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  1. Okay Doc---with one minute to go I just swapped out Crowder for Ty---going with the safe over the unknown,.
  2. Going with him over Crowder.....may regret it.
  3. The thing I believe the NFL did wrong is they could have given him a later date for this workout. However, at this late juncture in the season, there were not going to be a lot of teams willing to bring CK in for Week 13. He made a big deal about being ready and working out 5 times a week, so he was as ready as he was going to be if we believe him. The NFL, despite this being an irregular tryout, treated him like every other FA and they weren't planning on televising it. Just think about this on the flip side--let's say the NFL said, "Hey we are going to televise this." Can you imagine the backlash they would have received from CK's camp? "Wait a minute!! Why are we being treated differently?" Again if you believe the NFL, 25 team reps showed up to see him, but when his camp moved the tryout 6-8 actually made the trip over there. His decision basically cost himself 75% of his audience. After his antics this weekend, he has no one to blame but himself if he doesn't get a job. To me, Carolina was a no-brainer, but his actions may have proven too much for even them.
  4. He is going to be impeached--there is no question in my mind about this, but this was going to happen if the Democrats didn't call one witness or present any testimony. I don't know how any rationale person could believe this wasn't going to happen. The Democrats will get their token impeachment finding. I have to admit I am not versed on the rules for trial timelines in the Senate, but I have to believe the Senate trial will take place in early 2020. This is particularly bad for any of the Democrat senators who are running for president because, instead of being on the campaign trail, they will be stuck in Washington to be part of this trial. You know if McConnell can, he will drag this thing out as much as possible and create as much disruption as he can for them. The Senate won't confirm the finding and Trump remains president. Basically a big partisan show that results in nothing and that is why Pelosi staved this off as long as she could. I have said it before and I will say it again , I disliked her so much before, but man, do I have so much respect for her now. She is an incredibly smart, shrewd person.
  5. Probably impeached---removed 0%. Whether Democrats like to admit it or not, the public doesn't care about this dog and pony show. After three years of relentless attacks and the "Now this is the THING you have to really care about," being said over and over each time a new scandal supposedly is found, the public is numb and frankly deaf to it. Plus there simply isn't anything sexy or interesting about this issue. I think once you get to the point that you have to explain to John Q Public more than a sentence why the impeachment is being sought, you have lost half the people right there. Unlike "he got a BJ in the White House," now that is something the public got and understood. Do I personally think these hearings should be held? Yep, I do, but in the big picture I think the Dems picked the wrong hill to die on here.
  6. It just gets back to what has been said over and over, I think he is good enough to be holding a clipboard on the sidelines. Heck,, if Paxton Lynch has a job...just saying. But do you want to bring in a backup QB that will force your punter to have to field "What is it like being CK's teammate," questions? Worse yet, unless your starter is Brady/Rogers/Wilson/Jackson, the minute your starting QB has a rough quarter, the camera will be panning to CK and people arguing for him to get a chance to start. Further, you better not cut him ever because that will invite another round of litigation against your team. I bet some team will take a chance on him. Followed by a whole round of tweets from Trump and this whole messy scab gets reopened again.
  7. I stand corrected CK's people moved the workout--I was wrong in my earlier post. NFL's response....
  8. So CK's people wanted transparency and the media to be present. The NFL initially said no, but now they gave in and said the media can come and moved it to a location where the media can attend. The NFL is providing 3 Wrs for him to throw to including a player who was previously a teammate of Kaep. CK is bringing 5 Wrs of his own choosing with him. Sorry it is put up or shut up time for CK. The NFL was under zero obligation to do anything for him and they have given him a stage to succeed. Now it is up to him and the teams to decide if his talent is worth the three ring circus he brings with him.
