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  1. I did/am doing the hack...I can't imagine eating spuds for two months straight (it gets so boring). I've been doing 5 day hacks and then 3-5 days of 'normal' eating and then right back into a 5 day hack. No alcohol.
  2. I think Newark. 7 shootings there in a week wouldn't surprise me. Newark shootings
  3. Who is the pro-marijuana candidate?
  4. I think that was tongues....his eyes gave it away.
  5. De Blasio? this guy made the cut?
  6. 3/12 - 239.9 6/26 - 209.4 Potato Hack for the win, and probably more importantly - not a drop of alcohol.
  7. Judge orders special prosecutor to review Jussie Smollett Case "In his ruling Friday, the judge questioned Foxx's decision to appoint a deputy to oversee the Smollett case, saying that she did not have the authority to do so. The decision means that a special prosecutor could now decide to re-charge Jussie Smollett all over again, putting the actor back at square one."