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  1. WarDog is a Character—-nothing more, nothing less. He came on the show as a gimmick, hoping to make a run for future shows as the bad guy. He is trying to play the long game, but he lacks the skill. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got half those tattoos just prior to coming on the show. Just a complete tool. And a statement I didn’t think I would make today or any day for that matter, I so want to have sex with Don Dokken😃
  2. Don't forget to warm up prior to the gig. Practice: "The arsonist had oddly shaped feet" "The Human Torch was denied a bank loan."
  3. I am having a Subway Italian sub while watching this great game!!!
  4. It took me like two hours to get to bed after that game. The intensity in that OT was off the charts....
  5. Going to see it next weekend—expectations are high, so it probably will disappoint
  6. I think they have enough to get by round one, but the 2nd round is asking a lot for a team that was shooting just to make the playoffs.
  7. There is going to be outside interference somehow here. How is taking the belt off either of them this quickly okay?
  8. It is like the WWE is experimenting with allowing them to go off script, except some of these people can’t cut a promo to save their lives.
  9. It is almost midnight there and after 7 hours of a show, I don't think people want to dance.
  10. Did they count the ushers and ticket takers this time?
  11. The big ramp and no smoke takes a lot way from the Demon entrance
  12. So what are we thinking time-wise here? 10-15 match here. I just can't see them sending people home at 1:00 after the main event.
  13. Yeah, Kurt deserved better. Corbin has zero charisma and no future in the WWE--what a waste of a match.
  14. I do agree with this. He was just winning the fans back with the sympathy vote--they should have slow-rolled this for another PPV or two.
  15. Cool down match time--sucks for least his ankle isn't broken
  16. The psychological toll that must take on him is unfathomable. To know you were the most important thing in this terminally ill kid's life is just beyond comprehension. The word get thrown around a lot, but he really is a hero.
  17. Okay, is on. We wait for this all year. Vent tomorrow and enjoy the event, DJ.
  18. Would love to see a swerve here and Rusev and Nakamura win this thing... Black and Ric have plenty of chances to get it later on.