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  1. Girls with Balls

    yeah, went into this one with low expectations, but the wife and kids are out of town and this looked good for some T&A fun.

    First: it is French dubbed into English and weirdly done. 

    Second: zero nudity. For a movie that has previews that show so much sexuality--nothing. Teasing eye candy abounds, but  it is like one big blue ball festival I must say.

    Third: it is like slapstick comedy in parts. Is it a comedy movie? It is a horror movie? The humor is so juvenile, yet the content adult. Weird, and I must warn there is animal abuse.

    The good is there are some gruesome kills and buckets of blood 

    Ughh...only if you are bored/drunk (I was both)  watch this movie.

  2. 2 hours ago, RUSF18 said:

    < 3K fires a year coming from something that every household in America uses at least once a week (and some use every day) has to be damn near infinitesimal odds. Especially if you perform basic maintenance.

    I do basic maintenance on it, but why take a chance if it can be avoided? You can't claim "I HAVE to do my laundry while I am gone." I just dry my laundry while I am there and don't take a chance if gone and my wife and I have two teenage girls. 

    I mean I pay for homeowners insurance at a big chunk of $$ per year. I have filed one claim in 17 years--that claim amounted to $130K due to hail damage and over a month in a hotel for my family. Things happen....Ounce of prevention for things I can control is how I look at it.

  3. On 7/25/2019 at 8:47 AM, timschochet said:


    As far as listening: always. It’s always wise to listen to any honest person stating their concerns, full stop. Disregard the liars. But if you’re an honest person I will always listen to you no matter how extreme or wrong I think you might be. 

    On 7/25/2019 at 10:36 AM, timschochet said:

    I’m sorry but I find this post to be disingenuous. 


    Make up your mind....

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  4. On 7/26/2019 at 12:42 PM, shadyridr said:

    Dryer- HELL NO. I dont even goto sleep with Dryer running. The other two, sure. Technically you should always shut the water on you washing machine when not in use. I doubt anyone does that though.

    Exactly!!  One of major causes of house fires is dryers and built up lint (something like 2,900 fires a year are cause by this.) I never take that risk with my dryer.

    As far as the washer, I know there is the paranoia of the water line breaking, but I do not leave it running because I don't want my clothes stuck in there all wet.

    The dish washer I really don't care about. 

    We have smart appliances so I can view their status when I am out, so that also buys piece of mind, but I don't think my dryer would send me an update saying "I am on fire!!" Our home alarm system would, I guess. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Godsbrother said:

    I am of the opinion they should let it go.    People are sick of it already.    Trump is vulnerable at so many levels, attack him there.

    Exactly--again (as I pointed out in another thread) typical FBGs follow and care about this stuff--the vast and I mean VAST majority of this country doesn't care. The economy is doing well. There are plentiful jobs. The average citizen has 600 channels to choose from and are concerned about which Bachelor is going to be kicked off. People are spending money and shopping. Every restaurant around me is packed every night and  everyone has their faces in their phones. Sure there are issues that some are passionate about (healthcare, student loans, immigration, etc), but that will be addressed in the elections--not through political theater.  

    Here is the other issue, I used to hate the MSM, but now I realize they have a done a great job trying to guarantee Trump another four years. I mean from the moment this guy announced his run--they have criticized  (some very deservedly) every facet of him.  His hair, his skin color, his voice, his hands, his clothes, his walk, his past. his speech. CNN I swear has a quota of hit pieces they must keep on their front page every day. The average citizen has lost the ability to be outraged because we have been told so many times THIS IS IT!! THIS IS THE SMOKING GUN THAT TAKES HIM DOWN!! Then what happens?? Nothing and the media moves on to the next outrage that we are supposed to finally care about.The American people are tired and numb from this. 

    And now we are talking impeachment?  Some of the posters on here are unclear on obstruction and we want the average person to "get it"? This will end up being another political sideshow that will go nowhere--result in nothing except voter apathy for the Democrats.

    I will make my own prediction because politicians are so easy to figure out. Dems will waste more time talking about this and do nothing. Dems, if they nominate Biden,  will win the WH (anyone else and it gets interesting) and then spend the next two years making it their life's goal to get Trump prosecuted. This endeavor results in none of their promises they made their voters coming true during those two years. Meanwhile the economy corrects itself and we find ourselves on the cusp of another recession.  Then the Republicans run the narrative for the next election on how the Dems tanked the economy. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.:no:

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  6. 3 minutes ago, James Daulton said:

    Under Obama, black unemployment fell from a high of 16.8 to 7.7 in January 2017.  A reduction of 9.1.  

    Under Trump, black unemployment fell from 7.7 to 6.0.  A reduction of 1.7.

    Do Trump supporters think it's intellectually honest to keep saying that one of Trump's accomplishments is lowering black unemployment to its lowest level ever?

    Well, lets be honest here, if your question is "Did Trump lower black unemployment to its lowest level ever," then the answer is- yes. 6.0 (it actually fell to 5.9 at one point) is the lowest number ever I believe. Now if the question is, "Who had the largest impact on the black unemployment rate," then the answer is President Obama.

