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  1. I would like to pick 1.12, doesn't matter when.
  2. I'm in.
  3. I'm back
  4. Syracuse in trouble.
  5. Really debated Gates with my previous pick.
  6. Comfortable with my start: I feel comfortable Jordy will return to form as ARods first read. Marshall is a stud who will get his numbers irregardless of who the QB is. Gronk is still TE1, but that margin is narrowing between #1 and the pack. Would help for Brady to play 14+ games. Hopefully I can find QB and RB in middle rounds.
  7. Feels like swinging for the fences with my WR-WR start of Watkins and Jeffrey. Seems like really boom or bust picks.
  8. Yes
  9. 20.05 Benny Fowler, WR
  10. 19.12 Marques Colston, wr
  11. 18.05 49ers D
  12. 17.12 Chris Johnson, RB