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  1. Hey guys. squis started a new thread to discuss this. Let's shut this one down. Thanks!
  2. If there is a mod, this will get merged.
  3. Another sign. https://twitter.com/jonsoltz/status/977581666020536320?s=09
  4. 2017 Alexa is akin to 1988 Solo-Flex. Interesting AND useless.
  5. ;dr
  6. If I win, I'll make a t-shirt that says "ask me about my pendant," and I'll wear both in my local Barnes and Noble (it's still a thing here) until I meet a nice lady.
  7. Mississippi - 1 ticket. How are the other states, and district (and elsewhere) doing?
  8. Came here to win the thread with this link. I was 9 year-old Dr. Pepper Jr. Texas Ranger living in Arlington, TX, listening to the game live on the WBAP 820 with my Dad. Miss my Dad.
  9. Haha ... Just checked mine out. They have me pegged as "US politics (very liberal)", "Multicultural Affinity: African American (US)",and "Frequent Travelers." Literally, I have one black friend on Facebook (out of 32 - I don't FB well), and outside of a periodic road trips to Texas to visit famiily (or attend funerals), I have not traveled in years. Now, about being very liberal, I consider myself politically confused more than anything. I wonder now if I'm similar to Mac on Always Sunny. He's the last to realize he's gay. Could I be a flaming liberal and not know it? Anyway, the point I meant to make, I'm glad FB has created bad data about me, rather than none. ETA: I re-did the arithmetic. I have two black friends. Now the algorithms makes sense.
  10. 2017 thinks you are lame.
  11. I'll take Low Energy Russian Political Commentary for $200, Alex.
  12. Smart money says Scarramucci will end Bolton's career quickly with his freshly-patented Stache-Steamer wrestling move.