provide people with reusable grocery bags with this paid for by taxes on single use items--plastic grocery bags are one of the biggest problems out there and should be eliminated. Offer incentives for people to recycle: my old trash company used to have a great program where they would come weigh our can as they dumped it each week and then based on the weight, we got points, which could be exchanged for gift cards to Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. They got lazy and started giving everyone the same points each month, which resulted in the rewards drying up. They then raised their prices and we left for another company. This program is the type of thing that would encourage recycling.