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  1. Used O - Philly, Cle, Chi, Dallas, NE Used D - Sea, Cle, Chi, Pitt, Philly Week 6 Offense - Green Bay Defense - Green Bay
  2. Used O - Philly, Cle, Chi, Dallas Used D - Sea, Cle, Chi, Pitt Week 5 Offense - New England Defense - Philly
  3. Go Dodgers but bullpen will kill this team again unless the offense gets crazy hot for 12-16 games.
  4. Anyone still interested in The 100? (there weren't many of us before) Just watched season 6. What started as a teenage angst drama has turned in to a decent show. Season 6 was best since season 1. Bummed to hear season 7 will be the last.
  5. I would rather take my chances with 5 stud pitchers.
  6. They are better offensively but that is so streaky. If they get hot for 12-16 games they could World Champs.
  7. Dodgers fan and again the bullpen will be the difference. Offense could compensate if they can stay hot for extended periods.
  8. Used: Offense: Philly Defense: Seattle Week 2 Off - Cleveland Def - Cleveland Thanks for the reminder
  9. Why don't airlines give discounts to those that weigh less than 150#s?