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  1. We have been big fans since the beginning. My wife has a thing for Zak. I get it.....  We are going out to Vegas here in a couple months to visit his museum. .

    If you haven't seen it, watch Demon House. It is pretty darn good and actually seems like the real deal there.You should also check out the pilot of the series from like 2004. 

    You can tell when they go to places that are just borderline anything going on--Zak and the crew resort to the "At this point I noticed a distinct change in (insert name's) behavior," or they go full on orb this--orb that.

    I am one of the most level headed people around--I dare say boring would not be a far off description, but I am huge believer in the paranormal. I have had way too  many experiences, starting from when I was little, that there are just no explanations for. 

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  2. I used to love to mess with the computer virus guys, but after messing with the last one, they started spamming my home phone starting at 8:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night just non-stop.  

    Just put nomorobo on my home phone today, so we will see how that works. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Jayrok said:

    Can't blame the others for voting Joe but it actually might be the best thing for him.  He doesn't have to play a social game now.  Just rest up and look for advantages/idols on the extinction island.  He'll fish and keep everyone fed but he doesn't have to worry about them plotting against him at some tribal council.  If he comes back for a chance with 5 or so to go, look out in immunity challenges.  

    I liked the face on Aubrey when Joe was voted off.  Oh crap, now I have to compete against him to get back in the game.  

    I do wonder, though, how they are going to fill the jury.  Folks voted off from now on go to extinction island and come sit on the jury?  Interested to see how it plays out.  

    This is exactly what I said to my wife last night. Joe getting the boot was a gift in disguise for him. He doesn't have to worry about his social game now. Just focus on the challenge that will come and get back in the game when most of rest have been weeded out and weakened. 

    My wife was initially sad to see him get voted off and then elated to see him back in.  I think Lauren is gorgeous, but I have to keep those thoughts to myself because she looks just like a taller version of one of my wife's FB friends. Every time she appears on the screen my wife points this out--so me saying yeah, she is hot would really open up a can of worms at my house. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, huthut said:

    Whether it was a staged crime or not, I assume it was sealed because it made the CPD and prosecutors look really bad. 

    I am a little more skeptical of it, I bet it was sealed because all of the elements of the crime were there and the prosecution team did a "favor" for someone and dismissed it. There is no way the police chief is up there fighting and saying all the things he is saying if he knows his department did something wrong. With all the bad press the CPD has received in the past, he would just let this thing go if there was a chance of something embarrassing coming out. 

  5. Yeah it is not that easy. All you have to do is watch the All-Stars Skills thing they do with the WBNA/Veteran/Current NBA player team where they shoot from half-court. It sometimes takes them forever to hit that half court shot. 

    I would consider risking this for 30 days in county jail and I get 25 attempts. 

  6. 23 hours ago, bananafish said:

    Jimmy's not getting a max contract from anyone unless Philly foolishly offers him one. Well, maybe the Lakers, who will be desperate to bring in someone, anyone, with a modicum of star power if/when AD turns them down. 

    Please make this happen. Watching Jimmy scream at LBJ every night would make the Lakers a must watch.....

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  7. 15 minutes ago, squistion said:

    No, look at the video,

    The 17 year old did not stand his ground and was no longer right in front of him, he had stepped back a couple feet and was holding his cell phone in one hand and did not appear to be any sort of continued threat, this was not a question of self defense, the assault was over. Fraser paused momentarily to size up the situation and the weaker opponent, then stepped forward and struck him twice.

    "Did not appear"  is YOUR interpretation which the law does not support. If you hit someone with an egg it is considered assault--plain and simple-at which time you as the victim have the right to reasonably defend yourself from further assault. Stop making it seem like he chased him down around the block and retaliated. The assailant was present right in front of him. Stop letting your victim bias get in the way of your common sense here, Squis. 

  8. Squis, you are completely wrong. Now I am not saying I am up on New Zealand law, but if you are hit with an object and the person is right in front of you, you have the right to use reasonable force to defend yourself. Like others have pointed out, the guy had no idea what the assailant's continued intent was. The 17 year old stood his ground and was right in front of him. He probably didn't even realize what he had been hit with. If he would have hit the kid and knocked him down and then commenced to kick and stomp on him. then that wouldn't be reasonable. One quick shot to someone who just did that is justified. Sorry you can "feel" all you want, but then there is reality of what "is" and that has nothing to do with being a tough guy.

  9. 24 minutes ago, The General said:

    I think it's more visually pleasing when they use a big cream pie.

    I think the glitter bomb is more effective. 

    That being said, what the guy did was wrong. I am going to call him a guy because he is just short of his 18th birthday. When the news first came out it was published as politician punches a child. (I couldn't help but think Will Ferrell at that point :P).  It was wrong because we can't have people assaulting politicians just because they disagree with their position on issues. 

