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  1. Time for a new personal laptop at home. Don't need anything extravagant. It will be used for streaming tv/videos, surfing net, and simple downloadable games. Looking to spend approximately $300.
  2. I'm in. I think the season will be played, but I agree that I am less optimistic than I was before.
  3. Is there a "Not my life, Not my business" option?
  4. I may just being dumb before my morning coffee, but you lost me here.
  5. Even tho the next closest player (Jagr) still came up over 900 pts short?
  6. The baseball broken records thread got me thinking about other records in major sports that have very little chance of being broken. Gretsky has a few records that seem unattainable, but his total points in a career and season both seem untouchable. I think all NFL records can/will be broken especially with the upcoming 17 game seasons (NFL has never seemed to care about records when it comes to number of games/season) . Passing and receiving records being broken seem to be a forgone conclusion. I can see the season rushing record being falling. The career rushing yards may never fall simply because RB careers are shorter and the way RBs are used has totally changed. I can't think of any NBA records that are unattainable except maybe Russell's 11 rings, but don't think it is impossible with the way players want to be a part of super teams. I don't know enough about records in soccer or other sports to comment. Thoughts?
  7. I'm a sucker for any draft. I'm in
  8. 1.10 - Julio Jones 2. O3 - George Kittle 3.10 - Keenan Allen 4.03 - Jonathan Taylor Solid start at WR and TE. Julio should be Julio. Little leery about Allen with uncertainty at QB but his talent should prevail. I think Kittle is TE2 but I have fair shares of Kelce in other best ball drafts and just wanted to switch it up a little. Scary taking a rookie as my RB1, but love his opportunity to produce in Indy as long as he can hold on to the ball. Strongly considered LeVeon here.
  9. Doesn't the front window typically point towards the street and your front yard?
  10. About 75% of the way through season 1 of Survivor: Australia and the players skill level makes it feel like about season 8-9 of the original series with sprinkles of season 25-26 thrown in. Some players have a decent grasp of the concept and some of those already eliminated had zero clue. Enjoying the season but not a fan of some of "twists" they have thrown at the contestants at tribal council.
  11. Thanks. I didn't realize that it was broadcasting on network TV.
  12. Anyone know if the draft is streaming anywhere? It seems like ESPN and NFL Network are only streaming if you are a cable/satellite subscriber.
  13. I know it has discussed a lot previously in this thread but I am too lazy to dig back through. While I enjoy good acting, I much prefer solid story line and the pure enjoyment factor. What should I watch next: Barry Succession Veep Six Feet Under
  14. Finished up the Sopranos for the first time last night. Solid show but would easily put it behind Breaking Bad, The Wire, West Wing and Lost on my top series list. I thought it became fairly predictable with a few surprising deaths thrown in.