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  1. This. Forget everyone else I am going to get in the shortened line at It's a Small World while everyone else is looking at this fight.
  2. Took the afternoon off and went hunting with my daughter as today was the Armored Mewtwo launch. We were in a group of 125+ people walking and managed to catch two. Very good day!!
  3. Don’t wear one so.... Everyone can tell I am married by that exhausted, beaten down look in my eyes.
  4. Basically just hit appraisal and keep anything strong to amazing. Then use Poke Gene (you have to download) to further realize if you want to keep. Still don't have a Groudon--daughter and I tried a raid today with two lower level players---wow, that sucked. Next week the armored Mewtwo come out in raids. Already working on setting up groups to go after this.
  5. You are reading my mind, I would love to see Iggy back in Denver. He would be that calming force the 2nd unit needs. I feel Denver was counting so heavily on Porter coming in and making an impact, they sat on their hands in FA. Now with his future (still) up in the air, they need to do something to counter the arms race going on in the West.
  6. I am going to let the Lakers know I am available. I can be had for league minimum. I can wave a towel enthusiastically and bring Bron his water bottle. My dribbling and conditioning are suspect, but I bet I can average a good 60% from the FT line. Heck. they need to fill out that roster somehow.
  7. First unicorn was tough—-was getting a little frustrated. Really looking forward to some walking tomorrow and getting some PG and HP time in
  8. Please let this happen. Then Anthony Davis, realizing the train wreck he has brought upon himself, leaves for the Clippers next year and Bron is left on a team with Rajon Rondo, JR Smith, a squad of D-League players and no future draft picks for the foreseeable future. (oh, is my Laker hatred showing )
  9. I was looking on Ebay for different things and I stumbled on Pokemon Go. The amount of money people for some of these Pokemon is just crazy. I really want a Kangaskhan, and there is no way I will ever travel to get one, but I just don't see risking my account to buy one. The cost for some of the Shiny ones is off the chain. I got lucky my neighbor just came back from Europe and got me a Mr. Mime.
  10. It has really added a lot of features. I am biased because I enjoy it, but I think it is definitely worth your time.
  11. My cat follows the I-Robot around and makes sure it does its job.
  12. Accepted!! Got my Deoxys yesterday with my daughter. That raid was full on chaos in that front of that supermarket. We basically shut the place down for a bit there. Cars were parked up on the sidewalks. I felt bad for legitimate shoppers because there were just groups of people standing around playing.
  13. Wow, so two of the league's most storied franchises are going to be stuck bidding for 2nd and 3rd tier stars to fill out their rosters--that should be fun.
  14. Went back out today and walked with the family (I am really trying to lose 25 pounds this summer) but still ran into multiple groups of people playing in this park by me. Not a huge haul, but a raid victory and one shiny caught. I have to admit I tend to play solo in this game, but with my teenager daughter getting back into the game and several of her friends still involved, I have been racking up friend requests and ACTUALLY having to interact with people. I am not on FB, but our city apparently has a large FB group (my daughter found it)--so I am going to bite the bullet and open a FB account just to be part of the meet ups. Tomorrow at 5:00 pm is our Deoxys ex raid. I really need a life that I am excited as a 49 year old man to be typing that and leaving my job early to attend. What has my life become.....
  15. I agree what you are saying here, but KD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gay. So Gay comes back and plays well and puts up 15 a night, and it can be called a success. KD signing for that kind of money and with championship/MVP expectations he needs to put up LBJ/Jordan type numbers for it to be a complete comeback and I think the odds are stacked against that.
  16. I think it won't be as earth-shaking as we had hoped for. Kemba--Celtics Irving-Nets Thompson stays with GS KD the local rehab facility for team yet to be announced. Leonard stays with Toronto for the short term---IMO there is no way he goes to LA-either LA, but specifically the Clips and then wastes a year of his career so KD (if traded to the Clips as well) can get healthy--which may never happen sadly enough. Russell probably ends up with the Lakers and they end up over-paying for a guy they got rid of before. it is like trading your car to a dealership and then going back two weeks later and buying it back--paying all the dealer fees including the undercoating and window etching up charges. To me the most compelling player today is Butler and where he goes or stays. I could be proven wrong though......
  17. I swear some of these so called journalists should have to come back and admit they were completely wrong when none of their stupid hot-takes come true. My prediction for tomorrow--uneventful.
  18. My daughter wanted to go downtown and get some Pokeballs. We got there and found hundreds of people playing. I mean the sidewalks were packed. It was the Raikou raid event. It sucked that we only came home with one even though we battled several times. I just couldn't believe how many people were out still playing.
  19. Get Out was entertaining as a drama, but when people start calling it one of the scariest movies ever, come on!! There wasn't a moment in the movie that was scary--not a second. There was tension, maybe a little building drama, but when you market your movie as a "horror movie" and you are not scary, then you failed. It would be like a big $$ action flick and there is 90 minutes of dialogue and two minutes of action. Us had horror moments in it and some genuine horror action--like when the two teenage sisters get killed. That was pretty good stuff there, but then when i read what the plot was going for, I am just It was like I watched a different movie. .Maybe when I went to the kitchen for a beer I missed some incredible scene where they explained everything. That being said, I figured out what the big plot twist was early on. Average movies at best and we are huge horror movie fans in my house.
  20. I was like random friend invites WTH, but now I come on here and whew, glad to see it was FBGs. I was worried it was some kind of spoofers.
  21. I have been alive for 6 decades--yet I am still in my forties.