    If the shoe was on the other foot and this was an NRA supporter who hit Obama, you would have universal condemnation from most on this site. Just because this guy has some thoughts that most disagree with, doesn't justify his actions. Silencing a person or assaulting a person just because you don't like their stance on issues should never be applauded because then the other side is going to do it and there is no putting that genie back in the bottle if this becomes the new norm.  

  10. 36 minutes ago, zoonation said:

    It is mind blowing to me that this isn’t obvious to everyone.  

    American gun culture is so bizarre.  

    It isn't to me. I am not trying to be a jerk, but explain to me how registering a gun would tell LE who did it. 

    I have worked it through my head to see if I follow this logic. If a gun is stolen and it is used in a crime later on, that doesn't tell anyone who did the crime. I understand it could impact the person if they were negligent in storing the firearm, but it doesn't solve the crime which is what Tim is suggesting.  If someone is killed on my property by my gun, it still doesn't tell who pulled the trigger. 

    Just trying to find the other side of the coin here. The ONLY thing that I see positive about this bill is if people registered their firearms (but this would take 100% compliance by ALL--including criminals) is if LE is dispatched to a location, they could call up the house from the database and see what type of weapons they are up against. Again, this would only be useful if the homeowner complied. 

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  11. I do not own a gun. I fall into the "I would probably hurt myself with it" camp, so I really don't have a dog in this fight.

    One of the first arguments I would have with this would be the obvious overburdening this would place on law enforcement.  We are going to now cite people for failure to register firearms yearly? Even assuming a 50% compliance rate, how many new courthouses are you going to build to hear these cases? Magically how are you going to pay for all the new enforcement officers? Enforcement would literally have to be the door to door type search that so many anti-gun folks say would never happen, but that is the only way you could prove someone doesn't have a gun. We have a certain vocal portion of our population that complains about the over incarceration rate in the county, but yet we are finding new ways to jail people?. This proposal doesn't do anything but put a burden on law abiding citizens. It is just a layer of the onion type proposal that somehow believes you can reduce the level of gun violence via government bureaucracy. it would be interesting to see what side the ACLU comes down on this one. 

    My other concern I would have is the security of the database that is maintained. We can't go a week in the country without hearing about some hack  of supposedly unhackable databases. Talk about an absolute goldmine of info were this information to get out. Criminals, armed with this info, would now be able to target citizens who have desirable gun collections for burglary or worse.

    Again just the faults I see with this bill on first blush. 

    For those of you interested, Colorado has been going though an interesting debate here with the passage of the Red Flag Gun Bill. It basically allows the courts to remove weapons from people that are deemed a threat to themselves or others upon petition of family members or law enforcement. It is really an interesting subject, which has prompted some counties to declare themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties and saying they will not recognize it. I can tell you most of our local LE are vehemently opposed to this bill and are actively fighting it. 


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  12. 13 minutes ago, ffldrew said:

    The IT problem, beyond not moving the ball, is more glaring on defense. Nuggets d has made massive improvements but when one cog in the system breaks down they get really exposed. IT is way too small to help - it's a pick and roll league and every offense is eating him alive during his time on court - and there is no way to hide him.

    I see a positive in this in that the Nuggets should be able to trade him in the off-season and get something in return. They are so deep across the board I think they will be just fine going forward. I am excited in what Porter may bring to this team.

  13. 2nd day home with the wife and kids. Everything is still closed. It is so weird because we have sunshine and less than an inch of snow here, but you go eight to ten miles north or east and they are still doing car rescues of people that are trapped in their cars.   The footage from the news crews showing the amount of people that just abandoned their vehicles, some in the middle of the road, is amazing. It is going to take awhile to get all these cars towed from these major roads. 

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  14. It is days like these that makes me realize how ill prepared I am if anything major were to happen. I am looking at all our food options and every main meal we have needs to be cooked or microwaved.  I could grill, but going outside is not smart at this point.  I have a Coleman camp stove I could fire up I guess :P

    As a Colorado native, we used to say we can't wait for Spring and get past all the snow and ice, but after last year and the hail we aren't so sure what to be hoping for.  Being displaced from our house and living in a hotel for half the summer due to baseball/softball sized hail absolutely destroying our place and cars was not fun. 

  15. 1 hour ago, Bucky86 said:

    This blizzard is crazy here in Denver. :scared: 

    Yep the wind here in Colorado Springs is just shaking the house. Gusts over 97 mph just recorded here. Every major road closed.  Lights flickering on and off. I told the family to prepare for PB&Js for dinner. ;)

    This is a powerful storm and I can only imagine the damage it is going to cause as it marches across the country.