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  1. I hear you, but ..late, didn't have the puck, from behind, into the boards....checks all the boxes.
  2. Two more to keep an eye on 1st one looks like a low rider. just an fyi, least favorite time of year.
  3. Chuckling as a Rangers fan as I type this, but Let's go Flyers!
  4. Florida quietly publishes med mj edibles rules Wednesday night, four years after Florida voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana and one year after the Legislature allowed patients to smoke it, edible marijuana products were allowed to enter the market. The Florida Department of Health, which oversees the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, quietly published emergency rules for edible medical marijuana late Wednesday night. Bax predicts variances will be issued to licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers this week and products will hit shelves soon after. The rules, which go into effect immediately, are fairly basic for a medical marijuana state: the edibles cannot have primary or bright colors in order to minimize attraction to children, must not resemble any commercially available candy and must be packaged appropriately
  5. 5pm NHC advisory - 145mph max sustained winds. 947mb.
  6. I missed afternoon hockey. Let's get it on.
  7. this is awful, thoughts with those who will be affected. layer covid risks on top just makes me sad.
  8. 5am Laura Cone Expected major, TX/LA in play Nightime arrival. Be prepared.
  9. what? saying ##### ### white boy that a problem? expect nothing less from the NBA.
  10. 5pm update from NHC has both Laura and Marco heading towards Louisiana, at Hurricane strength. Monday for Marco, Wednesday for Laura. Crazy.
  11. people still watching this? i read ratings plummeted.