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  1. MFL site for WSL 2 Password = fbgwsl1
  2. MFL site setup WSL 1 PW = fbgwsl1
  3. I'm in an MFL league that has 36 teams and 3 versions of each player available. New MyFBG shows my team and players correctly. Classic MyFBG does not remember my team and I have to click on my team name each time. Even when my team is highlighted it does not highlight my players that are owned by multiple owners. Only highlights players that I am the sole owner of (ie. Trevone Boykin). This worked correctly last season on classic MyFBG.
  4. Starting Monday I have some time and will begin this.
  5. Do any of the WSL or other leagues need loaded into MFL?
  6. Same issue. Using Chrome and just thought it was me.
  7. Any chance to get IDP broken out into DT/DE and CB/S?
  8. Got it
  9. I can help if needed.
  10. 5.04C QB Andrew Luck IND (10) 2.01A RB Lamar Miller HOU (9)4.01A RB Doug Martin TBB (6)8.01A RB Jonathan Stewart CAR (7)12.01A RB Jordan Howard CHI (9)15.12A RB Javorius Allen BAL (8)17.12A RB Josh Ferguson IND (10) 1.12A WR Keenan Allen SDC (11)3.12A WR Tyler Lockett SEA (5)8.03F WR Stefon Diggs MIN (6)9.12A WR Willie Snead NOS (5)10.01A WR Markus Wheaton PIT (8)11.09E WR Ted Ginn CAR (7) 6.01A TE Travis Kelce KCC (5)13.12A TE Ben Watson BAL (8) 16.01A PK Chandler Catanzaro ARI (9) 18.01A Def Indianapolis Colts IND (10) 15.10E still to go. What to do with it? A flyer on BPA? K? Top D?
  11. Thanks for the update @Simon ShepherdI look forward to the update, but even the old MyFBG would have been helpful over the last few months.
  12. Ahhh. Perfect timing.
  13. There is only redraft and DFS! [/sarcasm]