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  1. Sorry to hear about your problems Parm. Hope they can get it figured out.
  2. I miss the day when Friday threads were a beginning, not an ending.
  3. Week 4 in Bold: Win - KC, CAR, Miami, Washington Lose - San Diego, San Fran, Clev, Chicago
  4. Used: Offense: OAK, NYG, NO Defense: Rams, CAR, Miami Total = (-2) + (32-24) = (+6 for season) Week 3: Offense - Washington Defense - Arizona
  5. Since this guy is a co commish I am assuming this guy is not in his first year in the league. He is not a rookie. You don't need to protect anyone. Let owners run their own team.
  6. One of the benefits of a salaried man.
  7. Only speaking for me personally. Any game that I work that has a play that causes a question or that my partner(s) and I get together, I will as soon as possible after the game when I get back to the car I will look the rule up to either confirm or contradict the ruling I made on the field. I completely understand that there are a lot of umpires out there in the world and many of you describe the bad ones. But, I still will assert that greater than 90% are out there still trying their best and trying to get better with every game. They are not out there to "screw" any team.
  8. For the record I try to treat everyone on the field with respect. I ask and listen to the head coach's first name. I don't call him "Coach" during the game. When I am working the plate, I make sure to know the catcher's name and I use his name anytime I am talking with him. I do this at all levels I umpire (10u-college games). In the same vein, I have much more respect for a coach that calls me by my first name (which I tell them at the plate conference) and doesn't regularly call me "blue". Not saying I hold it against a coach or player calling me "Blue" because I know that typically comes with the territory.
  9. As you said doing it respectfully shouldn't get you ejected and doing it respectfully isn't showing an official up. Showing an umpire up is when you do it disrespectfully and this is how coaches handle it many times.
  10. Why? Are you certain you were playing under MLB rules or were you playing under NFHS rules or were you playing under an adaptation of one of those rule sets with exceptions to the rules? I am willing to bet that if this umpire is working an 11U travel ball game he will barely remember the game or the play. He probably worked 2-4 games that day if it was a tournament. I work 200+ games a year and try to have a very short term memory on any game I work. It is this type of things that irritate me more than anything. Quit rehashing something that happened 2-3 innings ago, much less something that happened weeks ago.
  11. Because it is 11U baseball.
  12. I'm am talking about bringing a rulebook onto the field and making a scene to disrupt a game. Me personally, if a head coach talks in a professional manner and shows me these local league rules off to the side then I will learn something. No umpire is perfect, just like no player or coach is perfect. We screw things up. That is part of a baseball game, just like when a player drops a ball or a coach makes a coaching error. Sometimes players, coaches, or umpires get things wrong in a game and there is no going back and correcting it. I just wish more people understood that I am out there trying my best and trying to get things right. We don't always do that and that human factor has always been a part of sports. There is never an instance in a baseball game that one call, one error, or on bad move by a coach is the only factor that causes a team to win or lose a game. There are hundreds of pitches, dozens of batted balls and 6+ innings that all affect the game.
  13. Agreed. I don't want to argue either. Showing an umpire s/he is wrong won't/shouldn't get you ejected. Showing an umpire up will. Bringing a rule book out onto the field does just that.
  14. Really? You have never seen umpires get together and change a call? I find this hard to believe from anyone that has watched more than a dozen baseball or softball games. I see officials in all sports get together and adjust calls. We want to get it right and I believe we do the vast majority of the time.
  15. Disagree with the "majority" portion of your statement. Very few of the umpires in my experience fear doing the right thing. They are out there trying to do their best for all teams and players, but yes we screw up sometimes. Believe it or not, we don't care who wins the game. Just like saying the "majority" of coaches below the college level have little understanding of the rule book, but they believe they know way more than anyone else on the field.