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  1. Guys, I have some things that have come up in my life that I need to handle. I won't be able to participate in this draft. Please find a replacement for me. My apologies.
  2. Broncos Dodgers Mizzou Tigers (football and basketball) Avalanche Spurs but much less so since Admiral and Duncan retirement
  3. Any commercial that states we will match their price or give it to you for free.
  4. So how do I properly congratulate my ex on her displayed indepence, but say I wish she showed that during our marriage
  5. Sorry. Thought I pre drafted enough players. Give me Kearse and Heuerman
  6. QB - GB and CAR RB - Gurley, David Johnson, Zeke, Fournette WR - Brown, Beckham, Fitz, Hopkins, Julio TE - Ertz, Kelce FLEX - Gronk DEF - Rams, Chargers PK - Gostkowski an Tucker
  7. I am sure I could get partial custody, but unfortunately I can't afford a 3 bedroom place. Part of the divorce is giving the ex an under water mortgage and letting the kids stay in the only home they have known.
  8. So, I am soon to be divorced dad with 2 teenage kids. I recently moved out and don't see them on a day to day basis (hardest part of the divorce, without question). How do you regularly communicate with your kids? My 13 yr old will return texts but my 16 yr old doesn't regularly respond due to her busy schedule. I believe I have solid relationships with both kids, but already miss the aspect of being able to talk with them each night before bed.
  9. How long did Tom Hanks wait when he was hanging with Wilson? #wwthd