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  1. Giants signed Deone Buchanon and released Tuzar Skipper.
  2. Does Colinsworth hate the Eagles/ Honestly haven't got that from him, but am I missing a hatred?
  3. it's early but I it looks like the Eagles are in trouble. Did Doug guarantee this or not?
  4. This isn't suprising to anyone is it? I mean Tulsi supported Bernie over Hilary in 2016. Hilary is one mean, self-entitled women. She just needs to lash out.
  5. 10 days to prepare for the powerhouse Arizona Cardinals and they go down 17-0. How does that happen Mr. Shurmur?
  6. A kick in the nutz, twice. I shall call that a Melvin from now on.
  7. Against a team in "our tier" - we looked bad. Shurmur/Bettcher combo will not get us where we need to go. Gettleman drafting looks alright but questionable on the FA signings to say the least.
  8. All good things come to an end. Is Geno Smith available?