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  1. A lot of owners won championships riding Williams last year, so he is naturally going to command a bigger pricetag for them. Pros: Demonstrated ability to score tons of fantasy points in the prolific KC offense. Hyde and Darrell Williams aren't too scary right now. Cons: could be a flash-in-the-pan since he hasn't got the strongest track record before last season. KC could draft someone. KC could always bring in another FA and crowd the backfield even further. Bottom line is that he is going to be worth more to the team that has him now than he the team trying to get him is likely to pay. Classic conundrum. If KC makes it through the offseason without bringing in anyone else and Williams looks good in the preseason, his value would probably skyrocket to multiple 1sts. If he gets competition from Hyde, Darrel, or a rookie/FA signing and looks mediocre then you wouldn't be able to get a 2nd for him. Timing is pretty much everything for trying to value him.
  2. I like Perine as a flex. Burkhead looks great, but its hard to trust a Pats RB to be consistent with the way they use them.
  3. Londo

    Wdis def

    Tough call, but I like Buffalo just a bit more. Mind you, this is based solely on the way Baltimore played last week.
  4. The Seattle backfield has been such a mess that I would probably go Barber. If he keeps impressing, he could earn a larger role.
  5. Appreciate any thoughts on which 3 RB of this group I should roll out. .5 PPR. Collins @ Pitt on Sunday Night Lat. Murray @ Car McCaffrey vs. Min Alf Morris @ NYG One consideration is that Collins goes on SNF, and I don't have anyone else I could play in that game or MNF to replace him if he gets ruled out with migraines/injury (though it didn't hamper his performance last week). Will gladly answer yours. Thanks!
  6. I think Collins gives you the most upside. He is the bright spot on an otherwise awful Ravens offense, and he has been showing more and more every week. Thanks for answering mine!
  7. I like Booker too. Gives you a high upside guy to pair with Gordon.
  8. I vote no as well. Not enough of an upgrade for me.
  9. 12 team, .5 PPR. I have had lots of injuries at RB and have played the WW extensively, leaving me with a lot of lottery pick types. I am looking for the right blend of “safe” versus “swing for the fences” at the RB slot this week. I need to pick the right 3, out of: McCaffrey at Jets (pretty much locked in) Alex Collins vs. Hou on MNF Latavius Murray at Detroit on Thanksgiving Alfred Morris vs. Chargers on Thanksgiving Austin Ekeler at Dallas on Thanksgiving Adrian Peterson versus Jax Thanks for looking!
  10. All things being equal, I’d rather have mccaffrey and cooks.
  11. "Interesting hypothetical" sealed it for me, keep the game going:Check the recent phone records to see if Mrs. MITYH called Steve after she found out she was pregnant. Best advice ever.
  12. Having jumped into this river midstream, let me just add my opinion. If you do not find out exactly what happened it will eventually become larger than you can deal with. It will gnaw at you until it starts to effect little things in your life. The only way to find out is to sack up and ask Steve to his face at the wedding (preferably before he or you have done any drinking, and obviously when the kids and SO's are not around). No matter what he says, look him in the eyes when you ask the question. You will know within seconds what the real answer is. If it is bad news, do not make a scene at the wedding (why ruin someone else's happiest day), there will be plenty of time to deal with the fallout.