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  1. Just cashed out some of my winners( not winning as much as when i sold though). about 12% cash. Kicking myself for not doing this earlier. Media is all doom and gloom, whether they are right or not, folks are panicking. Good luck to all with however you play this.
  2. Futures down almost 100bp. European stocks down 200bp.
  3. Bloomy, losing voters with that stance on MJ.
  4. Rangers presser: 1) Buchnevich and Shesterkin in a car accident. Shesterkin broken rib, out a few weeks. Buchnevich shaken to day 2) Kreider resigned 7 years. AAV $6.5mm
  5. Those pork shoulders look so tasty, salivating over here.
  6. Enphase (ENPH) off and running today ...+34%
  7. over 25% of the alphabet, impressive. Rosario Dawson joined their tribe too.
  8. Seems like a good prospects trade for both teams. @drosennhl Rangers trade D Joey Keane to Carolina for F Julien Gauthier, 22, who has 26 goals in 44 games with Charlotte in the AHL this season. Gauthier is fourth in the AHL in goals. He was Carolina's first-round pick (No. 21) in 2016. Rangers gave Gauthier #12.
  9. Awful crash at the end, hoping Ryan Newman recovers ok.
  10. Including these two Video of fight between two attendees.
  11. Brett Gardner files restraining order against obsessed fan Though Devasahayam, 46, and Gardner, 36, have never met, she has claimed in her lawsuit that the outfielder has hinted that he is interested in her. Devasahayam says in the suit that a video of Gardner in the dugout shows that he “motions with his hip on the stairs as though he is having sexual intercourse with me,” according to