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  1. Just got back from fishing an hour ago. We will be grilling tomorrow the 15 inch rainbows my wife and daughter caught. Going to do some pepper jack, bacon wrapped shrimp apps. 

    Saturday is going to be ribs on the grill.

    Sunday will be burgers and brats 

    Need to work on my side dishes for these last two.

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  2. I went 30%--I can see teams trying to go forward with less and less players on the roster as the season goes on and players start getting sick. The real catch is going to be the coaches and GM's. In Denver, Elway is 60--Fangio is 61. Peter Carroll is 69, Belichick 68.  These guys start contracting it and there are problems. 

    The whole idea of a bubble isn't going to work. Every time the NBA talks about limiting the people to 3 or whatever each player can have around them at night, makes me laugh. Tell me some player isn't going to sneak a girlfriend in. Once the virus gets in, it is all over for that team. 

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  3. 12 hours ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    I'm going to share what was told to me by a psychiatrist. It was laid out that there were two paths for me, one involving medication and the other was diet and exercise, we went with B. 

    I have no idea what it's like to walk in your shoes but I would try to eliminate all "Processed Foods". I would have your daughter on 1-ingredient foods, apples are apples and fish is fish. If she is eating chips, cookies, sodas, get that crap out of her system immediately. I would go full force on a lot of activity and watching everything she eats. It's worth a shot because I truly believe medication for mental illness should only be used in the most extreme cases, BiPolar I totally understand why folks need medication but it's possible some go misdiagnosed. 

    This story is brutal and I'm angry at the Doctors. I hope people are not pinning their hopes to doctors for all the answers. Psychiatry has to be one of the most inexact sciences, everyone has a borderline personality malfunction. 

    Thanks MOP--the worst part about this now is we got her home on the 16th and the facility promised all these treatments--new psychiatrist, med management, new m/h therapist and the four hour outpatient program to be put in place last Thursday and NOTHING has happened. So we now have this manic, depressed teenager here with zero services. She at least has gotten away from the suicide threats, but it has been replaced with rage towards her mom and I. This is something we have never seen from her.

    Last Friday, we had a great day together and we ended it with Starbucks and we got her this new PS4 game she has been dying for--she was in heaven. One hour later she comes down and begins to scream at us out of the blue about a comment I made about her makeup two years ago (she went through a phase of using a makeup pencil to write words on her face ala Post Malone and the school said don't do this because it was interpreted as gang symbols-I simply reminded her not to do this one day two years ago as I was driving her to school).  This memory somehow surfaced and progressed to you guys have never supported me. I am never trusting you. You have mentally and emotionally abused me all my life. It was shocking to see this fury come out from nowhere.

    Next day she spends crying because she realizes she ruined her big Father's Day plan for me. I tell her it is okay and Sunday we will do it all. We end up having a great day. Monday--she is sitting at the table doing French homework and she begins to ramp up. All I said was, "Honey, let's not do this, okay?" Oh man, it was on--she went into the pantry and took all the food she could carry into her room and said she was never coming out. She didn't talk to us most of Tuesday, but did try to leave the house, which we told her no, we would drive her to the park. She sat on a bench alone in the pouring rain. Yesterday--she was sweet as pie, hugs and I love you's throughout the day. Last night we were playing a board game and  I said i was planning a surprise for her today, nope, here comes the I still don't forgive you for what you said. I am not going anywhere with you. Slams door. This morning she was flat, but at least not mean to us.

    We know this is all because the meds aren't being monitored and she has zero therapy. She can't control her mood swings when she had all these pharmaceutical interventions before and then had them all just pulled away. Anyone would bound to be off and unstable.

    I am on my 10th phone call and i finally got someone an hour ago who said they would look into what the hold up was with the treatment. We can't go into the weekend without some help. We are really scared for her and frankly us. 

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  4. To each his own I guess, but I have a large, close family and we collectively decided there is not one event that important that we can't postpone or celebrate later. In the past couple months, there have been one wedding cancelled, multiple 1 year old birthday parties not thrown (at least for the whole family), and one virtual graduation. My girls are celebrating huge birthdays next month--one turning 16 and one turning 21--they both didn't want a party because in my oldest's words "it just isn't worth the risk."  We all are going to stay safe and have a huge celebration down the road.

