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  1. Mini-hipple KIRIN J CALLINAN - LANDSLIDE - - VICTORIA M - Holy #### this guy can make a video! - The Teacher - Featuring Connan Mockasin
  2. Also posted this one in my 25k thread last night. Probably my favorite New Zealand song Sneaky, Sneaky Dog Friend
  3. The guy is from New Zealand. I sense lots of influences: Todd Rundgren, Matt Johnson (The The), Prince, Flaming Lips and Brian Jonestown Massacre influences. Faking Jazz Together Forever Dolphin Love Last song from the 32 minute clip from last night. Rules hard. I'm the Man That Will Find You Looks like they would pair nicely with the Flaming Lips on a road trip
  4. Sneaky Sneaky Dog Friend How did I ever miss this song?! It's like Robin Trower and Devo made a perfect baby.
  5. I loved a song today: My Life is Starting Over Again
  6. The problem is that the NFL (both the League front office and individual teams too) gets so many things wrong and they are so slow to recognize their errors (if they recognize them at all). Through bad design, NFL games have become boring, so it's expected that viewership is falling off a cliff. Examples of errors not addressed, off the top of my head: Allowing fat slobs like Chris Berman to "speculate" on the upcoming draft pick, totally ruining the moment where the pick is announced 30 seconds later. Got to the point where I loaded up on hate before tuning into the draft. Taking millions from the alcohol industry while doling out harsh penalties for using mary j. Goodell not having a well thought-out plan for passing judgement on players. Ray Rice, you are suspended for two games; no six; no, let's just say you are banned for life. Meanwhile the Mara family is comfortable doling out paychecks to Josh Brown. Thursday Night Football - hey players, put on some lipstick and get out there and shake your moneymakers. Phil Simms - wrong and awful in numerous ways Commercials - This is the number 1 reason the NFL star is fading. There are simply too many breaks in the action. Incompetent clock management by the coaches - I should let this go, but the fact that head coaches are soooo bad at clock management just angers me (okay, I'll breathe and let it go). NFL refs - The number 2 reason the NFL star is fading, more specifically the lack of HQ support the refs get during the game. I can be three hours deep into non-NFL beer and make a snap judgement in seconds based upon one or two views of the play, but it takes the NFL an eternity to come to the same conclusion. Ownership - It's understood that Goodell is paid to reflect the thoughts and wishes of the owners, so I won't pile on Goodell, except to ask, how the #### can $44,000,000 a year not buy you a guy with bare-minimum levels of public relations/salesmanship. NFLPA - weak, weak, weak. Their weakness seems to serve as a conduit for all of the bigger problems that permeate the NFL. Lack of online viewing options. Where once I first ponied-up for some convoluted Comcast TV package to get NFL games on my TV, I now negotiate with Comcast to get the cheapest internet connection that gives me the bandwidth I need to stream HD video. Last year, I had to sign up for a phone service I never used to get the best rate (bye-bye TV deals); and this year, I was able to shuck the phone for basic cable, but after three weeks and multiple "wrech" support calls, I still could not watch the NFL in my home* (and I had to reload my PC after some nefarious DSRM error message). ... * I have NFL on Verizon, so I'm not completely isolated, but if Verizon no longer came with the NFL, and Comcast continued to not meet expectations, I might quit the NFL for good.
  7. One of my favorite NFL personalities. Seems like a natural to transfer to some kind of Sunday pre-game show.
  8. Not too shabby through seven weeks. 16.3 points per game is good enough to be a Top 12 WR in PPR.
  9. No way Demaryius Thomas and Novak outscore Emmanuel Sanders by 5.21. Well, I suppose there's less than 1% chance, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Congrats Bernie Bro.
  10. Like others I'm sure, I've grown bored with the NFL game these past few years, but I'm feeling some optimism about the budding rivalry between Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz. Two very promising QBs, representing disparate fan bases, are set to oppose each other twice a year - and hopefully face-off a few times in the playoffs. Good times?
  11. Big game coming up, Dak Prescott vs Carson Wentz I. This should be the beginning of a great rivalry.
  12. Uggh, Jeff Fisher blaming Keenums 4 INTs on WRs. That may be true (I honestly don't know), but it's a clear indicator he needs to go. If I'm a player in that locker room, I'm checking out.