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  1. Beto did well; had a lull here and there, but landed a few too ... paraphrasing an early favorite, "thoughts and prayers are not going to cut it anymore." Cruz is an absolute master of subtle slime. [Please don't ban me] The blonde moderator had a hot Gilda Radner vibe. ETA: Link
  2. Shouldn't we wait for Fox News to confirm the story.
  3. http://imgur.com/gallery/3EN6W3g
  4. Love the Napoleon Dynamite avatar.
  5. I'm leaning Wentz.
  6. circa 1974, 10 cent beer night?
  7. Did exactly this, Callaway for Lockett, in my $20 office 10-teamer. :tingly:
  8. :subscribed:
  9. Obligatory music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU6w56epBdc
  10. A 0-0 tie between the Browns and Jets would be incredibly great.
  11. Was going to stream the fame on NFL mobile app (cord cutter, and all that), but apparently things have changed with my Verizon plan. I cannot stream the game over wifi without a authorized cable deal. Thanks Roger, and Verizon. I suppose the marketing geniuses at Verizon think I'll upgrade to their pseudo-unlimited plan for the privilege to watch a Jets-Browns game on my phone.