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  5. I have a packed Father's Day here, but maybe early in the week i can help out. On the battles, my daughter and i just agree, you win this one, I win the next one. If you really want to get tricky and you have a second phone, you can just create a second Pokemon Go account and battle yourself. 

    My lack of a Heracross in my Pokedex has tempted me to open a 2nd account and spoof to get one and then trade it to my primary account, but I don't like to cheat and I don't want to risk all my hours I have put in this game by getting my account suspended. 

  6. 29 minutes ago, timschochet said:

    1. The protests were outside. People could space themselves from each other. 
    2. The rally is inside, people will be jammed up against each other. 
    3. The protests usually involved marching from one place to another- in other words: movement. 
    4. The rally will be in one place- thousands of people jammed against each other with no movement. 
    5. Most of the people at the protests wore masks. 
    6. It remains to be seen how many at the rally will wear masks. Based on what is being said anecdotally, not many. 

    These are obvious, VERY significant differences between the rally and the protests, so much so that any one who argues that they’re the same at this point is being deliberately disingenuous IMO. 

    Tim, these are very good and obvious points, but you know and I know that even if Trump did this in an open air arena, people would still be losing their mind over this. I personally think it is terrible, terrible decision. What we haven't seen however is the possible spike from the Floyd protests yet--so that will be worth monitoring and see where we are. If we end up with NYC or other big cities going off the rails again, any criticism of Trump needs to balanced with criticism of protesters.  

    This a car accident that we all can see about to happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it. There WILL be an element there that perpetrates violence against the attendees. It has happened before and it will happen in Tulsa. His campaign ads will be written for him by them. 

    Sad times, Man---sad times. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, proteus126 said:

    Good opportunity to teach your son that life ain't fair.  To count your blessings when things are good.  To appreciate the little routine things.  What a great dose of perspective this pandemic offers, that hopefully will add richness to the rest of his long life.

    Thank god this wasn't the 30's and 40's and Job actually had to make some REAL sacrifices with ration cards and being drafted. OMG--my five year old missed his t-ball game--the horror. Let's just let the Japanese have this place.

    Stop living vicariously through your child and imposing how YOU feel vs how he feels. I have kids--they understand what is going on. Maybe you need to parent and make this a teachable moment about caring for others . Again this is YOUR issue not your child's--there are plenty of solutions to your kid's issue. 

    I am sorry dude, it takes a lot for me to get pissed, but your ####ty attitude deserves to be called out. My mom is 85 and we have done all we can to make sure she stays alive. I am a type one diabetic, supposed I should just call it day so your kid can play tag? I have been here since Cheatsheets with Joe and if I take my first timeout because of this post--so be it. I despise selfish people--don't want to be inconvenienced for a second do ya??

    This wasn't directed at you proteus--you were just attempting to be nice and respond to that earlier post.

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  8. I have to say I really feel your pain as a parent who just got our 15 year old daughter home from a eight day stay at a treatment facility just yesterday. Our daughter, popular, straight A, beautiful  girl began having problems in November--full on depression, sadness. She was given Zoloft by her primary doctor. Two weeks later she had a reaction and the self harm started. I took her to the ER--big mistake. We were in the hospital psych ward with violent criminals for over ten hours that day. I basically stood by the door and wouldn't let anyone in but the nurses because they just let the patients roam everywhere. It was horrific watching the police drop people off and then have these patients fight with the staff. My daughter looked at me and said, "Dad I don't belong here." Too late, she was M-1'd and placed on a 72 hr hold in what we thought was a great facility. Nope, terrible place--we watched her decline and she was released to us a mess on a litany of meds. 

    We get therapy set up. We pull her out of school and start on-line schooling. The meds weren't working as she gets more and more suicidal. She didn't have a suicide plan before, but now she is going to drown herself. We find her sitting in the dark outside her bathtub the day after Christmas. New meds are given--she is now aggressive and the self harm is stepping up despite us cleansing the house of anything we can think of she can hurt herself with. She is really smart so she takes apart pencil sharpeners and uses the blades to do superficial cuts (not deep mind you--just scratches). Because of this, her therapist wants her back in, and we get her placed at a new facility. New meds given and she comes out after 10 days feeling good.

