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  1. Have not actually watched movie since high school. Now I want to go watch it. Bannon = Keefer?
  2. Bit Twitta Fitta
  3. If Trump loses Fox News, he will go full Queeg.
  4. That's amazing. Eta: should read 696, not 669. Still amazing.
  5. My money is on Fernando, and his canteloupe like calves.
  6. I declare my abode as a safe haven for the bikini team.
  7. Your are straight outta the Clayton Williams school of persuasion. We should all just lay back and enjoy the rape. I'd rather go with a poke to the eye.
  8. I heard Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want. I'm sure they meant to play Sympathy for the Devil.
  9. Does anyone know how long the intermission will last. I need to make a beer run, but don't want to miss part II.
  10. Did she just use cue cards to recite the Lord's Prayer?