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  1. I goofed. I meant Allen Robinson. Counting is such a vital skill in FF. Alas.
  2. 2 TMQB: KC, Atlanta 4 RB: Barkley, Michel, Kamara, Chubb 5 WR: Smith-Schuster, Julio Jones, Hopkins, Allen Robinson 2 TE: Kelce, Howard 1 Flex (RB / WR / TE): Damien Williams 2 PK: Butker, Tucker 2 DEF: Chicago, Denver
  3. Anyone use predicted snaps, game flow, and/or game scripts to help find plug and play options? If so, where do you get this information?
  4. IN. League 4 and ABLC last season as BusMan.
  5. I'd love to spit some "great minds..." platitudes but I've always been hot garbage at these SLs the last decade-plus. Still feels good to hear you say it, though.
  6. Team BusMan 2019 FBG PDSL Both QBs on bye in Week 9. A middling group, perhaps slightly above average. Three of five RBS with Week 10 bye. Gonna need a lot of big weeks from Gordon and Fournette. WRs have a lot of issues, which I attempted to cover with volume. Three of the eight might not start the season (Crabtree, Gordon, Hill). If everything comes together perfectly, I have a decent group with depth. That seems unlikely. TEs are...not good. Gostkowski is likely fine as a solo PK, but team him up on a Week 10 bye with one of my DEFs, and...yikes. I have seven Week 10 byes. If I'm still somehow alive by then (because Week 9 without a QB seems dubious at best), I'll make my exit then. Definitely a candidate for a Week 1 exit. One thing I've learned from doing these going on maybe a decade now (?) is that I'm not good at them. At all. 👆❤️👆
  7. Thanks for getting this set up @BassNBrew