    We set up a psychiatrist to handle med management--four appointments--four different doctors see her and everyone changes the meds. Finally we fire them because they keep calling the prescriptions into the wrong pharmacy that my insurance won't cover. She ends up detoxing on a medicine because they simply can't call the right phone number.. Okay new psychiatrist--she changes all the meds and puts her on a heavy regiment of many meds to include two heavy hitting anti psychotics and four other pills

    Her mental health therapist is very young and talks and talks and talks and any time my daughter brings up thinking about self-harm, immediately stops the session and wants her back in a hospital rather than asking why she feels that way. Last week my daughter told her she had a dream about self harming and Boom, back to the hospital we go (despite the hospital assessor saying she doesn't think our girl is really suicidal and just had a bad dream). 

    You guessed it--they took her off every med the psychiatrist put her on and said our daughter is no where near as severe to require this level of pharmaceuticals.

    So we have her home now--we have a new treatment plan that will include her doing four hours a day, five days a week partial hospitalization for the next two weeks. We are going to get a new psychiatrist because the doctors there say she was being way-over medicated by the last one. This will be seven major medicine changes in six months. We are getting her a new therapist--one that will listen to her and not rush to send her to the hospital.  The damage $$ wise pre-insurance for the three hospital stays was 80k just accrued over the past 6 months, another 20k in therapists and psychiatrists--thank god for insurance.  I can't count the number of tears and sleepless nights my wife and I have had throughout this. 

    I guess I post this not to hijack, but I want you to know you are not alone. Reading the OP's post, you are doing all you can. We tell our daughter, this is a marathon--not a sprint. You have to believe this. I worry for you that your daughter is an adult and you running into Hipaa release issues. The suggesting to talk to an attorney and maybe involve Probate Court could be the way to go. Have hope all it takes is the right med/therapy combo and your support is priceless. Take care, Man!!

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  9. 53 minutes ago, PinkydaPimp said:


    with his partner turning state witness man i will be very shocked if he beats it but then again you know how this often goes.  

    Way over charge by a prosecutor looking to bow to public pressure. As I read it, Georgia has very specific laws that cover officer involved shootings, which will protect this guy and he is going to walk. His partner turning State's witness really doesn't matter (unless he has some inside info that wasn't recorded on the body cam). I am sure he is just attempting to mitigate his sentence and the prosecutor knows he has a really weak case.

    Is this officer's behavior terrible for standing on the dead guy and not rendering aid--yes. Does it equal murder--no way.

    More importantly what to take from this--all the "Just shoot them in the leg" crowd. This officer fired and managed two dead center hits, but he also missed wildly and hit an occupied car at the Wendy's, which they also charged him with. Frankly, he has a better chance of being convicted of this than anything else. 

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  10. Sorry man, your money is gone. 

    That link posted earlier from FP is spot on. You got scammed. I just hope it wasn't too much money. 

    That being said, since you seem like a guy who likes to invest, i have a land deal out here I would like to talk to you about. It is a wonderful tract of 400 hundred acres. There are some liens on it and a possible Native American burial ground issue plus there was that whole hantavirus scare with that endangered kangaroo mouse species that only lives on this land, but for just a small sum of $5,000 (bitcoin transaction only) I can get you in on the bottom level of this investment. Let's talk.... 

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  11. 53 minutes ago, Tool said:

    Getting tased may not be good, letting the guy flee may not be good, but I think we can agree - I hope anyway - that that is better than killing someone.  One man is dead and the cop lost his job, possibly facing charges and has to live with killing that man for the rest of his life. I don't think telling cops not chase suspects is a good idea. If someone is a danger to others they have to chase him.

    But therein is the point--the police did their job. They attempted to talk to the guy. They gave him a PBT. They attempted to detain him and this is SOP across this county with DUI suspects thousands of times every night. Where it went bad is when the guy resisted, punched the cops multiple times in the face and then took their weapon. 

