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  1. It seems like yesterday I was posting in this thread with college admission questions, but today we dropped our daughter off for her third year. She is technically a senior, but she is going to be forced to do the full four years just due to the availability of certain labs for a bio and chem double major. Even though she has excellent grades, we still had to pony up close to 15k for this year. She also took close to 7k in loans this year as well. I told her next year she needs to take a bigger chunk of the loans. Being in debt 45k already is bad enough, I don't want to be 60k in--especially knowing I have another daughter, who is a sophomore in HS, and she has her eyes set on Stanford. 

    This year started scary because she had applied for an apartment back in February that was associated with the university but not run by the university. I cosigned for her, we paid the deposit and all was squared away. She even called them throughout July inquiring about roommates and other questions she had and all seemed fine. She gets an email 8/2 saying sorry we overbooked the place and you don't get a room. So we were less than two weeks from her moving in and she didn't have a place to live. Luckily the University went to bat for her and got her a place in a house. She has a nice room, but it has nine other girls living in this house and only three bathrooms. What could go wrong?

    This is her first year with a car at school--so that brings a whole slew of new things for Dad to now worry about. Luckily (is this the right word I wonder?) right next to the house (I mean one minute walk) is a coffee place she loves and like five restaurants--Chipolte, Cheba Hut,  Fat Shack, etc. The downside is there are also two or three bars right there as well. Now she is twenty, but man has she developed a taste for vodka and being she is still in a sorority, this year screams PROBLEMS. The last week of college last year, she got smashed with her sorority sisters. She fell in a bathroom and cut open her butt cheek/hip area on a cabinet handle. Her "concerned" sorority sisters said, "oh is it okay" and put her to bed. I get a call the next morning from her saying she awoke in a pool of blood and is being taken to the hospital. She ended up with ten stitches in her butt cheek and now has a scar.   Yeah, as much as I wanted to be furious, I remember those days and the stitches and broken bones I managed to incur when I was her age.  She paid that whole $500 hospital bill though......:P


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  2. Just tried the Beyond Burger at Carls Jr--you can get them for free today if you order a drink. I couldn't believe they actually charge 6.99 for it.

    Burger was very good--and pretty big. I could tell I wasn't eating regular meat, but I liked it. I am not a red meat fan--probably eat 2 steaks a year and maybe one burger a month. Lately my gallbladder has been telling me red meat is a no go for some reason. I would definitely try this burger again. 

    I liked it a lot better than the store bought ones I grilled. I would be interested to know if there is grill segregation when they cook these or are they all prepared on the same surface with regular burgers. 

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  3. Can I ask an appraisal question and this may sound dumb, but like I mentioned above our 3000 sq foot house was basically gutted last summer due to hail. I mean everything we owned was put into pods in front of our house. We have slowly over the past year begun redecorating. We changed the whole theme of the house (carpet, furniture, window coverings, etc) and I am embarrassed to say, our main room and our master bedroom have nothing on the walls. We are the anti-model home. Does an appraiser take into account something like that?  I mean does how a house is decorated (or lack thereof) lower the price of the appraisal. I am picky and I have a main room with a 22 foot high 48 foot long wall that I "need" the right theme for and I haven't found it yet. 

  4.  We want to refi here to pull out a little equity. We are 7 or so years into a 30 year at 3.75%, but we want to pull a little equity to pay off some debt that has just accumulated over the past two years. I am 50 and I plan to retire here in 3-4 years so I want this debt gone. Our house has basically doubled in value so we have a ton of equity built up and I really would love to get into a 15 fixed.

    We are with BOA and I can't say I have really been happy with them. Our house was destroyed by hail last year and it was like pulling teeth with them to get monies released. 

    Just a question--would it be easier to do the refi with BOA or would it be better to go with another company? We just want it to be as painless as possible. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Jobber said:

    Yeah I’m at the point there I may not bother even trying. I hit one on the way home and a SINGLE skyther killed my Pincer, Machamp and Gyrados. 


    Yeah the shadows just don't follow the norm how you would usually go after them.

    I mean I have 3600 cp mons that were just getting crushed over and over again. The usual fighting style guys I would run out against a Snorlax were just ineffective.

    Looking at the suggested counters, a lot of players are not going to have the answers for these stops. I mean Tyranitar is a given and maybe a lot have Weaville, but I don't have Dialga, Heatran or a Giratina yet. Others suggestions are Melmetal, Regirock or Lugia, which are rarer Pokemons for sure. . 

  6. On 8/4/2019 at 12:58 PM, Bucky86 said:

    So I got my first 1,000+ Pokemon, but it doesn't appraise as a 3*. Worth keeping?

    My Pokedex is constantly evolving--especially now with the streamlined appraisal system. If I catch something that is 3 stars, I will then scan it with Pokegenie and get the exact number on it. If it is better than the one I have, I just transfer that other one out. I just always keep striving to get the closest to perfect IV's  on every one of them I can. Yeah, I know I need a life. 

    As far as shinys, I keep all of them. It is cost prohibitive to trade them, but you never know if you run into someone who really wants it. 

    My daughter gets me watching a lot of the YouTube Pokemon people like Mystic7 and Trader Tips and those guys have 10 million stardust.. How the heck do you get that much? 

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  7. On 7/31/2019 at 2:49 PM, MikeMan said:

    Shiny Rayquazza starts!

    Got mine yesterday along with three regular ones. 

    Also finished out all my normal Ralts evolves and did shiny evolves of it as well.

    The shadow Pokemon thing is challenging. I am one of those collectors who wants one of everything. Having a Rattata. shiny Rattata, shadow Rattata, purified Rattata , Alolan Rattata and shiny Alolan Rattata then rinse and repeat with the Raticate really puts a strain on my Pokemon storage. 

    The other thing about the shadow battles is the toll it takes on your revives and potions. I don't notice it as much because I am surrounded by stops at my job, but my daughter (who is still in the low 30's) is always out of revives and potions.. Some of those battles are tough even when you have a high CP guy in there.


  8. Girls with Balls

    yeah, went into this one with low expectations, but the wife and kids are out of town and this looked good for some T&A fun.

    First: it is French dubbed into English and weirdly done. 

    Second: zero nudity. For a movie that has previews that show so much sexuality--nothing. Teasing eye candy abounds, but  it is like one big blue ball festival I must say.

    Third: it is like slapstick comedy in parts. Is it a comedy movie? It is a horror movie? The humor is so juvenile, yet the content adult. Weird, and I must warn there is animal abuse.

    The good is there are some gruesome kills and buckets of blood 

    Ughh...only if you are bored/drunk (I was both)  watch this movie.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Terminalxylem said:

    He also could google the exact text of the letter, enclosed in quotes to further investigate the scam possibility.

    I tried that and it didn't find anything 

    My wife and kids are out of town this weekend and I really need a life....:bag:

  10. 2 hours ago, RUSF18 said:

    < 3K fires a year coming from something that every household in America uses at least once a week (and some use every day) has to be damn near infinitesimal odds. Especially if you perform basic maintenance.

    I do basic maintenance on it, but why take a chance if it can be avoided? You can't claim "I HAVE to do my laundry while I am gone." I just dry my laundry while I am there and don't take a chance if gone and my wife and I have two teenage girls. 

    I mean I pay for homeowners insurance at a big chunk of $$ per year. I have filed one claim in 17 years--that claim amounted to $130K due to hail damage and over a month in a hotel for my family. Things happen....Ounce of prevention for things I can control is how I look at it.