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  1. Chauvin upgraded to 2nd degree Other 3 charged with aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder
  2. I didn't either. Shader's post above covers my thinking. just hoping this guy can make it.
  3. Completely do you measure the covid19 increase from this nationwide? Just awful.
  4. That's sick. videotaped, charge them em all. or we riot?
  5. Looters break into AT&T store in Tampa , get your free stuff! Mute this video, sounds is awful.
  6. And we to the races for another season. A couple links I use: Mike's weather page: facebook Tropical tidbits Good luck/god bless. Please be a light season, 2020 has seen plenty already.
  7. I, and that's just me. I fear everything. Interior lights turned on and both my hands on the wheel, window down, both times I've been pulled over.
  8. I'm not a social media guy, have a few sports related boards I visit and that's pretty much it, but that Bellingcat link you shared. I'm speechless, had no idea. Don't even know what to say other than thanks for sharing.
  9. Jeez, some of those homeowners better move their cars soon.
  10. So many without masks in such close distance. Can't be good.