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  1. I am not a vet, but maybe some kitten wet food would be in order. They are high in protein and have a lot of fatty stuff that regular adult wet doesn't. I am guessing he has lost some weight and these are good in the weight gain department. You have to follow the medical regiment, but you have to balance his mental well-being too and that may mean a little treat here and there to keep him happy--even if it is just a little taste on the tip of your finger for him.
  2. You hang in there Ray. We went through this with our almost 20 year old Russian Blue. He was diagnosed around age 16-17 and we got three more years from him. Ice in his water bowl--maybe a water fountain to encourage fluid intake. We had the science diet special kidney food. It sounds like your guy is a little further on, but positive vibes(no matter how you feel inside) are important. Cats really can sense how you are feeling. Just lots of love and spoil him however you can...take care, man.
  3. It doesn't matter. Here is the bottom line: Kap went in with a cause. That cause is gone. He took money in lieu of proving his point and he signed (what I am guessing) a settlement that pretty much silences any further dissenting points he may make. Think about it--if he saw this through--it possibly could have undone the CBA. It would have changed the NFL in ways no one could imagine, but Kap chose the $$. The NFL (a multi-billion dollar entity) guaranteed this problem is gone, gone, gone.---40-60-80 million is chump change for this problem to be done with. Tomorrow we wake up---the NFL goes on and Kap never sees the inside of an NFL stadium unless he buys a ticket. All this drama to die with a whimper basically has to be a slap in the face of Kap believers. He made a stand only to have his silence bought. Squis, you deserve a metal for your unwavering faith. I only hope Kap continues his philanthropy with his new found riches and helps the causes like he has before.
  4. They may not be physically driving them out--but the whole tax the rich mantra that AOC and her types support sure doesn't help matters; Rich people fleeing NYC in droves
  5. Oh I know man. I think they will somehow be okay after this. I just find it funny all the articles trying to make it seem like they won this one and Amazon is the one who will regret this. But I do think a bigger point is the demonization of rich people/companies that is kind of the calling card of the Progressives. I thought this was a brief, but interesting take on that. MSN article
  6. There just is no way this can be spun as anything but a loss for NYC and ultimately for AOC. At the end of the day, Amazon will go somewhere else and continue to make billions and billions of dollars. There are 25k high-paying jobs not coming NYC's way and the resulting taxes, new restaurants, entertainment options that would have been a direct result of these 25k jobs are not coming back. Further, you have the fall out from all the peripheral real estate deals that are going to go away as well MSN was reporting on all the million dollar real estate deals that were set to be signed that now just disappeared. So I get MT's point that this area will ultimately become occupied with other businesses, but how long will that take? The biggest misrepresentation is to presume that they just saved 3 billion dollars by not doing this deal like AOC seems to want people to believe. It wasn't like she was writing a 3 billion dollar check to Amazon. It was tax breaks--it was land deals. Yet she somehow wants her voters to believe that she will now be able to spend this money on things for them--which is a bold face lie. She can now answer to the couple living paycheck to paycheck or the single mother who could have really used one of these jobs and tell them, "Wow we showed them." Worse yet, she has now crossed a pretty powerful Democrat in Cuomo and she has already earned the ire of Pelosi. I like her enthusiasm. I am all for more government intervention in environmental projects. We need to start getting things done now. So I have nothing against her on those fronts. I have this sinking feeling that she is being allowed to run around and do this stuff because the established old guard likes to see how much she bugs Trump. Here is the problem, we are less than two years of Trump probably being gone and at that point she will have outlived her usefulness. Tim is right the GOP is going to use the progressive platform against the Dems, which is ultimately going to see more Dems go to the middle and that leaves her as the outlier within her own party.
  7. Wrong. The police showed up to stop this guy after he was shooting at his co-workers.
  8. I have been in his store many times because I buy sports memorabilia. The bottom line is his prices were fairly high. His location in the mall was terrible-he was located in a side area next to an area rug shop and a nail salon that just didn’t see much foot traffic. The size of his store was huge. I can’t imagine how much rent he was paying for that space. That mall is struggling as Sears is closing now and they already lost the JcPennys and Borders years ago. I have never met the owner, but if I had to guess, he did the whole Kap angle to try and get some (heck any) business to his store.
