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  1. Post game interview, Rogers said "I think he's a running back now."
  2. This. I live in Bengal land and half of us have eyes and the other half are excited about mediocrity. He hasn't progressed since his rookie year and he is killing Green. A.J. could have freaky stats with a QB. It sucks to see someone who could be one of the greatest of all time wasted.
  3. Denard's legs are big enough to play RB. His upper body is small...that's why he doesn't look like he's 200lbs. Put on some upper mass and cover the damn ball and he'll be fine.
  4. Hi dad wants him to at least check out bama but I am pretty sure he is blue....Don't like all the visit talk though, surprised hoke hasnt told him to be on his merry waySo is that a Big 10 thing...or a Michigan thing....the no visits after a commit?It's a Michigan thing. Hoke isn't going to yank an offer from a lower rated recruit to make room for a 5 star in January like other big schools would. A commitment is a commitment, for either side.
  5. I think Dalton is young enough to still gamble on. He's shown he can dominate weak defences at least. I'd stick with Brady until I see a little Carson Palmer/Phillip Rivers decline, not even close yet with Brady and Brees. I like Maclin with Foles a lot. I cant see NO bringing in a better wr than Colston, at worse he can be a target whore . The rest of the list I couldn't agree more. I somewhat agree with you about Dalton, but there is just something missing.....Deep accuracy and pocket presence.
  6. Email santa and see if he will mail you a lil package of magic dust(glitter) and sprinkle it on the elf.
  7. Hoke thinks Gardner will get his redshirt... if true 2014 is going to be gooooood.
  8. Agree with the first... it's on your wife now.Disagree with the second... If my GB gets pics of my SILs boobs and doesn't show me, he's not my GB.
  9. x2 Why do you pitch to Arias with a base open, Romo on deck, and only one guy left on the bench.
  10. Only have 10 rb/wr/te players going this week and got 150 points from the 7 spots.
  11. He leads the league in ERA and Wins on top of having the lowest HR/9 in baseball while pitching in GABP. The guy should be in the MVP race with those stats.Who is even on his planet right now? Gio and Dickey?Dickey vs. Cueto stats:Some might say that Cueto's home park is much more difficult to pitch in...Dickey at gabp 0-1 7.50 eraCueto at citi 1-0 1.29 era