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  1. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that it has something to do with a fear of losing elections this year.
  2. It would be great shtick for Coughlin to be on the sideline dressed up in coach gear for the game next week.
  3. It reflects well on the NFL that this game is still not over.
  4. That was Drew Pearson-esque.
  5. This review process is stupid^squared. Seriously, a consensus of 50 drunk NFL fans with a 10 second timer in a bar would yield better results, faster.
  6. Disclaimer - I've had a few beers. Michael Thomas reminds me of Jerry Rice, only he's bigger and faster.
  7. Mularky and Fisher - the podcast no one deserves.
  8. Ha Ha. Pro Bowl. In a just universe, Goodell's salary would be the net of Pro Bowl revenue.
  9. Reaching for Chad Jackson makes a man change.
  10. Clearly, Tennessee lacks talent.