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  1. I had one of the funniest things happen last night.

    I have been doing alot of infantry only maps and I come into a game of Kark on the MEC side and we are down big time. BTW I hate getting a loss when you only get to play for 2 minutes.

    That aside, I spawn and we have only 2 spawns which we promptly lose both right away. So here I am in this huge pack of MEC guys running for the furthest back point on the Karkland map and I start thinking to myself, "Wow, there are alot of us bunched up here running to get a spawn point. This is probably not a good idea."

    Sure enough we get the flag and someone had C-4 it. You have never seen so many bodies fly. There was easily 9-10 killed.

    We lost soon thereafter.

    Oh and the fact a sniper parachuted off a rooftop on top of me and knifed me as he came down were the highlights of last night.

  2. Just missed ya - I was in about 15-20 minutes after you logged off. I played on a server with Mastur and Sharqi infantry only maps. I like infantry only, but I wouldn't mind having Vodnicks and Jeeps, just no actual armor.

    I enjoy the infantry only servers--especially in Jala. It really lets you use your character's abilities to the fullest IMO without having to worry about getting trounced by someone armor whoring.

  3. Good times tonight. Courtjester - you should have joined Maelstrom, Corp and I for a string of about 8 wins vs a very crappy team on Jala.

    Are you sure I wasn't on that crappy team?? :D Every Jala team I was on last night seemed to have like 23 snipers that would just camp while the remaining 8 players attempted to get/keep the flags--unscuccesfully I might add.I will be on sometime tonight, but the kids are cranky and need showers and the wife wants some quality time with me tonight :rolleyes:

  4. I started two e-mail drafts Monday. One is on 8.11 already. It ain't ours.

    Whew. Had me worried for a minute that Courtjester was making my picks and doing one helluva crappy job at it, too.
    Consider yourself fortunate I am not in this league. I would own all of you!!! Now I am off to get killed at at 3:2 ratio on some knife only board.... :yes:

  5. I had yet another embarrasing moment playing last night (I know I am the worst BF2 player in the world).

    I sneak up behind a guy who is playing sniper and is aiming (so I think) and I am just about to blast him, but then I notice he really isn't moving. So I say, "Hey, here is a chance to use that trusty knife I have." I sneak up and I proceed to stab and stab and stab and it takes me like 6 hits to take the guy out. Turns out the guy walked away from his computer and came back in time to see me poking at him.

    Of course the guy responds with "Wow, you are really good with that knife there, Champ." and then proceeds to snipe and kill me when he respawned.

    I got him back though. I took a wide path and got around behind him and dropped a pack of C4 on him but I was too drunk to come up with a witty reply to go along with the kill. :(

  6. I am in depending on what type of league it is....

    I just am in 2 already and don't like to go above 4 total in a year.

    edited: I just also need to add I am really, really good at fantasy football and frankly I'd kill you all. So, if you have another option you should take it, because frankly me playing with you all is completely unfair. I have been doing this for 16 years you know.

    It would be like Lebron James vs Ms. Frank's 5th grade special ed class in a game of H-O-R-S-E. It really would not be competitive, but I would happy to take your money depending on the format.

  7. what do you think is happening?

    I have read on other sites about certain servers (and DA has been mentioned) that use bots and sticky tabs or some other forms of cheats.

    It was just comical last night when almost my entire team (with the exception of one player who had 8-10 points) was at zero and I mean 18-20 people at zero and their top 3 were already in the 30's and 40's and the match was not even 10 minutes old.

    I mean I try and think well maybe they are good pilots or something, but there simply wasn't time to get those points on that map (the Oil field map).

  8. Okay, so I have played on the Digital Anarchy site hundreds and hundreds of times (it probably has something to do with their logo :excited: ), but lately it has just become a joke.

    Tonight match starts--they have 3 of their guys on one side--30 players a piece on each side--so a pretty full match. Minutes into the match their top 3 guys have over 100 points combined and our best player has 8 points total and 18-20 of our players have 0. I am not a good player by any means, but I was at zero points and 4 deaths.

    I say something to the effect of "Something fishy going on this site" and I then get berated by their side with a stream of insults and their admins saying what do you mean? I respond with "No big deal. it will take care of itself"

    Then, even though I am hiding in a barn/shed enclosure away from the action, I get killed 6-8 times in a row by their DA members right after that. The reason I was hiding is I wanted to get away from the action to see how the numbers would continue to go up on their side.

    I have found several other BF2 posts complaining about them. I know I should let it go and just find another site, but I have usually found this site to be pretty fast and fun to play, am I just being a complainer do you think?

  9. I remember someone mentioning the occaisional crash to the desktop right after the map loaded and you get to pick what kit you want to use.

    Whoever it was, were you able to fix it? I don't feel like skimming through 70+ pages... help a brotha out.

    It happened to me last night when trying the >NN< server, but when I tried getting into it again right after... no problems :shrug:. Go figure.

    It was me...

    I updated Punkbuster, but I also found that it helps to count to like 20 when the join server button appears before you click it.

    That seems to have helped all the problems.

  10. Despite what some would believe, I actually feel like I am getting better. I think going to smaller servers with less people have really helped my game instead of the massive 64 player frag-fests.

    I got my Basic Sniper yesterday which is one I didn't think I would have the patience for. On the big maps, it seems like I was getting killed every second before I could set up and take someone out but yesterday was actually nice being able to shoot and not have someone lobbing a grenade on me.

  11. Colorado may have areas that are cooling off, but Colorado Springs is still going very strong. If a for sale sign pops up on my block, that house is gone within the month. They are building 5,000 or so new homes right around us, which are being gobbled up by the 7,500 or so new troops on the way in at Fort Carson.

    I think they are overbuilding, but the prices seem to be holding pretty firm around here.

  12. I am at my low point. :(

    I got killed 24 times in a game this afternoon and only had 22 points. :bag:

    I was trying for my medic badge with heal points and I just was focussing more on helping guys rather than shooting bad guys. It just seemed I always was in the wrong place at the wrong time over and over again.

    I guess the bright side is I did get another purple heart out of the deal....

  13. I still am a newcomer to this game relatively speaking. Heck, I haven't bought Special Forces yet.

    I will say that it seems the level of cheaters is increasing a bit and that might be something that totally turns me off the game. Until then, I plan on keeping going.

    I am leaving for Vegas next week and I might pick up SF when I get back, so maybe I can join you all for some of that action.

  14. I was up playing last night around 2:00 am to 4:00 am (my ribs are in such bad shape that I couldn't sleep :cry: and the meds were not helping) and I was just getting frustrated as I got punished for team killing by a jerk.

    Tank comes down a road, I sneak in behind it and plant my C4s on it. It drives away and I blow it up, but the resulting boom takes out one of my guys and they punish me for it. I mean if you are standing that close to an enemy tank, bad things may happen to you...

    Short of someone shooting me in the back, I never punish anyone and I can't believe I get hit for that....