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  1. I hate sleepovers. You get to that point where you have to weigh out your kid going to house that maybe you don't want her going to vs. you having someone in your house at night and you don't sleep. Now when we have had kids over, we try and do it up well for them. We order a lot of takeout, get a ton of snack foods and we let the kids PPV whatever they want (obviously within reason), but I just do not sleep well when I hear people running up and down the stairs all hours of the night. The times we have done it, I get up and cook a big breakfast for the girls the next morning. I let my wife be the front-line of contact as we have two teenage daughters and those sleep overs don't need to have a creepy middle-aged guy interjecting himself in the mix. What is interesting is when my kids come home from sleepovers, they always comment on how filthy or unorganized the other houses are. My 15 year old had one a couple years ago at a friend's place and she just was shocked that the family ate dinner at like 9:00 pm and everyone competed in how loud they could belch or fart. We knew those parents from school only. The mom was one of those that had a different hair color each time I saw her and was really into the skate scene, but overall our impression was they were good people--they just turned out to be slobs.
  2. I didn't enjoy it, but I need to give it another watch To be fair, my mind/attention wasn't devoted to it as my 15 year old daughter was on her first date (homecoming dance) with a boy who she told me has been a little too "handsy" with her this past week and she had to shut him down a couple times. She ended up dumping him 3/4th the way through the dance and coming home in tears. The fallout this morning is she is getting flamed on social media by his friends for dumping him.
  3. Well, we didn't think US forces would be attacked by Turkish forces either--so I think anything is possible at this point. This is just disgusting on so many levels.
  4. Wait until Turkish forces get attacked by Russian forces and then we are asked to step in and help. Of course, which side will we step in and help is the question at this point.....
  5. I get a three day weekend to watch football, drink beer and play video games----could be Benito Mussolini day for all I care.
  6. Yeah, we watched this last night. It was weird and I am not sure what I really saw. My wife liked it, but I feel like I need to go to a site to explain WTH this was about. I think tonight will be the new Annabelle or the Girl Next Door....
  7. I agree that we needed to have some finality and end game here, but the methodology in which this went down is shameful. We have abandoned these people. 🙁
  8. I have enjoyed this show--not sure where they can go with it long term, but it has been fun.
  9. Going to have to finally turn on the furnace--calling for a 60+ temperature decree change in a 24 hour period coming up here and our first snow of the season. Changed out the furnace filters and got the snow tires on today. We won't get anything to speak of as far as accumulating snow, but all the out of state people that have moved to Colorado will lose their minds and be wrecking into everything once a few flakes fall.
  10. I didn't see it but what I understand is you had a no disqualification match where two guys were beating the heck out of each other with weapons, but for some reason, Seth had a weapon and the ref called for the bell for some reason because of said weapon being used. Who knows?
  11. , I can just imagine how much fun we could have now with real internet options. I just remember people having connection issues from time to time and we would randomly lose players in the middle of campaigns. My desktop is dated and I have admittedly been gaming on consoles. My 15 year old daughter really wants a desktop gaming system for her room--so what the heck, why not build two?
  12. I told my wife about The Girl Next Door and now she wants to see it. It sounds like a decision she may regret. Watched the Fanatic. Now hear me out, when you see a movie that is directed/produced by Fred Durst (of Limp Bizkit) and staring John Travolta, most people run away as fast as they can. Travolta plays an autistic, super fan of an action movie actor, who he begins to stalk once the guy refuses to sign an autograph. I think Travolta did an amazing job in this movie, but I made the mistake of thinking of Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder towards the end of the movie and it sort of shattered my enjoyment a little. It has its stupid moments where you can see Durst threw something in that had no place in the movie, but it was a decent Redbox type movie.
  13. It is so odd that I am reading this thread again because we are in the process of doing a deep purge of stuff in our house. We have--well, let me correct that, my wife and kids have too much stuff. I was unpacking a tub last week and I came across my NWN games. I also found all my D&D stuff--Gosh, I was an uber-nerd . I have the original boxed game with the Keep on the Borderlands module and those crappy light brown dice, all the original books (I mean all of them), most of the 2nd series of books, Dragon magazines and a ton of figures. I obviously am not planning on getting rid of these, but it was good to look through this stuff.