  9. We would have to be guessing that the NFL had a clause in there that required them to hold a tryout season. If such a thing didn’t exist, then the NFL didn’t have to do anything. The settlement was signed. Their ratings are up. The number of players protesting Is down to less than five. This is a dead issue for them. And as Joe pointed out in the Political forum, over the past three years there has been nothing stopping CK’s people from holding an “open house” per se and inviting teams to come view his skills. They didn’t need the NFL to do this—he could have created one of these for himself at any time and it is telling he didn’t. I hope he has a good workout and some team like Detroit signs him and we go from there.
  10. Kaep’s reps sent out a statement a month ago that there had been zero interest shown in signing their client—that we know. The NFL says there have been teams contacting them about signing CK—that we can believe. My opinion is some genius at the NFL decided, “Hey, we can look all progressive and forward thinking, while providing cover for some of our owners by setting up this practice session.” I bet one or two teams are really interested, but they didn’t want to anger half their fans by bringing CK in for a private interview. The NFL provides cover for these teams by pretending there is a fake demand for him amongst many teams with this workout. I guarantee there are going to be teams that don’t want to be perceived as backwards by not sending somebody, so they are going to send somebody like their assistant equipment manager. That’s probably why the NFL isn’t releasing the actual names of the attendees. “Wait, the Patriots sent their assistant to the assistant director of concessions?l
  11. Do they make these for families? It seems like a lot of the home meal kits are geared towards single servings or couples? I looked at one (I can't remember which it was) that had it for a family and the price per person was outrageous vs just going to the store and buying the ingredients.
  12. Maybe because a lot of them are like me who have been with Joe since the beginning and want to continue to support this great place. Politicians come and go, but FBG has been our home throughout some of the most memorable times in our recent history. I learned of the first plane on 9-11 on this board. I was one of the hundreds that were hitting F5 during the OJ verdict, Columbine, the Shock and Awe campaign., countless elections were played out live on this board. Why should they leave because one side doesn't like the results of one election?
  13. Okay, then help me out. Name 10---I'll start John B, super, DN, HT, tony, bb maybe jon-mix, um....can't count me because I don't post here.....who else? Keeping in mind I lurk a lot here during the day--every day. There simply isn't that many left, Tim. And to respond to your later post about the people who think the efforts will fail, you are absolutely 100% correct in your observation because the 6-8 posters who think this, are the ones whose voices are shouted down, so why should they be invested in the ultimate success of such of forum? To be clear, I am so thankful Joe isolated all this nonsense/hatred to this forum. I love the FFA--my life/job are stressful enough--I want a place to talk to people about fun stuff.
  14. Okay, I don't post in this forum often because it isn't worth it. Joe's assertion this place is an 85/15 split of anti-Trump vs pro-Trump is waaayyy off. This place is 95/5 and I am being generous with that conclusion. Right now there are less than 6-8 Trump supporters on this site out of over 50,000 members. Do some of them come in and troll? Yep, they do, but some of them try and make actual points--which is then interpreted as trolling. If someone says they don't think Trump is doing a bad job--that isn't trolling, that is their opinion. which is then met with three pages of piling on and insults. As someone who has been here since Cheatsheet days and a constant paid subscriber, I applaud Joe for what him and MT are attempting, but IMO it won't work. Think about it--just put 6 people on ignore and every thread would just go forward smoothly because there simply wouldn't be any dissenting thoughts for pages and pages-it would just be 15 pages of people agreeing Trump sucks. However, people just can't help themselves--the minute a different thought is introduced.,they have to pile on and insult someone and away we go. I stand by my hypothesis that the minute Trump is voted out, this forum is going to be a ghost town anyway.
  15. 21 point lead--Nugs with an amazing comeback!! Why this game wasn't nationally televised is beyond me? We are still blocked from seeing Avs/Nuggets games in Colorado because of the continuing Altitude/Comcast/Dish nonsense.
  16. Saw this one and it was bad. Some good kills, but wow, was the acting and plot bad.
  17. Before I started my project to upload all our family videos and pictures, I told my wife we need a HUGE external server to hold all these tons of memories. I settled on a four bay WD server with 4x4tb drives in it and I was hoping this would be enough. Months go by and I get all of our videos over from VHS and from various sources. I get a ton of our pictures there. I checked how much drive space I used and it was barely 3-4% of the total space I also backed it up on another 2TB external drive. I like this because I know if there is a fire, I can just grab these units and go. It isn't as easy as the cloud, but I like having physical media.
