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  1. Really trying to like this game, but I am settling into this uncool pattern. Completely load up on magic at work and then come home and watch it all disappear. I really wish they would do an hourly replenish--even just a little amount per hour so you could keep playing. With Pokemon Go my daughter and I have this little loop we can do where we can hit 7-8 stops close around my house in the car with my wife driving (yeah, I am lazy), As I mentioned above, on HP only one of these stops is an actual Inn. Two are greenhouses and the rest are nothing, which I find really weird. So I am basically SOL when I come home as far as playing. I bought the expansion so I have 85 as my magic limit, but I can't imagine if on PG if all I could carry would be that few balls. I have begun to run from adventures now if they are just unneeded items, so as to not waste magic. I went into one of the Wizard Challenges today and that was sort of fun. I was kicking butt and killing guys/spiders left and right, but you guessed, it right in the middle of the final fight, I run out of magic. Ugghh..... I also don't quite understand the greenhouse mechanics yet. It doesn't seem like it does much of anything earth-shattering. I tried putting three Dark Detectors in the Inn at my office and all these cool things started appearing, I caught something i didn't have, but then the next two were impossible to catch and I wasted a ton of magic trying to get them before they finally dissipated. It is fun, but not sure it is a daily play game like PG still is for my daughter and I.
  2. 3-4 days- max, but I use the "when in doubt, throw it out" mantra.
  3. Reading--I have so many books I have bought and haven't started Video Games--ugghhh, I love to buy and just don't find/have the time to play. Exercise--I am so out of shape, but too lazy to fix this. I have really started to become a Debbie Downer. I am going to turn 50 next month, I have a chronic illness as a Type One Diabetic that I have had for the past 43 years and I know the clock is ticking on me. I find myself just content--yeah that is the best word "content". I have been with my wife since the end of high school and I have spent all these years just trying to be the best husband. I have watched most of my friends/siblings gets divorced and my wife and I are one of the last ones standing. When my girls were born, I focused on being the best dad I could be, regardless of what I may have wanted selfishly as an individual. When they would succeed, I vicariously accept it as "my Mt. Everest" or "my Indy 500 victory." Now, don't get me wrong--I regret nothing--I am beyond blessed in what I have. It just is starting to hit home when I watch something simple like a documentary--I see these guys on there that are "experts" on a subject and I am just in awe because, even if I start now, I will never have half the knowledge those guys have on this subject. Something simple, I collect sports cards and when I look at my collection, I know there are cards I will never own (unless I win the lottery that is) . There are places I never will travel to--it just never will happen with the time I have left. I have started measuring my life in moments of maybe this will be the "x" time I ever do this. When I bought my last car, I started thinking, I may only do this 2-3 more times in my life I mean, I can't believe I am alone in thinking this way. I know most would call this a mid-life crisis but considering my diagnosis where I was told if I got to 50, I would be lucky, I don't see it in the vein. When we were young, the world was so open and amazing and as you get older, you settle into a routine because you have to survive and succeed. I have a great life, but the older you get, life really becomes a funnel.
  4. I was tired of sitting at the zero magic, so I bought the house intro thing for $1.99 and got the gold, magic and spells. I then used the gold To upgrade my Vault storage for ingredients and magic because I was maxed out on ingredients and couldn’t pick up anymore
  5. Several of the pokestops that are closest to me are greenhouses in HP
  6. Played today off and on. Few observations, they are going to have to do something about the spell energy. I mean, when you are out--you are basically dead in the water unless you can find an inn. My neighborhood is pretty dry when it comes to that--all we have is a greenhouse about 1/4 of a mile away and the inn is closer to a mile away. In Pokemon there are others options around me. Fights in HP are not hard to find, but if you run into a tough battle, you can be drained quickly. My suggestion would be for some (even if it was a slow amount) of energy to be restored hourly. My daughter hasn't played today because she ran out and being she just had her tonsil surgery 48 hours ago, she isn't moving from her bed. She is frustrated because there are plenty of encounters to have, but (barring me buying energy) she is out of luck. The thing that makes Pokemon Go so great is it feeds on the desire of having to catch them all. People want to fill out their Dex and the characters were fun to catch. Right now in HP we have things like random Slytherin student as one of the collectibles--big deal. I think this is going to be a big problem keeping players interested. I feel they are trying to set the table for this bigger story of what is going on, but I tend to click by a lot of those conversation bubbles because this is a casual game--not an RPG. That being said, I do like the RPG features with the skill trees and the potion ingredients. Maybe I am wrong, but I wonder if Niantic didn't plan on Pokemon Go's staying power. I am not a fanboy of Pokemon as a whole, but I am pretty much a day one Go player and I have played most every day for even just a few minutes. Today I went and picked up a couple things for my wife and I had the app on just to keep my streak and get a few stops. I clicked it off and turned HP on. There were no nearby inns, but there were many battles. I ended up going back to Pokemon Go for the drive home. I just think they are competing for the same group of players and Pokemon is ultimately going to win that--especially with the next Gen release on the horizon. I wouldn't want them to kill PG off, but one of the ways they could have created temporarily less interest in it, would have been to open the floodgates for harder to get monsters say three months ago. There are multiple ones I am still trying for . This would have created an artificial lull, release HP and then come back with the new gen of Pokemon around Christmas. Oh well, just my initial impressions so far.
  7. I didn't get to post earlier about how sorry I was to hear this, Ray. You can rest easy at night knowing you did everything you could for him with all your efforts you shared on here. You are a great cat dad. Mattyl hang in there...kidney disease is just so terrible because their minds are still so willing, but their bodies just won't cooperate.