  9. Oh come on--now you are just making excuses for this guy. An ACL?? You don't need a good ACL to make speeches, Squis. His career is all but over now--his only hope is to get a payday from the NFL settlement to remain relevant. BUT and this a big BUT (assuming he actually "wants" to play in the NFL), if he goes out there and is everything you believe he is and tears up the AAF (or heck is even competent), it just bolsters his claim that he should be in the NFL and the owners colluded against him. It would also give him a bigger platform to make this point.
  10. Well as long as they both keep making these rookie mistakes, they sure aren’t helping themselves. Omar’s statements last week regarding full time, 40 hour a week McDonald’s employees makjng just $7,000 a year is kinda of real easy to disprove. Both her and AOC need to take a few plays off and get their feet under them if they want to have any staying power.
  11. Easily one of my favorite things to do. I wish I could win the lottery so I could just stay home and cook for the wife and kids. I meal plan on Saturday, put the order in at Walmart and do the pick up on early Sunday morning. This saves us a ton of money BTW. You get the Walmart prices without the Walmart "experience" and you resist any fluff purchases. I won't buy meat or produce from them--so I usually stop at the local market for those items. Just got a new grill that I can't wait to get going. Sunday is always a Crock pot meal so leftovers abound for the week. My wife does the baking for the family as it obviously calls for more precise measurements of ingredients, while my idea of measuring anything I prepare is the palm of my hand or a pinch of something. This will be a fun thread.
  12. Paying for my daughter's college trip to Belize which is $3,500 Buying new glasses for both daughters. Putting the rest towards Vegas this summer to celebrate our 50th birthdays (wife and me)
  13. Was a big fan of her in Grease and Xanadu. I think the first was Pinky Tuscadero and her younger sister Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days.
  14. Yeah I have noticed the problems as well . It sucks because I have a large deposit to make this morning and liabilities coming out against it next week. They better fix this.
  15. Yep. Return received yesterday. Wife spending it as we speak
  16. It was safe. The NFL needed safe and if in the process they could throw out a bone to lure in some female fans, that much better. There was nothing they could do that would have made everyone happy--especially being in the middle of such a boring game. Next year--they should just have two big college marching bands go at it in a battle of the bands type thing.
  17. I agree with this. People are just busting your balls because of Lebron's arrogance in this whole thing. The whole I am going to LA and help build a team thing, when in fact it appears he wants to win NOW. I mean we are not even at the All-Star Break and we have rumors of a coaching change and dissension in the locker room. How would you feel if you were one of these young guys who Lebron said he wanted to work with and recently called "My guys," yet he is actively working behind the scenes to move on from? Plus you have ESPN letting us know every time Lebron takes a poop or shares a thought on something that drives people to dislike him. And you have the whole LA Lakers' mystique and they are frankly easy to hate like the Patriots. I know, I am a Nuggets fan. How many times has Denver lost to you guys? So it is fun to rib you over your team's dysfunction right now. It will all work out and at least makes for an interesting trade deadline.
  18. I love Magic threatening to break off talks if the Pelicans don’t show a willingness to engage in trade talks with LA. Hey Magic: you have zero leverage here.
  19. I mean who couldn’t see this coming? Father Time is knocking for Lebron. All that nonsense him and the Lakers were spinning at the beginning of the year about being patient and building a team, was laughable. We all knew LeBron didn’t come to LA to not try and get another ring. The problem for James IMO is he is in the West and just bringing in AD won’t be enough. If you empty the cupboard of all the young talent including future #1s what are you left with? He needs a deeper team around him to make a run.
  20. It was a safe show. I was waiting for Luda or the corpse of Mick Jaggar to come out. My wife and teenage daughter loved it
  21. We really were excited for this movie after watching the trailer, but this movie was not good at all. Too much “art-speak”, not enough scares and just a mess. It actually took my wife and I two nights to finish it.