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  1. 58 minutes ago, TheWinz said:

    I've been the laziest POS over the last month.  I give myself the benefit of the doubt for the first 3 weeks, but it's been very nice the last week.  I have done jack ####.  Gotta rake leaves and sticks, mow the yard, oil changes for the 2 cars, and generally just get my ### in gear.  Perhaps writing it down will give me the push I need...

    I  am with you. Granted I have been working from home and I can't step away from the computer for extended periods of time, but before all this, I can't even count how many times I have said, "Well if only I had the time, I would get to (insert project)." 

    I have settled into a weird routine here that usually has a short afternoon nap built in. Then there is the nightly happy hour. 

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  2. Before the stuff hit the fan, we bought our daughter this setup link from Microcenter in Denver.and it is a pretty solid machine. I bought at 3 TB external for her to avoid gumming up the SSD. 

    I need to seriously upgrade my 10 year old machine as last night I got my first BSOD from it. I am going to be working from home for at least another 60 days, so now seems like the perfect time to start. I want to keep it around $1,000--$1,200. Any thoughts or should I just go buy another one like I got my daughter? 

  3. My 20 year old daughter lives within 2  miles of the meat plants that have been shut down in Greeley due to all the deaths. She works at the Sam's right close by. She just called my wife and said she is at work and not feeling well. She isn't running a fever, but has a sore throat and is having trouble breathing. Just the phone call you don't want as a parent. I told her to inform her manager and ask to go home. My daughter is a little high strung, so I am hoping she is just hyperventilating with all the stress she is under between Sam's working her into the ground and it is finals week coming up. 

    I have mentioned on here that she is a bio major with a chem/math minor. Ironically when this school year started, she switched her area of emphasis to virology and parasitology. She was just accepted to the Keck Institute for their summer internship program to do some virus study.  

    And now her mom and I sit and worry.....

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  4. 16 minutes ago, Hot Diggity Dog said:

    Then you need to read some history about the misery and yes death the great depression caused.  And who suffered it  the worse.  A healthy economy makes long and healthy lives a possibility.   So many other things are going to be negatively affected just in the healthcare sphere, like say infant mortality, life expectancy, and on and on when the bottom trually drops out of our economy. And that's without looking further afield in politics etc.  

    It isn't picking money over lives, it is understanding the risks of massive economic disruption.  

    I love how the Governor of my state (Colorado) has handled this. I didn't vote for the guy, but he was on the ball early and has stayed true to what needs to be done. He moved us from Stay at Home to Safer at Home this week, which protects me and other vulnerable people, but it allows more businesses to open. He has made it clear he will watch the numbers and if they look good, (when you look at what Stay at Home did for us, it worked) he will open more. He has talked about how retail will open here with restrictions and how bars and restaurants could open later in May. It gives people hope, but still makes it clear people need to do their part or it is back to Stay at Home.

    Now will the people do it? My initial observation is people are stupid and won't. 


  5. Since I have been WFH, I notice I tend to just not move around like I should. 5-6 hours disappear and I just get lost in the work.  This and the daily 5:00 happy hour are not good for my waist.  

    I vowed, I am going to walk around the block once every three hours. Typical quiet suburban neighborhood--not much traffic. Today, I venture out and walk down my street (no mask because it is just a walk around the block) Sure enough, I see this elderly guy and his wife each pushing a stroller with, what I presume are, their grand kids, diagonally across the street from me. This guy proceeds to speed up and goes across one street and then purposefully comes across to my side. I slow down and figure I will just let him go straight because that is where the path to the park is or go to any of the other options, but nope, he makes a beeline right to me just so he could tell me Good Morning. Short of running into the street or going back to my house, there was no way to avoid him. I don't understand this--you are both elderly and have two kids with you and you make a concerted effort to come over to me when you had four or five other options?

    I know definitely my small world problem and if I wasn't health compromised, i probably wouldn't care that much. Even though the chances of contracting something from that brief interaction is beyond small, just the sheer brazenness of it bugged me. I will make a point to bring my mask for the next walk this afternoon.  I hate that this thing has made me afraid of going outside. :(.  I want this virus gone for the sake of us all. 

