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  1. 1 minute ago, Sinn Fein said:

    This whole Trump scandal could really end up derailing the Dem nomination process.


    When Trump and Pence are impeached for their roles in soliciting information from Ukraine, that would make Pelosi president, and she would presumably run as an incumbent...


    Or - just to see heads explode, she could appoint Clinton as VP, resign, and then Clinton would run as an incumbent.

    Fun exercise, but neither Trump or Pence are going anywhere. 

    Dems need to take the uncontested layup and nominate Biden and move forward. 

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  2. I predict nothing will come of this. The Dems will put on another big show with yet another committee and some people all in a huff, then a report and then possibly (depending on how shaky their seat is in the next election) will  get enough of their own to vote for impeachment. The Senate won't go along with it and we will be right back to square one.

    You know Nancy has just been banging her head against the wall over this guy. Trump is over there doing dumb things and Nancy is "Nope, not going to impeach." Then he goes over here and does something else crazy and she is like "Errr...not going to impeach." She had to be, "Please don't do anything else. Please keep it together. Please just hang around and let us beat you in November, "and then Trump just up and drives the car right into the wall right in front of her and leaves her no choice.

    I used to despise that lady, but man, have I grown to really like her.

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  3. 35 minutes ago, ffldrew said:

    Broncos need to figure out ownership in a hurry so they can start cleaning house

    It really doesn't matter..this season is over. Looking at the schedule, we will be lucky to win 4 games, but that could be generous because I am counting next week as a win against the Jags. They are hot, so that might not be such an easy win. 

    Harris Jr. is not going to get his big contract that he wants with the way he played today. Wolfe is going to miss some significant time I bet. It is just beyond explanation that Denver doesn't have one sack or takeaway.  

  4. 1 hour ago, prosopis said:

    I lost my virginity in the 80s so yeah they really were that great.

    Me too..and yes, the 80's were awesome and full of excess. The 70's were denim and the remnants of the dirty hippies. The 90's  were stress and so many full of self-importance. 

    But back to the subject at hand, I enjoyed EP . Billie Lourd had some great lines, but there is no way they will continue with this story arc. They will find a way to incorporate wormholes or aliens or some government conspiracy and screw this up. 

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  5. I had one last non-7k egg in my inventory that I am incubating now. Need to get it gone this weekend so I can have nine 7ks to go thru. The Mew raids this week have been very well attended, like 20-25 at every raid I have gone to,  but today stunk. I was standing on a busy corner downtown, at lunch, with one other guy (yeah, there is a lot that can be said about that :P) , but no one else showed for the raid or even stopped to ask what the going price was. I was bummed on multiple levels there.....

  6. We just called today to start a cash out refi. We have 24 years left on a 30 and are looking to pull a little money and cut it down to a 15. The mortgage guy told us he couldn't give us solid prelim numbers today because the market was all over the place.  Ughhh....I hope we didn't miss the boat on the good rates. 

  7. I did three Mewtwo raids this morning. Two of them on my daughter’s account because she really wants one—both wouldn’t be caught and I ended up empty handed for her. I did one raid on my account and I caught it first throw. No shiny but frustrating for me to let her down. 

    Hsving fun catching the new Gen 5s, but they are getting yet more money out of me because I had to buy storage this morning. 

  8. 14 minutes ago, DJackson10 said:

    You don't have the network? 

    Long time subscriber---just got tired of the nonsense and lack of creativity and dropped a few months back. 

    I mean I am AWA---Jim Brunzell , Greg Gagne--literally lost my mind when I saw Baron cause someone *blade*  to bleed , fan when i was like 8-10 years old. . 

    Saturdays 11:00 am--Mean Gene on the mic and the AWA, was the way I was raised and this stuff now sucks. 



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  9. Long day of walking with my daughter. Got all three shiny evolves of the Turtwig. Daughter got a shiny Mr. Mime from a hatch. Got my regional stuff. but my best this week was a shiny Grimer and an in the wild, shiny Houndor. 

  10. 10 minutes ago, Otis said:

    I looked at Blizzaks and considered this. You make it seem easier than I’d thought. 

    Blizzaks are absolutely the best snow tire I have ever had. I mean I don't think I slid once all last year and we had a couple pretty good blizzards. Loading up the tires and taking them to the tire store down the street is sort of a PIA, but other than that, it is well worth it.


  11. I hatched 25 7k’s so far. No shinys yet. Pretty much just junk other than one Farfetch’d and  two Kangashkans.  

    Everyone has to remember to give gifts. I am sitting with three empty egg slots, but I can’t spin stops now because that will end up with 5ks I don’t want right now.

    I just got done standing in the middle of the park across the street from my office waiting for a Deoxys raid to start and not one person showed.☹️. Usually that place is packed. 

  12. 1 hour ago, matttyl said:

    Dumb question - but in a criminal case, is that her call?  Or is that the call of the judge/jury/in place rule?

    No, but it explains to some on here why she didn't start this as a criminal case vs a civil case. Her past relationship as babysitter to his kids also seems to support the idea that she wouldn't want them to lose their dad to a long prison stint. 

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