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  1. Letter I. I don't recall this band, but I like them. Anyone else familiar with? I've exhausted both brain cells trying to parse their discography, so for now all I have is a youtube mix. Indians in Moscow
  2. Arrrgh. I'm going to have to wander off and ponder my options.
  3. Let me if I can finish this up, before the Russian mob thread consumes my remaining brain cells. Posting on the mobile. Will come back and format and provide links later. I: It's a Beautiful Day, self-titled debut album. Incredible Submarine Band would have gotten more consideration were it not a 26 minute album. Z: not sure what's available from the Zappa catalog, but let's go with Lumpy Gravy. V: ...hmm, I have a question. Are K-Tel albums eligible under the guise of various artists?
  4. New York Times is all serious business.
  5. He seems like a swell guy http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/02/19/video-surfaces-of-milo-yiannopoulos-defending-pedophilia-acu-board-reportedly-not-consulted-on-cpac-invite/ This is way beyond my imagination.
  6. I'm ready, I've discovered that my gastro tract does not love IPAs as much as my taste buds, so beer is definitely off the menu for the foreseeable future.
  7. I'm pretty sure I did not weigh-in last week, but anyway, today's weight is 206, which occured after eating breakfast. Not great, but I'm down 7 lbs so far. Pretty sure I have not even reaped the benefits of significant water weight loss yet. I'm losing a pound a week, and I can't seem to join exercise and healthy eating together. It's always one or the other. So, if I can drop 2 lbs a week for the next six weeks, that will put my weight loss at 19 lbs, and let's round that to 20, will that put me in contention? 9.4% reduction. If I can manage 3 lbs a week from now, that will get me up ton 11.7% Is anyone still tabulating the weights?
  8. Wow, seems like there's a lot of meat on this story if you follow some of the links. For investigative reporters, it must feel like the race is on.
  9. Have not actually watched movie since high school. Now I want to go watch it. Bannon = Keefer?
  10. Bit Twitta Fitta