  8. I grilled up some Beyonds a couple weeks ago. They were pretty good, but they clearly don’t look like a regular burger—pre cooked at least. My family liked them though.
  9. Can't think of a more miserable person that makes me want to change the channel every time she comes on.
  10. Not blown away by this game yet. Admittedly I am only level 5. I already feel like it is little repetitive. I am lucky in that my office sits in that middle of three inns (same as Pokemon). I will give it a chance. My code if anyone wants it; 9621-4868-7722
  11. Yep--as a huge collector still, I have to pause at what I buy due to the costs. The companies try and produce lower end products for kids, but with the odd of 1--10000000 of getting an insert of some type, most kids are not interested in buying it. I miss fireworks. Every year in my youth, we bought tons of dumb and dangerous stuff and had fun. Now, they are beyond illegal, but worse yet, my adult mind has hooked in and I am worried about fires and liability. I wish social media didn't exist--the drama my teenage daughters have subjected themselves to is insane.
  12. yeah really dusty here---wow, glad for ESPN to showcase great dads instead of the past love affair with the idiot Ball Sr.
  13. I hope so. what I have read (and as Joe posted in his example) is the most prevalent pattern in the recovery process is at the 4-7 day mark, things tend to get a little weird for some reason. Every kid is different, so we can only control what we can. I am lucky to have a wife of 30 years who is off for the summer and able to be there every minute with me.
  14. In my daughter's case she had tubes inserted and Adenoids removed when she was three after bout after bout of ear infections. She was really a sick kid back then. Fast forward--she started having sore throat after sore throat in early 2018. We would take her in and the doc's would say the same thing--tonsillitis, Script for amoxicillin--move on. Rinse and repeat. What kind of moved us forward was, during one of her monthly orthodontists appointments (she got braces last summer) , the doc expressed concerns about how swollen her tonsils were. He actually used the term, "It looks like she is breathing through a straw back there." She snored something terrible and we know she never slept soundly. We got the appointment with the ENT specialist in April and he said her tonsils were at a 3+ on a scale of 4+ and he said she is definitely a candidate for surgery. My daughter is active in drama--she got a lead as a freshman this year. She has an amazing voice (yeah I am biased) and is in the top honor choir at her high school. She was struggling to keep up with all this. Believe me, we were in no hurry to have this done, but she made the decision that she couldn't endure another year of sore throats and doctor visits, so that is how we arrived here. You last statement is a fear of mine--I see too many stories of people talking about how they got hooked on something after surgery. It worries me big time
  15. Thanks for the advice all. She has thrown up twice now since coming home. We have tried to just tell her they said that this could be a normal reaction to the anesthesia, but I can't imagine how much that must hurt with her throat that raw. If this persists, I am going to get a little concerned because that is impacting her hydration and we may need to make a call. She is scheduled for another round of meds here in 90 minutes and I want to make sure there is something in her stomach before giving it. Going to try and let her sleep a bit--this could be a long night.
  16. The island is doable with the parameters as spelled out and knowing what washes up all the time (see Alone--the tv show) you could find something to make your life better. The key would be finding some form of cutting utensil to help build a shelter and get a fire going. Now this is coming from a guy who is a Type One Diabetic and I take four shots a day. I would be the shortest lived contestant in either environment---"Oh look Jester died. Oh well."
  17. It is Hydrocod/Acetaminophen 7.5-325/15 ml with her getting 11.25 ml every 4-6 hours. They said that didn't want the scabs to get coated too early is what the rationale was.
  18. Went in at 6:00 and she was home by 9:00. Just amazing the modern medical world we live in. I bought a couple dozen Powerade bottles, a bunch of those flavored waters, jello, Popsicles, Gogo fruit. We were told to stay away from dairy for 48 hours, but we have pudding and ice cream as well. The doctor wants her eating solid (really soft food) by tomorrow. The nurse told us this is one of the worst surgeries to recover from--especially for a teenager. They prescribed her a big time pain-killer--Hydrocod. When I went to pick it up yesterday, the pharmacist actually took me aside and warned me how powerful this stuff is and was concerned about the dosage being prescribed. When I addressed that with the surgeon this morning, he said he actually prescribed her less than what he normally does just because of her age. He was also sort of pissed and said, "What is it with these pharmacists who want to be doctors?" It is an Oxy based liquid so that worries me and I want her off it as soon as possible, but the doctor said you have to stay in front of the pain and she will be miserable for 10-14 days. Any FBGs have experience with this surgery. Are we missing something we didn't buy?
  19. And don't forget the liverwurst trees?? Have to have that....
  20. you forgot "Can you find a way to get Chris Paul to us? Come'on, you have done that before with him."
  21. Okay, but now you are changing the conditions here. You said you are wanted worldwide and everyone would extradite you. To get to that level of wanted status, there is no way I am an average inmate and not hated. To be "wanted world-wide" would mean, while buck naked, with the exception of 1000 swastikas etched on my body, I fed twin babies to a killer whale at Sea World as hundreds of tourists looked on in horror. I then posed as the whale's trainer and broke him out of Sea World, but not before attaching a thermonuclear weapon to its back. I then rode that big whale all the way into Orlando, whilst dropping copious amount of plastic straws and single use water bottles into the sea, and then detonated said bomb. Did I mention this is where the Summer Games, the Special Olympics, Puppy Bowl 42 and a UN Conference all are taking place at the same time? Yeah, that would get me world-wide wanted, hated and probably shanked in the first five minutes of being in general population. Thus my choice of a sweet island home.
  22. I am guessing the big guy that got seriously injured (and cheap-shotted by the guy they are all looking for) was the coach that came to the kid’s defense.
  23. Do I have a volleyball? This is important in what I choose.