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  1. It works both ways.True - but IMO it's more acceptable to favor him for being like-minded than it is to hate him for thinking differentlyIs it more acceptable to hate the Klan because you oppose it or love the Klan because you support it? You don't need to answer, the point is that your logic can be applied to pretty much any belief system.First of all I don't think the people you are talking about hate Tebow, I think they are put off by his overt religiosity. They want to watch a football game not be given a religious message (from any religion). Tebow, through his actions, seems to view it as his pulpit and IMO takes advantage of that opportunity. Using his patented one knee, head down with fist on forehead thing he is sending the message, intentionally or not, that his prayer will impact the outcome of the game. Some people eat that stuff up and ask for seconds, many others think the gridiron is not the place for that.But I don't think hate enters the picture for most of his detractors. Either way it's fun to watch.And the people who complain about Tebow being "in your face" about his religion bring way more attention to religion than Tebow himself does. I'm not even religious, and I don't have a problem with Tebow and his religion because he really isn't "in your face" about it. The annoying thing is all the yahoos that think he is "in your face" about his religion and complain about him. Aside from him thanking his lord and savior at the beginning of interviews, he doesn't really talk religion at all. There are plenty of athletes who talk about religion more than Tebow who don't get any of the scrutiny that Tebow gets. The people who have a problem with Tebow and his religion need to look in the mirror because they have much bigger problems than what they are admitting to. (Edit to add: In my opinion to the end of all that)
  2. Funny thing about the Jets, Chargers, and Raiders. They all would have made the playoffs if they'd beaten Denver with Tebow.The other funny thing about them is they were all considered good teams who were going to put Tebow in his place until they lost to him, at which point they instantly became schmucks that anyone can beat. It's not like it's unusual for a team to not rack up a bunch of wins against playoff teams. With the Broncos win over the Steelers this week it puts them right in the middle of the pack in good wins, really. New England hasn't beaten a team with a winning record all year and they got a first round bye. Atlanta has 1 win against a playoff team (Detroit) Houston has 2 (Pittsburgh and a 1-point win vs Cincy) NYG have 2 (New England and this week's game vs Atlanta) Cinci has 0 Pitt has 2 (New England and Cinci) Detroit has 1 (Denver) Denver has 1 (Pittsburgh) Technically Denver has a winning record so NE has 1 win over a team with a winning record right now. That will not be the case if they beat Denver again.Not to mention the fact that the Broncos also beat Cincinatti (albeit with Orton) so technically they have 2 wins over playoff teams.
  3. Steve Young was one of the most cerebral and consistent QB's ever. The guy could read defenses and throw with the best of them. Nice try.... Steve Young was definitely a freelancer. And he was consistent. What is it about Newton and Tebow that you think makes them unable to be consistent at any future point of their careers?Athleticism will only take you so far. The other intangibles; the ability to read defenses, accuracy, consistency and playing within a game plan are what is needed to be successful. Newton and Tebow are two big atheletic QB's who over a period of time will be game planned by the opposing defenses and will eventually have to have the other intangibles, and in my opinion that is where they will fail. Michael Vick is the ultimate athletic QB. He should have annihilated this league, but he is lacking the intangibles. Again this is my opinion and will only be supported/or not over time. I have seen/read many arguments stating why Tebow will not be a successful NFL QB. You are the first one I have seen take the stand that Tebow won't be successdful because he doesn't have the intangibles. Are you sure this is the stance you want to take? If it is, it really makes me want to ignore everything you say. Most people are arguing that Tebow's intangibles are the only reason he has gotten as far as he has, but I guess you know better.
  4. This is the best post that I have ever seen on this site. 6 years as a member and a year or so as a lurker before I signed up, I have never laughed so hard.Lol, thanks. That may be the highest internet praise anyone has ever given me...truely, Tebow brings out the best in all of us. lol, No problem! Living here in Northern Colorado and being a Bronco fan, you should see all the facebook banter and pics concerning Tebow going around.
  5. This is the best post that I have ever seen on this site. 6 years as a member and a year or so as a lurker before I signed up, I have never laughed so hard.
