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  1. Not the nerdiest song to select right now, but I'm pretty fond of I'm No Angel. In the most literal sense, he was incomparable.
  2. Would you care to discuss your anti-life stances with those of us who don't identify with either side?
  3. I am just am observer, not a strategist.
  4. And yet the Democratic party will continue to #### this up.
  5. My ... And Chaka's verbose mode might back this up - Too lazy/Didn't Read. Netflix and Amazon differ significantly on original content. If you can swing $20 month instead of $10, get them both. To complete this thought, original content represents about 75% of the value; the other 25% being legacy material, documentaries, etc. Your breakdown of the value may vary Phone: I've never owned an Apple device, mostly for contrarian reasons, but if you can swing a few extra dinaros, get an iPhone. If you do want to save a few bucks, target a mid range Android device (LG or Motorola, last year's model). Music service: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and even Microsoft Groove provide near identical content. Not sure if there's a hit for going with non-iTunes option if you have an iPhone, but my recommendation is Google Play. $10 a month for any ####in' song on demand that you can think of - and ad-free YouTube. Unless you are a road warrior, don't pour too much into a data plan. Despite my over-sized data plan, most of my smartphone network access comes via WiFi, whether it be on my Comcast connection at home, or on Kroger WiFi, Starbucks, etc. ETA: I recently spent $389 on a 50" TV (taxes and upgrade to 5 year onsite warranty. included) at Best Buy. It's off-brand, HiSense, but the picture is pretty ####in' stellar. Moral of the story, don't go spending more than $500 on a TV, unless you have some high-end requirements.
  6. Comcast: $68/month. Includes basic cable and the usual array of cable channels (CNN, MSNBC, and Fox too, I suppose); and Internet, something along the lines of 25 MB. I think the data limit is 300 GB, and I've never come close to breaking it. Verizon: $208/month. 12 GB month data plan. Huge bill because I'm totin' around a monthly payment on my Galaxy S7 Edge, and my daughter's iPhone 7s (or whatever it is the cool kids are sporting these days). This will go down significantly a year from now when she is 22 and has to support her own habit; and I quit financing my smart phone. The luster of having the latest and greatest has completely worn off (Please Lord, make it true!). I receive a $140/month allowance from work for my phone (and ISP service), due to oncall responsibilities, which kind of makes the bill more tolerable, although I'd still get the same allowance if I went with a cheaper plan. Netflix: $12/month - Allows for 4 concurrent stream (coincidentally, I have three kids) Amazon Prime - $12/month Google Music - $10/month ... Combined with my 12 GB data plan on my phone, I'm in heaven - 'cept for the months where my daughter forgets all about the data limits on her iPhone. That's $310 per month, according to my toes.
  7. I envy your bliss, YIF.
  8. Are you suggesting that Hannity is a #####?
  9. Quez - Their are lots of people here in this forum I have filed under categories such as annoying, trolls, dumb, etc., but I consider you a plank owner in the category of disgusting (no worries, the perks for being annoying, trollish, dumb, etc., are still yours). I'm guessing you are in your early/mid 30s, and life seems unfair.
  10. She could destroy t-rump in an instant with her pinky finger and well-timed frowny face.
  11. Imagine a great cup of coffee, with way too much sugar. That's this show.
  12. 17.06 - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Jimmie Dale Gilmore Alt-Country Enjoy.
  13. Live Rock 16. 21 Paradise City, Guns and Roses
  14. 15.06 - There Stands the Glass, Webb Pierce Probably the greatest drinking song of all time. And if you don't like the original version, there are many covers - for example.