  14. If he was selected to be part of the final panel, he went through voir dire and was sworn in. He knew what his responsibilities were and just frankly ignored it. It wasn't like he overslept and then drove to the courthouse a little late--he waited three weeks!! The punishment was harsh, yes, but actions have consequences. The only reason the media is even covering this is because they are trying to turn it into some racial angle.
  15. We didn't get them in Colorado last time around, but some clever couple went down the New Mexico and bought 300 of them and sold them in town here. I think they are pretty good, but I usually eat two of them in one sitting and immediately regret that decision every time.
  16. When I saw that headline, I knew there had to be more to the story than CNN wanted people to know.
  17. Yep and birthdays and birth weights. I only have two kids so not that hard to remember.
  18. Locked a 25 year 3.5% refi/cash out. Last year sucked for us--we took a big step back financially as the hail storm wiped out all our cars and our house. We went from zero car payments to two car payments and co-signed on our daughter's car, plus a fair chunk of CC debt. This cash out is going to pay off our CC debt and is only going to up our payment $100 while saving us a boatload monthly. We were 6 years into a 30 year at 3.75%--so this isn't a huge difference, but I want to retire here in 3 years and the CC debt wasn't going to be gone by then if we stayed the course--especially paying for one daughter in college and another one going in two years.
  19. Make the amount a million, then I am more inclined to keep it. 100k is not worth the hassle that will come with this loot.
  20. Watched Haunt last night on PPV. Eli Roth flick about college kids going into an extreme haunted house. My family really liked it--lots of scary stuff and, being a Roth movie, you know you are going to get a ton of gore and over the top kills. Really enjoyed it.
  21. Watched every year but Season One and I just don't know if I am going to give this season any of my time. I was sick of Rob and Sandra before and I don't want to see them now.
  22. So I am lucky that my office is a stop and (with drift) I can get two-three more. Lately I have gotten into the habit of wandering out of work when I see big raids in the museum/park next to me. I am always the middle-aged guy in a suit and tie playing with all the college kids. So I am in a raid there earlier this week and we had a full party of 20 going against the Giratina . It was a cakewalk and so the catch comes around and I get a shiny. So I yell out excitedly, "Wow, a shiny!!" At this point, 19 people looked at me like they were going to kill me. An hour later, I left work and I saw another close by raid. Ironically, most of that first group were in this one too. As soon as I get there, several guys were like, "So you going to get another shiny?" in the most sarcastic voices ever. I thought I was going to have to throw down with some young Pogo whippersnappers there for a second. But that story aside, my question is, for this event, are the regionals available in the wild? I understand the European ones won't be here in Colorado, but say a Heracross? I know I have a chance to hatch one, but I see Sevipers and Solrocks everywhere in the wild and I just wonder about the Corsola and the Heracross. I don't have either of these.
  23. And herein why I hated this show. I get you are trying to drum up some intrigue, but the chances of an A-list celebrity being on this show are zero. I watched last year to humor my wife--it won't happen again. I set the DVR, she can watch this tripe on her own time.
  24. Just let her know you love her and don't even press her on this issue. It is what it is. My 20 year old daughter went through this phase right around 9th grade where she was madly, head over heels in love with this girl. This other girl was a little older and completely out. We rolled with it because it frankly didn't matter to us. We have gay family members and friends and we would still love our girl no matter what. Well, that lasted a month and then sure enough, she was then head over heels with a guy and ever since then, she has dated nothing but guys and has zero interest in girls. Flash forward to today, my 15 year old daughter is going through basically the same thing. She started saying in 9th grade how she didn't know if she was straight or gay and we were going to just have to deal with it. I think she was disappointed that didn't get us upset or anything. Now her favorite thing to say is she asexual and we are going to have to deal with that also. Okay, we still love her--no change. Tonight she comes home all giddy and flushed in the face because this guy she apparently has a crush on, tried to kiss her after his baseball game. Yeah, my wife and I are just riding this wave of female, teenage angst. Oddly enough, I have a co-worker whose teenage daughter acted the same way last year, except she said she was bi-sexual. I can't help but wonder if this is a byproduct of the society we live in these days. We have all these sexual identity titles that are being used by famous people--pansexual, sapiosexual, etc and I think it is confusing for a lot of kids who see this and say, "Hey, maybe this is me too." Just support her and roll with it and see where the train goes.