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  1. Mister CIA

    Chiefs vs. Rams - Battle of Missouri - Week 11

    Mahomes is insane!
  2. Free Man in Paris is the song that resonates most with my early years, but Carey soars a little higher.
  3. Mister CIA

    Week 11 Questions For Bloom

    Olsen or Ebron, non-ppr? I'm starting from a deep hole as my opponent started Aaron Jones and Davante Adams on Thursday. Have Ebron starting for now because I think he has a higher ceiling.
  4. Mister CIA

    Kashmir. The greatest song ever?

    Better song: What is and what should never be
  5. Mister CIA

    Kashmir. The greatest song ever?

    Big fan of Pokey LaFarge.
  6. Mister CIA

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    Is this the "Stupid thing coaches do" thread?
  7. Mister CIA

    Democrats' House Agenda

    Not averse.
  8. Mister CIA

    Democrats' House Agenda

    I'm not averse to this suggestion, and in fact Stacey Adams might be my second choice (says this lightweight pundit), but I'm at a point in my life where I'm aroused most by excessive competence.
  9. Mister CIA

    Democrats' House Agenda

    Nancy Pelosi bull-rushed the ACA into law. All Democrats opposed to her as Speaker need to contemplate their own cognitive dissonance. She's a powerful woman, and therein lies the rub, whether or not you acknowledge it. ... Sorry, I've been on the Twitters a lot today. Paraphrasing David Axelrod on last week's Stay Tuned with Preet podcast, Axelrod asked Pelosi (on his podcast) what political lessons she learned from her father, former mayor of Baltimore; her response: I learned how to count. Moot out!
  10. Mister CIA

    Favorite Indian Dishes

    Try as might, I don't like Indian cuisine, BUT, it's great fun to cook in the kitchen. I love the process. For those that enjoy cooking, check these youtubes out: I've meticulously followed the recipes for Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma, and Chicken Saag, and all met rave reviews.
  11. Mister CIA

    What Song Title Best Describes Your Last Fart?

    Should probably ban Rolling Stones songs in this thread. Too easy. ETA: Dead Flowers, Hi.
  12. Mister CIA

    What Song Title Best Describes Your Last Fart?

    Moon Turn the Tides...Gently Gently Away