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  1. Current weighting: Richard 55, Washington 45
  2. Physical ability and skills says - Prosise looks a LOT like Shaun Alexander. ...All I have to do, is dreaeaeaeaeaeaaam. Dream, dream, dream.
  3. Creepin' up. Based solely on tonight's game, he seems to be separating from Washington (I own both on the same dynasty roster). It helps the cause that Marshawn got tossed for shoving a ref. Love the natural skills; seems solid enough; seems destined for 150 touches minimum this year; 250 touches is not out of reach :beer:
  4. Points per Rock? Give me a week or two.
  5. Do you want me to drop my top 25,000 list right here, right now?
  6. Never heard before. Starting it now. Very Beatles-esque- kind of sounds like Lennon singing a Paul song. Reminds me a little of someone who I won't name (RIP).
  7. Look at me! I live on the West Coast.
  8. Starting in dynasty and redraft. Redraft choices were Cooper, Martavis Bryant and Sterling Shepard.
  9. I came for the shared vocals; I stayed for the Beatlesesque. Hi @zamboni Round 1: The Bee Gees, Lonely Days
  10. Skip me. No time to savor selection right now.
  11. A remake of Herman's Head would be great if it was recast as Donald's head. Needs more alliteration though. Trump's Turnip? The Presidents Peanut? Donald's Dungeon?