  6. 1. save money2. reassure Tebow3. eliminate locker room tension4. give Orton a chance to play elsewhere1,2,3 make sense.Do NFL teams really care about #4?If Elway liked the way Orton quietly stepped aside when Tebow took over...yes. Keep in mind - all GMs have to attract FA of their own at some point.This is exactly what the dudes on the radio were talking about today. Orton has been a true professional since his arrival in Denver.
  7. I just thought I would post this tweet from Elway. I don't know why, all the people who are conspiracy theorists and think that he wants Tebow to fail aren't going to change their minds because of this, but here goes anyway.
  8. It's obviously Denver's best chance to win games.Theoretically, they could get a better wide receiver and tight end instead of trading away their best one (Brandon Lloyd) for practically nothing. That move alone should cost Elway his job. Or not. That's why Elway is a VP of football operations and you're not. Good move to get something rather than nothing as LLoyd is a free agent at the end of the year and had planned to walk.
  9. Did you watch the game? Did you see that Denver was running at will on the Chiefs? There was no need to pass, but of course you will just focus on the negative and not what was really going on in the game!Why not? That's what the announcers were doing all game. They didn't have to throw the ball more than 8 times because the Chiefs couldn't stop the run all game.
  10. It was investigated in 1998. The DA didn't press charges, what else did all you holy rollers expect JoePa to do? JoePa is being unjustly railroaded here, and it's pretty sad actually. I know it's sad that a child got sodomized, but go after the right person.
  11. Do any Saints fans still have their paper bags from when they used to be called the Aint's? This Bronco fan would like to borrow it for a little while!
  12. Good question Jason. I like the hire too. Seems stupid of Carolina to let it play out like this. Would Bronco fans rather have Rivera or Fox? I'd guess most would say Fox. Oh well. On the Tebow thing - how much do you read into Elway's statement that he tried to backpedal from? I tend to think it was more an inexperience thing on his part. He seems to be liking this spotlight thing again and I'm thinking we might be reading too much into it. What do you think? J I almost ran off the road from laughter when I heard about this hire. Yes, I'd take Rivera over Fox at this point in time every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Rivera may end up tanking, but Fox will tank 2 out of every 3 seasons. Here's what you need to know about Fox...1) He's loyal to his veteran's to a fault. It may play out well for a season with the "respect" he gets, but ultimately you need to put the best talent on the field. 2) I think the game has gotten too complicated for Fox. He consistantly makes the worst coaches challenges of any coach I've seen in the league. Here's the data from 2008 Here's a quote from Pat Yasinskas from this year "When it comes to challenging replays, Fox swung five times and missed five times. Six other coaches haven’t won a challenge yet, but none of them has challenged as many times as Fox." 3) Ultimately the play calling is Fox's responsibility. Get ready for predictable and unimaginitive. You might as well erase the screen play from the the Broncos play book. Even if Fox wasn't calling the plays, he gets the rap for agreeing to hires like Jeff Davidson from the Brownies. Hopefully Orton comes back for the Broncos because Fox won't be able to figure out how to use Tebow. 4) Fox can't handle clock management. He's a nice enough guy, but I really don't think he's bright enough to compete with his current counterparts. Beyond that that, he'll out fox himself often. 1st and goal at the one...let's bring Williams and Stewart to the bench and sub in the 3rd string back. 5) Get ready for a vanilla defense. The blitz is a thing of the past in Denver. Rivers basically just got another two bye weeks with this hire. Sorry Bronco fans, it is what it is. Was it a vanilla defense that took Carolina's last ranked defense to 2nd ranked defense in Fox's first season as head coach?? I know Julius Peppers had a lot to do with that, but if he can just get the Broncos to middle of the pac kon defense in his first year, I'll be happy.
  13. OK, I'll play Capitan Obvious here. The answer obviously lies somewhere in the middle. The Bronco fans and Tebow fans are hoping for closer to "two_dollars" post while the Tebow bashers think it will be closer to "destro's" post. At the very least, it will be interesting to watch him once he takes the field. As a Bronco fan, obviously I'm hoping for the best. Training camp can't get here soon enough, I'm looking forward to seeing what this guys got.