    So are we at the point where DUI is a crime we shouldn't prosecute now? I mean the law enforcement "expert" ABC had on tonight basically said this. The cops should have called him an Uber or tried to call a friend is what he suggested. Is this protocol applied for black individuals only? Every 2 minutes someone is injured by a drunk driver in this country--should we just decriminalize it now because we don't want officers having to arrest people? 

    If they press charges like ABC reported tonight, this will be a big fail--he will walk and we will have more riots. 

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  12. I have bought into two Score breaks with the Broncos so far. 

    The first beak was decent--one Bronco auto and all the RCs  I wanted. Professional breaker--gloves, Multiple camera angles. The second was entertaining--I got duplicates on the RC's, but this breaker was new at his craft. He literally showed and read out every BASE card. Now I guess that is refreshing that he was so excited about a .02 card, but it took two hours to do two boxes. (that is 800 cards) He spilled his beer all over at one point. I give him an A for effort because he had a bunch of little side games going where he was giving away free mem/auto cards throughout the break. 

    I have bought into an UD Av's Artifacts break this week and I have a Nuggets 2018-19 Certified break coming later (just waiting to fill teams)

    I may do one more Score break because I want another shot at a Jeudy auto, but it is time to save up for Elite now because it is going to be expensive 

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  13. 3 hours ago, gianmarco said:

    Not only that, but the other cop tried to hit the guy with his stun gun and missed. They aren't easy to aim at a moving target.

    Yet, this man who was passed out in a car and failed a field sobriety test (so obviously intoxicated which is why he was being arrested), is going to be a lethal threat with a stun gun that he is shooting at a moving target, while he himself is running, barely looking back, and drunk, that can no longer continue to be fired while being chased by two sober, trained police officers in a parking lot.

    Officers contact a man passed out--he fails the sobriety test (should they let him go? Because I am guessing if he went down the road and killed a mother and her kids, people would blame the cops)

    They attempt to detain him--he punches the cops in the face multiple times and takes their weapon. (I am guessing people are okay with this because again if he goes down the road and hurts someone it will be the cop's fault)

    He doubles down on stupidity and points their weapon at them and they fire. (I am guessing the logic is that at this point the police should have engaged in a stun gun war. I mean a man is barreling down on a cop with a knife and the police need to say, "Hold it, let me get my knife out too!!" 

    This is about as justified a shoot as there is--I love the way MSNBC only is showing the shooting and not the two officers being assaulted by the guy--and of course--promoting he is a father statement. 

    I will remind you the officers who were fired and charged with assault with a deadly weapon for their stun gun use on the two students in their car. We don't get to call their assault with a stun gun deadly and then call this guy harmless.  

  14. Okay going to take a chance on Lopez tonight over Dvali---big underdog and making his UFC debut tonight. At +560 is worth a little scratch. 

    I am all over Vettori also--there is real hatred in this fight and I think Vettori wins by KO/TKO

    DK is offering an odd boost if you bet on a Eye victory by KO/TKO (I can see her getting a submission or getting her butt kicked however), but a $5 spot nets a decent return I guess. 

  15. I think the city shouldn't take any effort to reclaim this area. Let it go. At some point, it will dissolve into chaos and then just walk in a retake it. It is a little utopia now, but that will only last so long and then reality sets in and it morphs into something unrecognizable. A lot of interviews tonight with people saying the message has already been lost. 

    Just let the fire burn itself out and there is no need for violence here. 

  16. Denver schools voted to remove police from the schools by 2021. SRO's do so much good in these schools, that once they are gone--you are going to have parents howling why their schools are not safe. I can't tell you how many police reports I have seen of SRO's finding/removing guns or other weapons from lockers. 

    And don't even get me started about what if there is a active shooter situation. Yeah the added counselors are really going to be able to intervene with someone who has an AR. 

  17. The launch was underwhelming. 

    I love the look of the machine and the controllers. I won''t be doing the camera thing.

    The launch titles other GT7 (which I am so in for) and Demon's Soul were so kid orientated that it was boring.

    I am really going to need an upgrade on my tv to get full use out of this. 

    I bet it comes in at 599.99 with deals taking to down to 549.00 at some places.

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