  18. The whole game is available on YouTube. They had the backup QB in there. The kid who scored the last TD was some little 5'7 140 pound white kid who the announcers were saying how good it is to see these guys who practice so hard get to see some reps. So the narrative that the starters were in there and this team was piling it on seems to be in error. Maybe I am wrong--I only watched a few minutes of it and I don't watch HS football.
  19. My daughter's HS team is pretty bad. They lose by 40+ on a regular basis. All that happens is once the other team gets up by 35+ points, the game goes to a running clock and the game is mercifully over quicker. I think there are a lot of details missing from this story, I just looked quickly and I found this team's last three victories were 49-7, 42-0, 42-0. That shows this is just a good football team and not one that runs up the score. I also looked at the stats from the game--the winning team had 75 yards passing and over 500 yards rushing. So they weren't out there throwing the ball in the fourth quarter--they were simply running the ball. I also watched some of the highlights and they ended up with multiple 50+ yard rushing TD plays. The last play that put them over the supposed bad number took place in the 4th quarter and was a 59 yard rushing TD where the RB just ran into the line and broke through. What was the RB supposed to do--fall down at the 10 for fear of scoring a TD?
  20. Just got back from Best Buy and looked at some 8k tvs. Just flat out amazing. The 82in Samsung was under 7k--but give it a year and I bet it drops closer to 3k. The 98in Sony was selling at $70,000!!
  21. Have you done an internet search on your neighbor or his company to see if anything suspicious came up?
  22. It is actually World Vegan Day. (or National Men Make Dinner Day--which is celebrated every day in my house)
  23. It was freezing cold last night, but we still had close to 200 kids come by. The reason I know that number is because my wife's favorite part of the night is putting a little tally sheet by the door and keeping track. I know...weird, but after thirty years with the woman, I guess I am stuck with her. We had a pretty good system going last night (or I thought we did). I sat on the couch, drinking beer, watching football and I had the outdoor cameras on my phone. I would announce to my wife, "Okay, three kids coming up the driveway," you know, just so she could be ready. As the evening went on and the deeper I got into the 12 pack, I started getting more creative. "We have three Frozen Princesses spotted. Three cute lions--repeat three cute lions inbound!!" She said it was funny for the first ten minutes, but after that I could tell the level of eye rolling was getting to a maximum level. The highlight of the evening, and I wish I could post a screenshot of it, was when about five kids dressed in those huge, inflatable dinosaur costumes appeared on my camera out of nowhere. I was screaming in my best Australian accent (why?) about there being a pack of Velociraptors on the loose. My wife ruined some kid's night though. Solo kid came to the door dressed in some hat, cape, scary mask costume. My wife said, "Oh, are you the Babadook?" I could hear the grunt of disgust come from this kid and he said something about him being the Superclawcrazypsychoman whatever. I really was paying attention as I was still so twitterpated by the pack of dinosaurs that just left. I can just imagine him walking down the driveway, cursing under his breath about how terrible his life is and mad his parents didn't get him a better costume. The only low-point of the evening is we ordered Red Robin delivery at 5:15 pm. It indicated about a 45-50 minute delivery time, which we were fine with, especially it being a holiday night. Our food showed it left RR at 6:10. It didn't get to our house until after 7:00--which is only a 20 minute drive at max. The delivery driver walked up in the middle of a big group of kids getting candy, just handed the bag to my wife and left--didn't say anything. The food was beyond cold--like stone cold. We could reheat the burgers, but the fries and several other items couldn't be salvaged. I had to call and complain and they refunded our money, but that stunk as we love RR. Oh well, glad I took today off. Time to jump into another 12 pack and figure out why I suck at NBA DFS.