    Just being technical there. :P 


  7. 1 hour ago, SaintsInDome2006 said:

    I'm starting to rethink my position on this. MT posted something the other day that I found sorta persuasive, though it was a different issue. And that is that Dems (and anti Trump Indies and Cons) have to be motivated to show up. I think the Trump supporters are pretty interesting in what they choose to push and the way I see it it involves trying to recreate what we saw in 2016 - resentment by one wing vs the other, plus some sort of concept of the Dem as corrupt or unlikable. - Add to that Trump supporters are by nature not interested in policy, that's baked in, and that includes things like investigative details.

    The point is that Dems have to be motivated to show up. And if there is no impeachment then I think you're going to see a lot of deflation and cynicism and that will play right into Trump's hands. I think the impeachment has to take place for those making the political argument, like Tim is and often does.

    I will offer a different position. Impeachment does nothing for anyone but those looking to advance a political agenda. It turns a completely unlikable guy into a victim (this has been said before). Trump is seeing, if you believe polls, an uptick in popularity. The economy is still humming along. He plays the victim card like no one else. Impeachment proceedings just further that narrative and bring his prior voters, who may have been exhausted with his antics and may have stayed home,  to come out and vote just to show those Democrats.. It will be a complete political circus and just a symbolic vote. The Dems simply do not have the votes to make this stick and the effort and diversion it creates plays right into his hands. If you want him to pay, you vote him out and go after him with, what so many of you believe, will be a slam dunk indictment when he is a citizen. Why waste time now with this complete clown show?

    The Dems need a turnout to win this election.They need to control the narrative, bring in the independents and advance their positions---political theater will not get you there. So many of you need to just step back and look at what the average voter thinks and not what the politically informed FBG thinks. Trump would love nothing more than let you take your eyes off the prize right now before the election and make this about him vs actual issues, which is what the voters care about. 

    This election should be a slam dunk for the Dems. It is an uncontested layup. Show up and take out the most (IMO) unlikable president ever and then get your pound of flesh later, but I am guessing they will take the Trump bait and lose countless votes in the process. 

    Today was a bad day for Dems. Mueller was bad--I mean epic badness there. Even when the Dems tried to throw him a softball question or two--he struggled. I felt really bad for him. This guy served his country. He has a brilliant legal mind, but what went down today was not fair to him at all. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, bcdjr1 said:

    The woman was Alundra Blaze. She won the women's title back in the day and then went to WCW. She took the title with her and threw it in the trash on TV. That was what led Vince to screwing Bret out of the title when he was leaving for WCW because he didn't want to risk a repeat. 

    DiBiase once got Andre the Giant to beat Hogan for the Heavyweight belt and then bought the title from Andre. 

    Basically the bit was a call back to two famous incidents in the past that you didn't pick up on. 

    I don't think 90% of the crowd did either. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Mr. Ected said:

    I have noticed that other stores have an increase to prices on home delivery, are the prices the same as in the store on the curb pick up?

    Not at Walmart. We put our order in the night before. We pick our time frame--which is an hour time span. We get an email the next morning telling us if there were any items missing and that the order is ready. We reply on the app we are on the way. When we get in the parking lot, it prompts us to tell them what spot we are in and boom, food is brought out. We have done it dozens of times and it always has been smooth, plus it is free to use.    

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  10. 9 minutes ago, SaintsInDome2006 said:

    Just an observation - the media and even some Dems and even the four Congresswomen engaging in using the language 'the squad' are just falling into Trump's branding. It's something he's been doing since the beginning, creating a false foundation and then opponents or critics engaging in that conversation in the ground assumptions that he has created. 

    these are four individual women, they are not a 'squad'.

    The Media is helping Trump's reelection efforts immensely. Every time they interview THE SQUAD or AOC makes some random statement and they feature it front and center on their sites, it just gives Trump ammo and drives Moderates away. Pelosi is doing all she can trying to keep these four from being the face of the party because she knows it hurts 2020, but these ladies haven't met a camera they didn't like and they are making her job impossible. 

    Right now CNN has a headline with the word Squad in it. They really believe this is a winning strategy. 


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  11. Just finished picking up groceries at Walmart---I love their order ahead and pick up service. Walmart prices without Walmart people is what I say. Plus it is amazing how much fluff we would end up buying when we physically went in the store. 

    Then it is Pokemon time with my daughter. Followed by grilling and beer drinking tonight and the start of a nine day stay-cation. 

    Life is good!! 

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  12. 13 hours ago, Todem said:

    My son and I watched this last night. Holy freaking ***t!!! Excellent. I love anthology horror movies like Trick R Treat and several other 70’s anthology type horror movies (as well as Creepshow of course) and this was some freaky goodness. Great recommendation. 


    Highly recommend as well.

    This one was hit or miss for my wife and I. The first two stories really were meh.....but the last story and the end were well done.