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  1. Got it. Thanks
  2. For some reason I can't link my account to my team. Keeps saying my team is linked to HitnRun even after I changed info on team as commish.
  3. Mike Evans
  4. I can jump in if needed
  5. Good luck Big Guy. The diet slowly gets better. Keep working on it.
  6. No complaints either. Love playing in these. Would like to see 1&2 happen though. Thanks.
  7. Great read. Thanks Interesting thoughts with Denver. I hadn't thought of that route, but I can only see them going OL or DL in the 1st round. Would be happy to add Kalil and Hankins at the right prices.
  8. There are drivers out 24/7. You will get a ride, but I might add 30 minutes to my travel time. Better to be 30mins early than 30 mins late.
  9. Totally agree on Ravens and Jags playoff losses. Worse for organization and fans overall. The $500 with getting 40 made it bad on a different level.
  10. 49ers 55 Broncos 10 Really bad as a Bronco fan and it being their 4th SB loss. Plus I lost $500 after some smart a** at work told me he would give the Broncos and +40pts. Lots of money for a broke 20 yr old.
  11. I will do WSL2 if there is a need for anyone to double up. I find these things to be my best offseason research. So much knowledge and so much more interactive. Thanks.
  12. Congrats to the winners!! Thanks for all the hard work Commish!!! Is it to early to say I will be back for all my leagues next August?
  13. Absolutely