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  1. I just have to do the skydeck while I am in Chicago. I am going on Wednesday morning and I am in no rush. Is it really worth double the price to do the Fast Pass for the SkyDeck?
  2. 3 eliminations week 1 and 2 immunities week 2
  3. Sucks that I am leaving mid day Wednesday. I'm up for a mini corn hole Monday or Tuesday.
  4. 48 free hours in the Windy City. Arrive early Monday morning a day leaving Wednesday late afternoon. What to do? Where do locals get their Chicago dogs and/or their pizza pie? Museums? Interested in going to Wrigley if Cubs are in town? I will have access to a car and will be staying near the convention center.
  5. Three boots in week 1 has to be some kind of record.
  6. Off - Pitt Def - Buf
  7. Log in as commish
  8. 2 QB - NE and GB 4 RB - David Johnson, LeSean McCoy, LeVeon Bell, DeVonta Freeman 5 WR - Antonio Brown, OBJ, Mike Evans, Jordy Nelson, Michael Thomas 2 TE - Gronk and Greg Olsen 1 Flex - Brandin Cooks 2 PK - Brandon McManus and Matt Bryant 2 DEF - SEA and DEN
  9. Both please
  10. Woo-hoo! Get a chance to compete against and beat Dodds.
  11. Live here. You nailed a lot of the spots. Strasburg has different attractions and is within 5 miles of Dutch Wonderland and the outlets for shopping. Wheatland is a fun stop for history buffs. Also North Museum and you might check out the Hands on House, they might have some tactile things for your young one.
  12. He was from Georgia. They were eliminated last night.
  13. Gronk!!!
  14. Why not let it roll?