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  1. I say if it is organized and something you love, then go for it. We were into collecting Dvd's and we probably have 1200 of them or so. They are worth about zero right now, but they are organized and look good in our basement-gaming area. I have a large number of video game systems in their original boxes and their accompanying games also in their boxes with docs.Those can fetch some value. I have two rooms dedicated to sports cards in our basement that I wish were better organized. I would buy, sort, but not always keep track of what I have. Also I purchased several large collections and it just got away from me. It is not uncommon for me to open a 5000 count box and go, "Oh, I forgot I had this auto." One thing that I regret is my brother (who is ten years older than me) used to buy every Atari 2600 game for him and I to play back late 70's early 80's. I mean we had probably close to 200 games in their boxes with full instructions. My parents made him take them when he got married. His marriage took some bad turns and he fell into some substance abuse issues. I asked him what ever happened to them and he said he just lost track of them. He wasn't sure if he just pitched them out or pawned them. Ugghhh.....
  2. I agree and the chances of them catching anyone is next to zero. The stores write things off--the CC companies write things off and then pass the costs to law abiding consumers. My wife had it happen to her at Target. I mean someone was using our account on the East coast within hours of her being at the store. Earlier this year, I discovered I was paying for 3-4 other Amazon prime memberships.
  3. We had a bunch of items piling up that I just wanted out of my garage. Stuff that we had just basically bought new/different versions of and didn't need anymore. The wife "Let's have another garage sale" Forget that noise, I put it all out in the driveway this morning with a big free sign. It is amazing how quick people respond to "free". Granted it was some decent stuff--lawnmower, two end tables, a grill, weed eater, etc...but wow, they didn't last two hours out there. Of course. the wife is like "See, we could have received some money for these items."
  4. When our house was destroyed by hail last year and we were in a hotel for most of the summer, we had repair crews in our house for probably 3 months. We left their signs up while the work was being done and removed them when it was all completed.
  5. This was one of those things I could do blindingly fast when I was younger--now, at close to 50, I just know better
  6. Just saw it---I hate to say it, but you become kind of numb with as many kills as there were (167 unofficial count). The movie needs to be seen again just to appreciate the level of choreography in those fight sequences. Just for comparison: John Wick--91 kills John Wick 2--119 kills
  7. Unsubscribed from the Network and really not watching at this point, but I did read some reviews this morning. I love the one that said "Way to go WWE--have a proclaimed racist go down and beat up a bunch of Hispanic wrestlers." I mean why was Lars even on that show? It is not like he is a big talent that they couldn't do without. I really wish the AEW PPV was cheaper. I won't shell out that much $$ and I bet a lot of others feel the same. It makes me concerned for their future if they are already on such a shoe-string budget they have to charge that much. They should have put it at 19.99 (even if it meant taking a reduced profit or even a loss) just to get people in the door for their product.
  8. We are right on the edge of the severe storm area in Colorado, but the meteorologists here are still warning of a chance for big storms this afternoon (wind/hail/lightning), but then tonight we may get 1-3 inches of snow. Run the A/C one day---had to turn the heater back on this morning. Crazy spring weather... edit--as I am typing this our first round of heavy rain and small hail just hit.
  9. I really need to win the lottery so I can retire and stay home. I just have no time to game. I own every gaming system and I have multiple games I have bought that are still sealed. I bought RDR2 and I just couldn't get into it--it was so slow and boring. I went back and played GTA5 and that was fun but again so immersive, I didn't scratch the surface on it. I have the newest Forza. Again huge game--no time invested in it. I bought Days Gone launch day, played for two hours and I haven't been able to get back to it. I never finished Skyrim. I have the Witcher 3 sitting there sealed. It is frustrating.....
  10. I have been madly trying to binge watch this show. Last night was my first time seeing the Battle of the Bastards--just an amazing episode (like most of you don't know that already), but I have to watch that again before moving on to episode 10 of season six.
  11. Kraft's "special" legal team isn't the reason this case is going to go away. What they filed wasn't just a remedy available to rich guys.. Public Defenders and Pro Bono attorneys file Motions to Suppress by the boatloads every week and they prevail just as much as big dollar attorneys. Law enforcement bumbled this one--plain and simple. I posted in this thread back in February that there were elements that jumped out to me as problematic for the DA. I erroneously believed Kraft may have taken a simple diversion offer to make it go away, but as the complete over-reaching by the sheriff became apparent, they realized they had a winner here. What I will find interesting is how many lawsuits come out of this. People, such as the female patron, who was there getting a legit massage, were viewed by LE and their images are still stored on servers. I bet this is going to cost that jurisdiction big time when it is all said and done.
  12. Ughhh...igniter is broken--so going to manually light. it is a four burner and one of the areas seems to be a little less hot than the others. Going to try and cook stuff here, but I am worried about it.
  13. Well that sucked....but great job Portland!! Our young guys just couldn't get it done in the 4th. The future is bright, but this still hurts. What I like is the complete respect each team had for one another after the game. There wasn't any diva (Harden) going to the lockers. I am pulling for Portland now--would love to see the NBA absolutely blow a gasket hyping a Blazers/Bucks final.
  14. Going to fire up the new grill today for the first time. We bought it during winter on a great sale. My concern is we had a monster blizzard with winds close to 100 mph that picked up this huge grill and threw it close to 15-20 feet across the yard. I went and got a new propane tank just because i didn’t trust the old tank to not be damaged during its “flight”. Man, I hope there isn’t something damaged in this thing and I end up in the ER.
  15. Watched The Prodigy last night. Can't say I hated it--just seemed like a mishmash of other movies--the whole spirit of a serial killer inhabits someone else theme and then sprinkle in a little Omen vibe and you have this movie. I didn't fall asleep so I guess it had that going for it. It has been so long since I have watched a really scary movie. Maybe I am just numb to everything.
  16. Portland shot lights out that quarter-Denver lucky to only be down four.
  17. You hate to be happy with “exceeding the expectations”, but this team did this beyond belief. The future is bright. The experience this young Avs team got is priceless. Good job Sharks!!
  18. So for us casual fans--where do they go from here? I mean is there another like really super bad guy that everyone has to come together yet again to beat. Like "Thanos? Thanos? That guy used to park my car. I am (insert really evil guy's name)." And away we go...... I am trying to get my wife to watch War so I have an excuse to go see this again.
  19. Nugs winning big, but they can’t sleep walk through this 4th quarter
  20. Our wives could be related. 😄 Seriously I am thinking about get my wife an Ancestry kit. It is really a tough call because my wife is adopted and I am afraid how she will react. I know it is something she has mentioned she is really curious about.
  21. Dollar store for cards and wrapping paper (bags) . I won’t go anywhere else for these.