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  1. From the sign up thread it looks like it should have been @Reaper in the final spot ins of Rudy
  2. So the official rules state that winners will be notified within 14 days of the end of the contest. Has a received anything?
  3. Super Bowl MVP if the game ends 20-10 and San Francisco wins? Lots of people and pundits saying Jimmy G played poorly, but I am not sure anyone else would have been the MVP if the SF Def didn't give up a huge 3rd and 15 and the offense was basically able to run out the clock. No one else really stood out except maybe Deebo or Bosa but I could definitely see the QB of the winning team getting MVP by default.
  4. 12th place finish. Easily my best finish. Highest placing team without Damian Williams on my roster. I did spend $34 and score 45. 8 in week 1.
  5. First time I can ever remember picking both SB teams in many years of playing this contest. I have always tried scraping by in round 1 and usually fail. This year I made it in place 198 this week and have 7 Niners and 5 Chiefs going in two weeks. Notable omissions are Damian Williams and Hardman from KC.
  6. Sorry. I went ahead and changed it since I was heading into a work meeting and I didn't want to hold up the draft. If other owners aren't ok with this then please revert my pick back.
  7. Before @BassNBrewselects does anyone mind if I change my selection? I was in a rush and didn't fully look at everything. If people aren't ok with it then no worries. @Crippler @OZ*
  8. But not as a country. I'm not trying to argue. I'm just trying to say what I think Jeopardy was going for out of the question. I agree that it was a poor question, but I think the argument is being partially based on something being taken out of context.
  9. But I believe that was in Alex's instructions. If you can find a clip of all the clues and answers of the entire category there was multiple times the contestants named the city and Alex ruled them wrong. There was even one answer where the answer named the city of the Crystal Church in a US city (in California) then changed their answer to the United States in time.
  10. But wasn't the reason this was wrong was because the contestants were supposed to name the country the church was in. Palestine is not a country that I know.
  11. Mine is even easier. Only keeper is Sanders and I'll take the draft slot you guys leave me.
  12. Yes I am sure I can find a stream on various websites, but those typically unstable. If I can find a stable stream it would be much easier.