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Mr. Ham said:

    Not only that, but I’m not inclined to get a vaccine that is pushed out that quickly, or certainly allowing my family to get it on a rushed schedule. I’m no anti-vaxxer by a long shot, but there’s a reason these things take years to test and get to market. A vaccine is not something to cut corners with. If the government pushes that schedule, I’m particularly dubious. There needs to be independent oversight and authority to make the call on when it’s safe to release.

    Yeah, cue Will Smith and I am Legend.

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  7. 13 minutes ago, Morton Muffley said:

    I don't believe you.  Please provide specific examples.  Am growing tired of these strawman arguments, so apologies for my shortness, but I just don't believe what you wrote is true.  Though I am open to being proven wrong.  

    You are not wrong. Smart people were just advocating SIP for a short period followed by a comprehensive, detailed plan to reopen (Cuomo used the analogy of turning on a hose) once the numbers declined,. But no, we can't wait a few more weeks to let the numbers decline because it is my right to go bowling. 

    I say those in favor of opening it all up--do it. You go for it. Here's the deal, you sign a waiver saying you agree to not seek medical attention from a hospital when you, one of your kids or loved ones get this. I mean so many believe you won't get sick or impacted by this disease and you may be right and then there are the group of you that believe it is just a bad case of the flu, even though i can't remember the last flu season we had meat trucks outside our hospitals for the dead, but I am sure I must have missed that last flu season.

    This is America, you have freedoms that shouldn't be infringed on. You want to assume this risk, open up, but a big note is being posted on your front door saying Do not treat the people that live within. If you want to gamble, then let's do it. Heck, you may just end up being right about all this.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, huthut said:

    It could prevent further spread, if you warn people to self quarantine if they have been potentially exposed it means they will not be out exposing other people while they are contagious but before they are symptomatic. 

    Believe me I want to live in this world where people would do the right thing, but small business owner who just re-opened his/her shop gets a call saying you may have been near someone who is positive, isn't going to immediately close shop again because they "may" have it. What happens then? Are we going to have the State authorties seizing or closing businesses if they do not comply? Talk about a slippery slope there. 

    Nope we are firmly in the "me and I" portion of this virus. We are going to reopen everything and people are going to go about their days pretending the virus doesn't exist and then be shocked when the numbers explode. I plan on sheltering in place for as long as I am able to WFH (as I am very high risk) and then, if the virus is still raging. I may honestly consider retiring. I understand a lot of people aren't as fortunate as me and I feel terrible for those that live paycheck to paycheck (man. my family has been there) or were laid off because of this--I really do.

    I never ever supported sheltering for months and months for everyone,, but the lack of a comprehsive/cohesive reopening plan will be our undoing. Case in point, our SIP  expires in our city now, but 60 miles up the road Denver is keeping their's in place. What sense does that make?  

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  9. I don't get the whole contact tracing thing. In my opinion, this isn't going to work one bit in the US. That system will require compliance by close to 100% of the participants for it to be effective. It will be like a family tree, but you are missing huge sections of info when one person isn't truthful or doesn't respond. We have a countty who lost their mind having to stay home for 3 weeks screaming about their rights.  Do you honestly think people are now going to comply with someone from the "Government" wanting to know where they have been and what they are doing? Oh, and let's put this app on your phone so we can track your every movement (yeah, I know that happens now but...). This just seems like a waste of money and effort for this country especially considering our lack of testing efforts. 

    Sorry to be so negative, but I have zero faith in people. I say use this money for another round of stimulus checks. At least people can use that to get food.   

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  10. I am going to continue to wipe my groceries down. 10-15 minutes buys me peace of mind on the perishable stuff and the rest stays in my car for 48 hours or so. 

    We did pizza no-contact delivery last night (our 2nd take out experience during all this). Laid out metal pans--wife brought in the boxes and we slid the pizzas onto the pans and the boxes went outside in the trash. Don't think we could be more careful than that. Wife wasn't happy I tipped the guy $10.00, but I told her when we have people bringing us items that we don't feel safe going to get, it is worth a 25% tip. 

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