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  1. It's blowing through the jasmine in my mind.
  2. Sounds like your friend chooses to deflect, rather than face a problem head on. On what side of separating infants from mothers does your friend fall? ... How does he feel about mandatory prison sentences for business owners that hire Mexicans? .., and Central Americans?
  3. You don't know where the money goes. Next topic.
  4. You're peddling bull #### without shame. Where does the money go?
  5. I do declare this to be the official HellToupee thread. Numbers don't lie, nor does Charles Nelson.
  6. My curse upon all of the Trump supporters in this forum: may you truly believe the ########.
  7. You're welcome.
  8. WTF!! You are residing in Dayton, OH?! ... Bad notebook!
  9. Am I alone thinking where the money comes from is irrelevant without knowing where it goes?
  10. On the quickhands scale, today was a nine on a ten scale. ETA: for effort.
  11. Me, and everyone else. You make an excellent point.
  12. Croissant!! I'm late to the game of soccer/football/futbol, etc., and I'm late to embracing my own culture (Mostly French and Welsh, with a splash of fish and chips), but I'm going bridge a few gaps on Sunday morning. I'll lead off the day with high ABV beer at 10 am, to be consumed concurrently with my ratatouille recipe (currently ranked #1 in the world), with a side of sausage (beef sausage and chicken sausage), sliced and broiled under a thick coat of Mornay sauce. ... and crustini! However, if M'Bop reflexively pulls that flop ####, I'll be pulling for all the pretty Croatian ladies in the stands, quickly.