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  1. Now with more alcohol and indignation.
  2. So what I'm hearing is, Norm does not like bloated political leaders, like Kim Jong-un, yes?
  3. I don't want to radicalize the natives, but I think American citizenry ought to coalesce around an annual "no mortgage payment for you, banker" month until OUR executive branch fulfills its obligation to prosecute fiscal malfeasance. If it's a race to the ethical bottom, let's all compete.
  4. What's taken you so long? Generally, I don't have a counter to "know what I mean?"
  5. I'll be unemployed within a month, as I now lack the compunction to avoid openly mocking Trump supporters in the workplace.
  6. Does not have the stmina - There is your segue to challenge coke head to a urinalysis exam
  7. Changed my mind. I will vote for Hillary in 2016, and campaign like a mofo for a better candidate in 2020.
  8. C'mon Hillary, say it - Donald's fingers are too tiny to hit the nuclear button.
  9. She's just pimping her own website.
  10. Am I late to the party thinking this Donald Trump is the second coming of Bobby Riggs?
  11. Bold prediction: Debate #2 will be the least watched televised event ever.
  12. Hillary brings up an an interesting point that Donald started his political career on BS topic. Reminds me of Al Sharpton. Thanks NYC!
  13. I can fart more articulate thoughts than Trump's mouth.
  14. Hillary should challenge Donald to a urinalysis exam immediately following the debate.
  15. "a very against police judge."